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Further down some sexual facts, happeningsm, things and crimes are explained: narcisism, musc oil, incest, lolita, pornography, Kelly Jackson alias Rachel Darrian and other sexual subjects

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The ability to be stimulated by one's own body. Most people have this ability as a normal property. Many psychologist will only use the word narcissism when the interest in one`s own body is of such a kind that it makes the person handicapped in his sexual or social relations to other persons.

There is however a deep-routed culturally based belief that any self-love and physical self-enjoyment is abnormal and malign. This belief is imprinted into the minds of children and young persons from early life through the upbringing they are subjected to in kindergarten, religious communities, schools and mass media, and sometimes also the parents are active or passive messengers to the children of that kind of belief.

Some, but absolutely not all, psychiatrists and psychologists adhere to the view that all types of deviation or non-conformation from the culture of the society is abnormal and harmeful to the order and control structure of the society, and hence regard any degree of narcisism or self-love to be unhealthy.

Professionals with this kind of attitude often see themselves in a position of being the gardians of the society as a whole and of the social order. This position as social gardians is partly imposted on these proffesionals by the superior authorities of the society and partly it is self-imposed. In either case this kind of position in the society inflate their feeling of being important and they therefore often eagerly act out this role.

One may wonder what kind of attitude such psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers have towards their own body. They are perhaps so hindered in their ability to feel deeper relalation to own person that they are virtually without any good attitudes for their own body. By estabishing their own crippled emoutional life as as standard for all people in the socierty, they not only fulfill a role as the guardians of soiiety but also ruin good feelings of other persons for the sake of their envy and furthermore create patients or clients thei can profit from.

Or perhaps they attain the attitude that they themselves have the right to love one's own body and ego, because they have the intelligence and ballance to do it the right way, and at the same time they perhaps think that other people are not mature, intelligent or educated enough to be allowed to feel attracted to oneselves and enjoy that attraction.

One may wonder why self-love has been condemned so strongly by the authorieties of the society, both the present societies and former societies.

One reason is obvious when thinking logically about the question. Authorities have allways regarded young people, and especially young men, to be instruments and resources to be used for fullfillment of own ambitions, for example for using them as soldiers for their ambitions of conquering and holding land. Young men that truely love themselves and find pleasure in their own body are not so willing to serve as soldiers for the sake of the ambitions of authorities.

The word narcisism originates feom a greek myth about a young and beautyful teenage boy, called Narcisus, that came to a pool with clear water. When he saw his mirror image in the pool he sat looking at the image without beeing able to detract himself from it, and eventually he sat there so long that he starved to death. The story exists in several versions according to sveral ancient greek authors.

NARCISSUS - Narcissus is a figure from Greek mythology, son of Cephissus, river god and the nymph Liriope.

According to the myth told by Ovid in Metamorphoses Narcissus was a beautyful young teenage boy, with which all, both women and men, fall madly in love. However Narcisus preferred to spend his days hunting, oblivious of his suitors.

Among them was the nymph Echo, that had been condemned by Juno because her chatting had prevented Juno to discover the furtive love of Jupiter.

The nynph rejected by Narcissus, consumed by love, hid in the forests to disappear and remain only a distant echo.

Not only Eco, but but all the young women and men despised by Narciso, invoked the vengeance of the gods. Narcissus was condemned by Nemesis to fall in love with his reflection in the water. Desperate because he could not fulfill his passion, he fained in vain lamentations, as also Eco had been lamenting.

Realizing the impossibility of his love, Narcissus let himself die. When the fairies and dryads searched for his body to be able to place it on the funeral pyre, found near the body of water the flower of the same name, born of the blood, that is by asexual reproduction.

It is said that Narcissus, when he crossed the Styx, the river of the dead, to enter the land beyond the grave, overlooking the waters of the river, he always hoped to see himself reflected. But he could not see anything because of the water was turbid and myddy. Ultimately, however, Narcissus was glad not to see his reflection because this would mean that the child himself that he loved, was not dead yet.

In the Biotic version the young Narcissus, a citizen of Teps, was sentenced to love his image, when Amina, a girl loving Narcissus which he contemptuously refused, took her own life in front of her house, with the same sword that Narcissus had sent as macabre invitation not to give him more trouble, with a plea for revenge towards Eros.

In the version of Pausanias Narcissus had a twin sister and were similar in all. Narcissus was in love with her, but she died. Narciso then went to a spring, knowing that the reflection was not his sister, but consoled himself with it until he consumed by starvation.

MUSK (Oil)

Musk is A substance of a reddish brown color, and when fresh ofthen have the consistence of honey, obtained from a bag being behind the navel of the male musk deer. It has a slightly bitter taste, but is specially remarkable for its powerful and enduring odor. The term is also applied to secretions of various other animals, having a similar odor. The term is further used about oily substances from herbs having the same sort of smell, for example musk shrew (sorex murimus), a shrew found in India.

It is used in medicine as a antispasmodic.

The substance is also used as a pheromone in fragrants. In fragrants it also fixes other active substances to the skin so that they do not damp away so easily.

Natural musk is seldome used by now since the substance is very expensive. Instead one uses chemicals with a similar structure and smell.


Kelly Jackson ( real name Raquel Darrian), born 21.07.1968 in Hutchinson, Kansas  is an American Adult actress and erotic dancer. When she was 7 years old her family moved with the doughter to california. In her early career period she worked as a lesbian styled poser in porno magazines. Then she began to act in adult films making lesbian scenes. Later she begun working on hetero styled scenes with Derric Lane. She was associated by an exclusive contract with Vivid Video. Tired of only working with Derrick Lane, she began working also with other men and this probably contributed to her divorce in 2000. She has a daughter, Brooke, born in June 1997.

Kelly Jackson, the Brunette godness of porn,  is most celebrated for the shape of her behind parts.

She acted in about100 adult films, of which the first was, "Warm Bodies, Hot Nights" in 1988 and the last one "Kink" (Girlfriend) in 1999.

Kelly Jackson has posed in Penthouse and Playboy magazines. She was the October 1990 Penthouse Pet of the Month, and she was exhibited in Playboy's 1996 pictorial "Strippers".

Kelly Jackson appeared  in Velvet magazine between 1990 and 2002 in solo, lesbian, straight, and group settings.and in a "Dear Racquel" section in many issues containing letters from fans with her replies.

Nowadays she lives in Las Vegas and works as a feature dancer at clubs across the U.S.

(Text and picture derived form under the GNU Lisence, and  therefore free to reuse)

Rachel Darrian alias Kelly Jackson


Basically incest means sexual relations between family members, regardless of age. In the later years the use of this word have inflated, and is by now often used about sexual activities between an authority person and a teeneger, kid or child, such as a teacher and a student, a trainer and a young person or a doctor / psychologist and a young or preteen patient. The use of the word insest has also inflated in such a way that it is now often used about acts that are not directly sexual, but may be interpreted to have a sexual impact. There is also a tendency to define all occurences of incest as a kind of rape. Because of this, the general public often gets false pictures of the incest occurance rate and the magnitude of the incest problem.

People also get a false impression that the incest problem is growing because of this tendency to inflate the definition of the word. Steadily more often people or instances make up false incest stories in order to gain some echonomic, power or psychological proffit. Incest is illegal in most jurisdictions, allthough the exact definitions of incest and the legal age for sexual activities vary.

The word detotes a person of an age just before puberty or just about puberty onset depicted as a sexual object. The term is most often used about women. However, the term lolita is steadily more often used on web-sites just to attract visitors, because many people use it as a search-term on the web to obtain pictures of girls before puberty. It is also by now often used about adult women or late teenage girls that still look childish. One may also encounter the expression " lolita boy " about boys just before puberty. The word originates from a romance about a love affair between a grown up perseon and a girl just before or about the puberty onset.


Pornography, also called porn or porno, denotes pictures, games, hentai, lyrics, anime photgraphs, texts, films /movies /videos that depict nude humans, sex acts or genitals and has the purpose of making the viewer or reader sexually exited. However, if the material has some artistic quality, or is ment as jokes, it is usually not called pornography, but instead erotic, literotica, etc. Also if the purpose mainly is to educate about health topics, the term pornography is not used. Often the use of words, such as boobs, big tits, pussy, cock, villey, dick, babes etc. determines if some material is called porno. If other words as breasts, penis, vagina, girls etc had been used, the same material would not be denoted as porn. Also if something appears in for example Playboy, it is authomatically called pornography. Pornographic material is often marked by the symbols xxx or xxxx or even xxxxx.

PORNO STARS - famous men and women that act naked in pornographic videos, pictures, etc, such as Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra, Kelly Jacksen allias Raquel Darrian, etc. There is a difference between porno stars and erotic stars that do not show themselves totally naked like Britney Spears, Janet Jackson.