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About exagerated tension in the nervous system and in the muscles and the reasons for tense nerves and muscles

Many people suffer from a constant elevated tension in the motoric nervous system and hence also in the muscles that are constantly tense. Over time this causes too little blood circulation in the muscles. Thereby the muscles get thin, weak and hard, and one gets constant pain from the tense areas. This situation will also cause bad sleep and constant tiredness throughout the day.

One reason for the elevated tension can be constant stress and constant worries. By tensing up, the mental discomfort will lessen, but with the expense of physical discomfort as time passes.

Another reason is that society often learn people from early childhood to deny that society itself is causing problems for the individual, hide the awareness of the basic problems in the subconscious and tense up to fight uneasy feelings that the problems create. Thereby chronic tension becomes an unhealthy mechanism of coping with any problem, even with problems that are not serious and that go away by themselves.

A good yoga-based method for deep relaxation

The following stepwise method will often help you to relax and take away stress, even if you so far have found this to be difficult. You can use the method daily at a specific time, or use it any time you need to relax and relieve stress. It can also help you to fall in a good sleep when you have gone to bed:

First lay down on your back or in any other position where you feel comfortable without need to use muscular work to maintain your position. Also use some clothes or a carpet so that you do not feel cold.

Begin by relaxing your whole body as well as you can. Also try to stop thinking actively about anything except the relaxation.

Then inhale deeply and then let the air go out of your lungs again by relaxing your chest muscles and your diaphragm completely. Keep breathing deeply this way some while until you feel you are breathing this way automatically.

Then relax all the muscles in your pelvic area and your lower stomach as well as you can. When you feel relaxed in your pelvic zone, concentrate on your legs and relax both your legs as completely as possible. Try to relax all the way down to your toes.

Then turn your attention to the mid area of your back and your upper stomach and relax all the muscles in your mid zone. When you feel relaxed here, relax your muscles downwards along your spine and further down your stomach.

Then relax your neck and shoulders. When you feel the tension slip in this zone, concentrate on your upper spine area and your chest and try to slip all tension in your muscles here. Also concentrate on your arms and relax your arms as completely as possible all the way to your finger tips

Then concentrate on your head and face and relax all the muscles in your head. Take especially care to relax the muscles around your eyes and your jaw muscles.

Then make sure you still are breathing deeply and with a total relaxation of your breathing muscles when you exhale.

Try to relax your whole body even more. As a last step also empty your mind for all thoughts.

Then lay this way completely relaxed some time.

The first times you try this, you will probably not manage to relax completely, but still you will get noticeable results. When practicing this method regularly you will relax better each time.