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Trends in car design

Every area has its own trend or several parallel trends running together in car design. These trends are usually driven by echonomical factors like fuel echonomy, political desicions often taking the shape of specific laws, general esthetic tendencies and the general trend in the technical development making new functionality feasible. Here are some of the trends manifesting themselves the early 2000ths:

Driving and road security

Driving security has since far been a constant force for the development of car design and technical soultions. So far one has got technology that hinders slide of the wheels and technology than ensures a softer experience if a crash should something happen. The trend in security techology is bynow going towards constructing controle technology that sets in the brakes and takes over the steering to steer away from dangers if they get too near or accute. Such technology is allready standard or standard ad-ons for the top models of prestige fabricamts like BMW and Merceds, but it is likely to get cheaper and be standard equipment in all new car models.

Fuel economy

Fuel economy has allways been a concideration within the design of cars, but has in the last decennia been getting steadily more important. There is therefore a constant struggle to make motors that takes more work out of every unit of fuel. To do so, the basic motor design is made steadily smarter. Also electronic controle mechanisms that make everything happen at the  right time is a means of achieving best fuel economy.

Fuel economy also have an impact upon the car design. Fuel economy is an incentive to make smaller cars.For many decennials there has been talk about going to smaller cars. In spite of this consumers have been buying steadily greater cars withh some minor swings in the trend form year to year. For example right after the finacial crises, there has been much talk aboit the great and heavy American produced offroeaders beeing outdated. It is not probable that a trend towards generally snaller cars will last. Such a trend is against the general trends towards a steadily greater echonomy in most countries in the world and a stedily greater demand for fomfortable soulutions.

To get the best fuel eeconomy, one also struggles to give the cars more aerodynamic design. Aerodynamic design will often be equivalent to rounded contours in stead of flat surfaces and sharp angles. But what is the best aerodynamic shape is not allways easy to know, because the movement of a car makes complicated turbulent air movements thatcauses resitance to the movement.

It is a constant struggle to find lighter materials. This has caused a shift from using steal to using lighter metals like aluminium and magnesium, to using plastic and even to using strong carton or paper in the design of cars.

Environmental concideration in car design

The conciderations for fuel economy are also good for the environment. Environmental conciderations is also an incentive for making cars that can us non-toxic energy sources that also do not cause a greenhouse effect.

Motors using non-polutant energy sources that are are allready developed and are steadily being improved. The infrastructures for furnishment of energy to such cars are being pioneered in many areas. The most actual energy souces and belonging technologies are hydrogen and electricity. The problems so far with electric cars have been limited battery capacity combined with a long loading time, but the batteries are improving.

Hydrogen has to be produced form electricity made of non-pollutant and sources that are rebovable or will last for a long time. solar energy is such a primary resource. Hydroelectric power is another. In a certain sense electricity made from nuclear processes also belong to this cathegory, but only as long as the intergrity of the power plants and afterstores for used nuclear fuel are not compromized.

However, there is a definite trend by now towards making the cars of staedily ligter materials, like aluminium, magnesium, carbon fibers and high strength plastic materilals.
Artistic conciderations

Artistic design has allways been a part of the car construction. The design of a car has to fullfill many purposes. It has to be functional, it has to be confortable, it has to serve securuty demands, and it has to be esthetically attractive. in addition the manufacturers need for echonomical production and the limit of the echonomical resources of the buyers have determined much of the shape a car will get.

For a long period cars have therefore been produced within very standardized and often minimalistic templates for design. There is a definit trend towards giving cars a much more artistic design than has been usual for long. One way this trend will fullfill itself is by going back to design consepts of the fiftieths and early sixiteths. Another way it wil shop up is by alltogether new futuristic designs.

Up to now, sharp angles and circular or semicrular curves have dominated the design of cars. This has the reason in manufactoring echonomy. By now new computerized design and computerized production have made it possible to make cars with all types of shapes economically. This greater freedom of design will have a tremendous impact ot the shape of new car models in the years fo come.

Some advices about getting the best auto insurance

When you assign an vehicle insurance contract ( auto assurance), you want several things from it:

- You want it to be as cheap as possible

- There should not be any holes in the coverage they sell, except those regarding assets you choose yourself not to be covered by the insurance.

- There should not be any holes in the coverage they sell, except those regarding assets you choose yourself not to be covered by the insurance.

- The company should be easy to contact in the case of an accident?

- You want the expenses to be paid out as soon as possible

- You want the insurance company to really pay out your insurance, and not shorten it, or hold it back on diverse types of arguments, like suspicions that you have acted hasardously or that you try to cheat in some way.

- You want to engage with an insurance company that take the pride to act as honestly against you as the company demands from you.

Consider how much coverage you really need

Many people over-insure their assets. Make an assessment about how wide coverage you really need. For example, if you have an old car, that you do not expect to be on the roads for many years, it is probably not a good idea with a full coverage. You must have a coverage of responsibility for other trafficants and the property of others. you also need a coverage for medical expences if you or your family get hurt. The assurance should also cover rescue in case of accidents and technical break-down.

For an old and cheap car, it is probably not wise to let the assurance cover also the value and repair of the car itself when you are responcible for an accident, a so called full casco.

The reason for this is simple. By setting aside the money you save by restricting the insurance coverage, you have soon enough money for another cheap car.

A wider coverage is probably not wise. For a more valuable car, you should have a full coverage.

How to get the cheapest insurance

Insurance companies use statistics in order to assess how expensive a customer will be. They use statistics about groups of custumers, as for example people of different ages, people in differnt geographical ares, women or men, professional use of the car, and much more.

They also have statistics about the accident frquency and seriousness of the different car fabricants and models

They also use individual statistics. Based on the accident record of an individual, criminal statistics and more. They assess how expensive the customer will be also based on the record of each customer.

However, do not expect the companies to use the statistics in an entirely honest way. They will often exaggerate the risk of customers with certain caracteristics in order to take as much money from the individual as possible.

They also sometimes do the opposite. They may want a special group as their customers, and make the insurance cheaper than it would be if the statistics alone was to rule.

To get the cheapest insurance, it is important to act carefully in the traffic and follow the trafic rules and other laws of the society.

If you have little money to spend, it may pay off to choose a car that the insurance companies honour with law insurance prizes. Usually that will be a car with a modest motor capacity and a car that statistically is little involved in accidents.

When the time has come to buy an insuranc police, do as follows:

- Do a search for the insurance prizes of several companies for persons with your own properties and the properties of your car.

- Chose 3 or 4 companies. Get offers from these companies for insuring your car.

- Present the offer from the cheapest company to the others, and ask for a new offer that can compesate.

How to get the insurance that is best when you need it

You must not only choose the cheapest insurance you find, without assessing the performance of that insurance company when you really have an accident and you need the payment from the insurance company. Try to find out what experiences other people has had with the insurance companies you have in mind.

You can do this investigation when you have got a list of the most affordable companies that you will ask for offers. You can also do it as a final controle when you have allready elected a company based on prize.

You can often find out very much by searching about the company in the internet.

You can also find out much by reading through the whole insurance contract of the company.

Try to find data regarding these particular factors:

- Are there holes in their insurance coverage, or is the extent of the coverage unclearly expressed.

- Is it easy to get in contact with the company when you need assistance?

- Does the company pay out swiftly, or do they use a lot of time for investigation and burocracy.

- Do the company tend to shorten the payments or refuse payment suspecting the customerts has acted hazardously or is trying to cheat?