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Hersolution - enhancement of female libido and satisfaction, and help for unpleasant symptoms during menstruation and other stressful periods for women - please click here

Products for men and women to solve genital problems and increase potency, sexual appetite and satisfaction - stimulation of erection, lubrication, blood flow and fertility


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Help against women's problems

Welcome to this presentation of products to help against common health problems of women: Premenstrual syndrome, pain during menstruation, endometriosis and menopause problems. You will also find some information about PMS further down on this page. There is also some information about wild yam, an ingredient in some of the products.

Help for menstrual problems, PMS, menopause issues and other female problems

Help by premenstrual syndrome and other problems around menstruation - Menstium - This supplement is helpful against PMS by furnishing nutrients that the body needs to secrete hormones necessary for a balanced menstrual cycle and furnishing nutrients that helps the nerve system to react ballanced upon changing hormone levels. Sysmptoms that you can expect to be reduced are: Irritability, cramps, breast pain and tenderness, edema (swelling), constipation, depressed mood, anger, and headache.

Please click here to read more or buy - Menstium

Help for menstrual cramps and pain - A homeopathic herbal drug to lessen cramps and pain during menstruation.

Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual Cramps 100 Tablets

Help to optimize sexual life and reduce discomfort around menstruation and other difficult periods - These pills are constructed to help the sexual life and feeling of wellness for women, and especially in dificult periuods like around the menstruations, after pregnancy, in periods with a stressful work, by stresses in private life and during the changes that come with age. The pills make their effect by rendering the hormonal system more effective and better regulated.

The concrete effects of the pills are: Stronger sexual dezire and  feelings, for example intenser feelings in the vulva. More easy to get orgasms and more effectful orgasms. Stronger production of lubricating fluids in the vagina. More regular periods of menstruation with less cramping and discomfort.  Reduced mood swings and mental irritability. Less hot flashes.

A general medicine to help ballance and normalize female functions and take away dicomfort during menstruation and menopause

Irwin Naturals Menstrual Relief Hormone Balance, Softgels - 84 ea

Irwin Naturals Menstrual Relief Hormone Balance, Softgels - 84 ea

Dietary Supplement Helps to Ease Premenstrual & Menstrual Symptoms* Promotes Balance Throughout a Woman's Monthly Cycle* This natural, plant-based formula supplies advanced nutational support to address a wide range of female hormone-related issues.* This product covers three important areas: Hormone Balance: Supports a healthy balance of female hormones.* Menstrual Comfort:

Help for consequences of endometriosis and for fertility problems - Fallodox - By endometriosis, the endometrium , the tissue normally lining only the inside of the uterus, grows also outside this location, due to an inflammatory condition. This in turn leads to menstrual irregularities, eccessive bledings, deficiencies of minerals and other nutrients, loss of fertility, cramps, pain and proneness to infections. Fallodox may be helpful for those suffering from endometriosis and other syndromes that compromize fertility. It helps to remend deficiencies, give better hormonal controle, decrease inflammation and improve the immune system. This will in turn reduce stress, lessen pain and discomfort, regulate better the menstrual cycles, give better fertility and give better energy

Please go here to read more or buy - Fallodox

Help for infections in the urogenital system - both in women and men

Infection in the urinary tract - Medonin - This supplement contains ingredients that make it difficult for bacteria to fasten in the urinary tract so that they are washed out, and effectors that help the immune system to fight the bacteria better.

Please click here to read more or buy - Medonin

Capsules to support healthy vaginal and urinary flora and thereby protect against yeast infections and urinary tract infections, containing seeds for good protective microbes

Enzymatic Therapy Pearls YB Yeast-Balancing Probiotics, Capsules - 30 ea

Enzymatic Therapy Pearls YB Yeast-Balancing Probiotics, Capsules - 30 ea

The Smarter Probiotic&Trade; Gets Where You Need It, When You Need It, Fast! 3 Lactobacillus Strains Formulated For Ladies. Taking This Supplement Fortifies The Digestive Tract And Vaginal Flora With Active Cultures Of L. Acidophilus, L. Rhamnosus And L. Plantarum To Help: Maintain Yeast Balance And Vaginal Health* Promotes Urinary Tract Health Support Digestive Balance And Immune Health* Protect Against Occasional Gas, Bloating And Constipation* Survives Stomach Acid: This Supplement Uses An Advanced Triple-Layer Softgel That Protects Probiotics From Heat, Air, Moisture And Stomach Acid To Maximize Survival And Delivery To The Intestine Where Needed Most.

ReNew Life Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support Probiotic, 50 Billion, Veggie Capsules - 60 ea

ReNew Life Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support Probiotic, 50 Billion, Veggie Capsules - 60 ea

Dietary Supplements High-Potency Daily Probiotic For Ladies Supports Healthy Vaginal &Amp; Gi Flora* One A Day 50 Billion Active Bacteria Per Capsule 45 Billion Lactobacilli 5 Billion Bifidobacteria Delayed Release Vegetable Capsules Dairy And Gluten Free Potency Guaranteed Until Expiration Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support Is Formulated To Help Maintain A Healthy Balance Of Vaginal And Urinary Tract Bacteria. Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support Formula Contains 45 Billion Live Lactobacilli And 5 Billion Live Bifidobacteria Cultures, Mirroring The Prevalence Of Lactobacilli And The Lesser Numbers Of Bifidobacteria In The Vagina. The 10 Strains In Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support Formula Were Chosen For Their Prevalence In The Healthy Vagina And Urinary Tract.

Natural ointment to apply in the vagina to help for vaginal yeast infection and promote general vaginal health and comfort

Femmesil Femmesil Ultra Therapy Maximum Strength - 1 oz.

Femmesil Femmesil Ultra Therapy Maximum Strength - 1 oz.

Please Note: Product Received May Temporarily Differ From Image Shown Due To Packaging Update. New Advanced Formula With Activated Minerals&Trade; All-Natural Cure For Vaginal Itch, Odor &Amp; Yeast Infection Restores Natural Vaginal Balance Relieves Multiple Symptoms Treats Vaginal Yeast Infections. Not Tested On Animals.

Suppositories to combat vaginal yeast overgrowth and help restore ballance in the vagina

YeastGard Homeopathic Suppositories Treatment with Probiotics - 10 ea

YeastGard Homeopathic Suppositories Treatment with Probiotics - 10 ea

Yeast Gard Advanced Suppositories Naturally Treats & Prevents Symptoms of Vaginal Yeast Infections Homeopathic Formula Now in a Base of Lactic Acid Bacillus Cultures Naturally Treats & Prevents Symptoms of Vaginal Yeast Infections Contents: 10 Suppositories 1 Applicator Use regularly to Prevent Future Occurrences Helps relieve Burning, Itching and Irritation New Homeopathic Formula Suppositories Natural works with the body's immune system Promotes overall vaginal health and balanced vaginal flora Helps maintain a balanced vaginal environment For most rapid relief of symptoms , use in combination with Yeast Gard Advanced? Homeopathic Gel Treatment To prevent future occurrences.

A spray to combat yeast infection in the intimate area and to sooth against symptoms, for women and men

Well In Hand Yeast Rescue Spray - 2 fl oz

Well In Hand Yeast Rescue Spray - 2 fl oz

Well In Hand Yeast Rescue Spray Yeast Rescue! An intimately soothing instant-acting botanical and aromatherapy blend of organic and wildcrafted botanical and Pue essential oils with Vitamin E.

Super soothing Yeast Rescue! An instant-acting herbal and aromatherapy complex blend of organic and wildcrafted botanicals and quieting Pue essential oils with a pleasant aroma and specifically designed to stop the intimate itching and burning within minutes of first application.

Whether you apply it at the very first hint of infection or if you have been already battling it for what would seem like forever. Yeast Rescue! Is designed to stop the itching burning and soreness with the first application! For vaginal and penile yeast conditions.

Screening kit for the vagina to detect infection and guide subsequent management

Walgreens Vaginal Screening Kit - 2 ea

Walgreens Vaginal Screening Kit - 2 ea

May Help Determine If Your Symptoms Are Caused By An Infection That May Require Follow-Up By Your Healthcare Provider. Use The Test If You Have Any Of The Following Symptoms: Abnormal Discharge, Vaginal Itching Or Burning, Discharge With An Abnormal Color Or Unpleasant Odor, Excessive Discharge. Not All Vaginal Infections Are Yeast Infections. Test Before You Treat. This Kit Will Assist You In Determining If Your Symptoms Are Caused By A Yeast Infection, Or An Infection That Requires Treatment By A Healthcare Professional, So You Can Get The Right Treatment And Faster Relief. Easy To Use And Easy To Read One Simple Step Results In Seconds Walgreens Pharmacist Recommended* *Walgreens Pharmacist Survey Study, November 2012. Contains: 2 Test Swabs 1 English And Spanish Instruction Sheet Made In Israel

Products to optimize women's sexual life

Vigorelle - female pleasure cream - To increase the pleasure in the clitoris, genital lips and vaginal area, to lube and to boost a women's intimate reactions like: vaginal lubrification, pelvic blood supply and engorgement. The increased intimate reactions will then also increase general excitement and erotic ecstacy.

Provestra ( Estravil ) - herbal lust pills for women - These herbal pills stimulate a woman's mental excitement, good physical sensations and endurance. They also optimize intimate blood supply, engorgement in her vulva, lubrification and sexual reflexes.  They will then also improve her genital pleasure, orgasmic strength and fertility.

Some other health products

An exhibition of all products to stimulate sexual pleasure and improve sexual abilities, also sexual toys of all kind - for men and women

Natural oral drugs to help for urogenital ailments of women and men and other health issues - Products to help healing from women's problems, men's problems, genital infections, circulatory issues, rheumatism, digestive ailments, hypothyroidism, diabetes, hemorhoids, depression and mental issues, skin ailments, obesity, mouth and trout ailments, eye and ear issues and more.

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Natural medicine to increae your memory, allertnes and all other aspects of brain capacity - Brain Pills - These pills will help you learn and meomrize more effectively and more effectively mobilize meorized information for use. They will make you more allert and able to better recognize patterns and happenings. They will help you think quicker and manipulate more complex information while thinking. They will take a way mental exhausetion and make you able to endure harder mental work and work mentally longer time.

A great exhibition of all the products to help for manifest diseases in all body part - oral, topical and technical products

Some in depth knowledge about premenstrual syndrome

What is pms

PMS is a complex of painful symptoms starting at the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. In this phase the follicle that have released the egg, is transformed into a gland capable of producing hormones needed during gravity. Often symptoms tend to taper off with menstruation and women remain symptom-free until the two weeks or so prior to the next menstrual period. It is believed that neurological changes in the brain causes the PMS symptoms.

PhysicalsSymptoms of PMS are: Headaches, Lower Back Pain, Breast Tenderness ,Bloating, Cramping, Water Retention, Cravings, Fatigue and Skin Issues.

Also these mantal or psychological symptoms may occure: Depression, Irritability, Irrational Outbursts, Feelings of Loneliness, Anxiety, Moodiness, Apathy, Dejection, Sadness.

The causes of premenstrual syndrome

There has been a tendency to cathegorize PMS as a psychiatric disorder, that is a mental reaction towards what is going on in in the body of a woman during the menstrual cycle. New findings suggest that mental reactions are not the immediate ethiology behind PMS, but things going on by PMS can in turn cause mental reactions secondarily.

New findings also suggest that by PMS the nerve system reacts abnormally when the concentrations of progesterone and estrogen exceed certain levels. The abnormal reaction can occure even by normal levels of these hormons, but still abnormal levels may make the reaction even worse.

Also one often sees water retension, or edema in the body, and this factor also produces many of the functions.

The basic causes behind these mechanisms are not totally known, but the diet plays an important role. Some key causal diet factors seem to be:

- Eating too much salty food contribute to water retension and many of the symptoms.

- Low levels of vitamins and minerals seem to cause basic distrubances that lead to PMS.

- Coffee and alcohol can give disturbances leding to problems around menstruation. The right amount of coffee may however be good against water retension, so perhaps only exagerated consume of coffee is someting to avoid.

The symptoms mainly occur the days before menstrual bleedings, when the egg has been released and the follicle the egg came from has become a corpus luteum that produces much of these hormones.

Other scientific findings suggest that women with PMS have a depressed activity in the autonomic nerve system, especially in the days before menstrual bleedings. This is not the same as a depression, which is caused by physiological changes in higher brain areas.

Perhaps the presens of the increased levels of progesterone and estogen depress the function of the autonomic nerve system in these women.

Still the exact causes are not known for sure yet.

The exact causes of PMS are unknown. The following factors , however, are associated with increased risk of PMS:

- Too litttle vitamins and minerals in the diet

- Consuming too much salt.

- Drinking too much coffee or alcohol

- A stressfull life seems to increase the risk of getting PMS or aggraviating manifested PMS.

- Smoking, excessive drinking and bad eating habbits also seem to increase the risk of PMS.

- Foods that often causes allergic reactions seem to increase the chance of PMS, for example wheat, soya oil or corn oil.

- Postnatal illness increases the change of getting PMS.

- If a prior generation have had PMS, the following generation more often will get the syndrome.

- Periods of hormonal turbulence often causes aggraviation of the PMS symptoms, for example puberty, having been pregnant, having had miscarriage, or having changed contraception methods.

- Women of 30-45 years often have worse PMS symptoms than other age groups.

These clinical conditions seem to occure by PMS and cause many of the symptoms of PMS:

- Excessive oestrogen and demmished progesterone levels during the pre-menstrual phase.

- Increased levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline in the brain.

- Decreased levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain.

Findings by physical examinations

The symptoms of PMS are foremost pain and mental discomfort. However the following clinical findings may occure:

Pre-menstrual Hyperhydration (H) - or elevated water amount in the body: This is caused by a salt retention and possible elevated aldosterone levels. Aldosterone is an adrenal hormone that gives fluid retention. 6575% of those suffering from PMS fall into this group.

Weight gain above 1.4 kg, breast congestion, abdominal bloating, swelling of face and extremities. These symptoms are again a part of this hyperhydration

Traditional treatment

Hormonal suplements, especially progesterone, are traditionally used as medicine against PMS.

Psychoactive drugs, for example antidepressants or tranquilizers are used to treat the mental discomforts of PMS

Low doses of the drug danazol is further used to treat the worst cases of PMS.

Some recommendations about diet and lifestyle

To change lifestyle in some ways, has proven to reduce or take away symptoms of PMS. What lifestyle changes that will work for an individual women, will however vary, so it is necessary to try out some time different changes before one finds what lifestyle changes are most useful against one's individual pms. Many of these lifestyle changes are however good for the health also generally, so that they might be worth sticking to also if the PMS does not respond. Here are some recommendations that might be useful according to women's experience:

- Exercise at least every 2. day - Physical exercise has been found to help relieve symptoms in many PMS sufferers.

- Relax or meditate every day! 20 minutes a of relaxation or meditation, for example transcendental meditation, T'ai Chi, authogenic training. Regular meditation can remove or reduce mental or psychosomatic symtoms as muscular tention, stress, anxietey or depression.

- Balance your blood sugar levels: This is done by having regular meals, by avoiding sugar, fine bread, fine flour and great amount of potatoes.

- Eat at least 3 portions of wild oily fish per week. These contain essestial oils needed for a good hormone balance.

- Use organic vegetable oils- preferably olive oil.

- Fry as little as possible - since frying changes the oils chemically. However, olive oil is more robust to frying than most other oil types.

- Increase the fibre content of your diet by eating 56 servings of fresh fruit, vegetables, as well as lentils, beans and whole grains.

- Drink at least 1.5 litres of pure water daily. Water is vital to your whole body and helps eliminate unwanted toxins and waste products.

- Reduce the amount of salt in your diet. This helps against water retention.

- Limit your intake of dairy products. These often contain hormones from the treatment of the cattle.

- Restrict your intake of wheat products, soya oil, corn oil and the like. Wheat often produce allergic reactions, so also these types of oil.

- Do not smoke and have a moderated alchohol consumption.

- You may try an extra supply of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

About wild yam or Discorea villosa

Wild yam is a twinning and wine growing natively in North America. It has a dry twisting root-stock from where the creeping branches shoots out up to 30 feet. The flowers are small and greenish-wite or greenish-yellow gathered into clusters. It is perennial and creeps low in the terrain. It has heart-formed and hand-nerved leaves sitting on highs stalks. It likes poor and avarage soil and sun.

Botannical classification: Angiosperms, Monocots, Order: Dioscoreales, Family: Dioscoreaceae, Genus: Dioscorea, Species: D. villosa.

From the root one makes extracts and powders and these products can be further manufactured to tablets, capsules or creams.

Medical uses

Generally it seems to be helpful for liver functions and for the endocrine system.

Wild yam is helpful against menstual distress. It is also good against distress by menopause. It is furthermore used to increase fertility.

It is often used together with chaste barries and dandelion to treat morning sickness.

Wild yam may help to lower cholesterole levesl by impairing cholesterole absorbtion from the stomach.

Wild yam contains saponins that can be chemically converted to female sexual hormons like progesterone and to the adrenal hormone corrisone. These saponins are the likely effective substances in the body, But they are probably not converted to hormons in the body. Therefore the working principles of the substances must be some other.

There are few reported side effects of wild Yam, but safety levels are not well investigated for pregnant woman, lactating woman and children.

Recommended use of wild yam for adult are like this:

Tea from dried herb: 1 - 2 tablespoons dried root is placed in a cup and the one poors boiling water over the root, steep 3 - 5 minutes. Drink three times a day

Use of extracts prepared as tincture: 40 - 120 drops, three times each day'

Fluid extract: 10 - 40 drops, three to four times each day

Wild yam (A free picture from wikipedia)

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is nutritional in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.