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Advices and products against health problems in all body parts: Stomach trouble, skin ailments, heart issues, nose throut lung problems, muscle and joint issues, nervous malfunctions, eye and ear issues, urologic and genital cases and more. Also links to information about health matters.


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Click here for: Products for men and women to solve genital problems and increase potency, sexual appetite and satisfaction - stimulation of erection, lubrication, orgasmic power, blood flow and fertility.

Click here for: natural anti-aging drugs for the skin structure and appearance, mental capacities, physical performance capabilities and body shape. Products to increase head hair growth, take away body hair, help slim down, muscle development, solve skin problems

Natural drug for men to give the maximum possible sexual drive and erectile potency - erections that come easily, biggest and sturdiest possible erections, longest lasting erection, and the pleasure to gain from this potency - click here

Natural drug for women to maximize sexual drive and genital potency, and the lust to gain thereoff. Get ample blood flow and engorgement, good fluid secretion, strong reflexes and contractions, and other aspects of female potency - click here

Products to help improve your health status

Here are presented some good products to improve general health and to prevent, help cure, relieve symptoms or give support for specific diseases. Pleace click on the banners or links to learn more or order a product. Pleace also add this website to your favorites or bookmarks, as we are constantly searching for new quality health products to show.

Mushroom defence - to give you stronger resistance against infection - This natural drug help you get better immune responce againt infections. Key ingredients are extracts from 10 types of mushroom mycelium and fruit bodies, which has shown to increase resistance against infectious agents.

More specifically it gives the following benefits: Gives generally stronger immune defence. Makes the immune response occur rapidly. Gives antioxidants that helps against tissue damage. Helps your mental acuitness. Boost your energy and makes you feel well

Please click here to read more or buy - Mushroom defence

10 day cleanse package for difficult problems in the colon and the whole digestive apparatus - This package is constructed to resolve those cases where the whole digestive system is disturbed due to masses of old and toxic deposits and due to proliferation of unhealthy microbials and parasites. It will help for steadily reoccuring symptoms as a belging stomach, cramps, gas production, lazy bowels, difficulty to pass stool, sometimes too loose stool, general uneasy feelings, and lack of energy.

Please click here to find Digestive Science product for colon cleanse and digestive function support

ACNE TREATMENT SET - A complete acne fighting system - with topical and oral components - Here is a complete set of products against acne to rinse out impurities, boost healing, control bacterial growth  and control sebum production. The set contains topical prodcuct for the face and body to clean the skin and protect from outside and inwards. It also contains herbal capsules to effect cleaning and healing processes from inside and out.

Please click here to read more or buy

Natural drug to increae your mental endurance and capacity in every way - Brain Pills - These pills endoreced by doctors after throrrough trial will make you more allert and help for mental exhaustion and fog, They will sharpen your ability to focus upon, catch up and interprete information coming in through your senses, and enhance your ability to store and retrieve facts in your memory, They will enhance your capacity to solve logical problems and help you think speedily. A main working principle behind the action of the pills is to increae the production of transmittor substances in a ballanced ratio. Among others the pills are endorced by Ken Jennings, the record holding Jeopardy champion. Main working ingredients in the pills are derivates of the brain nutrient Citicoline.

Click here to buy or learn more

Confitrol24 - product for women to counteract urine leakage and give good urinarion at the right time - This natural medicine provides better health for the control appartus of the bladder, the muscles in the bladder and the other structures in the bladder region. This gives urge for urination at the right time, stronger abilities to close for urine flow, but stronger voiding when this is wanted, and all this hinders leakage and givs a totally good bladder function

Please click here to get Confitrol24

Vigrxnitricoxide - To obtain strong erections Erection occurs when the hormone nitric oxide is released in the groin area. As you get older this hormone release can get weaker and the erection do not occur so easily yet. This product makes the production of this hormone healthier and stimulate also immediate release of nitric oxide, which then makes your penis erect strongly. Contains L-Citrulline and L-Arginine which has shown to increaase blood flow in the penis by clinical studies.

Please click here to read more or buy - Vigrxnitricoxide

Fertilityfactor5 - to get more sperm cells, more vital sperm and thereby better fertyility - This product contains nutrients that are especially important for forming sperm cells and for stimulation of the production of sperm cells. It will help men from age 21 and onward to more easily make their woman pregnant. An important ingredient in the product is Tongkat Ali LJ100 - a factor developed jointly by the Government of Malaysia and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and which showed scientifically to improve semen parameters 100 percent after three months of use in men with problems regarding semen production.

Please click here to read more

TestRX - Natural testosterone enhancement drug - These pills give a man greater ability to produce testosterone and to the right time. This will enhance erections and other sexual functions. They will give greater energy for sexual activities, work and sport. They makes it more easy to build up a greater muscle mass. These pills are especially useful for men over 45 years with decreased testosterone production.

Please click here to read more or purchase

Help against feeble testosterone and growth hormon production and thereby get rejuvenated sexual feelings and virility, and bigger muscles - Many men from the age of 45 and more will often get steadily lower production of growth hormone and testosterone, whith the consequence of decreased sexual drive, poor erections, poor stamina, dull sexual feelings and steadily decrease in muscle mass. These pills will strongly stimulate the production of these hormons and a man using them will get back much or all of the hormone level from his younger ages. Thereby he will get stronger erections, get more physical capacity for sex and work, get sexual feelings and drive like a young man, get more allert mentally and get more youthful and ample muscles.

Important ingredients in this drug are zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, (collectively called ZMA), D-aspartic acid, extracts of muira puama, ginkgo biloba, GABA, acai, ginseng, erycoma longifolia, pollen, pituitary, hypothalamus. There are also the stimulating hormons DHEA and GABA, phytosterols and vitamins.

Please click here to learn more or buy - Provasyl

Hersolution - natural drug for low lust for sex, poor genital functions and menstrual disconfort - Due to stresses of many kind many woman suffer from law sexual lust and excitement, poor lubrication, poor genital bloodstream, cramps, hot flashes and mood swings. These symptoms occur especially around menstruation and other periods with hormonal changes. This natural drug will reballance and strengthen the hormonal functions, give increased sexual lust, give more vital genital functions and lessen the mentioned symptoms.

Please click here to learn more or buy - Hersolution

Rosacea treatment cream - Rosacea is a gradually developing condition, usually becoming distinct after the middle ages. The symproms of rosacea are large blood vessels, red skin and sometimes inflamed skin. Rosacea develops gradually over years and result in dilated blood vessels, reddish skin and inflamed skin. This cream is especially made to mitigate inflammation associated with rosacea, to stimulate restore of normal vessel structure and to stimulate normal dynamic responce in the blood vessls, all of which contribute to an effective rosacea treatment.

Please click here to read more or buy

Good natural anti-aging drugs - These drugs will stimulate your skin to grow thicker and smoother, help restore your muscle mass, help you slim down and get a youthful fat distribution in your body, better your blood sugar ballance, sharpen your vision and hearing, make you more mentally allert, make you more potent sexually, give you more physical energy and rejuvenate your total physiology. A main working principle of the drugs is to increase your own growth hormone production.

Please go here to find Genfx - generally working pills to combat aging changes

Please go here to find Hyperhg14x - antiaging pills with the peak effekt of restoring and increasing of muscle mass and strength

Please go here to find Provasyl - anti-aging pills with the peak effect of restoring and stimulating the sexual drive and capacity in men from the middle age and older

Pages with information about general disease processes and specific diseases, and with presentation of advices and more products to help for the specific conditions

Systemic and metabolic conditions - Generally working therapy products

About the Zika virus and the apidemic it causes

Smoking addiction - Advices and products to stop smoking

Edema, including lymphedema and edema treatment - products against edema

Zone therapy or aromatherapy - methods and products

Digestive and stomach conditions

About gastroesophageal reflux or GERD - natural drugs for GERD

Hemorrhoids and the mechanisms causing hemorrhoids - Pills and topical aids against hemorrhoids

Constipation and slow movements in the intestines - constipation aids

Chron's disease and chronic inestinal inflammations - Products to aid against inflammations and irritations in the intestines

Cardiovascular ailments - Support for the heart and circulation

About the risk factors for heart and circulation diseases - big exhibition of natural drugs for heart and circulatory conditions

Gongestive heart failur and its caues - Natural products against congestive heart failure

Simple information about high blood pressure and angina pectpruis - Natural products against high blood pressure

In depth information about high blood pressur or hypertension

Varicose veins and the causes of varicose veins - Natural drugs against varicose veins

Rheumatic problems - Cures for problems in joints and muscles

Products against rheumatic problems - big exhibition - general explantions about rheumatism, diet advices against rheumatism, about herbs used to treat conditions in the muscles, joints and bones

Osteoarthritis and joint wearing, its causes and symptoms - advices and natural drugs

Rheumatoid arthritis, its causes and symptoms, natural products to help by arthritis

Rheumatic fever - causes, prevention, treatment

Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue - information, advices and products to help

About osteoporosis - help for ostoporosis

The priciples of drugs against rheumatism

Products for massage, spa, relaxation and detox

Nervous and psychological conditions - products for mental conditions and problems in the nervous system

About neuroses and psycotherapi - Items to treat anxiety and tension

Sleep distubances and their causes - Treatments for problems with the sleep

In depth information about depression - natural depression treatmen products

WHat is carpal tunnel syndrome and what causes it - Medicines against carpal tunnel syndrome

Alzheimer disease information - Nutritive products to help persons suffering from Altzheimer's disease

Attention deficit and hyperactivity sydrome and its varieties - Help for attention and hyperactivity problems

Natural aid against poor cognitive functions and poor memory

Stress and tension, mechanisms of stress - products to help against excessive stress and tension

About the nerve-strengthening substance inosine

Information about over-weight - Cures for over-weight, weight loss methods

Simple slimming advices - natural slimming drugs and weight monitoring products

In depth information and advices about over-weight and the development of over-weight - Products to fight obesity

How to calculate body mass index, about some ingredients used in natural slimming drugs

Principles of natural weight reduction products

About the health risks from obesity and metabolic syndrome

About appetite suppressing herbs

About night eating. About weight loss surgery.

Diet programs you can find on the market - a comprehensive survey

About children and over-weight

Respiratory conditions - items to treat ailments in the nose, throut, windpipe and lungs

Historal drug for allergies

Help against respiratory ailments

Natural support against colds and flu, also about viruses causing colds and flu

Treatment for chronic bronchitis

Help against otitis media

Help for canker sores

About halitosis or bad breath

About the skin and problems of the skin - Skin care products

For skin care product information please go here

Information about the urogenital system - Remedies for the urinary and genital organs

Natural drugs for sexual dysfunctions and urinary problems

Products against erection problems

About premenstrual syndrome or PMS - Drugs for gynecological problems

Help for urinary tract infection

Benign prostate hyperplacia - Herbal drugs to help for prostate hyperplacia and other prostate problems

About the hormonal system and hormonal conditions - Natural drugs for hormonal problems

A big exhibition of natural drugs against hormonal problems - information about the hormons in the human body and their effects

About hypothyroidism - Natural drugs to help for thyroid problems

About insuline and glucose level regulation

Diabetes type 1 knowledge - Products to support by diabetes type 1

Diabetes type 2 knowledge - Products useful by diabetes type 2

Information about herbs, drugs and theraputic substances

About some ingredients often used in digestive herbal medicines - Cascada segrada, Oat, Peppermint, Lactobacillus, Calendula, Evening primrose, Senna, Rose hips - exhibition of natural digestive drugs

About some ingredients used in rheumatism remedies - Glucosamine, Methylsulfonylemethane, Boswellia, Vitamin B3

Cranberry and the use of this herb in natural medicine

Principles of althernative drugs

About vanadium and the herb amplaya

About ajurvedic medicines and the filosophy behind ajurvedic treatment - Ajurvedic body care and rejuvenation products

About salicylic acid and aspirine

Medical equipment for measurements of bodily functional values and for treatment

How to take the temperature on a patient - Fever thermometers

Products for child health care

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