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What is the G-spot, how can you stimulate the G-spot

What is the G-Spot?

A woman has the ability to get orgasm from the stimulation of the G-spot as well as from clitorial stimulation. The G-spot is an area located in the tissue over the vaginal wall and around the urethra just at the back of the pubic bone. The G-spot extends from here in a frontwords direction until it reaches the root of the clitoris.

In fact the G-spot and the clitoris is one continous body that go deep inside from the area between the upper part of the major lips to the upper part of the vagina.

The G-spot is a sensual area capable of giving sexual pleasure and function as the central point for orgasms.

However, when the G-spot is stimulated, the clitoris will also be stimulated from beneath. When a woman gets an orgasm from G-spot stimulation, the orgasmic reactions will therefore often come from the clitoris as well.

The term G-spot is not used in a consistant manner. Often the term G-spot is only used about a specific point in this whole sensual area, said to be situated at some depth over the vagilal wall some way inside the vagina.A women also have sensorial areas between her vagina and her anus. Also these areas may be refered to as the G-spot.


Some historics

According to traditional Freudian theory a woman can achieve orgasm either through clitorial stimulation or through vaginal stimulation. But the theory sais that a young and still infantile woman prefere clitorial stimulation or even can achieve orgasm only by this form of stimulation. As the woman matures, according to the theory, her ability to and preferance for vaginal stimulation grows. As a fully mentally and physically mature woman she eventually preferes vaginal stimulation and even looses her ability to be stimulated to orgasm at the clitoris.

The feminist movement opposed the classical Freudian theory and held that clitorial stimulation is the only way a woman can achieve orgasm. This view became a politically correct thesis that still exists in many texbooks about sexuality and in the view of many gynecologists.

The German gynecologist Ertst Grafenberg was the first to decribe the G-spot and its function. The name G-spot was given by Addiego et al. in 1981 to memorize Ernst Gräfenberg. The concept entered popular attention after the publication of "The G Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality" by Ladas et a in 1982.

The feminist concept of only clitorial orgasm is still alive, either by some experts totally rejecting the G-spot and others explaining the G-spot as an inner part of the clitoris so that stimulation of the G-spot is just another route to stimulation of the clitoris.

However, a correct anatomical view is rather that an errogenous zone at the given place is a reality, but that this zone is connected with the clitoris and with zones also around the anus and around the urethra. The stimulation of this zone can lead to orgasm with this zone as the centre, but can also lead to a more total orgasm where other zones, including the clitoris participate equally.

Because there are not only one distinct zone, the exact definition of the G-spot and its extension can vary and is under discussion.

The G-point is connected to a great deal of politcs and individual agendas by various actors. Some actors are eager to propagate the knowledge about the G-point to both women and men and learn women how they can increase their potetial for sexual satisfaction by using the G-spot.

Some psychologists do not like the knowledge about the G-spot and like to hide it, because they fear that women not getting G-spot orgasm can feel frustration or fear that many woman will invest a lot of energy to get G-spot orgasm in vain.

Some feminists like women to be independent of men sexually and fear that the knowledge of the G-spot will make women feel the need for a man to penetrate their vagina.


Anatomy of the G-spot

The G-spot is not a spot, but a wider area located over the vagina between the vagina and the urethra, around the urethra and in the area further forewards to the pubic bone. The part of the area nearest to the vagina is found ca 5 cm or 3 inches inside from the urethral opening.

The area have glands opening up into the urethra and two glands opening at both sides of the urethra , the Skene's glands. Much of the area is filled with a meshwork of blood vesssels with tha abliity to engorge by filling with blood, called the urethral sponge. The area also has muscle bundles. The msucle bundles of this area nearest the bladder is the urethral spincter.

The area has a rich innervation. The nerve endings provide for the sexual feelings, the feelings connected to voiding of urine and nerves to controle the voiding. The structure also have connective tissue bundles connecting it to the clitoris.

It is an intimate connection between the G-spot and the clitoris. Between the urethra and the clitoris there are bundles of connedtive tissue that lead mechanical stimulation towards the clitoris.

The clitoris also have 4 roots. Two of these extend downwards-backwards at each side very near the urethra and vagina. These roots flank the G-spot very intimately at each side.

Two other roots extend downwards-backwards further to the sides under the great genital lips.

The roots of the clitoris can swell, and when both the tissues in the G-spot and the roots of the clitoris are engorged, they stimulate each other mechanically.

How to find the G-spot

Either the women herself or her partner can find her G-spot by palpating with the longest finger inside her vagina.

She should lay on her back with a pillow under her buttocks, with her knees bent up, her legs somewhat spread and her feet flat on the bed.

Then insert the longest finger deep inside the vagina towards the navel, and press deeply against the front or upper wall of the vagina. The G-spot should be found around 3 inches or 5 cm inside the vaginal entrance.

When the G-spot is hit, she will easily feel it, and the area will upon fingering and massage become swollen, just as the clitoris or a mans penis.

By continous stimulation the swelling and firmness may become considerable.  What you have found is in fact the counterpart in a women to a mans sexual organ.

How do I stimulate the G-spot?

Having found the G-spot, the women may be stimulated towards the climax by persistent massaging some time.

A woman can stimulate herself or let her man or partner do it.

The massaging should be done fairely deep, but still gently. By variating the technique during the massage, the area is stimulated in several ways, the extitement gets higher and the feelings more intence:

You may press down and slip up again with your finger at the vaginal wall. You may use a circular massage, a movement in and out in the direction towards the navel or from side to side.

Many woman find that the most effective way of stimulateing the G-spot is by having two fingers insid ethe vagina. With two fingers it is easy to stretch the vagina to the sides by spreading the fingers and the stretching will stimulate the deeper areas together with the sharper stimulation with the figer tips.

By stimulating the clitoris at the same time as the G-spot, she would get a double stimulation accompanied by intence sensations.

During intercource, a man can help to stimulate the G-spot with his penis by making variable maneures and taking time to do so. For example by letting his penis stroke firmly against the upper vaginal wall, there will be a mecanical pressure towards the G-spot. By penetrating deep inside at each push towards the bottom of the vagina, there will be a lot of stretching that both affect the G-spot and the clitoris.

In the market you can find special dildoes or virbrators with an curved end that are especially good for stimulation of the G-spot. When using these dildos one lets the curved end point upwards at the vaginal wall.

Other positions for G-spot stimulation

The G-spot may be better stimulated during intercourse if she attends the "doggy" position and the man places himself behind her buttocks.

By letting the women lie on her belly with her legs spread apart, the intercourse will greatly stimulate her G-spot. But this position is difficult for the man, and good cooperation between the women and the man is neccessary to hinder the penis to slip out again and to hinder the position to be unpleacent for the man.

With the woman laying on her belly, it is also easy for the partner to stimulate the area between her vagina and her anus with his fingers. Anal stimulation at the same time as vaginal stimulation is also possible in this position.


Some additional phenomanas during  G-spot stimulation

By G-spot stimulation, the glands in the vulva vaginal walls get activated and she may actually ejaculate a small amount of white or clear fluid when she climaxes. The squirting perhaps mostly originates from the paraurethral glands that has their outlet just at each sides of the urethral opening. These glands make a fluid that is very similar to the prostate fluid of a man.

Some women get a feeling of the need to urinate during G-Spot stimulation. This may in fact add to the pleasure and exitement, but is unpleacent if the feeling gets too strong. It is a good idea to urinate before the play.


About male G-spot - Does a man have a G-spot?

A man has the same nerve endings at the same areas as a woman. In a man this area contains the prostate. The prostate and the areas around, behind and in front of the prostate can be stimulated in the same way as a woman's G-spot and some men can get an orgasm from this area as a woman upon proper stimulation. The area just behind the prostate is purhaps the most sensitive point in a man. The area is most directly stimulated by anal penetration. It can however also be stimulated with pressure and vibrations just in front of the rectal opening. Ar this place many men has a little grove and it is possible to stimulate by pressing a finger down in this grove or using the tip of a virbator just here.

Even though some men can get a G-spot orgasm, the area is perhaps more useful in another  ways. By stimulating this area, one quickly builds up an intense and deeply-felt excitement that also activates the penis. The intense and deep pleasure and excitement obtained from stimulating this area makes such stimulation highly valuable also when it does not lead to an orgasm.

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The erogenous zones of women and how to play with them in yourself and in a female lover

The whole body of a woman is sexually sensitive, but she also has some specific zones you can use to tease her up sexually with during foreplay, and also during intercourse. And the same zones can be used to make it good for her when she is relaxing after the main act. To some extent these zones are at the same place as corresponding zones in a man, so a man can partly use things he knows about sensual zones in his own body to guide himself.

It is often wise to play with the different spots in a specific sequence, but going back and repeat the handling of some of the zones several times.

You can begin by caressing her neck by stroking up and down with your hands and keep special attention to the furrow in the mid with your finger tips. This zone is very sensitive to broad light caresses and a little harder tickling up and down in that furrow. Playing with that zone typically create sensations that will spread down along her back.

The lips and tongue is an obvious erotic area in women as in men, and the kiss is the equally obvious way of handling this zone, but the kiss must be done in an artistic and skillful way to give a deeper pleasure. You can begin by gently touching her lips with your own, then tighten your own lips and press a little more and suck a little in while detaching your lips again, making the classic smacking sound. Then grip several times softly over one of her lips with you own.

When touching her lips the next time both of you open up your mouth a little, and let your tongue tips play against and around each other. Also stick your tongue out and play with your tongue tip around her lips, while stopping a while to let her do the same. All these movements and many more can be combined and varied in many ways, but real success depends on an understandig of the play from both parts and cooperation.

The line along the spine all the way from the neck down to the buttocks is also very sensual. Many women will have a furrow in the mid of her back in which you can caress with your fingers down and up, but you should also caress along the spine in a broader fashion with your flat hand.

The breast nipples and surrounding are somewhat more intimate erotic zones that is fine to play with next. Many women have extremely sensitive nipples, and they easily get over-tickled, so one must try out very cautiously how strongly you should handle them. Stroke and squeeze gently the whole breast in your hands. Tickle the nipples with your finger tips and with a finger tip rotate gently around each nipple.

The belly can then be caressed in a broad way by stroking up and down. Take especially care to pull upwards a little just over her bladder region so that her genital labia get stretched a little upwards. Then find the navel with your finger tips. The navel is a very erotic point and by tickling with some pressure in the deep of her navel, you can create great sensations that are felt downwards to her clitoris, and give surprizing reactions in her genital region. Also rotate your finger against the inner walls of her navel, stretching it in all directions.

The clitoris is perhaps the crown of the sensual spots. The visual part of the clitoris is a knob situated between the upper parts of a woman's labia. It has much of the same sensual functions as a man's penis head. It has a foreskin resembling a hood. One can play with a woman's clitoris in much the same way as with a man's penis, stroking and tickling with one or two fingers, very gently at first, but more vivid at later stages. Because of the sensuality of this spot, massaging the hood of the clitoris up and down is often a better way of handling than directly at the clitoral head.

An even more intimate point is her g-spot. In order to get to it, your woman must lay comfortably with somewhat spread legs. It is found inside her between her vagina and urethra, and it can be reached by a finger or a dildo by pushing upwards some way inside her vagina. To hit the right spot requires some seeking with your finger or the dildo and trying different degree of pressure. You sense from her reactions when you have found the right spot. When found you partly massage and partly poke with your finger against the point.

Her buttocks and rectal zone is perhaps as sensual as her genitals. You begin by caressing and gently squeezing her buttocks broadly with a whole hand. Then pull her buttocks to the side so her rectal zone get stretched. There is an extremely sensual point just under the base of her spine, giving great responses if you tickle her deeply here with your finger tip. Then you can get more intimate by caressing the inside of her buttocks, and by stretching at both sides very near to her anus. A very gentle massage with your finger tips at her anal rims can make very profound sensations.

If both you and your women is comfortable with it and she gives signals that she likes it, you can very gently enter her anus with a lubricated finger or a dildo. Take time to poke in and out a little in her opening, navigate gradually deeper inside. Point and stroke at the walls inside her rear cavity. At several points inside her rectum you can find extremely sensual points that give reactions in her whole pelvic region. Also when you go out again you do it extremely gently. A characteristic of this area is that very soft caresses often give the strongest feelings and responses.

It is not recommended, due to danger of bacterial contamination, to do anything deep in a woman's genital parts with a finger or toy that has been in her rectal area. If you want to explore the deeper parts of her body, you must first do it at the front and then take her behind, or choose which part you want to play with in the most intimate way.

It is important that the play with the erotic zones not only becomes a favor the man does for the woman. She must also give the man the favor of doing good to his erotic zones, so the play gets equally rewarding for each, and both must be sensitive to what feels good for the other.

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