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Affordable and flexible loans, insurances and finances - also investment opportunities

Wellcome to this presentation of some good offers of loans, insurances and other financial services. Further down at this sites are also presented good objects for investment that are likely to save their value and and also give a good value increase in times with economical stagnation and currency degradation. Please click at the banners to read more or make an agreement.

Investment opportunities

Investments in the loan market - This is an investment and loan broker that connects people and businesses that have money to invest with people and businesses that need loans. The broker let you choose what types of loans to invest in, the risk you are villing to take and hence the interest you will demand.

Please go here to look at the opportunities - IRA

Loans, financing and credit

Help to improve your credit scores - Whatever the reason for your problems with bad credit scores, this service is ready to help you by first analyzing your situation, then making a concrete plan for improving your scores and then guiding you through the fullfillment of the plan. The service takes all the necessary taling with credit agencies and other actors for you. Whatever the reason for your trouble, this service has means to find a way out of the problem or to lessen them significantly.

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Prosper Marketplace - get the best loan for your specific purpose - This is a loan broker site that will search up the best loan offers for your specific purpose. You xan find loan categories like: Dept consolidation, home improvement, business, small business, medical and dental, child birth and adoption, car, motorcycle, boat, household expenses, engagement ring financing, large purchases, taxes, vacations, cosmetic pdocedures and more., finance, financial, investing, lending, borrowing, banking, credit card, payday, borrowers, lenders, debt consolidation, Prosper, investment, personal loans, personal loan, investors, investment opportunities,

Insurance for yourself, your family and your belongings

Travel insurance

Domestic Travel

Auto insurance

Health and care insurance

You are not in control as a Medicaid patient.Learn How to protect your loved ones with Long Term Care Insurance

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Some explanations about loans and credits

Here are some types of loanes and some types of arrangements regarding loans and credits explained.

Adjustable rate loan: (Adjustable Mortgage Loans (AML'S), Adjustable rate mortgage (ARM).  Flexible Rate Loans, Variable Rate Loans.)  Loans where the interest rate is adjusted at recurrent determined times. The rate is adjusted according to current interest rates in the marked, according to the rate that the bank must pay at the other end for the capital disponible for loans, according to taxes, etc.

Amortization: This is the reduction of dept as the loan is gardually paid out.

Amortization Tables: Mathematical formula for the monthly loan payment based on the interest rate, planned total payment time and other conditions.

Fixed rate loan: A loan with a fixed rate determined in the contract with the customer.

Annuity loan: A loan where the back-payment plus the interest payment equals to a fixed amount that is payed at regular inetvals. To make this occur, the part of the payment that goes to amortization will gradually increase as the amount of interest decreases when the loan is payed back.

Housing Expenses-to-Income Ratio: A borrower's housing expenses divided by his/her net effective income (for FHA/VA loans) or his  housing expenses divided by  gross monthly income (for conventional loans).

Initial interest rate: (start rate) The rate of interest used at the beginning of an adjustable rate loan.

Impound (reserves): That part of the regular payments form the borrower held by the lender  to pay for taxes, hazard insurance, mortgage insurance, lease payments, etc.

Interest rates: The rent a borrower of money pays to the loaner. The rate is defined as a percenatge amount of the rest of the loan to be payed in a year.   It is calculated and charged on fixed inetervals (each day, week, month). 

Loan to Value: The loaned amount divided by the value of the asset set as a security for the loan.

Margin: The percenatge addition to be added to the cost that the lender have for the money when the interest rate for a loan is calculated.

Mortgage:  Basically a mortgage is a legal document that secures a loan for real estate. However, the word is often used about the loan itelf.

Mortgage life insurance:  An assurance that firstly is equivalent with the amount lended and declines as the loan is paid off. If the borrower dies or gets into a a health situation that makes him unable to pay down the mortgage, the insurance pays out the rest of the lended amoynt that remains.

Loan or mortgage insurance: A guartantee offered by an mortgage insurance company made to the lender for loans over 90%. The borrower pays a monthly fee for the insurance.

Serial loan: A loan that is payed back in equal amounts at regular intervals.

Subprime loans or credit: A loan offered to a person with previously unsatisfactory history of credit payment. Usually subprime credit is offered for a higher interest rate to compensate for the less secure conditions.