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Products to get training success and to create body wellness

Supplements to help you get success from your exercises

Nutrient supplements for body-building and performance sport - products for men and women - All kind of supplements of proteins, carbohydrates, essential fattty acids, vitamins, minerals, performance stimulants, growth stimulants and weight-gainers for body-builders and athletes of performance sports. Please click on this banner to see the products.

Anabolic muscle growth stimulators

A MUSCLE BUILDING DRUG with also general anti-aging properties - This product is especially formulated to increase the muscle growth you get from training and bodybuilding. It works by increasing and giving better controle of the growth hormone secretion. A higher and better controlled production of growth hormones will also help to get rid of fat deposits on wrong areas, help to regain general vigour and regain a youthful skin structure.



The goal of PCT is to restore the body's natural hormonal balance which becomes negatively affected by cycle induced shutdown ANABOLIC RESOURCES PCT 90CAPS Description: Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is a regimen to counteract and minimize post-cycle hypogonadism (hormonal imbalance). By following any hormonal cycle with Advanced PCT, you will preserve the muscle and strength gains made during your cycle while minimizing side effects such as decreased libido that are often encountered post cycle. Follow every pro-hormone or pro-steroid cycle with Advanced PCT to completely restore your natural hormonal balance. (These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.) Supplement Facts: FactsServing Size 1 capsule Servings Per Container 90 Amount Per Serving L-Histidine HCl 100 mg ALRI Proprietary Matrix 135 mg 6-Bromoandrostenedione 25 mg Cordyceps sinensis concentrate (20% Polysaccarides) 450 mg Grape seed extract (95% Procyanidolic oligomers) 50 mg Directions: Take one capsule of Anabolic Resource's Advanced PCT three times per day. Doses should be evenly divided throughout the day.



Anabolic Xtreme Lean-FX delivers a ground breaking cortisol beating, thyroid boosting, and cognitive promoting formula ever engineered to give you the lean body and be everyone's envy! ANABOLIC XTREME LEAN FX 90CAPS Description: Cinically designed with explosive Nano-Release Technology, with that said Lean Fx provides you with a rapid fat burner no matter male, female, and surpass genetic standard. Anabolic Xtreme Lean FX doesn't eat up your hard earned lean muscle mass, while enhancing wakefulness and clarity. No other formula initiates Cortisol modulation and enhances the metabolism for superior body re-composition like Lean-FX. Redefine your body and mind and finally achieve your goals with Lean-FX, Now available here at WorldClassNutrition.Com for the best price exclusively from Anabolic Xtreme!Lean FX Benefits: Unbelievable Fat Burner Most Cutting-Edge Technology Nano-Release Technology Extremely Precise Portion Of Ingredients Multiple Time-Release Layers For Superior Absorption.

Supplements of amino acids, proteins and other building materials for muscles

Healthy N' Fit's Anabolic Amino 10,000 180Tabs

Healthy N' Fit's Anabolic Amino 10,000 180Tabs

Increases Muscle Mass Description : Healthy N' Fit Anabolic Amino 10000 is formulated to increase muscle mass and strength in combination with intense training. This product can ain in enhancing protein synthesis and PNB (Positive Nitrogen Balance). Healthy ' N Fit Anabolic Amino 10000 is over 65% stronger than competing brands. Important- Some products available are poorly hydrolyzed casein; containing merely protein powder and little amino acid content. This product is independently tested and assayed to indicate the proportion of Free Form Amino Acids and DI and TRI Peptide Bond Amino Acids. It has tested to have a combination of amino acids which independent research has shown to be optimum. ? Formulated to assist increasing muscle mass and strength and Anabolic Amino 10,000 is over 65% stronger than competing brands. ? Pharmaceutical grade free form and Peptide Bond Amino Acids, L-Configuration in correct proportions to promote anabolic activity. ? Enhances Protein Synthesis while maintaining a Positive Nitrogen Balance (PNB).

TwinLab's Glutamine Fuel Anabolic Amino Acid Strength 500gm

TwinLab's Glutamine Fuel Anabolic Amino Acid Strength 500gm

TwinLab's Glutamine Fuel Anabolic Amino Acid Strength 500gm Description: The Science Behind the Size:Product: 4500 mg of Pure L-Glutamine, the most abundant free amino acid in skeletal muscle, essential to serious athletes. Result: increase growth hormone release and enhance muscle metabolism. Science: research shows that glutamine produces an anti-catabolic (muscle sparing) effect. Suggested Use As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 teaspoonfuls daily or as directed by a health care professional. Supplement Facts: Serving Size 1 Teaspoonful (5 g) Servings Per Container 100 Amount Per Serving % Daily Value Calories 20 L-Glutamine 4500 mg ? ? Daily Value not established. Other Ingredients Silica. Ingredients: N/a Directions: N/a Warnings: Not for sale to or use by individuals under the age of 18. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Consult a physician before using this product. Keep out of reach of children. Notes: N/a

Source Naturals L-Leucine Powder 100gm 3.53oz

Source Naturals L-Leucine Powder 100gm 3.53oz

L-leucine is an essential amino acid, specifically classified as a "branched chain amino acid" (bcaa). Bcaas, especially leucine, stimulate protein synthesis directly in muscle tissue. Leucine may be the major fuel involved in anabolic (tissue-building) reactions, and is of major importance in the storage of proteins in the body. This makes it especially important for body-builders and other athletes in sports that demand explosive strength.Ingredients: L-Leucine 965mg.

TwinLab's Amino Fuel Liquid 32oz

TwinLab's Amino Fuel Liquid 32oz

a fast absorbing anabolic* liquid amino acid that has, per serving, 15 grams (15,000 mg) of high quality branched chain, peptide-bonded, and free amino acids; stress B-complex vitamins; energizing complex carbohydrates; and pure crystalline fructose.Result ?protein in its most easily digested, absorbable and utilizable form to maximize muscle growth and optimize protein synthesis.*Science ? research shows that when taken orally, peptide?bonded amino acids increase nitrogen retention better than free form amino acid mixtures for optimum muscle growth.*



Axis Labs Muscle Delight is an ultra premium muscle building and fat burning protein with an unbelievable taste! AXIS LABS MUSCLE DELIGHT 2.48LB VANILLA Description: Best Tasting Protein Powder- Muscle Delight- Immediate and Sustained Release Protein.It's formulated with high quality fast and slow digestive proteins making it the perfect solution for any part of your day. Muscle Delight is also great for muscle recovery! Loads of BCAA (branch chained amino acids), EAA (essential amino acids), Glutamine and Creatine make Muscle Delight?the perfect muscle replenishing supplement. In addition, Muscle Delight is formulated with "good" fats like EFA and Tonalin. CLA, which have shown to promote fat loss for a leaner physique.

Combined packages with proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates



Great For Strength Athletes, Body Builders And Football Players! Description: Dymatize's exclusive formula provides the perfect ratio of Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids with Complex and Simple Carbohydrates. Each serving is enzymatically predigested in the lab for improved absorption and bioavailability. Dymatize Mega Gainer will help provide Maximum Nitrogen Retention, Cell Repair and Protein Synthesis.Dymatize Mega Gainer contains very high levels of Anti-Catabolic Branched Chain Amino Acids. These Branched Chain Amino Acids are an excellent source of Extra Muscle Fuel which may be depleted during intense training. These same Branch Chain Amino Acids are used to repair and help with the growth of cells. Branch Chain Amino Acids are utilized by muscle cells quickly after an intense work out and are an important part of an effective diet. Branch Chain Amino Acids are a vital part of a well balanced nutritional plan and are especially important during times of Stress, Dieting, and Intense Exercise.Dymatize Mega Gainer is the perfect source of extra quality calories and is designed with the serious trainer in mind. Dymatize Mega Gainer is great for Strength Athletes, Body Builders and Football Players as well as any one who wants to add extra protein and calories to their diet.



The world?s first performance nutrition drink shown to augment the benefits of training on muscle growth, strength and endurance! Description: 8-BetaAnabol takes the latest in nutrient science and delivers a clinically proven product to help you achieve your performance of physique goals. Several studies have demonstrated that the exact blend of essential amino acids and carbohydrates in can increase the anabolic response of resistance training, reduce the damage from high intensity exercise and accelerate recovery between workouts. Notes: ? Train Harder ? Accelerate Recovery ? Improve Performance

Even more health products, for products to help by ailments and for anti-aging drugs

Feel and look younger, reverce aging - These anti-aging drugs stimulate you to produce more growth hormones. The effect you can expect from the drugs are: Less wrinkles, crows feet, laugh lines, and age spots. Firmer, smoother and more elastic skin. Better physical condition for work and sport. Faster metabolism and easier to take away unwanted fat on the body. Increased msucle mass and better results from training. Stronger nails. Better heir growth and restored hair color. Better blood sugar ballance. More dense and stronger bones. Stronger mental attention and memory. A better mood. A vitalized sex drive and capability. Better cholesterole ballance. you sleep better. You see clearer. you get more resistant to infections.

Two generally working anti-aging pills for men and women with an equal effect on all body systems. Look at them and choose the one that suits you best:

This drug is especially formulated to restore the sexual and mental capabilities of men from the middle ages and older:

VITAMIN SHOPPE - Many persons may have special needs for vitamins and minerals due to sport activities, medical conditions, work or general lifestyle. This may regard eiher the needed amount or the way of administering the vitamins and minerals. Some persons also want to tune the intake of each substance individually. Here you will find the exact products that will fit your special needs.

Vitamin and Herb Products

Nutrient supplements for body-building and performance sport - products for men and women - All kind of supplements of proteins, carbohydrates, essential fattty acids, vitamins, minerals, performance stimulants, growth stimulants and weight-gainers for body-builders and athletes of performance sports. Please click on this banner to see the products.

BULK HERBS, teas, bath and body, aromatherapy
- Single herbs, herbal preparations, teas, cofees, spices, bath and body products and aromatherapy products. Also many herbal medical products.

PRODUCTS  to help against manifest disease - Medicines to be taken by mouth: Acne, aging symptoms, AIDS, allergies, Alzheimers disease/dementia, angina, arthritis (osteoarthritis), arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis), asthma, attention deficit disorder (ADD), breast cancer, burns, carpal tunnel syndrome, cholesterol, cronic bronchitis, chronic cough, chronic fatigue sydrom, cognitive problems, colds and flue, congestive heart failure (CHF), Crohn`s disease, depression, diabetes mellitus type 1, diabetes mellitus type 2, eczema, edema, endometriosis, fatigue, fibromyalgia, hair loss, herpes simplex, hyperlipidemia, hypertention, obesity, otitis media

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All products for help against diseases - please click here - Help for specific problems in all organ systems

Improvement of sexual health and increase of sexual satisfaction - Natural sexual drugs and stimulants for men and women.

Anti-aging drugs - click here - Help for degenerative changes and loss of vitality in the skin, circulation, digestive system, nervous system, muscles, bones and the whole body.

Some advices for training and body development

How to develop muscles and strength

To get bigger muscles you must use high power so that you use nearly your maximal strength , for example lifting heavy weights.

You must also eat food containing enough protein for your muscle development and enough carbohydrates and fat for the energy you when are  training.


How to get the body shape you want

To get the right body shape, you simplt exercise the most the muscles in those body parts you want to be round and curved. Muscles in the body parts you want to be thinner, you execise less.

 You may also need to slim away excessive fat on your body.


How to develop peak performance

To  get a higher peak performance, for example be able to run faster, you must engage in training where you use nearly your maximal energy capacity and have a near maximal  oxygen consume.

Such exercises will place a high load on your internal organs like the heart, circulatory system and the lungs, and will thereby also train these organs to a greater capacity.

Running, swimming, playeing ball games, cycling, tennis and cross country skiing are examples of such activities.

To achieve a higher peak perfomance, you take 5-6 short intervals with such activities where you use nearly all your capasity, and take a break to rest between each interval.


How to develop endurance   

Endurance is developed simply by doing longer sessions of training that give a higher energy output and oxygen consume than the average daily activities, but not so high as by training to develop peak performance. 

Running, swimming, playing ball games, cycling, tennis and cross country sking are examples of such activities that can be used also for this purpose. You take a continuing session of 30 - 40 min with some of these activities.


Combining training for endurance and peak performance   

Training for these abilities can be combined in one and the same session. You simply perform a session of 30 min - 40 min with moderate speed and effort, and in that session you burst out 4 - 6 spurts of high speed and effort.


How to strengthen your bone structur

Training your muscles will also strengthen your bone structure and help avoid loosing bone tissue.

However, having a diet with enough minerals, especially calcium is necessary. A supplement of calcium and other minerals may be useful.


How to get a more flexible body

After a training session you must stretch out. If you do this long enough, and stretch out all muscles and joints in your body, you will gradually increase your flexibility.

To increase the flexibility, you can also do some yoga exercises. The days you do not perform hard training can also be used to perform a session of stretching exercises or yoga.


How to loose weight with training  

Training sessions where you use more energy than with your ordinary daily activities will help you loose weight.

Running, cycling, cross country skiing and swimming are activities good for loosing weight.

However, the diet is also important. You must have emough proteins in your diet. Your diet should also contain carbohydrates and fat, but somewhet less than the amout necessary for the energy you use. Then body fat will be taken for energy purposes.


Combining the purposes  

Most people probably will want to get all of the listed purposes to some degree. This can be achieved in a three day program:

Day one: Weight training or other kinds of muscular strength training. You exercise the most muscles in body parts you want to be round and curved, and other muscles somewhat less. Stretch out some minutes after your training.

Day to: Cycling, swimmin, running or another type of condition training. You perform a session of 40 min. Most of the time you use moderate speed, but you take 4.6 spurts of maximal capacity. You can also take a 25 min session with moderate speed. And then take 4-6 spurts with total rest between each spurt. Stretch out some minutes after the training.

Day three: Yoga or stretching. It is also useful to combine the physical stretching or yoga exercises with some kind of meditation.


The role of the diet

The diet is very important for achieving results in training. Here are some simple advices about good diet:

- Make your meals from clean unprocessed sources. Never use fast food or preprocessed food.

- Do not eat very much snacks, sweet beverages, cakes or other suger or fat laden products.

- In each meal have at least one thing from this list: Fish, seafood, foul /poultry, lean meat, mushrooms, lean diary products. Then you get enough proteins. Also variate between these sources.

-Eat some fat fish at least three times a week. Then you get important essential fatty acids that you find in fat fish.

- In each meal eat some fruit or vegetables. They should be consumed raw or gently cooked. Never cook them so that the content of vitamins, minerals or nutrients are destroyed or washed out.

- In each meal eat some whole corn bread or cereals, potatoes, peas or beans. Then you get the right kind of carbohydrates.

- Eat some almonds, nuts, sunflower seeds or other fat seed every day. Variate between the different types of seeds. Then you get many  essential fatty acids you need.

- If you perform high peformance training, some supplements of vitamins and minerals is useful, simply because by such training you need more of it. If you want to increase the mass of your muscles very much, a protein supplement can also be useful.

- The fat you use for frying or for warm cooking should be olive oil or rape oil. other knds of oils undergo chemical changes that make dangerous substances when heated.

- You should not add much fat to your meals. However, the fat you use should be natural oils. Variate between different types of oils, so that you get all the essential fatty acids and not too much of some of them.

- Do not fry or cook your food hard. This causes nutrients to be destroyed or washed out, and can produce noxious chemicals.

- Eat 4 - 5 times a day.



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is nutritional in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.