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Advices against premature ejaculation and erection problems. Products to treat too early ejaculation and to improve masculine functions

How to avoid premature ejaculation and other factors that stop the sex act too soon

Sex ending too soon is a common male problem. This can happen sveral ways. The man can ejaculate and get an orgasm prematurely. The excitement and erection then cease.

Sometimes the arousal and feeling of energy simply ceases and the erection goes down.

A third thing that can happen is excessive and unpleasant feelings in the penis that kill the erection and also stops the lust to proceed.

Why does a man ejaculate too soon or gets feelings that makes it unpleasant to proceed.

Some men just have more sensitive sensation in the skin of the penile head than other and some men have quicker reactions in the nerves leading to the muscular structures around the inner sexual organs, that make the orgasm and ejaculation come more easily.

Lack of the neurotransmitter serotonine in the brain may cause premature ajaculation. Serotonine modulate the erectile response so that it is delayed until the proper time. Such lack often causes depresseion and premature ejaculation can be a symptom of depression.

If a man is anxious for intimacy or fears of not being able to maintain a steady erection, a psychological defence mechanism can vause him to ajaculate prematurely. Then he has a good excuse for not being erect any longer and he avoids a prolonged intimate situatiuon that he fears.

Often a man ejculate prematurely because he or his woman are stressing and speeding up the act too soon. At too speedey and intense action by the women van also feel unpleasantly for the man and cause the erection to go down.

Unpleasant sensation that cause an end to the action can be caused by too much friction against the penis acting inside the vagina due to lack of lubricant fluid.

Sometimes the woman wants do do the act in a way that feels very good for her but give unpleasant sensation in the man's penis. Soem women tend to adjust the position during the act so that the penis presses up against the clitoris, but this will typically bend and stretch the penis very unpleasantly.

Some advices to stop unpleasant feelings or a too soon ejaculation

Avoid doing sex in a stressful way. Begin by gently caressing, kissing and fingering each other and build up your sensations. Then you enter your lover with your penis. Also after penetrating your lover, proceed in a slow and gentle way and build up the speed and intensity of your actions gradually.

If you feel you are going to climax before you want to, it will often help to slow down the action and let the feelings and reactioons settle before going on more intensily again.

A premature ejaculation can often be stopped by tensing the muscles you have along and around your urethra and your prostate area.

If the man signals to the woman that he is about to climax before due time, the woman can help to stop it by calming down her own actions. SHe can also stop the ejaculation by gripping around the penis firmly just under the penile head whith her tumb at the upper side of the penis and the pointer finger and ring finger at the under-side.

Another trick the women can use is to press with all her fingers down towards the man's urethra between his scrotum and prostate area. When doing so she can feel the beginning pumping action and she presses so firmly that the pumping action and any flow of semen stops.

Masturbating a couple of hours before sex with the partner can bring down the excitement to a level that makes it possible to keep on a long time before climax. This techique works best for younger men, while it can be difficult for elder men to get a satisfactory erection so soon after masturbation.

Sensations and reactions that causes the erection to go down or a premature ejaulation can be avoided by using lubricants that decrease the friction. Using a condome can also shield the penis from excessive friction.

On the market you can also find special creams to be applied to the penis head and formulated to decrease sensations that can lead to a too early ejaculation or unpleasant sensation due to hypersensivity.You can also frind condomes with such creams at the inside.

Some of these producst are based on standd pharmaceutical analgesic as the working ngredient, others are based on herbal extracts. These topical remedies sometimes also contain ingredientsthat to stimulate the erection. Some men encounter however irritation or allergic reaction if they use these products too often.

If the unpleasant sensations are caused by hair around the vaginal opening, adjusting the hair to a shorter length can help.

The women should learn what types of pelvic postures and movement during intercource that give good sensations for the man and what types are not felt well.

It is necessary that both partners cooperate and talk together about doing sex the best way and about adjustments that can help both partner to have a more satisfactory sex ecperience.

Antidepreesive medication that increases the serotonine level in the brain may help against premature ejaculation, when taken some hours before intercource. These types of medicines should probably only be used when the sexual problems is one of more symptoms of a depression, because anti-depressant often caue unpleasant side effects.

Some practical tips to bring up and maintain good erections

Erection occurs as a consequence of good stimulation of physical, psychological or chemical nature. On the other hand, pain or other bad stimulation can bring the erection down again. Bringing up and maintaining erections requires getting enough stimulation of the good type, and proceeding the stimulation for a longer time. It is also necessary to avoid stimulation of the bad type. In the following are some practical tips of how to get strong long lasting erections.

Using an erection oil at your penis will give you a topical chemical stimulation of your senses and your genital mechanisms that both helps bring up and maintain your erections. The oil will also lubricate your penis head so that unpleasant stimultion from excessive friction is hindered.

Use of erotically stimulating herbal pills will give you an erection promoting internal stimulation that lasts the wole day.

Both men and women can stimulate themselves and the partner by using some erotic perfume, or scent. The right kind of stimulation to the smell sense, can give a strong stimulation for the erection response.

To take time for a foreplay with your partner where you look at each other, caress each other, kiss each other, sense each other's bodily scents and feel on each other will give you an important mental and physical stimulation that will help bringing up and maintain erections. If you want to have a good time only masturbating yourself, then take a similar foreplay with yourself.

During the foreplay, you should take the time to massage oeach other's genitals or intimate zones with an erction an oil, lubricating oil or some other stimulating ointment.

During the foreplay, you can also gently massage your intimate zones or gently masturbate yourselfe, or let your partner do it to bring up your erections, but you must avoid the temptation to bring yourslf to a too early orgasm.

The temperature in the room where you have sex can kill your erections or stimulate them. The best is a temperature that is felt pleasantly warm. Warming up certain body parts, as for example the feet and legs can be very beneficial for the erections. On the other hand,unpleasant feeling of cold feet is a very effective erection killer.

Using erotic pictures or films will give a good mental stimulation. The material you look at should however be of such a kind that it gives you practical ideas of exciting things you can do yourself. Visual material that shows things done that are out of practical reach for yourself, are of little value. Also material that you find disgusting should be avoided, however, what one person finds disgusting, another person or couple may finds very erotic and stimulating, and what you think is disgusting in the first place, may show itself to be very stimulating. Therefore you should allow yourself to experiment with differen kinds of pictures and movies.

A penis pump can be used to help bring up erections , and penis rings can be used to help maintain long erections. These tools work partly by pumping blood into the penis and by hindering so much blood from going out or the penis. However, the best use of a penis pump is probably to exercise the mechanisms of the penis and making these more efficient. The use of the pump should however be cautious to hinder hurting the erectile chambers, and penis rings should not be weared too long.

Some condomes have extra knots or stuctures that excert a pressure at stratgic points and thereby help to stimulate erections.

You should not be hungry or thirsty when you want to have great erections. Hunger gives unpleasant feelings in your body that takes away the attention from sex and brings down erections. Also when the body is depleted for energy, the ercetions mechanism does not work so well.

Certain spices have tastes and scents that stimulate erotic thoughts and erectioms, for example cinnmon, curry and cardemom. The flavour of these spices are sensed long after being consumed. You should eat a dish or some snacks strongly spiced with these or other erotic spices.

Coffee and tea are strongly stimulating to the central nervous system and helps blood circulation. This stimulation also helps the erection process. Some coffee types also have a very erotic scent, for example the Indian cofee Malabar.

Use of excessive alcholhol is very bad for the erection process. However, one drink may help you to relax and bring away disturbing worries. Therefore a little drink can help some men getting a better erection. This effect is however not a stimulating effect of the erection itself, but a dampening effect of emotional disturbances that can imapair erection.

You should urinate before you have sex. An urge to urinate will take away the attention towards the sexual act and feelings. However, take the time to relax when you urinate, and have your attention towards the feelings sin you intimate zones when you are urinating. Urination is an act that gives a rich mixture of sexual feelings if you just relax and direct your attention towards the things going on in your intimiate zones when doing this act. In this way the urination becomes a part of the foreplay and a sexual act that makes you excited.

Products to help against too early ejaculation - premature ejaculation

There are many good products on the market formulated to help a man delay ejaculation until the moment he wants to ejaculate himself and also take away bad feelings and help to maintain erections. They work by several principles. They will often contain substances that alleviate certain sensual stimuli and feelings in the skin that either lead to a premature ejaculation or cessation of the erections, while not taking away the pleasant feelings. Thay can also contain substances that stimulate the erectile responce and good feelings and therefore help to maintain a good erection. They also typically contain substances that mak it more easily for the penis to glide smooth inside the partner.

Some of the products are drugs in the form of salves or sprays with only this purpose. Others are lubricators with an added ejaculation delaying effect, others are condomes which contain medication to dalay ejaculation in the inner wall. Here are shown three good products in these categories. Through these links you can also find other products to dalay ejaculation.

VigRX Delay Spray - to hinder a too early orgasm and give you ample time to tease up intense feelings - This spray will delay the orgasms. You will therefore be able to have active sex as long as you want. During this time your feelings will grow to an intense level, and then you decide when an ample orgasm shall occur.

Prosolution Plus - to stop premature ejaculation and enhance erectile potency - These pills will hinder you to get into a too early and dull climax. You will be able to controle your reactions so that you get the the orgasms when you choose it yourself and are fully excited so that you get a full climax. They also make it easier to get a full erection and hold that erection and they enhance the overall male sexual physiology. Thereby the satisfaction of bothe the man and his partner is greatly enhanced. The effect of these pills are also clinically tested and proven

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Trojan extended pleasure condomes - to hinder premature ejaculation - These condoms have a lubricant at the inside that helps to decrease excessive feelings and stimulations so that premature ejaculation is hindered,

Please click here - Trojan Extended Pleasure Condomes

Shunga Sensations Balm - to avoid premature ejaucaltion - A balm to decrease unpleasant sensations and stimuli that can cause the erection to cease or start a premature ejaculation.

Please click here - Shunga Sensations Balm

Many more products to optimize male sexual life

Maxoderm - for large erections and great orgasms - By smearing this cream on your penis you enlarge your erections, prolong the erections and intensify your orgasmic response and orgasmic feelings.

Penis pumps and rings to make and maintain erections and for penis development and adjustment - Penis pumps togeather with a penis ring can be used to make and maintain an erection. By cautious use of a penis pump over some time, you can adjust the shape of your penis and reduce bendings and twists and, you may also make your penis larger.

Penis pumps to make erections and to improve penile anatomy

Penis rings to maintain erections

ProExtender device to make the penis bigger and more regularly shaped - Proextender is a mechanical instrument to make the penis gradually longer and also somewhat thicker. Furthermore the device can correct certain kind of anatomical problems of the penis like bendings and twistings. The device is gently pulling along the penis, which both directly reshapes the penis mechanically, and also stimulate new cells to be produced so that the amount of penile tissue increases. You set this practical device on your penis and use it some time eaqch day in a period. It can be folded up and used under the clothes when on.

MagnaRx - pills to make you erect bigger and more rigid, and endure alonger time - By using these pills your penis will inflate itself bigger and more rigid, and it will hold that large sturdy state a much longer time, and you will otherwise have the energy to be active in bed the time you wish.

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VigRxPlus pills to get larger erected penis - Pills to make the male sexual organ longer, thicker, more robust and more stable in its erected state.  The pills also generally vigorize the male sexual feelings, endurance and  orgasms.

Proenhance - Patches to make your penis more effective - To be fixed onto the skin near the penis. They give you greater ability to achieve erections and the erections will be larger and more durable. The patches have the same effect at the penis and genital area as the enhancement pills, but do not influence other body regions directly. They are the solution for men that only want a genitally focused effect or that allready take other supplements to stimulate the body as a whole.

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TestRX - Pills to give you stronger testosterone production - If you have a poor testosterone secretion you can get weak erections, feel less energy for sex and other physical activities, have low sexual appetite, get low mental mood, and tend to loose muscle mass. Especially men over 45 tend to have such problems due to low testosterone levels. These pills will stimulate more sex hormones to be produced. They will give greater sexual and physical vigor, and may help for the mentioned problems when these are due to poor testosterone levels in the body.

Natural drugs to make you produce more testosterone

Nutrex Research T-Up Testosterone Booster, Capsules - 120 ea

Nutrex Research T-Up Testosterone Booster, Capsules - 120 ea

Dietary Supplement Mega Testosterone Booster* Clinically Dosed* Participants in a Clinical Study had a 42% Testosterone Increase in Only 12 Days* Scientifically Proven to Raise Testosterone in Healthy Males* Provides the Exact Clinical Dose to Match These Results* Supports Muscle Gains, Strength & Recovery* Full 30 Day Supply T-UP Mega Testosterone Booster is raising the bar in natural testosterone elevation by bringing you scientifically researched D-Aspartic Acid in a clinical amount. Unlike many products that claim to increase natural testosterone, our effects are real and supported by a clinical study 1 . 1-888-3NUTREX Made in USA 1 Topo et al., 2009, Reprod. Biol. Endocrine. 200, 7:120. Study lasted 12 days and showed an average increase of 42% in total testosterone levels.

Novex Biotech TestroVax Tablets - 60 ea

Novex Biotech TestroVax Tablets - 60 ea

TestroVax: Formulated with a clinically validated compound to increase the natural production of testosterone and raise mean serum testosterone levels by 42.1%. in just 12 days!* A group of 43 men were divided into two groups: 1) the functional compound in TestroVax group and 2) an indistinguishable placebo group. All subjects consumed their test product every morning at breakfast for 12 consecutive days, and blood samples were taken before use, after and 6 and 12 days of use, and 3 days after stopping use. All blood samples were drawn between 9:30-10:30 a.m., a time of day when serum oscillations of testosterone are at their minimum. Results showed that serum testosterone levels in the experimental group were significantly increased compared to those of placebo group over the course of the study, wherein the key compound in testosterone led to 42.1% increase in testosterone after 12 days of use.

Semenax and volume pills - for better orgasms, better semen production and improved male physiology - Give you stronger and longer orgasms. Optimize semen production and quality, genital functions, sexual reflexes, intimate feelings and fertility. Please look at these two good products for these purposes and chose that which fits best your needs.

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Nexus Pheromones - fragrant for men to attract women - Perfume for men that arouses and attracts women,  using natural reactions mediated by pheromones. Get a fragrance that instantly awakens a woman's positive attention and improves your attraction power.

Feel and look younger, reverce aging - A better growth hormone production will help regain skin thickness, muscle intactness, a jouvenile muscle/fat-ratio and other properties of youth. These products makes your body produce more growth hormone to the right time.

Two generally working growth hormone production increaser for men and women:

This product will especially help to restore and build muscle mass:

This drug is formulated to restore the body and mental capabilities of men from the middle ages and older:

Equipment for sex fun, condoms, lubricants and erotic massage products - Through this link you can find all kind of equipment for sexual stimulation, for erotic massage and protection during sex. You can find: Condoms, dildos and vibrators, lubricants, massage lotions, perfumes, penis pumps, sexy underwear, toys for sexual roleplay, sex DVDs and magazines and much more.

The Erotica Store - to see all the equipment of sex toys, please go here

More products to optimize sexual life of women and men

More products to help for specific health problems - digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, rheumatic, nervous, hemorrhoids, thyroid, poor memory, fatigue, edema and more