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Also information about zone therapy and aromatherapy


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Stimulants for body development, also information about zone therapy and aromatherapy

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About zone therapy

A The theory behind this therapy, is that certain body zones have a system of pints making a image of the whole body. These points have a kind of connection with the correesponding body part.

By stimulating such a pont one starts a healing process in the body part with which the point has some connection. The stimulation can be through pressure, light stimulation, needle insertion or electric current.

The body parts that have such points are the feet, hands and the ears.

By probing the different points a one of these body parts, you will feel pain at the points that have a connectionwith a body part ehere there is some problem.

Zone therapy is good to aleviate pain, to effect general relaxation and to make the intestines or blood circualtion work better.

Everybody can stimulate the reflex point by pressing at them with the finger tips. Just go through all the points at the ears or the feet. When you find a point that gives pain, you press a longer time at that point, massage it or pump at the point with your fingers.

As a reaction you will feel generally relaxed, you will feel the blood circulation in several body parts work better and feel the intestines work more effectively.

It is usefull todo Such a zone therapy session once a day.

Another way of looking at zone therapy is by means of the system of meridians used in classical chinese medicine and points where meridians cross each other. Using zone therapy this way, one gets the same results as by classical chinese acupuncture, but by means of other types of stimulation, namely pressure and massage at the cross-points of the meridians.

Zone therapy and classical chinese acupuncture go back to different traditions that resamble each other. Perhaps both the philosophies say something about a network of communication lines in the body, and perhaps these two traditions should be combined in some way.

An essetial question is whether these zones, meridians and structures really are something real. There is a valid reason to believe so. The body develops from early in the foster state to adulthood, and the body has the ability to regenerate at all times. These processes of development, healing and regeneration must be coordinated somehow, and that coordination must be minute. The nervous system has other tasks to do, so that cannot coordinate these processes minutely. The systemic hormonal system can an does make a coordination of gross parameters, but no minute coordination.

There must simpley be some kind of network in the body that performs the minute coordination of development, healing and regeneration. That network do not necessarily be a separate organ. The ordinary body cells may have the ability to communicate via tissue hormons, electrical impulses, electromagnetic frequencies or otherwise, and that coordinative activity may have a network structure. Or the network may consist of some kind of energy channals not adhering to quite the same physical laws as ordinary atoms or molecules, or some kind of structure in what can be called an etheric or astral body.

There must furthermore be many points throughout all tissues where the network delivers information or commands to the cells and where the network resceives information. It is then good reason to believe that many kind of physical stimulation at these points can modulate, enhance or decrease communication throughout that network and thereby nodulate, decrease or enhance physiological or psychological processes.

About aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a common term for treatment modalities where aromatic substances with some special properties or blendings of such are used. The substances have these properties:

- They are volantil so that they quickly vaporize and get quicly into the air.

- They are soluble in fatty substances and also in alcohol and dissolve harsh fatty deposits.

- They float very easily so that they very quickly creep into pores or porous structures, especially if these structures have fat-like properties.

- They have a strong, but pleasant smell.

By aromatherapy these substances are applied by several methods.

- They can be applied as a means to aromaticize the air.

- They can be applied to the skin or massaged into the skin.

- They can be blended into the water you use when you take a shower, take a bath or washes yourself.

-Some of them can be applied in the entrances to body opening, but in a very cautious amount and very cutiously, for example the nose.

The substances work therapeutically and give pleasure by stimulating various senses and thereby starting or stimulating body processes. They can stimulate through the olfactory sense. They can stimulate by chemical effects at the nerve endings and sensual bodies in the skin and mucosas. They can stimulate by vaprizing and thus giving a pleasant cooling effect.

In this way thay stimulate the blood circulation at the areas where they are applied and they stimulates glands that produce secrets of various kind. In turn these processes will give body areas a better supply of oxygen and nutrients and they help to wash out wastes. This will further capasitate the healing, regrowing and immune responses in the body areas.

The aromatic substances help to dissolve harsh fatty wastes deposited on the skin and in the pores of the skin and thus helps to rinse the skin for impurities.

Many of the substances will kill bacteria and germs.

Some of the substances can give a direct triggering effect at the immune system or induse inflammatory responces. Such responses can be good and theraputic if they occur in a controlled manner. However, if they get too strong they can beharmful. Therefore aromatic substances must be used with great care in body openings an in especially sensitive areas.

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