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Penis or male enlargement and development methods

There are two types of enlargement. One type consist of better blood supply and better regulation of blood flow through the penis. This will cause the penis to be better filled with blood both in erected and unerected state. The penis will be larger because it is fuller with blood, but there is not more penile tissue.

The other type of enlargement is real growth of penile tissue.

Methods that successfully enlarges the penis usually causes both types of enlargement, but with better blood supply occuring first and the real growth of penile tissue occuring gradually.

Penis streching exercises - Jelqing

This is an arsenal of manual techniques by which one milks blood into the penis and stretch the penile tissue. There are many variants of these manipulations in the arsenal. They are done when the penis is semi-erect. One type of manipulations consists of milking the penis from the root towards the tip so that blood is pumped with some pressure into the outer parts of the penis. The manipilations stretch the tissues and make an over-pressuer of blood in the outer penis parts that also stretch the tissues.

Other manipulations are stretching the penis to some degree and holding the stretch for some minutes. By stretching one usually grips under the penile head.

It is advicable to hold some fingers firmly pressed at the groin on poth sides of the pensi to hinder the stretching force to go into the tissues around the penis and thus hinder the groin tissues from being made flaccid and widened.

The exercise is repeated several times in several directions with some rest between each time.

Before and after the manipulations, the penis is usually heated by a warm compress to enhance filling of blood.

The techiques must be must be done with caution, since it is easy to make tears and thus develope scars in the penis.

Muscular exercises

The muscles of the perineum and buttocks includeing the urethral and anal spinchters are tensed and relaxed in an regular fasion. This will improve the blood flow to the penis and help penis growth.

Tantric yoga exercises

These are gymnastic streching exercises that involve the whole body combined with breathing control exercises in order to increase sexual energy and functions. This will improve the blood flow to the penis and help penis growth.

Penis enhancement surgery

By this method the surgeon cuts over the tendon fastening the penis to the pubic bone, and thereby frees the lowest part of the penis that is normally hided. The visible aprt of the penis will then be greater, but the method does not really enlarge the penis.

Furthermore the penis is made thicker by injecting fat tissue.

Penis enhancement pills

These pills contain herbs that have two basic effects. They improve the blood circulation in the genital area and the in penis, and they stimulate the sexual functions and erection response. These basic effects will then cause the penis to erect easier and earlier, to stay erect longer, to grow longer and thicker during erections and to stand more firmely.

In its active erect state the penis will then be longer and thicker, the penile diameter and circumference enlarged, the penile skin thicker and more robust. However, the pills will not cure phimosis that is a narrowing and induration of the opening of the penis skin.

Enlargement results are typically seen in 3 weeks. Typically an increase in the tissue thickness of the erect penis with an enlargement of the penis diameter and circumference is seen first, and then it extends more than before in length when it erects itself to action.

Such pills enlarge the penile practical size without surgery, and also have a development effect on the ability of the man to engorge in the more hidden parts of the male genital system that is situated in the perineal area between the man's legs.

These pills contain herbal ingredients utilized for centuries around the world for erotic lust and sexual development, for example ginseng, epidemium and hawthorn.

Some of the ingredients in such pills are also thought to stimulate body tissue to grow in mass, and this effect could possibly also get the unerect penis to grow lagrer than before. Most producents of these pills don't however claim that the pills make the unerect penis grow larger. They only claim that the penis in its erect state will be of an greater size than before.

The ingredients of the pills also give a greater vigour to the whole body, and especially to the functions of the genital area.

Penis enlargement patches

Penis development patches contain the same herbal ingredients as the male enhancement pills. They are fixed at both sides of the penis root, and deliver the ingredients to the penis area by diffusion through the skin and into the local blood stream. Their effects are more localized to the penis and penis area. They are suited for men that only wish an effect upon the penis, and not the total bodily effect of the pills. For example, if you allready take a herbal tonicum for total bodily vigour, then the penis pills containing ginseng will be to much for the whole body. Then you can use the patches instead to give the wanted development effect upon your penis.

Mechanical penis extension devices

Penis traction devices enlarge and reshape the penis by using a gentle prolonged traction. When tissue is gently streched for a prolonged period, miroscopic openings occure in the tissue. These are filled with new cells, and in this way the tissue actually gets larger. This is a principle used in orthopaedics and orthodontics. By penis traction devices this princiople is used to enlarge and reshape the penis. The method is espesially usefull if the penis has some misconfiguration. The sides that are too short, will be streched the most, and thus these sides will enlarge most, and the malconfiguration dimmishes or gets away.

Streching the penis with weights

By this method, weights are fixed to the penis and worn for some time daily. The effect is much the same as by stretching devices, but the forse and result is probably more difficult to control. A problem with this method is that not only the penis is stretched but aslo the areas in the groin around the penis, if not special precautions are taken. This is perhaps the historically oldest method, and there is evidence for the method being used by African tribes 2000 years ago.

By this techique a loop of a smooth cord is applied around the penis just under the head and a weight is hung at the en dof the cord and let the weight hang 5 to 10 minutes. One starts with a small weight the first times, around 1/16 pound and gradually advances to heavier weights, around 1/4 pounds. The weight must be applied frequently over a long time to be effective.

In order to secure only stretching the penis, some kind of ring should be applied at the groin around the base of the penis, and that ring should be kept to press firmly against the area around the penis by means of a belt or something similar around the hip area.

Penis pumps

Penis pumps consist of a cylinder to be placed over the penis and held thightly against the groin area, of a tube, a pumping device and a measuring gauge to measure the underpressure in the cylinder. By partially evacuating the cylinder for air, the penis will be filled with blood and grow.

A penis pump can be used to enhance the erections and to gradually make the penis larger.

To enhance the erections the cylinder is set on place and evacuated until the penis is satisfactorily erect and then removed again after being refilled with air. A penis ring can be fitted around the base of the pump before evacuating and afterwards be pushed down over the penile root before refilling the cylinder with air and removing it. Then the blood will stay in the penis and the penis will remain erected. It is adviced not to have the ring on more that 30 minutes.

When the pump is used for penile enhancement, the cylinder is set on place around the penis, then air is evacuated so that the penile tissues are stretched in all directions and the cylinder with under-pressure is let stay in place for some minutes. No penis ring is used. This must be done regularly for as long period.

One must be cautious when doing so, and it must be done regularly for some time to give results. The under-pressure must be controlled very cautiously so that it is enough to give effect, but not so much that the penis is injured. If tears or sore areas appear on the penis one must let these grow before proceeding and proceed more cautiously afterwards.

Healthy lifestyle

The practical size of the penis when needed for action is dependent of a healthy blood circulation and especially of a healthy blood vessel system in the penis itself and the groin area, since the penis engorges by filling of blood. Therefore a healthy living that impoverishes the heart and blood circulation will also help the penis to attain a good size when in erect state.

Weight reduction

If a man is havily obese, some portion of the penis can actually be hidden inside the fat in the groin area. An effective weight reduction can in those cases let more of the penis get visible and ready to use.

Products to develop the penis and help overcome male problems - also links to products for women

Products to enlarge and reshape the cock and the tits of woman

ProExtender - a medical instrument to regulate your penis to greater size and streigter shape - This is a mechanical traction device to wear some time each day in a period, and the gentle forces excerted along the penis will gradually make it grow longer, somewhat thicker and get streighter. The stimulation makes the penis add new cells into the tissue, so what you get is a real growth within the penile substance, and not a mere stretching of what was there beforehand.

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Penis pumps and rings to make and maintain erections and for penis development and adjustment - Penis pumps togeather with a penis ring can be used to make and maintain an erection. By cautious use of a penis pump over some time, you can adjust the shape of your penis and reduce bendings and twists and, you may also make your penis larger.

Penis pumps to make erections and to improve penile anatomy

Penis rings to maintain erections

Total Curve - treatment kit to enlarge and shape up the female breasts - This package consists of herbal based pills with substances that safely stimulate breast development and vitalization, it also has a gel to be smeared on the breasts that give the same effect from the outside and there are instructions for breast development exercizes.

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Pills and patches for men to give big and vital erections, robust virility and strong sensations

MagnaRx to produce larger and harder errections and enhance stamina - In addition to producing larger and harder erections, a great effect of these pills is enhanced edurance during sex, and better ability to control your physical reactions, so that the play lasts the time you want and you can plunge into a satisfactory fulfillment at the time you want.

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VigRxPlus pills to get larger erected penis - To make the penis under erection bigger and develop the male sexual organs without surgery. You see that the erect penis begins to get larger in three weeks. Usually the penis first begins thickening more during the erections and the penis skin begins to get more robust. Then the penis starts to erect longer that before. The penis also get erect more easily and the increased erectile potency is present all the time. The herbal ingredients of the pills also make you more vigourous in your whole body, and especially in your genital area. Please click on the banner to learn more or order. VigRxplus is developed from the famous VigRx pills by adding 3 new components for enforced effect. (Bioperine, Tribulus and Damiana).

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ProSolution Plus - Penis effectivizer Pills - These pills make your penis able to stand up more quickly, to stand harder and stronger and to stand a longer time. They also enhance your feelings of lust.

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ExtenZe - potency and male lust pills - Makes the erections bigger, harder, more durable and generally intensify the sexual feelings in your mind and body.

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Proenhance - Patches to make your penis more effective - To be applied on the skin near the penis. These patches develop the penis naturally in the same way as the pills, but do not effect body parts outside the genital organs. The patches should be considered if you allready take other herbal supplements to vigorize the body as a whole or if you do not want this effect.

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Pills for men to vitalize the sexual functions in a general sense and to strengthen the semen production and male hormonal production

Semenax and volume pills - for better orgasms, better semen production and improved male physiology - These pills give an overall improved sexual physiology, like: Harder, bigger and more ecstatic erections. Longer, more intense orgasms every time. Bigger, more impressive loads of semen. Superior ejaculation power. Whiter, more robust semen texture and appearance. Stronger contractions and pumping. Richer and more intense good feelings in the whole genital area. Boost In fertility. The improved organic functions then give easier arousal and higher sexual excitement.

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Natural drug to make you produce more testosterone

Nutrex Research T-Up Testosterone Booster, Capsules - 120 ea

Nutrex Research T-Up Testosterone Booster, Capsules - 120 ea

T-UP Mega Testosterone Booster is raising the bar in natural testosterone elevation by bringing you scientifically researched D-Aspartic Acid in a clinical amount. Our effects are real and supported by a clinical study 1 . 1-888-3NUTREX Made in USA 1 Topo et al., 2009, Reprod. Biol. Endocrine. 200, 7:120.

TestRX - Natural testosterone enhancement drug - These pills give a man greater ability to produce testosterone and to the right time. This will enhance erections and other sexual functions. They will give greater energy for sexual activities, work and sport. They makes it more easy to build up a greater muscle mass. These pills are especially useful for men over 45 years with decreased testosterone production.

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More testosterone enhancers to increase your libido and virility - A higher concentration of testosterone in your body can give you stronger sexual drive, make your more able to perform and help during training, like muscle building. Here is an exhibition of testosterone enhancing products.

Products to enhance your testosterone level

Salves for men to use at the cock and other genital parts for vital erections, strong excitement and full genital satisfaction

Prosolutiongel - for immediate and long lasting solid erections - A gel to apply on the penile head to make thick and hard erections come immediately and last long. You will feel an extreme arousal and intense pleasurful orgasms.

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VigRX oil - for immediate erections and stronger rising of the penis - Oinment to apply on penis head and the rest of the male genitals to maximize the erections. The oil makes the erections bigger, harder and longer lasting. The oil also stimulates the feeling of pleasure in your genitals. The oil iteslf, and the fuller erections, will also stimulate your arousal, your erotic excitement and your sexual ecstacy. The oil also also lubricates and smoothens the genitals. A couple of drops is enough to give full effect on the erections and arousal.

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Maxoderm - to amplify your erections and orgasms - Cream for the penis to get larger erections, longer lasting erections and more ample orgasms.

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VigRXDelaySpray - for good erections of long duration - To get high quality erections, long lasting erections and performance. Helps against excessive sensations stopping the erections too soon, but protects all good sensations.

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Salves for women to use in the cunt to excite, to stimulate good feelings and give strong intimate functions

Vigorelle - cream to increase female pleasure and reactions - The female Viagra or erotic lust cream. This herbal cream for women maximizes the good feelings in her intimate zones by stimulating the sensorial bodies in the female genitals. This stimulation also boosts her sexual arousal, makes her maximally excited, and elevates her sexual ecstacy. The cream lubricates and smoothens her vaginal opening and the rest of her itimate parts. The cream also stimulates the blood supply to the pelvic area, and thus enhances the engorgement of the clitoris and genital lips, that is a women`s counterpart to a mans erection.

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Hersolutiongel - to tease up her physical lust - This topical product is to be placed on the most senual zones in her vulva. It makes her blood fill into her intimate areas. It smoothly lubricates the entrance to her inside.  It instantly turns on strong physical feelings and contribute to an intense orgasm.

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Pills for women to give vital sexual functions, deep erotic satisfaction and reduce distress in heavy periods

Provestra ( Estravil ) - herbal lust pills for women - These herbal pills stimulate a woman's sexual excitement. They maximize the good feelings in her sexual organs and erogenous zones. They also increase the mental ecstacy that is an important component of the tolal sexual experience. The pills also optimize the female physiology, such as blood supply, clitorial engorgement, orgasmic response, lubrication and fertility. Please click on the following link to read more about this female sexual optimizer.

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Hersolution - to enhance the woman's libido and virility - Optimizes all the sexual functions of a women: Increases the lust in her mind and body, betters bloodflow in her vula and pelic region, makes her feel more between her legs and inwards, enhances the building up to the peak of reactions and feelings, lets her orgasm more strongly, helps her produce more lubricating fluid and helps her fertility

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Cosmetic products to enhance bodily wellness and sensual attraction

Nexus Pheromones - fragrant for men to attract women - Smear a little of this substance upon your skin, and get a fragrance that instantly arouses, attracts, excites, and seduces women and greately improves your attraction power.

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An exhibition of erotic fragrants for women and men - There are a lot of erotic perfumes on the market that will give an sexual attraction on other humans by the content of deepworking pheromones or by the mere sexual scent of the product, or both. This link leads to an exhibition of many of those products.

Please go here to see an exhibition of a lot of erotic fragrants and perfumes for women and men

Stop Grow - Ultra hair away - topical hair remover for both sexes - Removes unwanted hair by hindering the growth of hair on areas where it is applied - for both men and women. Use it on areas where you want a hairfree skin. Removes hair permanantly without waxing - for both men and women.

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Increase your hair growth regain hair - for both sexes - Advecia is a new all-natural herbal supplement with ingredients proven to provide hair follicles with essential nutrients that aid in strengthen the hair follicle and the production of hair from the follicles. It may slow down or stop hair loss and may rewake dormant follicles.

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Products to make you younger and enhance your health status

Go here for Genf20 - a drug for general rejuvenation of the bodily, mental and sexual capacities and of body proportions

Go here for Genfx - a drug formulated to rejuvenmate generally body shape, strength. potency and mental acuity

Go here for Hyperggh14z - a drug formulated to restore and add more than ever muscle volume, strength and integrity

Go here for Provasyl - a drug formulated to restore the body and mental capabilities of men from the middle ages and older

Natural drug to amplify your memory, acuitness, wakedness and logical capacity and to get rid of mental exhaustion - Brain Pills - This drug contains nutrients and natural stimulants with the opurpose of improving the functions in the brain on a general scale. It makes the brain functions nore alllert, more rapid, more able to solve complicated tasks and less prone to errors. You can expect better ability to sense and recogize patterns, better memory store and retrieval, better abilities carry throigh thinking and get less prone to get mentally tired.

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More products to optimize sexual life of women and men

More products to help for specific health problems - digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, rheumatic, nervous, hemorrhoids, thyroid, poor memory, fatigue, edema and more

Equipment and toys for sexual fun and joy

Toys and tools for men and women for every sensual body part and entrance - Through these links you can find products for pleasure, fun, erotic stimulation and therapies in all sensual zones like the vagina, clitoris, anus, breast nopples, penis and other sensual body parts.

Please go here to see all type of sex equipment, for men, women and pairs - hetero, homo, BDSM, erotic games, erotic lingerie, books, magazines and more

Pumps to develop your penis and help rise and maintain erections

Rings for the penis to hold it erect

Condoms of all varieties and sizes

Lubes to use during sex for better glide and stimulation of feelings

Lotions and balms for pleasurable and exciting massage

Vibrating tools to stimulate the sexual feelings in the intimate zones

Lubes, dildos and vibrators for the anus and rectum

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