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Positions for sexual play

Sexual positions or postures during intercource between a man and women or between two gay partners have several simultaneous purposes. One of purpose is to expose the vaginal opening or the anal opening ror easy penetration. Another purpose may be to expose the intimate openings for handling by the fingers or for visual insight, since tactile caresses and the sight of the openings and their surrounding areas can increase the sexual excitement and physical sensations. A third purpose can be to let the intimate openings come so near to the nose that the scents from the openings can be recogized, since these areas secrete pheromones with an arousing scent. The sexual positions can have the purpose of stretching the intimate zones and the muscular structures around these zones since theese areas have nerve endings and special sensual bodies that recognize stretch as a arousing and pleasurefull sensation. Generally the position shall also be comfortable for both partners.

The over-all position of the partner to be penetrated should also be seen and felt in a seducing way and a way that shows to the other partner the willingness to be handled and penetrated. The active partner should also show up himself in a seducing manner both regarding the positions he attains and his behaviour, and his position, attitude and handling should be so that his next step at any moment contain some degree of surprize and do not only look and feel like a routine act.

Here are presented some ideas for exciting sex positions. A good way to use the following list is to learn one of the positions each day and try it out practically in a continuous period. When the period is over you have hopefully learned a lot of exciting trics you can use during your sexual playtimes thereafter.

1- Turnaround XX's -- The man lies flat on his back on the bed. The woman on her knees, with her knees beside his hips, lowers herself onto his penis with her back towards his head and her face towards his feet. She then extends her legs, with knees bent, so that they hook under his arms. She lays her upper torso down between his legs so that she is face down on the bed. This is a great position if you are tired or if your back or legs hurt but you still want to have some fun with your partner. Since the penetration is from a reverse angle, the stimulation is similar to doggie style. Enjoy!

2 - Back to Front -- In this position, the man lies on his back with his knees raised. The woman should sit astride her partner on his penis, facing toward his feet and leaning forward against his thighs and knees.

3 - Lyon's Stagecoach -- The woman sits on the man's penis with her legs toward, or even over, his shoulders while leaning back on her hands. In this position, once penetration has occurred, he can lean back so that his penis is pressed against the G-spot on the upper wall of her vagina.

4 - Reverse Cowgirl -- This position works in the same fashion as the Cowgirl yet the woman lowers herself onto the man with her back facing him. This position gives a different view of the woman's body. Some say they can "go round the world" and rotate between the Cowgirl and the Reverse.

5 - Astride -- This position resembles the Cowgirl, yet allows for more variety. The man should lie flat on his back as the woman straddles him, lowering herself onto his penis. She can either squat, which allows for quick up and down movement, similar to jumping on a trampoline, or kneel and support herself with her hands. She can easily lean forward and kiss her partner. From this position it is easy to move into the Swimming or Reverse Cowgirl position.

6 - Swimming -- This is a very intimate position with total body contact. The man is lying on his back with the partner laying upon him, meeting him face to face. The woman is in control, and provides as much body contact as possible: Face to face, chest to chest, breast nipples to breast nipples, belly to belly, groin to groin, feet to feet. The women provides the necessary movement by dragging herself up and down. Both the woman and the man may hold their legs tight together or spread them apart.

7 - Side by Side -- This position works best with those similar in stature. The partners should lie side by side facing each other. The woman can wrap one leg around her partner to allow for deeper penetration and to hold him closer, creating even more intimacy. The woman should use her leg to bring her partner closer as he thrusts. This is often a prelude to rolling into position with either partner on top.

8 - To The Tilt -- The woman lies on her back, near the edge of the bed. She spreads her legs, placing one of them on the floor. Facing her, laying on top of her, the man plunges into woman's vagina with strong thrusts. One of his legs is stretched and placed on the floor and the other is folded. With widely spread thighs the woman receives her lover right up to the hilt. The man can explore her to his heart's content - gently with the total length of his penis or - which will increase her desire for more - he can insert and retract his penis forcefully.

9 - Froggy -- The girl lies down and the guy enters her from the missionary position while the girl slowly drapes her legs over the guys shoulders while the guy is still in her. It makes it a lot harder but it's a new experience for both parties.

10 - Tight Fun - - Have the woman lay on her back and then have the man enter her from the missionary position. Then, with the man still inside of her, have the woman slowly put her legs straight together underneath the man. The man is now straddling the woman; almost sitting on top of her, but still inside her. Then go at it... This allows for the friction to make the female orgasm quicker and stronger than regular missionary. And it's a "tighter fit" for the male. So both parties should be pleasantly fulfilled!

11 - Head Over Heels -- Starting in the classic missionary position, the woman should place her feet on each shoulder of the guy and allow him to enter. This is a great position for deep penetration.

12 - Cowgirl -- An effective position for clitoral stimulation. The man is lying on his back. The woman is over him face to face with her legs spread at the outer side of the man's legs. The woman lowers herself onto his penis. In this position the man can also play with the girls ass cheaks, her clitoris, her tits or other parts of her body.

13 - On Your Belly -- Imagine your classic girl on top position and then reverse it... The woman should lie flat on her stomach as the man straddles her and enters from behind. This position requires some extra lubrication, yet provides closeness as the woman can contract muscles in her butt for a better fit for the man.

14 - Missionary -- When we think of sex, we most often think of this position... This is the way we did it when we did "it" for the first time, and is still the most popular position. Partners are able to maintain a great deal of body contact, remain comfortable and vary the depth of penetration. The woman should lie on her back with her legs spread and knees raised. The man then lies on top between her legs and enters her. The woman can then clasp her legs together behind the man or leave them at his side.

15 - Spread Missionary -- This position is the same as the Missionary, however the woman spreads her legs as far as possible, while keeping her knees raised. This is a great stretch for the quadraceps.

16 - Doggy -- This position provides wonderful stimulation to the woman's G-spot. The woman should be on all fours with the man standing behind her. He enters her from behind and can use her hips to help guide in an up and down motion. This position does not allow for much touching, but is great for more vigorous sex.

17 - Crawl -- This position is very similar to Doggy, however, the man should kneel behind the woman, rather than stand. This allows for deeper penetration and gives both partners the opportunity to thrust against one another. The man can still use the woman's hips to guide and control the motions. Rear-entry positions are best for those in the mood for a wild romp rather than a tender moment.

18 - Futon -- This position requires a little experimentation, as you must try out various pieces of furniture to find one that is the right height. The woman should lay on the edge of the table and spread her legs wide. The man should kneel and enter her. He can use the table for support if needed. This positions leads itself easily to oral sex, as the woman is raised off the ground and the man can kneel before her. The man is in full control in this position.

19 - Upright -- This position is very similar to the Futon, yet the man remains standing as he enters the woman. She should raise her legs and rest either one or both on his shoulders as she lays back on the table.

20 - Split Level -- This position can be adapted many ways, all giving the partners a different view and angle of penetration. The woman should lie on her back and wrap her legs around her partner's waist while he kneels. The man can let the woman's legs drop and easily move into the missionary position, or he can raise them above his shoulders and achieve deep penetration. The guy is in total control.

21 -poons -- This position is good for slow lovemaking or middle of the night romps. Both partners should lie on their sides and the man should enter from behind. This position gets its name from the close fit of two bodies.

22 - Spread Eagle -- This is an excellent rear-entry position and works best when used after Doggy. The woman should lie face down with the man on top of her and spread her legs. He should use his hands to support himself or lie with his full weight on his partner. The woman should lift her butt slightly to allow deeper penetration.

23 - Urgent -- So you have the urge for a wild romp? This position is ideal for that sudden burst of energy as it requires only a loosening of the clothes. The woman should lean over the nearest piece of furniture and the man enters from behind. In this position, both partners have the opportunity to thrust against each other and have quick, and exciting sex.

24 - Scissors -- The woman should lie on her side and while the man kneels to the side of her. He should lift her uppermost leg and enter from behind.

25 - Desk Detail -- Your partner lies back in a chair, his legs spread comfortably, his feet on the floor. You straddle his lap with your back to him, your body inside his legs, your arms stretched in front of you so they reach the desktop, and your feet suspended in the air. He holds your hips tightly to his lap, thrusting in small circles while you keep your legs close together.

26 - Couch Potato -- Similar to the "Cowgirl," the woman sits on top of the man who is sitting on a couch, recliner or loveseat. She can get as acrobatic as she likes.

28 - Fireside -- The woman should sit comfortably in a chair with her legs spread and arms on the side of the chair. The man should kneel as he enters her. The woman can lean back, using the sides of the chair for support, to allow the man more thrusting room.

29 - Lap -- This position provides great intimacy for both partners as they can sit close to each other and kiss. The man should sit with the woman straddling his lap, facing him. When sitting on a sofa, the woman should support herself with her knees and gently move up and down. If you use a chair, the woman should place her feet on the floor and grab the back of the chair for support. This position can also be varied if the woman turns away from the man, allowing for deeper penetration.

30 - Pillows On The Counter -- The girl should lie down on a counter with one of the ends available for the guy to stand at; the counter should be near thrusting level for him. Place a few pillows under her waist or rear add a whole new dimension to this position, but even better than that is when the girl (if flexible enough) rests her ankles on her partner's shoulders so her legs are going straight up into the air. It's very stimulating for both!

31 - Rear-entry Standing -- This upright-rear entry, doggy-style position requires minimal undressing and is very convenient. The woman can support herself on a nearby chair or table while the man enters her from behind in a standing doggy position.

32 - The Stand -- While it is not easy to move in this position, it is best for when the urge grabs you unexpectedly. Both parties should stand, using the wall for support.

33 - Standing Carry -- In this position, the man should stand and hold his partner in his arms. The woman should wrap her legs around his wait and place her arms over his shoulders. This position works best if you start off sitting and can be very strenuous. The man can lower his partner onto a table or bed to relieve some of the stress and continue thrusting without much exertion.

34 - Wet and Wild -- This position takes place in the shower. The woman should lean against the shower wall as the water runs against her. The man approaches her, gently lifts her up against the wall, and she wraps her lags around him as he enters. 35 - Raw -- The women is bent over touching her tips of her toes while the man enters her. When the man starts to go deeper she parts her legs by the time the man has entered fully into the women her legs should be parted very widely.

35 - Side by Side -- This position works best with those similar in stature. The partners should lie side by side facing each other. The woman can wrap one leg around her partner to allow for deeper penetration and to hold him closer, creating even more intimacy. The woman should use her leg to bring her partner closer as he thrusts. This is often a prelude to rolling into position with either partner on top.

Sex postures recommended by the Indian Kamasutra books

37 --The Flag of Cupid Grasping the ankles of the round hipped woman, whose buttocks are like two ripe gourds, raise her beautiful thighs and spread the thigh-joints widely. Full of desire, saying sweet words, approach her with your body stiff as a pole and drive straight forward to pierce her lotus and join your limbs: experts call it "Madandhvaja"

38 - Aphrodite's Delight -- Catch hold of her two feet, raising them till they press upon her breasts and her legs form a rough circle. Clasp her neck and make love to her: this is "Ratisundara"

39 - Throat-high -- Lift the lady's feet until her soles lie perfectly parallel, one to each side of her slender throat, cup her breasts and enjoy her: this technique is "Uthkanta"

40 - Sky-foot -- Your lovely wife, lying on the bed, grasps her own feet and draws them up until they reach her hair; you catch her breasts and make love: this is "Vyomapada"

41 - The Monkey -- The round-thighed woman on the bed grasps her ankles and raises high her lotus feet; you strike her to the root, kissing and slapping open-palmed between her breasts: this is "Markata"

42 - Dear to Cupid -- She lies flat on her back, you sit between her parted knees, raise them, hook her feet over your thighs, catch hold of her breasts, and enjoy her: this is "Manmathpriya"

43 - Equal Feet -- When lovers, with legs stretched rigid and feet caressing feet, make love according to their hearts' desire, "tantra" scholars call it "Sampada" and agree it is a way to ecstasy.

44 - The Pestle -- Stiff as a pole in the bed's center, she lies making love, cooing and warbling like a woodpigeon, the jewel of her clitoris well-polished: this is "Mausala"

45 - The Rustic -- When she lies on her back with her two thighs pressed tightly together and you make love to her, keeping your thighs outside hers, it is "Gramya"

46 - The Love's Noose -- If, encircling and trapping her thighs with yours you grip so hard that she cries out in pain, it is "Ratipasha," a device most charming to the ladies.

47 - The Clinging Creeper -- Her limbs, entwined in yours like tendrils of fragrant jasmine creeper, draw taut and slowly relax in the gentle rhythm of lingam and yoni: this is "Lataveshta" 48 - The Bud -- She draws her limbs together, clasping her knees tightly to her breasts, her yoni, like an opening bud, offered up for pleasure: this is known as "Mukula"

49 - The Couch -- When she draws up her knees and you clamp yours about her raised thighs, trapping them in a tight knot while riding saddle upon her buttocks and kissing her, it is "Shankha" 50 - The Backstairs Boogie -- Kneel in front of your partner at the landing of a staircase, both of you facing the stairs, your bodies meshed tightly. While you reach up and hold on to each side of the staircase for support (or to the stairs themselves), he holds your hips and penetrates you from behind.

51 - G-Spot Jammer -- The woman lays on her side in an L shaped position. The man also lays on his side, his head towards her feet. He enters her, and she can stabilize herself by placing her feet on his shoulder or neck. You get great penetration, not to mention good G-Spot contact.

52 - The Bridge -- The woman needs to lean into and arch,(start off the ground or bend the back)she needs to be supple! The man then grasps the hips and enters her, this is a slow motion position don't go too fast!

53 - Float Your Boat -- This would take place in a whirl pool or the shallow end of a pool. The woman lies on her back and has to stay afloat while the man straddles her legs and penetrates.

53 - The Wheelbarrow -- The woman should rest her arms on a chair while the man lifts her legs and supports her while she wraps her legs around him. He should then proceed. This is very similar to the Upside-Down, yet involves the use of a chair.

54 - Crossing each other -- The woman lies flat on the bed, opening her legs to expose here intimates for penetration. To ease the penetration, she also can spread her cunt lips with the aid of her fingers. The man lies diagonally across the woman, he penetrates her vagina, and then rocks gently from side to side after penetration. After penetration, the woman can use her hands to control his movements and guide him. A similar position with the man laying and the women at the top will also work.

55 - Planning Assistant -- Both the partners are laying on their back, the female positioned over the male. The girl then arches up from the boy, so that both her butt area, her entire vulva and her vaginal opening get in a favourable angle for clitorial stimulation and deep penetration. In this position, the girl also can gradually move around so that she crosses the man in an angle to his position.

56 - Upside Down -- The woman lays on her back and allows the man to enter her. She then wraps her legs around him as he lifts her up. She should hold onto him with her legs. She puts her hands on the floor as if she is doing a hand stand. He then proceeds.

57 - Head to Toe -- The man should lie flat on his back with his legs spread and allow the woman to lower herself onto his penis, facing him. She then leans backwards, with her legs to his side and toes pointing towards his head. Both partners should be looking at the ceiling. In this position, the partners cannot see each other and must rely on their sense of touch. Neither partner has the ability to move much which focuses attention to the genitals.

58 - Cuissade -- The woman should lie on her back with her legs to her side at a 90 angle. With the man at her side, she should raise the leg nearest to him and allow him to enter from under her thigh, (the "cuisse" in French, thus the meaning behind the name). His nearest leg should cross her body. The woman can use her thigh to control the depth of penetration, making it more exciting or intimate. This position allows the couple to be close and hold each other and kiss if they so desire.

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Creams for women to maximize genital pleasure

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Provestra ( Estravil ) - herbal lust pills for women - These herbal pills stimulate a woman's mental excitement, good physical sensations and endurance. They also optimize intimate blood supply, engorgement in her vulva, lubrification and sexual reflexes.  They will then also improve her genital pleasure, orgasmic strength and fertility.

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ProExtender an instrument to make the penis larger and straighter - The Prextender device is a mechanic instrument to make the penis gradually longer and also somewhat thicker. Furthermore the device can correct certain kind of anatomical problems of the penis like bendings and twistings. It exerts its effect by gently pulling along the penis. The device stimulate the penis to grow more tissue, and that is the way it gets larger, and not merely by stretching out what is there already. The device is found in two size versions you can chose depending of how great your penis is already and how larger you aim it to be. This will be explained further when you click at the banner.

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ExtenZe - potency and male lust pills - Makes the erections bigger, harder, more durable and generally intensify the sexual feelings in your mind and body.

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Nexus Pheromones - fragrant for men to attract women - Perfume for men that arouses and attracts women,  using natural reactions mediated by pheromones. Get a fragrance that instantly awakens a woman's positive attention and improves your attraction power.

An exhibition of erotic fragrants for women and men - There are a lot of erotic perfumes on the market that will give an sexual attraction on other humans by the content of deepworking pheromones or by the mere sexual scent of the product, or both. This link leads to an exhibition of many of those products.

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Body hair removal and control or help to increase growth of head hair - for men and women

Stop Grow - topical hair remover for both sexes - Removes unwanted hair by hindering the growth of hair on areas where it is applied - for both men and women. Use it on areas where you want a hairfree skin. Removes hair permanantly without waxing - for both men and women.

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Toys and tools for sexual fun and sensual massage of the intimate zones

Here is a magificent source for all kinds of equipment for sex play and erotic massage - masturbation, hetero play, homo play, BDSM - All kinds of toys for your gentitals, your tits, your anal area and the rest of your body. Also Oils, lotions, balms and equipment for sensual body massage and sexual play.

Here is a great collection of erotic massage and play products. You will find toys, tools and instruments to explore and stimulate any point in your anus, your rectal entrance and your inner buttock area, from any angle and at any dezirable depth.

For men several of these tools can reach all points of the prostate region, for women areas near to the vaginal depth, and for both sexes areas under the bladder. Please go through these links to see the inventory.

The Erotica Store - to see all the equipment of sex toys, please go here

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is nutritional in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.