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What is constipation, what causes it and how to cure constipation

The symptoms of constipation

By constipation these symptoms can occur:

- The passing of stool or contents of the colon is delayed or totally stopped.

- There will be long time between each bowel movement, or the bowel movements can be frequent, but only little comes out each time.

- Hard stoool is stuck in the rectum or colon and blocks the outlet.

- Intestinal content and gas accumulate, making the colon over-filled.

- By constipation the lower abdomen will often be swollen.

- Sometimes there are completely blockage of the stool movements for a shorter or longer time.

- There will be unpleasant feelings or uneasiness in the lower abdomen. There will be occationally cramps and accute pain in the lower abdiomen.

- Sometimes constipation can lead to nausea and loss of appetite.

- There may come more or less loose stool through, yet the harder stool remains stuck.

- When hard stool eventually pass, it will often hurt the rectal opening and lead to rifts, bleedings or hemorrhoids.

Basic mechanisms leading to the symptoms

The distrurbances can be due to these more basic symptoms or mechanisms:

- Slow and weak bowel movements. These can occur doe to lack of stimulation from the bowel content, for example lack of plant fibres. It can also be due to a sedatary lifestyle that give little mechanical stimulation to the intestines. Sometimes the innervation in the bowel or to the bowel is defect due to inherited conditions or injuries.

- Hard or dry stool making it difficult for the bowel to pass its content. The hardness is usually due to low water content in the colon or too little slimy substances.

- There may be increased friction and mechanical blocks in the intestinal walls that make it difficult for the stool to pass. This may occur because the inner intestinal walls sometimes secrete too little lubricating slime or have anatomical defects that make it difficult to pass stool .

- Sometimes also weak muscles in the pelvic floor or the belly makes it difficult to pass stool.

- A psychological reluctance to go to the toilet and get a bowel movement because bowel movements are unpleasant. This reluctance makes the condition worse.

There is a connection between lazy colon movements and hard stool. When the content uses long time to pass through the colon, too musch water gets absobed and the content gets dry.

Accumulation of gas in the colon or bloating

A common symptom by many persons is gas that accumulates in the colon, makes the belly inflated and causes cramps and pain.

This symptom can occur without constipation or it can occur as a consequence of constipation and make the situation worse.

The mechanisma causing this symptoms can be several.

- Increased gas production in the bowel content due to substances in the food or due to bad bacterial content in the intestines.

- Decreased gas absorbtion into the blood-stream through the colon wall.

- Blocked throughput of gas through the rectum due to stucked stool.

- Lasy bowel movements so that the gas is not expelled.

The primary causes of constipation

- Eating food containing too little fiber. Fiber stimulates the intestines to move.

- Drinking too little water

- Consuming too little fat. A diet nearly without fat will make the stool hard to pass.

- Eating too much to over-fill the intestines

- Eating too little. In this case the intestinal will pass slowly its content and the stool get dry. When it reaches the terminal colon or rectum, the dry content accumulate.

- Problems with the nerval network of the bowel, so that it does not contract.

- Psychological problems that result in too little or inappropriate vegetative nervous stimuli to the bowel. This occur often by depressive states.

Complications of constipation

Tears in the rectal opening is a common complication of constipation. The tears cause bleeding and itching sensations. Another complication is hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are even more likely to tear and bleed than a healthy rectal mocosa. A permanently distended colon can be a long time consequence. These complications have however a great ability to go away when the chronic constipation have been cured.

The accumulation of content in the bowel can increase the abdomainal pressure. This in turn can have a negative impact upon the blood circulation, the respiration and the cardiac function. These impacts are seldome serious, but can lead to general uneasiness and feeling of being generally sick. For people with heart problems these impacts may be more dangerous.

Here are some simple advices to help against constipation and against accumulation of gas in the colon:

Eat food with enough fibre, like full corn bread, cereals and vegetables

Drink enough water.

Eat enough, but not too much.

The food you eat should have some fat content, but of course not too much. Tha fat in oilve oil, canola oil, nuts, sunflower seeds and almonds are ideal. You should also eat some fat fish. However, variate the fat sources to get all the essetial fatty acids you need, and not too much of some.

Have some regular exercise.

Try to reduce stress, have enough sleep and try to do something with factors in your daily life causing anxiety.

If you are depressed, do something to get the condition treated

Natural products containing fiber, ingredients to soften the stool, and ingredients that regulate the intestinal function may help.

Linen seed soften the stool and can help.

Urine therapy may be effective to alleviate constipation.

About urine therapy

Urine therapy is the practice of using urine as medicine against diseases or waknesses, for anti-aging purposes and to strenthen the resistance against diseases. The urine is either used orally or topically or both.

Using urine as a therapy medium is often regarded with disgust in western societies.  People performing such a practice will often authomatically be regarded as downright  antisocial because they break a taboo about associating themselves with the products fo the body.

However, urine that is not infected by an accute infection, is a very clean substance, it is nearly free from microbes, and is very safe to use. Urine therapy also have long traditions in other societies, especially eastern societies.

How to perform urine therapy

The urine used can be obtained from many sources.

One can use urine obtained from other people. If those people are not someone you are intimately associated with,  the urine must first be sterilized by warming it and one must be sure the person delivering the urine is free from diseases. In Chine, the urine from young boys is said to be especially effective.

One can use urine obtained from domestic animals. Also in that case the urine must first be sterilized by warming it an done must be sure the person delivering the urine is free from diseases. The reason for using such urine is teh belief that the urine of some animals, for example oxenm male goats or camels is said to  possess special stimulating properties.

The urine one uses can be concentrated to a small volume or special essenses can be extracted from the urine. This is done industrially and the concentrates are sold as capsiles to be taken orally.

The most practical way for most people is however to use own urine and this is also what most often is recommended. The claim for this is that one's own urine contains antibodies and hormons that the body has made to specifically counteract one's own health problems.

Therapists generally recommend using the middle part of the first urine stream you void in the morning, and after having washed the genitals. Some prefer to let it stay some days in a sealed box at a cold dark place before use with the claim that it gets more effective then.

Therapists advocating urine therapy will often recommend a special types of diet to make the cure effective and to avoid bad taste and smell from the urine. Since many of these therapists work in an Indian yoga tradition the diet advices can be rather strict. The advices also seem contradictory because they forbid certain types of food that can be therapeutic against the very same diseases that the urine therapy is supposed to treat, and the adherence to the advices can also give certain problems caused by deficit of nutrients.

What is recommended by these therapists is a natural diet with little of no animal food, salt, oil and spices. It is probably not health for persons living an active western lifestyle to adhere strictly to these advices, but keep in mind that they could guide your diet to some extent.

Your diet should of course be natural and you should avoid eating much red meat, but most people should eat fish and seafood. Consuming great amounts of oil and fat is not good, but you should have some natural oil in your diet. People generally consume too much salt, but in hot weather and by hard work you need some extra salt. Spices make the food tasty and some types of spices may also stimulate healing. You should however not consume so great amount of any spice that you feel it irritates.

One way of using urine is to drink it. The oral administration of urine is recommended by health problems in all body parts. One drinks it on empty stomach to get best effect. One only takes 5-10 drops twice a day in the beginning. Within a month one increases the dose up to 2 deciliters (0.84 US cup) twice a day.

When using only small doses, these should be kept for a while under the tongue before swallowing it. By larger doses you should flush each sip around in the mouth before swallowing. Some proponents also advice to drink urine every second week and pause every second week when you use the maximal daily doses.

Another usage method is to massage the urine onto areas of the skin where there is some skin ailment, then let dry and wait some hours before washing it away. One can also apply packings wet in urine at the skin for some hours. This method is said to be effective for treatment of most skin problems. If you massage greater body areas with the substance, you might get the same general benefits as by drinking it.

For problems in the nose and upper respiratory organs, one can sniff some drops of urine into the nose, or flush the nose with it. This method is said also to influence the whole body beneficially.

For problems in the oral cavity and the teeth you can simply flush your mouth with the urine and brush the teeth with the brush dipped in it. This can of course be combined with drinking it.

Urine is not only used to treat diseases, but proponents also recommend using urine as a regular remedy to prevent disease, improve fitness and avoid aging problems. Used in this way the regular daily dose should be less than that used to cure a specific disease, perhaps one glass a day.

What is urine therapy good for

Mainstream authorities claim that there is no scientific evidence for the healing properties of urine. Probably however it is never been investigated properlu by scientist because of the taboo aspect of the parctice, and because this remedy is so cheap. Therefore the tradition and experience of people having tried this form of therapy are more truthful than what scientists may say. Still claims of usefullnes of urine as a therapeutic medium must be regarded as not enirely secure, since they have not been investigated well enough scientifically. These are possible useful effects of urine as medicine.

Even though there is little scientific investigation done about using whole urine, scientidic companies are very eager to do research about specific substances found in the urine and making drugs from these.

There are claims from proponents that this therapy can help for virtually any chronic disease process and that urine effectively prevents and drives back infections. There are also strong claims that it can help reverse aging signs and help heal damages caused by degenerative diseases of virtually any kind.

The total extent of these claims are probably exaggerated, but they can be summed up in this way: Urine might help the immune system to work more effectively and it might stimulate the general repair mechanisms in the body to work better. Such general effects will of source be useful by many types of health problems.

Since some natural therapists claim that the substance can help against virtually any disease, both trivial and serious, a total list of the applications of urine will be impossible to make in a short space. Here are however some concrete uses listed:

Some therapist claim that urine therapy is an effective method for the cure from cancer, and even a hundred percent effective cancer cure, and they also express having documentation from own patient base for their claims. These claims seem improbable. However, since urine therapy seems to improve the effectiveness of the immune system and the internal mechanisms to tidy up irregularities in the body, it is not improbable that this kind of therapy can positively contribute to cure of cancers.

It is a good remedy to clean the oral cavity and the teeth, probably better than many tooth pastes, and it is totally free. This effect is well documented, but some might find it distasteful to use urine as a means for oral hygiene. It is also claimed to be a good remedy against sores and infections in the oral cavity.

Some people find that urine taken orally gives a stimulating effect physically and psychologically that helps them to cope in the daily struggle at work and at home. Some also find urine to be sexually stimulating. Morning urine voided before sunrise might however give a tranquilizing effect upon stress and restlessness, which can make meditation and other yoga practices more effective. These effects might also be useful for treatment of nervous problems.

Some therapists claim that orally taken urine gradually cures diabetes or makes the condition less serious. When using the therapy for this purpose it is important to measure the blood sugar level cautiously and gradually reduce the dose of insulin if the therapy works, but not before one sees that it works by dropping blood sugar levels.

Drinking urine might help against problems in the reproductive system, like PMS, menstrual problems and problems with getting pregnant. In these cases man and wife are recommended to drink each others urine.

Urine used orally might help to clean the digestive system from stuffed wastes and alleviate symptoms like constipation, bloating and cramps. Drinking it is also claimed to help against impairment in the kidney function and symptoms caused by kidney failure, like edema.

Urine used upon the skin might help against sores, itching, rashes of various kind and symptoms of aging. It is also claimed to be a good remedy against the same problems in the eyes and ears when applied at the site or used as a flushing fluid. The substance is also claimed to be a good antiseptic remedy to use on sores and on the skin.

Urine used on body areas might help against numbness and neurological impairments in these areas. Some claim urine can alleviate or cure more severe neurological problems like paralysis and cerebral palsy when used on extensive body areas and at the same time taken orally.

Urine applied on body areas afflicted by arthritis and other rheumatic condition might alleviate the pain and stiffness due to these conditions, and this might be combined with urine taken orally to give full help against rheumatism.

When applied onto the scalp it is used against hair loss. Old urine is said to be best, and often it is blended with other ingredients that stimulate hair growth.

Sniffing some urine into the nose or flushing the nose with urine might help for infections and allergies in the upper respiratory organs and in the head.

By lack of any other fluid to drink, one might save oneself from dying of thirst by drinking all of ones own urine, but one must begin drinking it a soon as the lack of fluid begins for this advice to be effective.


Side effects from urine therapy are not well investigated, just like therapeutic effects.

Many people will find the substance distasteful and this sensual or psychological effect can cause nausea and tendencies to throw up after having ingested a dose, but the effect tend to go away after some time. The effect is more dependent upon education and culture that the physical taste and effect of urine.

People taking high doses each day for some period report feeling sleepy and tired after some time, but it is claimed that this side effect will go away by continued use. By pausing each second week, it will probably be avoided.

There are warnings against using urine therapy together with pharmaceutical drugs, because the combined effects can cause problems. If you take other drugs you should at least be cautious when beginning urine therapy and give act about any symptoms of side effects.

Taking more than about half a liter each day might disturb the electrolytic balance in the body, since urine contains surplus salt not needed that you recirculate to some extent by drinking urine. Especially people with heart problems or high blood pressure should be cautious about high doses.

Why does urine help

The urinary system produses anti-bodies and other helpers for the immune system to protect itself from infections. When drinking urine, these substances are itroduced in the oral cavity and the digestive system and are useful also there and help to combat infections and maybe even cancer cells.

The urogenital organs is perhaps the part of the body with greatest self-healing properties. The kidneys of an old person is usually as good as the kidneys of a young child, if the person does not suffer from specific diseses. This may be due to hormonal substances in the urinary system that stimulate healing and regrowth. When these stimulating substaces are introduced to other places in the body  orally or topically, they give a healing and rejuvenating stimulus also at other places in the body.

Urine contains a variety of hormones that can give various effects. The morning urine is especially rich in malatonine that can help to relaxe and alleviate pain.

The most abundant substance in urine is urea. Urea has cleaning effects, stimulates the intestines to work mechanically and thus elleviates constipation.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is nutritional in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.