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Products to optimize female sexuality

Welcome to this online store with a collection of products to optimize the sexual drive, pleasure and functions of women and to enhance the orgasmic power. Further down on this page you will also find an article about the clitoris, the g-spot and about female orgasm, and some information why some women lack orgasm and how to remedy lack of orgasm.

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About the clitoris, G-spot, female engorgement, female reflexes and orgasm

The clitoris, situated between the upper part of the great lips of the vulva, is the best known pleasure point in the female body. In the development of the fetus, the clitoris is made from the same tissue as a man's penis, and it has the same nerval support as the penis.

The shape and size of the clitoris vary much. It can be just a little knot, or it can nearly look like a little penis. The clitoris has the ability to swell just like a mans penis.

The clitoris also has a foreskin like the penis, but the clitoreal foreskin is not wrapped around the clitoris in the same way as the foreskin of the penis. It is more like a hood with flaps reaching downward at each side. The flaps can be so long that it looks like the women has a third pair of genital lips.

However, the clitoris is only a part of a greater structure that extends backwards and downwards to the upper wall of the vagina. The part of this structure that is neares to the vaginal wall, is called the G-spot, G-zone or G-point. The urethra also penetrates the G-zone.The clitoris is actually the visible part, and the G-zone the hiden part of the same structure, that could be named the G-area.

This continous area has a mesh of blood vessels that can swell, and the zone has a rich innervation. The inner part of the area (the G-spot) can be reached from inside the vagina by stimulating against the upper part of the vaginal wall.

The clitoris also has roots extending downwards at both sides along the inner sides of the pelvic bones, the crura of clitoris. Also these bodies have the ability to swell. Other important areas with the ability to swell, are those at both sides of the urethra and vagina, just inside and under the great genital lips.

The engorgement is effected by blood filling swampy bodies and swampy areas in the female genitals. These areas are actually the same as the erectile bodies in a man, even though they have a different shape.

Blood are filled into the swampy areas when blood vessels furnishing these with blood relax and open fully up, and when vessels in the bodies themselves fully relaxes and vessels leading from the bodies constrict.

These action of the blood vessels is regulated by nervous signals from the the brain and the spinal cord, and by local hormons in the genitals. But these nervous and hormonal signals occur when the genitals are stimulated physically or chemically.

There is actually a reflex mechanism. Stimulation at the genitals trigger signals sent to the central nervous system, and these trigger signals sent back. These signals sent back increase engorgement and all the processes in the genitals and at last trigger orgasm.

According to a traditional view, female orgasms are of two kinds- clitorial orgasm and vaginal orgasm. According to another traditional view, there is no such thing as a vaginal orgasm, only clitorial ones. However, considering that the G-zone is a reality and that the clitoris and G-zone constitutes a greater body, there are probably three kinds of orgasms.

1 - Orgasm induced by clitorial stimulation and involving feelings reaching from the clitoris some way towards the G-sone

2 - Orgasm induced by stimulation through the vagina against the G-zone and involving feelings reaching forward towards the clitoris.

3 - A full orgasm induced by stimulation of the clitoris and the whole g-zone simultanously, and involving the whole clitoris - G-zone body.

A maximal orgasm is dependent of enough engorgement in the whole of the female genitals. Therefore stimulation that enhances the total engorgement also promotes a total orgasm with all the reflexes and sensorial areas active.

Reasons for lacking orgasm by women and ways to remend that lack

One simple reason for lack of orgasm by a woman is simply that her partner or herslef do not stimulate the right points enough. The most important points to stimulate is either the clitoris or the g-spot.

By ordinary intercource, the g-spot is stimulated by pressure waves from the vagina forewards/upwads through the vaginal wall. The clitoris is stimulated by presse waves going through the tissue of the vulva and reach the clitoris from the inner side.

The clitoris is also stimulated by the bliding of the clitoris towards her great lips or opening and lcosing of her lips around the clitoris caused by the movement of the genital tissue during intercource.

The clitoris is further stinulated by the man's pubic area pressing gently down towards the clitoris

Lack of orgasm can be caused of too small and shallow movements during intercource so that the pressure vawes and the movement of tisue do not occur in a sufficiant degree.

An orgasm can be more esily achieved if the man excert deeper and longer movements at each push so that each push causes more movements in the tissue of the vulva. It may especially help if the man let his pubic area press thight down to the woman's vulva each time he pushes down. A higher frequency during the intercource can also help. The way of movement should not be done machanically but be guided by the reactions of the woman.

It will also help if the man takes time to let the woman come to the peak of feelings and reactions that inevitably start the orgasm. That weans that he delays his own orgasm with cautious but caressing actions until he feels that his woman is highly aroused and then he works stronger so that she plunges into orgasm, ideally at the same time that the man also gets his orgasm. By this kind of cooperation, the woman often will get the orgasm before the man. It is then impportant that the woman lets the man also fullfill his own orgasm before he withrdraws his penis.

It is important for the orgasm that not only the man moves with the woman just laying still and rescieve. Orgasm is most easily achieved if the woman herself also pushes in a direction opposite the the pushes of her man and let her feelings guide her in her actions. To engage all her muscles in her lower body, is also important. Tensing the muscles in her tighs at each push can for example be of conciderable value to reach the peak that goes automatically further to orgasm.

Lack of orgasm by the woman can also be related to the man's penis not being erected big enough, so that it do not manage to induce sifficient pressure vawes or vulvar tissue movements. This can sometimes be rmended by a longer period of foreplay that maximizes the arousal of the man. The women herself cn help to make her man maximally aroused by enough caresses at all parts of his body. Erection creams to apply on his penis or pills to stimulate his arousal and erections and sizes of erections by an inner action may be of help.

To achieve orgasm is highly dependet of the woman being sufficiently aroused herself. If the woman is not suffisciently aroused, she wil not arrive at the peak of feelings that is necessary to orgasm. A long and caressing foreplay with a gradual building up to more intensive actions can be of help. Herbal creams to stimulate her in her vulva or herbal pils to stimulate her from the inside can also be of help to achieve that level of general excitement that she needs to get her orgasm. The application of the cream can also be made to a component in the foreplay.

If a woman has not achieved the orgasm through the intercource in spite of the measures listed here, she can finally stimulate herself directly at her clitoris with her fingers after the intercource or her husband can do so. If the man has had his orgasm and his penis has become more flaccid again he can do a trick that often helps. He can pull out his penis, then place his penis between the lips of her woman with the penis head pointing in the direction downwards and continue the intercource with his penis laying flaccidly between her lips. This way the penis will move directly against the clitoris and the woman will this way often easily achieve orgasm. The woman must however take care to be cautious, because a too brutal action when the penis is positioned this way can be unpleasant to her man.

During all the actions with the purpose of achiebving the maximal pleasure and an orgasm of optimum quality it is important that the woman herself lets her feelings guide her in her actions and also communicate her feelings and wishes to her man. The man must continually listen to and sense the reactions of her woman and intensify those actions that he can observe increase her excitement. But the woman must not demand movements or actions from her man that are unpleasant to him. Both partners must take care of each other feelings and well-being and sometimes meet in the middle.

Faces of female orgasm

1 - The first face of the orgasmic responce are stromg physical feelings in the genitals due to genital stimulation coupled with an equally strong psychological or mental arousal. These feelings will remain throughout the whole orgasmic responce, and will go to a peak as the orgasm culminates.

2 - Soon there will be erection of the clitoris and moistening of the vaginal opening. Some women exhibit a sex flush, a reddening of the skin over much of the body due to increased blood flow to the skin.

3 - As a woman is approaching orgasm, the clitoral glans contracts itself inward under the clitoral hood, and the labia minora (inner lips) become darker.

4 - As orgasm becomes imminent, the outer third of the vagina tightens and narrows, due to engorgement of the tissue in the vaginal walls. At the same time the deeper parts of the vagina lengthens and delates itself.

5 - The uterus then experiences muscular contractions.

6 - At the time of the orgasmic peak, the woman's uterus, vagina, anus, and pelvic muscles undergo a series of rhythmic contractions. Most women find these contractions very pleasurable, but some sexually active women do not. It is possible to objectively recognise orgasms just by the specific frequencies of these contractions.

7 - During orgasm several glands in the female sexual organ will empty their content. The paraurethral glands that are situated at both sides of the urethra empty the most of this fuid. These glands are developet from the same tissue as the man's prostata and they produce a slime that have the same composition as the prostate secretes. This secretion of fluids can be so strong that it constitutes an ejaculation and is then called female ejaculation.

8 - After orgasm, the clitoris re-emerges from under the clitoral hood, and returns to its normal size in less than 10 minutes.