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Items to help against poor cognitive functions, against poor memory and to help for stress

Welcome to this presentation of products against problems with poor cognitive functions and memory problems and products to counteract stress.

Further down on this page there is some information about stress and about memory functions. You can also find information about the Zika virus and the disease it causes.

Help for poor memory and cognitive functions

Natural medicine to increae your memory, allertnes and all other aspects of brain capacity - Brain Pills - These pills will help you learn and meomrize more effectively and more effectively mobilize meorized information for use. They will make you more allert and able to better recognize patterns and happenings. They will help you think quicker and manipulate more complex information while thinking. They will take a way mental exhausetion and make you able to endure harder mental work and work mentally longer time.

WEAK MEMORY and mental exhaustion - Cyntol - Many people experince mental exhaustion with problems of remembering and recalling, learning difficulties, slow thinking and getting lost in conversation and tasks. This can happen even in young persons due to a stressful life and lack of proper nutrition. As one gets older impacts from daily life and free radicals can injure brain structures and gradually produce loss of mental capacity, or a degree of dementia, also when the person do not suffer from serious conditions like Altzheimer. This products gives your brain and nervous system nutrients it needs for daily function and stimulants to remend injuries that impair function.

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Good natural drug against memoryproblems

Natrol Brain Speed Memory Dietary Supplement Tablets - 60 ea

Natrol Brain Speed Memory Dietary Supplement Tablets - 60 ea

Dietary Supplement Helps You Think Faster!* Helps Maintain Memory* Helps Promote Recall* Natrol brainSpeed Memory helps improve cognitive processing speed, promote recall and maintain memory. It is specifically formulated to support mild memory problems associated with aging.

Help against stress and tension

Natural drugs to help for stress and tension - The best ways to avoid consequences of stress, is to do something with the stressful factors in one's work and life. This is sometimes impossible to a full extend. These natural drugs may help against some of the unpleasant symptoms of stress and may help to lower the consequences of stress. They contain nutrients that help the central nervous system to regulete down processes associated with stress to more normal levels and to strengthen the cognitive functions to cope with increased demands and tiring conditions. The products differ somewhat in their most important effects or effect combinations. like calming of the mind, giving clearity and mental strenth to cope, and relaxing of tense and stressed muscles.

Honey Lavender Stress Relief

Honey Lavender Stress Relief

Honey Lavender Stress Relief 16 Tea Bags

Valerian Extract with Lemon Balm (160mg, 60 capsules)

Valerian Extract with Lemon Balm (160mg, 60 capsules)

Restful sleep without next-day grogginess. A natural choice for promoting sleep and relaxation, Valerian Extract with Lemon Balm supports a restful night's sleep without the fear of over sedation. Valerian helps induce deep sleep, and Lemon Balm promotes a calm and collected nervous system. This gentle and effective combination formula is recommended by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum.

Probiotic drug with multiple beneficial effects, among these better digestion, better immune system, relief of anxiety, stress reduction and tension relief.

Probiogen Stress & Mood Balance Probiotic Vegetarian Capsules - 120 ea

Probiogen Stress & Mood Balance Probiotic Vegetarian Capsules - 120 ea

Feel the Probiogen difference! Smart Spore technology: Spores are nature's best probiotics. Unlike other popular strains, spore-formers make it past the harsh gastric system to colonize in the gut for better digestive and overall health.* Microbiologist formulated. Contains no GMO, dairy, wheat, gluten, salt, sugar, soy, artificial colors or flavors, binders, fillers or flow agents. Supports digestive + immune health.* Natural mood support.* Healthy stress response and anxiety relief.* Supports a positive mood.* Improves energy levels.*

A mineral bath and foaming bath to help for stress and tension

Village Naturals Therapy Mineral Bath Soak Stress & Tension Relief

Village Naturals Therapy Mineral Bath Soak Stress & Tension Relief

Relax Away Your Stress By Immersing Yourself In A Soothing Blend Of Juniper, Menthol And Camphor To Melt Your Tension Away. The Combination Of Sea Salt And Magnesium Sulfate Help To Draw Out Impurities And Ease Tired Muscles. Infused With Oils And Extracts Of Orange And Lime Peel To Soften Your Skin As You Relax And Restore. No Animal Testing. Made In Usa

Dr. Teal's Foaming Bath Relax & Relief with Eucalyptus Spearmint - 34 fl oz

Dr. Teal's Foaming Bath Relax & Relief with Eucalyptus Spearmint - 34 fl oz

This product transforms an ordinary bath into a relaxing spa by combining the natural minerals of epsom salt with luxurious essential oils to soothe the senses, relax tense muscles and provide relief from stress. Spearmint is used as a restorative for the body, while eucalyptus stimulates the senses. Moisturizes and softens skin This finished product is not tested on animals Made in USA

A shop with many good massage tools and physilogical treatment products to help yopu relaxe and stress dowb - Products to relaxe tired muscles and a stressed mind and products to stimulate revitalization and repair of damages done by a stressful everyday.

Help for other mental and neurological problems

ADD/ADHD - Synaptol - ADD/ADHD is several variants of disorders where the concentration towards tasks is poor and there is a constant tendency to diverge the attention and energy towards facors at the sideline or towards inner fantacies. This formula calms down the unwanted mental processes, while strenghtening the ability to concentrate.

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DEPRESSION or problems with mental mood levels - Exulin - This is a naturopathic product formulated to help low mood, slow physical reaction and slow work in inner organs, all manifestations of depression- It contains ingredients with a long proven effect to elevate mood and vitalize bodily functions like L-phenylalanine, St.John's wort, Rhodolea rosea and Ginkgo biloba.

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Syrup to help you fall in sleep and get a whole night quality sleeptime

ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep-Aid Liquid Warming Berry

ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep-Aid Liquid Warming Berry

Introducing Zzzquil - A&Nbsp; Non-Habit Forming Nighttime Sleep Aid For When You Just Need A Good Night's Sleep From The Makers Of Vicks Nyquil For The Relief Of Occasional Sleeplessness, Reduces Time To Fall Asleep If You Have Difficulty Falling Asleep Non-Habit Forming Not For Colds. Not For Pain. Just For Sleep. Sleep Soundly So You Wake Refreshed Not For Treating Cold Or Flu Made In Usa

Painfull points in nuscles and joints combined with fatigue and mental symptoms - Anatrin - If you experience muscle and joint sorenes, pianfull points around the body, combined with fatigue and mental symptoms that may include bad sleep, depressive mood and poor memory, as for example by fibromyalgia, this natural medicine may help

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Many other health products with natural ingrediets

Supplement to stimulate vitality and youthful properties - Genf20 - This formula consists of vitamines, minerals, anti-oxydants and stimulators like ginseng. It will help to stimulate vitality and to decrease general aging symptoms. One main  mechanism of action of these products is to help the body produce more growth hormon. The enhanced level of growth hormone helps the skin and mscules to regain yoouthful integrity, to take away fat from the bad places and to enhance feeling of vitality.

VigRXPlus - pills for men to enhance erection potency, increase erection size and boost good feelings - click here

Provestra - pills for women to stimulate lubrication, sexual functions, dezire and feelings - click here

VigRXoil- cream for men to give immediate erections and good feelings - click here

Vigorelle - cream for women to stimulate functions in the genital region and tease up her most intimate sensations - click here

LECITHINE SUPPLEMENT - good for the nervous system, the blood circulation, the digetive organs and the skin Lecithin is an important building block of the nervous system and elements of the lecitine is also used to build hormones and signal substances. A supplement of lecithin can help to keep the nervous system in good shape and is also good for the skin and blood circulation. Lecithine is a kind of healthy fat combined with specific other organic compounds. The whole of the lecitine is sold as granules, and the non-fat building blocks which are the most important functional elements, are sold isolated in softgels.



Lecithin 1200 MG 100 Softgels



Lecithin 1200 MG 250 Softgels

Lecithin Granules

Lecithin Granules

Lecithin Granules 8 Ounces Granules

Lecithin Granules

Lecithin Granules

Lecithin Granules 16 Ounces Granules

Natural products to help by many types of health conditions - Support against conditions in the skin, muscles, scheleton, joints, digestive organs, genitals, urinary system, nervous system, respiratory organs, eyes and ears. Help for hormonal disturbances, obesity and other systemic problems.

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About stress and the effect of stress upon the mind and body

Stress are all kind of impacts upon the body and mind that causes physical or mental reactions that makes the mind more allert and set  the body in a state ready for flight and fight.  This special condition of the body and mind is also often called just stress.

Short periods of stress can be helpful, but prolonged stress disposes for reduced mental and physical capacity and serious disease.

The dangerous effects of prolonged stress is mostly caused by continuous enhanced secretion of of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. There is evidence that long lasting stress can damage the heart and circulation, and it increases the risk of serious infectious diseases and cancer. It is also found association between stress and conditions like excessive fat deposits, osteoporosis and diabetes.

The psychological symptoms of stress include impulsive behavior, emotional instability, the urge to cry, lack of concentration, fatigue and irritability by even small sensorial stimuli. The physical symptoms are palpitations, dry throat and mouth, stuttering, sleep problems, sweating, stomach problems, headaches, neck and back pain.

A stressed person will often feel sad and even getlead to depression. Stress can also accelerate some aspects of the aging process and increase the risk of age-related diseases. This effect is connected to the actions of the signal substance  interleukon-6 (IL-6) that is eccessively expressed in a stressed individual.

In a new study, conducted by the Danish National Institute of Public health, has followed approximately 12 000 men and women from Copenhagen since the late 1970s. The investigation shows that stressed males under 55 years have twice raised risk of dying from heart disease. Stressed men have also been elevated risk of dying early of all reasons, overall thirty percent higher risk of dying early compared with other men.

When it comes to women, there is no connection between stress and death. It looks simultaneously like highly stressed women have slightly lower risk of dying from cancer, otherwise there is no connection.

One does not know what grünen to this gender difference is. Men were smoking more than women in the period 1980 - and 1990. Women and men also have different physiology and, consequently, inequalities in health. Female sex hormones are affected by stress and it plays into the risk of cancer and heart disease.

The main way to avoid health problems associated with stress, is to do something with the ground.

In this study, stress is defined as negative experiences and not as busy life or work.


Memory can be defined as the ability to incode information, save the incoded information and re-obtain the stored information and de-code it for immediate use.

It is common to distinguish between short-term memory and long-term memory. All phases of memory may be influenced by emotions. Remembered information can also be changed consciously and sub-consciously all the time.

It is common to classify information and memory functions in declarative memory and procedural memory. Declarative memory memory refers to memories that we primarily know (eg. That Paris is France's capital, that 2 plus 2 equals four, etc.). Procedural memory is reminiscent of things we can do (eg. Cycle or carpentry).

It is also customary to distinguish between episodic and semantic memory. Episodic refers to memories that are set in the autobiographical context in terms of incidents and episodes (eg. To remember a specific dinner with grandma). Also memory about specific objects belong here. Semantic refers to the general knowledge we have about the world, without that we can put it in an autobiographical context (eg. what animals are or what different terms mean).

The remembered information are of various nature, like auditory sounds and sound patterns, pictures, abstract geometrical patterns, abstract logical patterns, feelings and sensorial experiences. The different kinds of memory types are stored at least partly in different regions of the brain and are at least partly manipulated with different nerve paths.

The different kind of memory modes are however connected so that different kinds of memoriy that tell something about the same object or happening are knit together.

Short-term Memory

Short-term Memory (STM) occurs at the stage where we for the first time get a conscious perception of incoming information. Research shows that STM has a capacity of approximately 5.9 informatique units, that we can recall without repeating of up to 20 seconds.

Until the 1970s it was believed that STM was a passive storage site where the information temporarily stayed until it was either taken up for permanent storage of long-term memory or was forgotten.

Pioneering research done by the  British psychologists Alan Baddeley, Graham Hitch and others, however, has demonstrated that STM is a more complex and sophisticated phenomenon than previously thought. Among other things, that short-term memory itself consists of several components and can edit, assemble and manipulate information. Because of short termn memory's active role, many scientists prefer to call it working memory.

Long Term Memory

Long Term Memory (LTM) refers to our lasting memories and have been divided into many different systems out what kind of memories they seem to represent.

The German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus (1850-1909) was one of the first to study memory empirically. He discovered, among other things, a systematic change in forgetting of learned information and the effect of learning again. He discovered the so-called curve of forgetting, expressed by the following formula:

R = e - t / S
where R is the re-calling, S is the relative strength of memory, t is time.

A typical graph will show that most of the forgetting will occur the first few hours and days after learning. After this period, it is relatively little information that is forgotten.


About the Zika virus, the disease it cause and the epidemics of this disease

The Zika virus and the associated disease is spreading in the southern parts of America and is also entering USA, creating a great deal of concern. Here are some basic facts about the virus, the epidemic and possible countermeasures.

The zika virus causes a disease that gives fever, rashes, joint pain, malaise, voimiting and red inflamed eyes. Usually the disease does not last more than a week and most often the symptoms are mild.

In rare cases, however, the disease is complicated by a reaction called Guillan-Barre syndrome. This syndrome give muscle weakness, that can progress to paralysis, that even can affect the breathing function. The syndrome can last several weeks or months, and sometimes some of its effects get permanent. In severe cases this syndrome makes it necessary with artificial ventilation and other type of life support for a longer time.

The syndrome is caused by an autoimmune reaction against the nervous system, because the immune defense in some cases mistakes elements of own body for elements of the virus.

If a pregnant woman gets the disease, also the foster can get infected through the placenta, which may cause birth defects. One suspects the virus for causing microcephaly, where the child has an abnormally small head and brain, mental handicaps and risk for early death, but the connection is not surely proven.

One suspects the connection because Brazil had only 147 reported cases of this defect in 2014, while 2400 in 2015, after the spread of the virus, and because many of the mothers reported symptoms of the disease in the early part of the pregnancy. But the Zika virus has been found in only very few of the children.

The virus belongs to the same family as those causing dengue, West Nile disease and chikungunya. It is spread by stings from the mosquito Aedes egypti, and possibly related mosquitoes. It does probably not spread directly between humans, but one cannot exclude totally a spread by blood and semen contact. The incubation time between the mosquito sting and the first symptoms vary from 3 to 12 days, but most infected persons do not get any symptoms.

Since the symptoms of the virus are fairly unspecific, a sure diagnose must be done by probing blood samples for the presence of Zika DNA by a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test.

The virus was detected in Africa several decades ago. As by early 2016 the zika virus and the associated disease has spread over most of Latin America, and it has begun invading USA, and there has been sporadic cases in Europa and Asian countries. The epidemic in Asia and America seems to be caused by another subtype of the virus than that endemic in Africa. This epidemic has made the the World Health organization declare international emergency. But based on the usually mild nature of the disease, this move, however, is likely to be an overreaction produced by some degree of mass hysteria.

There are reports in media about the disease steadily getting more serious as it is spreading, but this impression can also be the result of the mass publicity the most serious cases are subjected to.

There is no real treatment against the disease, except medications for relief of pain and fever, and life support when serious complications occur. Patients affected by the disease are advised to rest a lot and drink enough water. By 2016 there is still not any vaccine, but efforts to make a vaccine is under way.

The best prevention for the disease, is to hinder stings from mosquitos. This can be done by mosquito traps in the house, bednets to hold mosquitoes away, and grating at windows to hinder mosquitoes from entering. When one goes outside in areas where the mosquitoes are frequent one can cover the body by clothes and use fragrances of a kind that repulse the insects. If there are dams in the environment where the mosquitoes are breeding, those can be drained. If one has a garden dam or swimming pool one can hinder mosquitoes from breeding by frequent change of water or by sterilizing it with an appropriate measures. If it is possible one can avoid traveling in areas with a high frequency of cases.

An effective and environment-friendly way of getting rid of the mosquitos that are spreading the Zika virus and related germs, can be to set out fishes or amphibia that feed upon the mosquito larvae in dams, pools or waterways where the insects are breeding. Gupies are possibly the best suited species for that purpose. These fishes are small, breed rapidly and can live and breed in even tiny dams.

To apply any measure possible in order to hinder mosquito stings and thereby infection from this or other diseases that are contagious by mosquito stings can however be both impractical and uncomfortable, and they can make the environment very boring for people living at a place. Also measures to poison larvae can possibly cause irritation, allergic reactions or cancers in humans and animals. One must therefore calculate how far it is wise to go with such measures, and not let a mass hysteria lead to a battery of countermeasures that do more harm than good. It seems to be most important for pregnant women to avoid being infected.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is nutritional in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.