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Please see further down to read about the cultural and religious significans of the erect poenis, or phallos. You can also read about the working principles for erection boost oils

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To a great exhibition of sex drugs and intimate treatment products both for women for women and men - stimulating pills and genital creams, genital treatment instruments, sex toys

Learn here how to prevent and combat many common ailments in all organ systems. Also see how to cobat aging, improve fitness, get a beautiful body shape and good skin quality. Also learn about exciting sex techniques.

Erection and virility enhancers

Wellcome to this presentation of good and natural products to improve the penile erections and boost male virility. Please click on the banners or links to learn more or to buy.

The presented products fall in two broad catergories. The first categry comprizes products that stimulate a firm and good erection at once and stimulate the penis to stay erect from 1 hour to 3 hours, depending on the paroduct and the specific response of the user. These products are formed typically as topical oils and balms to be smeared at the penis head.

The products in the other cathegory takes some days or a couple of weeks to work. Once the effect is at hand, the man gets a higher erectile potency the whole day and night. The potentiating effect is seen by a greater ability to get erect, bigger erections, steadier erections and erections that last longer. These products are generally constructed as pills or capsules to be taken once a day.

Oils for men to maximize sexual pleasure and stimulate the erections

VigRX oil - for stronger erections - Oils to make erections larger, harder, longer lasting, and more sensual, and to lubricate the penis. 2-3 drops arenough for full effect.

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Maxoderm - to amplify your erections and orgasms - Cream for the penis to get larger erections, longer lasting erections and more ample orgasms.

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VigRX Dalay Spray - for good erections of long duration - This spray will delay the orgasms. You will therefore be able to have active sex as long as you want. During this time your feelings will grow to an intense level, and then you decide when an ample orgasm shall occur.

Please go here to find VigRXdelayspray - to give you control so that you get orgasms when you want and are maximally excited

Products to enlarge and improve the penis and to improve total potency

ProExtender device to make the penis bigger and more regularly shaped - Proextender is a mechanical instrument to make the penis gradually longer and also somewhat thicker. Furthermore the device can correct certain kind of anatomical problems of the penis like bendings and twistings. It exerts its effect by gently pulling along the penis. You set this practical device on your penis and use it some time eaqch day in a period. It can be folded up when on and used under the clothes when on.

The device pulls gently along the penis. Thereby small microscopic openings are made in the penis tissue that will be filled with new cells, such that the penis gets longer, to some degree thicker, and straighter during the time you use it. How much you can get the penis to grow depends on the length of the period you use it and on individual variations, but you can expect useful results after some weeks.

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Penis pumps and rings to make and maintain erections and for penis development and adjustment - Penis pumps togeather with a penis ring can be used to make and maintain an erection. By cautious use of a penis pump over some time, you can adjust the shape of your penis and reduce bendings and twists and, you may also make your penis larger.

Penis pumps to make erections and to improve penile anatomy

Penis rings to maintain erections

Pills and patches to make the penis capable of erecting itself larger

VigRxPlus pills to get larger erected penis - Pills to make the male sexual organ longer, thicker, more robust and more stable in its erected state.  The pills also generally vigorize the male sexual feelings, endurance and  orgasms.

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ProSolution Plus - Penis effectivizer Pills - These pills let you get quicker emerging erections, harder erections and longer lasting erection. They help you to avoid too early ejaculation They also enhance the sexual appetite. These effects are achiebed by making the body able to produce hormones and signal substances more effetcively and at the right time.

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Proenhance - Patches to make your penis more effective - To be fixed onto the skin near the penis. They give you greater ability to achieve erections and the erections will be larger and more durable. The patches have the same effect at the penis and genital area as the enhancement pills, but do not influence other body regions directly. They are the solution for men that only want a genitally focused effect or that allready take other supplements to stimulate the body as a whole.

Please click here to learn more or order - ProEnhance patches to amplify erections and genital feelings

Pills for men to increase pleasure and virility

Natural testosterone secretion increaser to amplify the intensity of masculine sex functions - If you have a poor testosterone secretion you can get weak erections, feel less energy for sex and other physical activities, have low sexual appetite, get low mental mood, and tend to loose muscle mass. Especially men over 45 tend to have such problems due to low testosterone levels. These pills will stimulate more sex hormones to be produced. They will give greater sexual and physical vigor, and may help for the mentioned problems when these are due to poor testosterone levels in the body.

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Windmill aphrodisiac tablets - Pills to improve virility and libido in men and women, based on horny goat weed, MACA, oat extract and cordyceps

Windmill Horny Goat Weed with Pure MACA Tablets - 60 ea

Windmill Horny Goat Weed with Pure MACA Tablets - 60 ea

Dietary Supplement Nature's Aphrodisiac Maximum Potency Sustained Release Formula Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium Sagittatum) Standardized 10% Icariin Compund With MACA, Oat Extract & Cordyceps Helps Boost Libido* Supports Sexual Function* One of the principal active ingredients in Horny Goat Weed is "icariin". Incariin works by relaxing smooth muscle tissue and horny goat weed plant contains properties associated with aphrodisiacs. Maca, a component of Horny Goat Weed has been traditionally used effectively and naturally by men and women to help increase libido and support hormonal balance and immune function.

ExtenZe - potency and male lust pills - Makes the erections bigger, harder, more durable and generally intensify the sexual feelings in your mind and body.

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Pills to improve semen production, orgasms and genital functions

Semenax and volume pills - for better orgasms, better semen production and improved male physiology - Give you stronger and longer orgasms. Optimize semen production and quality, genital functions, sexual reflexes, intimate feelings and fertility. Please look at these two good products for these purposes and chose that which fits best your needs.

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More products to optimize sex life and health

Equipment for sex fun, condoms, lubricants and erotic massage products - Through these links you can find all kind of equipment for sexual stimulation, for erotic massage and protection during sex. You can find: Condoms, dildos and vibrators, lubricants, massage lotions, perfumes, penis pumps, sexy underwear, toys for sexual roleplay, sex DVDs and magazines and much more.

The Erotica Store - to see all the equipment of sex toys, please go here

Feel and look younger, reverce aging - These product stimulate rejuvenation of body appearance, mental functions and sexual capacity. A key working principle is a stronger production of growth hormon. The products are formulated to give general effects or effects on specific areas.

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Provacyl pills to restore sexual, mental and bodily capacity for men from the middle ages and up - click here to buy

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A great pharmacy of products to improve sexual life and to combat aging changes - By clicking at the banner below, you will also find more products to enhance sexual life than those presented here. There are traction instruments, pills and patches for penis improvement, penis enlargement and to get bigger and more effective erections. You find tablets for better sexual performance, increased sexual pleasure, higher fertility and boosted ecstacy. There are perfumes to arouse and attract sex partners. There are systems for permanent hair removal and natural remedies to stimulate stronger heir growth.

The site has several great products to combat chronic problems and aging changes in the skin, blood circulation, joints, digestion and generally working anti-aging drugs. There are also effective products to help slimming and to develop or revitalize your muscles.

Products for men and women to increase potency and sexual satisfaction. Anti-aging medicines. - please click here

More products to help for specific health problems - digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, rheumatic, nervous, hemorrhoids, thyroid, poor memory, fatigue, edema and more

Cultural end Religious Significance of the Erect Penis

In old societies of Europa and Middle East, in the societies of tribal people in all ages and in many eastern societies, erections and erectile power have allways been of an important cultural and religious sigificance.

The erect penis, or phallos, has been worhsiped as a powerful device given by the gods. The gods themselves have been depicted with great erect penises and this attribute has been seen as a tool for the power of creation that the gods possess.

Models of phalloses in the form of statues or paintings have been worshipped. Sometimes the models themselves has been thought of having crative power. The power have sometimes been thought to come from a god that has loaded the statue or picture with creative power. Sometimes the shape of the pahllos figure has been attributed to the ability to attract the power of nature. In both cases the figure has been thought of having the ability to transmit that power further down to the woreshippers, or that the worshippers can make the phallitic figure emanate the power for some wanted purpose.

But equally often the depictions used during worship has rather been a symbol of the fallos of some god or a symbol of the god himself. Often a statue or a painting of the god himself with a great phallos has been the object of woreship.

However, peoples thoughts in ancient times are not necessarily more religious or of more magical kind than peoples thinking today. Therefore these phallic statues may also have been regarded as object of psychological concentration and mediataion to wake up and vigorize natural biological and pshychological power in the men that used them as object for concentration. Used this way, the figures were mental icons that men could use beforehand to be more focused at difficult tasks thay had to fulfill, like going to fight as soldiers in a battle against other tribes.

The falloses caould also be figures for both men and women to look at for sexual pleasure and arousal. They could also be regarded as pure artworks, like modern statues.

Still another possible meaning of those phalloses could be that they was meant as as ymbol of the tribe or nation. By using a big and powerful fallos as a symbol, the tribe attempted to give other tribes an impression of own power and kill. When the fallic statues were exeptional great and skillfully made, this impression was of cource also to some extend a thrue picture of the ability of the tribe.

And lastly, the phalloses could serve as landmarks and as border marks.

In other words, everything people did in ancient times apart from the daily work to get food and shelter was not necessarily of religious or magic acts. People of ancient times was probably not very different from modern people in basic thinking and acting.

However, ancient statues or objects looking like an erect penis might not allways have been ment that way. They could have another mening, either religious, philosofical or practical that it is difficult to understand nowadays.

Men with great phalloses have thought of having great power of all kind, including magic power and have been admired for that attributede power. This admiration continues in the European and American societies even today.

The admiration of men or gods with great phalloses is tightly connected to the admiration of power, but have little to do with sexual attraction.

Vitality of erection and to some extent the size of erection will often be regarded as sexually attractive, but not those immence sizes that are admired in a religious or power cult.

The sexual attractiveness of an erect penis of a ceratin size originates by three ways. Firstly a penis that is able to erect to a great ratio compared with the penis in an inerect state, will often give stronger sexual feelings, since the tissues where the nerve endings reside will be stretched larger. This kind of attractiveness has more to do with the ability to grow during erection than the mass or size of penile tissue.

Secondly an erect penis of a give size will give the woman or gay partner more physical stimulation that a penis of another given size. If it is smaller, the stimulation will be too little. If it is bigger, the stimulation may not be so good anymore. What the optimal given size is will however vary from partner to partner and accordning to the method of sexual stimulation.

Thirdly a penis of a give size is beautiful and sexually arousing, This hold both for the flaccid penis and the erect penis. But again will the optimal size vary from person to person and it is important that the size have a right proportion to the size and shape of the rest of the body of the man.

Sexual attractiveness is also linked to all faces of the erection process - the penis and perineum that gradually engorge, the penis gradually rising, the full erection lasting during all the dynamic faces of the sexual act, the partially erect and still very senible penis after the orgasm and the ability of the penis to rise to a new erection and a new climax.

How do erection oils work?

Modern transdermal erection optimizer oils have ingredients that instantly penetrate through the skin into the penile tissue and stimulate the sensual bodies at the nerve endings. They also are distributed further into the capillaries and arterioles (small blood vessels) of the genitals and are carried to the whole genital region. Thereby they will give stimulation to the whole sexual organ and the intimate area of the user. The ingredients are naturally occuring substances mostly extracted from botanical sources. In the product VigRX Oil™, this principle is called the German Transdermal Delivery system.

Such a transdermal delivery principle is used for many common drugs nowadays and is a well proven pharmacological principle.

When applying the erection oil, the foreskin is first retracted if the penis is uncircumcised. Then a couple of drops are placed on the penile head and smeared out on the whole penile head. The foreskin is then pulled back again. When your penis have reacted with a full erection, you can dress your penis with a condome if such a device have to be used. The erection oil will give an instant effect that will last during the next 1.5 - 3 hours.

Although commonly referred to as oils, many of these products are water-based. If you are going to be using your “oil” with condoms, make sure the formula you select is water based as oil based formulas reduce the effectiveness of latex. If you are unsure which products are safe with condoms, we suggest you try VigRX Oil™.

The bulk ingredients of the oil is water, but with emulgated fatty constituents. The fatty ingredients are distributed throughout the water base as very small stable drops. In the water there are active ingredients solluted. Ingredients that are fat-solluble are dissolved into the fatty drops. Because of this physical composition, the oil will not be greasy. Exactly so much fatty components will stick to the penile skin to make it saturated with these fatty components, and therefore get a smooth and silky surface. But there will not be so much of them that they over-flow, and make the genitals greasy. The ingredients are also of a kind that do not dissolve condomes.

Optimal quality oils in this category should produce greater penile firmness, an increase in the engorgement in the penis, a greater engorgement in the whole area between the man's legs, a longer-lasting erection, and a far reduced occurrence of premature ejaculation.

In which ways do erection oils work differently from an oral tablet to increase male reactions? Enhancement oils are designed to penetrate the deepest layers of the penile tissue and testicles instantaneously, and give distinct results within 30 - 90 seconds. Because the deliverance is direct from the genital surfaces when using the transdermal method, 95% of the beneficial ingredients are absorbed, compared to approxymately 5 to 10% with an herbal capsule or tablet. The other benefit: it lets you be ready for anything! The here and now nature of this product means you can use it right when you need it with nothing else to remember or take.

The ingredients vary widely by manufacturer, but may include variety of natural herbal remedies, vitamins, amino acids and flavoring. One of the main ingredients in assisting with the sexual boost is L-Argynine, an amino acid which converts to nitric oxide, a fundamental building block to the cycle of orgasm in men. Two other good indicators of quality are the method of manufacture and the longevity of the maker, that is, how long they've been in business. The VigRX oil has the following ingredients: Purified Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Olive Squalene, Apricot Kernel Oil, L-Arginine HCI, Biosomes A&E Complex, Vitamin C, Extracts of Korean Red Ginseng, Hawthorne Berry, Ginkgo Biloba, Muira Pauma, Catuaba Bark, Cuscuta Seed and More in a formula that has been proven to deliver these amazing clinical results:

Since oils are one of the easiest and most fun products to test, the best way to learn about them is just by trying them. For all-around effectiveness and quality control, we like VigRX Oil™, made by the same company as the most popular male oral supplement available, VigRX pills. The criteria for a good oil are all met by VigRX Oil™, and the company offers a full money back guarantee that we’ve tested and verified. This product is among those high quality water-based oils. Some of the effecting substances are dissolved in the water. There are also tiny stabilized oil drops suspended in the water, and some of the working ingredients are also dissolved in this oil. The oily component is in itself a working substance, containing for example the oily natural hydocarbone Squalan that has a very well-doing and highly lubricating effect on the skin.

Erection oils also work by enhancing the smoothness of the penile head. If the penile head is to dry or sticky, the movement in and out of the vagina will be hindered, and the resulting friction will produce unpleasant feelings that have a tendency to bring down the erection. The smoothness is enhanced by the oily component of the erection oil. A key ingredient of this oily component is squalane, a natural an extremely noble oily substance that lays itself as a very thin film upon the penile head and makes the penile head smoother.

The enhanced smoothness is also pleasant for the sex partner. Also the partner get a more pleasant experience by the movements of the penis in and out. The partner avoids unpleasant friction and will therefore get more aroused. A more aroused partner will produce more lubricating fluid and this effect will also contribute to a more smooth experience.

Sometimes one have to use condomes by intercource. Many modern erection oils can be applied to the penile head before applying the condome, and the oil will not dissolve the condome during use. These oils are those water-based with emulsified oily susbstances like squalane. Erection oils of other compositions, for example those entirely based on oil as a solvent can dissolve the fabric of the condome and make it rupture during use. Such oils may be good to use without a condome, but should not be used under a condome.