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Some in depth knowledge about carpal tunnel syndrome

By carpal tunnel syndrome the median nerve is squeezed by too little space in its passage through the wrist. This causes neurological pain and malfunction in the parts of the hand that the median nerve innervates. People doing repetitive work with their hands are most in risk of getting this disease. Beacuse such work is stedily more common, for example computer work, the ailment is affecting a great number of people, and even many kids and young persons.

Similar syndromes can also masifest themselves in other parts of the body, for example in the ancles, but these syndromes on the other places are more seldome. Such a syndrom situated in the ancle is called tarsal tunnel syndrome.

The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and tarsal tunnel syndrome

In typical cases the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are:

- Tingling in the thumb, index finger and middel finger.

- Numbness in the thumb, index and middle finger.

- Aching in the forarm that can reach up to the shoulder.

- Clumsiness and weak grip. People suffering from the disease often drop things.

- The symptoms are ofte worse by night so that the sleep is disturbed.

The symptoms follow the passage of the branches of the median nerve. However, most cases do not have all the typical symptoms.

If the condition continues too long, the nerve can get partially damaged, giving permanent loss of feeling and some degree of paralysis in the hand.

By tarsal tunnel syndrome similar symptoms affect the ancles, feet and toes.

The causes and mechanism of carpal tunnel syndrome

In the wrist the median nerve goes through a space confined by the carpal bones on the dorsal, right and left side, and by the transverse carpal ligament on the inner side of the wrist. This space may get too narrow. This causes the nerve to malfunction because of pressure and lack of blood supply.

Repetive work is often the cause of this space narrowing. Such work make the transverse carpal ligament inflamed. Cartilage tissue in the wrist can also be damaged from such work, and thereby shrink or go out of place. The ligament will then swell from the inflammation, and then the space through which the nerve goes, gets too narrow. Destruction of cartilage tissue will also contribute to a narower space.

Assambling personel in factories seem to be most often affected by the condition. People working much on computers, is also in risk of aquiring this ailment.

Sometimes the conditions is caused by diabetes and is one of the first symptoms of the diabetes, it can be caused by rheumatic conditions and by a complication of reumatic conditions called amyloidosis. Sometimes it is caused by a hormonal disturbance that cause structures in the distal parts of the limbs to enlarge - acromegaly.

Actually, any disease that causes edema or growth of tendon sheets and bones or causes substances to accumulate in or around joints can contribute as a causal factor in creating the condition.

Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome and tarsal tunnel syndrome

The following is a survey of the treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. Tarsal tunnel syndrome is treated similarly.

Adjusting of manual work and periodic rest from work is an important measure both to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and to treat the condition. Adjustment can include finding the right computer keyboard to use that effects the least wearing on the hands, arms and wirst, the right height of sitting during work and other adjustments of work position.

Stretching exercises of the wrist is also an important measure to treat and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Splinting combined with icing or anti-inflammatory drugs, is often used as the first approach to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. Often the splinting is most useful during night and is not needed in daytime. Usually one uses nob-streoid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Corticosteroids are also used orally or injected into the affected area.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated by surgery. In traditional surgery, the carpal cunnel is opened by cutting into the band around the wrist. This give release, but the time of reconvalescence is long. In newer surgical methods, the opening through the wrist is widened by means of endoscopic tools, giving good results with a less reconvalescent period.

Steroid injection into the swollen and inflamed ligament is sometimes used to make its size decrease.

Natural products to treat carpal tunnel syndrome have the aim of treating the problems from three angles: Reducing inflammation and thereby reducing swelling caused by inflammation, restoring a normal electolyte balance and thereby reducing swelling from abnormal osmotic activity, regrowth of injured cartilage so that everything goes back to right shape and in right place.

Vitamin B6 is a natural ingredient capable of relieving symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

About Unhealthy Broiling of Kids to Become Sport Champions

All over the World sport champions are systematically constructed by young kids as the primary raw material to build those champions from. Yhose kids undergo a strict military-√łoke training regime and diet regime with only that as goal, and without regard for the ultimate well.being of the kid, and the future well-bing of the adult these kids acentually will be.

In these training regimes there is a cartain element of fun, pleasure and happiness, but only in the way and degree that it helps the goal of producing a athlete that can take gold medals in national and international competitions.

These rgimes are fairly well known. What is not so well known, is that those kids are developed systematically not only with a strict training regime, but also with extensive medical interventions of pharmacological, surgical and physical kind. On the long term these interventions can produce disasterous result from their health as adults. Also psychological interventions are used to make the children obey the regimes, to feel an ambition they would not feel otherwise, and to suppress other whishes and ambitions they would naturally have. Some of the interventions also make the kids feel a kind of ecstacy, not unlike sexual ecstacy, coupled to the training regime, that is used as a driving force.

Often these kids attend special sport schools, often boarding schools, with hospital sections where the kids undergo the programs consisting of surgeries and other imterventions. Other kids attend sport clubs that have theie own medical centers for that purpose or cooperate with some nearby medical center.

Body-alterning treatment with drugs

Several drugs are forbidden to use during training and compettition. Among those are many steroids. But symptoms you can watch at young athletes,like for example girls having a typical masculine body shape, points to extensive treatment of athletes under development with these kind of drugs, but of cource it happens secretly

Less clandestine is the use of asthma medication to allow to make it easier for young athletes to train intensively and thereby obtain greater development within muscle mass and condition. Even though there are certain restrictions on the use of such drugs, the restrictions are commonly overcome by false asthma diagnoses. Some of these drugs also have a direct anabolic effects, commonly danies by the sport clubs and their medical apparatus.

In sports where great flexibility and slim body figure gives advantages, drugs to delay or even block the pubertal development is commonly used both for boys and girls, so that the shape and flexibility of a child is preserved in athletes in their teens or after. Some nations or teams are commonly accused of sending underage performers to international competitions, pretending that they are older. This might be true, but more likely these performers ar much older, but with pharmacologically blocked pubertal development.


Especially in sports that require great flexibility, this is not only achieved by classical stretching exercises, but also by techical equipment of various kind. To achieve greater flexibility in the pelvic region, the anus, rectum, urethra or vagina are frequently blocked out or otherwise manipulated on kids being developed to athletes.

Furthermore, the colon, anus, bladder and urethra of these kids are often manipulated by insertion of balloons that are then inflated. The purpose seem to be facilitaion of complete emptying of the colon and bladder before they perform, so that the content is not any hinder for training and performance.

These kids is also frequently subjected to cystoscopy or vaginoscopy where long term working medication is injected in the deeper parts of the genitals with the purpose of decreasing sexual reactions,like erections, that are seen as a hinder for the training and development process.

These manipulations are often done in massage sessions after training, and with the kid sedated so that heshe is not fully aware of what is going on.

Intervantions of this kind is done in sport organization in all waestern countries, and not only in countries like Chana and Russia that might be associated with such ordeals, including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. What is told in this article is based on evidence from these countries.

Surgical intervention to alter body shape and body functions

Intervations to make joints and body structures more flexible is very common during the development of a young athlete. The hip joints are most often surgically reshaped for this purpose. Also structures in the pelvic floor around the genitals and anus are subjected to surgery to make the structures more fit for extensive bendings and flextions.

A fairly common surgical intervention in athletics that require great flexibility is removal of some rib bones.

In some sport clubs, the size of male genitals are sytematically reduced to make the area more fit for the sport they perform. It seems to be most common in swiming clubs.

Most female top artists have got the development of the breasts depressed or they have undergone surgery to diminish the breasts.

From American collage sport there are exampls of heart surgery to increase the working capacity of the heart in young athletes. Probably the capacity of the vessels furnishing the heart with blood is increased during the surgery.

Also from American collage sport there are examples of surgery to reduce the size of the intestines to make the abdumen get an optimal shape.

Psychological intervention

Hypnotic techniques are often used to motivate children for the transformational program to make a top athlete. An objective of the techiques is to make the child believe firmly in the glory of being a successful athlete, to believe firmly that he or she will become such a athlete and to decrease in his or her consciousness of other immediate or long term wishes.

The children will often be sadeted with drugs before the hypnotic sessions to weaken own critical judgement about the material suggested.

Use of young athletes as guinea pigs in medical experiments and medical training objects

Medical research organizations and universities use athletes under development extensively as guinea pigs to try out new surgidal and pharmacological methods to alter body development, shape and function, and to try out new techniques for mental manipulation.

Many of the body-alterning techiques used on the kids are such new methods not commonly known about or older methods still kept secret.

The kids are also used extensively as training objects for medical students and for doctors under specialization.

The sport clubs and sport schools earn money for renting out kids for these purposes.

The consequences for kids being under development to be top athletes

Most kids participating in a training program to be top athletes will get serious bodily and psychological injuries as a consequence of the harsh training regimes to get to the top in athletics and the unnatural bodily modifictions they are subjected to. Even though these injuries might not show up before they are adult, they will appear.

Frequent types of consequwnces are emotional disturbances, sexual dysfunctions, cognitive dysfunctions, low resitance against infections, high cancer frequency, arthritis, asthma and seriously worn joints.

Most kids participating in such programs will never be top athletes and many will have to lay aside the ambition because these consequences occur early.

A few will get to the top and earn medals, honor and economical proffit, but also these will sooner or later feel some or all of the consequences mentioned.

How can you know that a kid under athlete development is subjected to unnatural body modifications

Often the parents know about interventions being done on their kids and have agreed to it. But equally often neither the parent nor the kid know what is going on, at least not the full extent of it, because the interventions are done with the kid sedated or under general anestesia, and with some dummy explanations to the kid and the parents. For the parents, the kid himself or people knowing about the kid, it is therefore interesting to know the signs of interventions of body modifications in children and teens.

Such interventions are done in every sport club, sport school or sport organization that keep children or teens under development to be top artists, so this is much more important than just of marginal ineterest.

If the coach or the medical support team of a sport club recommends that a kid undergo some exam under sedation or general anesthesia, it is higly probable that the child will be subjected to some untold bodikly intervention. Most often these intervention will be in the genitals, urinary system, hip joints or pelvic floor.

The kids are given supplements explained as vitamin pills or someting similar from the club that they have to take, or are given thing to drink explained as energy drinks or the like before, during or after training sessions.

The kid is given surprizing disgnoses by doctors cooperating with the sport club and given medication for this. In sport requiring high condition, asthma diagnoses with subsequent medication are ferequently given. Alternatively kids are given asthma medication to prevent asthma from occuring.

A kid loses its natural intersest for sexual matters and stop masturbating. A boy stops to have erections or other sexual reactions that also kids and teens will have naturally.

A boy seems to get a steadily more feminine body appearance or a girl is getting a steadily more masculine appearance.

The pubertal development of the kid seems delayed or is weaker than normal. The genitals of the kid seem to be smaller than is normal for the age, or is downright shrinking.

A kid seems to have some equipment installed in his or her genital area and at the lower stomach under the clothes, or the medical team of the club recommends installation of equipment of the kind. Such equipment can be a catheter with a urine bag, some device of the type people cakk called chastity belt or something similar, equipment to absorbe urine leakage or equipment for physical support of genitals or pelvic structures.

The kid is frequently brought into a special room after training to get massage or other physical therapy. The kid can tell that heshe indeed gets such therapy, but the sessions in the room seems unnaturally long and the kid is not able to account for all that happens as if he is drugged much of the time. The kid can often tell, however, that all clothes are taken off at some point to get therapy in naked condition.

The kid looses interest in all other things than the training regime. He behaves steadily more in a robotic manner, and seems not to recognize well other mtters than those connected to the training regime he is subjected to.

The coaches and medical support team of the sport club is taking steadily more over the role for the daily care of the kid, and are steadily more interfering with the role of the parents. When the parents try to take back some of the control, they are met with reistance or downright threats of various kind.

The kids seems to show a steadily greater loyality to the coaches and the support apparatus, and a stedily less loyality to the parents. The loyality seems to be a consequence of a hypnotic or drugged state of mind.

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