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Please see further down to read about how erections and ejaculations of men work, and about the aphrodisiac substances extracted from deer or elk antlers

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To a great exhibition of sex drugs and intimate treatment products both for women for women and men - stimulating pills and genital creams, genital treatment instruments, sex toys

Learn here how to prevent and combat many common ailments in all organ systems. Also see how to cobat aging, improve fitness, get a beautiful body shape and good skin quality. Also learn about exciting sex techniques.

Sex and potency products for men - also info about erection physiology and velvet antler

Here are presented some good products to make the penis get erect more fully and more effectively and also a product to make the penis longer and more robust. There are also natural drugs that boost male excitement and other aspects of male virility. Pleace click on the banners to learn more or to buy.

To read about the erection and ejaculation physiology and about the aphrodisiac velvet antler, please scroll down

Natural drugs to give larger, longer lasting and more satble erections and along with that also more intense feelings

Prosolutionpills - for full erections, staying abilities and multiple orgasms - The effect of these pills are: There will be more ample and harder erections so that both the man and his women feel it. The man gets an erection more easily and more frequently. The man gets power in his penis and the rest og his body to be ready for a ride when he wants and stay on in the erect state as long as he wants. The man gets able to orgasm several times after another. The sexual drive of the man gets heavily charged. The man gets better controle of his orgasms so that he can plunge into the climax at the right time and thus avoid premature orgasms without power of feelings and action.

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VigRXplus pills for development of your power of erection - VigRXplus pills make your erected penis longer and thicker, the penis will engorge itself to a more robust state and the penis will stand  more firmly. The pills optimize the functions of the penis so that it also gets erect more quickly and holds itself erect a longer time. The effect is not only seen in the visible penis, but also all the way from the penis tip to the area between a man's legs.

The pills also have a general positive effect on the man's excitement and virility that goes beyond the effects on the penis. The effects of the pills last all the day so that the penis allways have a potetial for a full and firm erection. Contain extracts of Ginseng, Bioperine, Tribulus, Damiana and other herbs to stimulate virility.

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VigRX Delay Spray - Spray to delay the orgasm to the time you want it to occur, and give you opportunity to make your feelings intense - This spray will delay the time before an orgasm occurs. During this time your feelings will steadily grow. Then you get an ample orgasm at the time you decide.

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More products to hinder premature ejaculation - Here are links to three practical sex products that also are formulated to ninder premature ejaculations.

Premature ejcaulation hindering condomes - Trojan Extended Pleasure Condomes

Lubricant that also works against an untimely climax - Shunga Sensations Balm

Instruments and kits to improve the genital shape and size, and help to gain erections

Penis pumps and rings to make and maintain erections and for penis development and adjustment - Penis pumps togeather with a penis ring can be used to make and maintain an erection. By cautious use of a penis pump over some time, you can adjust the shape of your penis and reduce bendings and twists and, you may also make your penis larger.

Penis pumps to make erections and to improve penile anatomy

Penis rings to maintain erections

ProExtender device to make the penis bigger and more regularly shaped - Proextender is a mechanical instrument to make the penis gradually longer and also somewhat thicker. Furthermore the device can correct certain kind of anatomical problems of the penis like bendings and twistings. It exerts its effect by gently pulling along the penis. You set this practical device on your penis and use it some time eaqch day in a period. It can be folded up when on and used under the clothes when on.

The device pulls gently along the penis. Thereby small microscopic openings are made in the penis tissue that will be filled with new cells, such that the penis gets longer, to some degree thicker, and straighter during the time you use it. How much you can get the penis to grow depends on the length of the period you use it and on individual variations, but you can expect useful results after some weeks.

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Drugs to rejuvinate the general male physiology and thereby increase sexual abilities and abilities to feel great pleasure

Natural drugs containing Velvet antler extracts for rejuvination and strengthening of the male phyiology

Deer Antler Velvet

Deer Antler Velvet

Deer Antler Velvet 60 Capsules

TestRX - Natural medicine to make you produce the male sex hormones in greater quantities and nore stably to amplify sexual lust, energy and ability. Also to give you better energy for work and exercise, and obtain better workout results - A vigorous testosterone production is necessary for all aspects of potency. These pills will help you produce more of this hormone and thereby give you higher lust for sex, more energy for sex, better and more stable erections, stronger physical feelings and more ample orgasms. But a good production of testosterone is also necessary for an optimal male condition and health. You can also expect better condition to work and perform sport activities, better results from training and stronger feeling af well-being. These pills are especially valuable for men over 45 years old that tend to get smaller production of male hormones or men that have got chronically exhausted of other causes.

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More high rated testosterone enrichers to increase sexual energy and body development

Six Star Elite Series Testosterone Booster Dietary Supplement Caplets - 60 ea

Six Star Elite Series Testosterone Booster Dietary Supplement Caplets - 60 ea

Study result: Increase active testosterone in just 7 days*^, Maintain peak testosterone to cortisol ratio*^^, Enhances training performance*^^. Six Star Testosterone Booster is manufactured according to cGMP standards, as is required for all dietary supplements. Why Six Star Testosterone Booster is the Smarter Choice: Your body makes testosterone for muscle growth, strength gains and boosts in training performance. That's why a supplement that helps boost testosterone within the normal range can be beneficial.

Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up, Softgels - 60 ea

Irwin Naturals Testosterone Up, Softgels - 60 ea

Testosterone UP? is an advanced pro-male testosterone support formula that is enhanced with physical peak-performance boosters that can help men of all ages.* Boost Testosterone: This unique formula is designed to boost testosterone levels already within a normal range.* At the center of this mechanism is LJ100 Longjack, a patented extract that preliminary research suggests, helps maintain testosterone levels already within the normal range.* OptiZinc; a patented form of zinc, is a trace mineral required for numerous vital cell functions, including growth and development as well as sexual health.* Testosterone UP has also been formulated to enhance performance and vitality in men.* Ginseng extract is traditionally used as a tonic to revitalize the body and is known as one of the best botanicals for increasing feelings of energy, improving mental capacity and physical performance.

Naturade Vitali-T-Aid Testosterone Booster Dietary Supplement Capsule - 60 ea.

Naturade Vitali-T-Aid Testosterone Booster Dietary Supplement Capsule - 60 ea.

Dietary Supplement Boost Testosterone Increase Libido with Clinically Studied Testofen Naturally Increases Free Testosterone* Boost Sex Drive & Performance* Clinically Tested, Drug Free* Are You Looking to Boost Testosterone? Vitali-T-Aid is a natural solution for boosting free testosterone levels, thereby helping to increase libido and promote muscle health.* The all natural key ingredient in Vitali-T-Aid was shown in two double-blind, placebo controlled, human clinical studies, (along with exercise), to be a safe and effective way to significantly boost free testosterone levels and increase libido, arousal and performance.

Growth hormone enrichers - to drive back aging symptoms
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Go here for Hyperggh14z - a drug formulated to restore and add more than ever muscle volume, strength and integrity

Go here for Provasyl - a drug formulated to restore the body and mental capabilities of men from the middle ages and older

Some more products to increase sexual satisfaction of both men and women

Genital lubes that also boost excitement, massage wands and other erotic toys - By clicking at these links you can find a lot of products for sex play, like lubricant with an arousing action, wands for |anal and vaginal massage, dildos, vibrators and much more.

Here is a general link to all the products for sexual fun:

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This link leads to a special exhibition of wands for massage inside the anus of men and women or inside the vagina. They can also be used for massage in other narow body areas:

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MANY PRODUCTS FOR MEN AND WOMEN AGAINST SEXUAL PROBLEMS - and items to make a good sex life even better - Here you will find products to: Increase genital lubrification, enlarge the penis, help for anatomical problems with your penis, help you get more satisfying erections, make the blood supply to your intimate zone better, enhance your libido and sexual excitement, increase the pleasure in your intimate body partsnto make you more fertile, make you produce more semen and better semen.

Also natural drugs: Anti-aging medicines. Items for heart and circulatory health. Products against urogenital problems of men and women. Help for skin conditions like acne, rosacea, wrinkles, stretchmarks, hair loss. Help for medical issues like acid reflux, digestive problems, joint issues and more

Products for men and women to improve sexual potency, abilities and satisfaction. Please click here

More products to optimize sexual life of women and men

More products to help for specific health problems - digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, rheumatic, nervous, hemorrhoids, thyroid, poor memory, fatigue, edema and more

About the mechanisms of a man's erections

The penis have three erection chambers filled with spongy tissue (corporeal sinusoids), two paired chambers laying in front of /over the urethra (corpora cavernosa), and one laying around the urethra (corpus bulbospongiosum). These are mainly built up of smooth muscles wrapped around blood vessels, arterioles. Erection or hard-on is the result of blood filling these chambers, making them swell and get hard.

These chambers are not only confined to the penis, but continue in the area between the legs, all the way backwords to the anal area. Therefore also the area between the legs swell in a full erection. The corpus The swelling of This area also fixes the penis rigidly so that it does not sway from side to side when fully erected. The corpus bulbospongiosum extends the furthest backwards to under the prostate where the urethra goes into this erectile chamber. When the penis is erect, the area between a mans's legs, the perineum, is also inflated nearly all the way to the rectal opening, and by a real hard-on this inflation is clearly felt and gives plesant feeling in the whole area between the legs.

The foreskin (prepuce, preputium ) of an uncircumcised man usually cowers the penis head in an unerected penis. This cowering is usually more complete in a young boy than a grown up man, because during growth, the foreskin grows less than the rest of the penis. When the penis grows in an erection, the penile skin is tightened, and the foreskin will be retracted so to uncower the penis head.

Rise of erection and falling of erection are caused primarily by smooth muscle relaxation in the arteries leading blood to the erectile chambers of the penis and perineum, relaxation in the erection chamber arterioles, and contraction in the penile and perineal veines leading blood from the penis. Erection is a hydraulic event, regulated by hormones and nerves.

When the arterioles in the erectile bodies relax, and the veines leading blood from the penis contract, the blood flow into the penis and the blood storage volume in the penis increases. The resulting blood filling inflates the erectile chambers , the penis thereby grows, and developes rigidity.

By a normal erection, the following psychological and nervous, hormonal, muscular and mechanical physiological mechanisms are working:

When a male is stimulated physically or psychologically, the brain releases chemical compounds causing signals to pass down the spinal cord and outward through nerves called nervi erigentes leading to the penis erectile bodies and the blood vessels in and around the male genitals.

The muscles in arteries leading blood to the penis then relax, and these arteries expand and harden, allowing increased blood flow into the penis.

The veins that normally carry blood away from the penis constrict, restricting the blood stream out of the penis).

The nerves release another chemical (Nitric Oxide).

Nitric oxide causes the smooth muscles in the vessels of the erectile bodies to relax.

Now much more Blood flows into these relaxed vessels.

Since the blood outlet from the penis is restricted, blood fills up in these vessels causing them to greatly inflate. Thereby the whole of the erectile bodies swell and enlarge, and the penis gets erected.

The trigging causes of the erection controlling nerve impulses are mainly two mechanisms: Direct stimulation of the genitalia, or psychologic stimuli originated from fantacy, vision, smell and other senses. Direct stimulation may be mechanic stimulation through massage or chemical stimulation through substances in oils or creams applied onto the genitals during massage.

Smells from the massage cream or oinment, and the fancy situation of being subjected to massage or tactile stimulation by a skilled partner, will also cause erection through brain-mediated nerve signals.

Anxiety or fear can prevent the brain signals from reaching the level required to induce erection. Medical conditions can block the erection arteries or cause scarring of the spongy erection tissue and prevent proper blood flow or trapping of blood and, therefore, limit the erection. Thus, the erection mechanism is much like a tire; a firm tire is dependent upon a hose that can deliver air in adequate amounts in a speedy fashion and a valve mechanism that holds the air in place. In the penis the hose is represented by the erection arteries, which rapidly carry blood into the erectile bodies and the valve mechanism, while complicated in its structure, ensures that the blood is trapped inside the erectile bodies until ejaculation occurs or the sexual stimulus has passed.

About the ejaculation mechanism

Ejaculation typically occur at the peak of the pleasurable feelings in a man that is excited enough and typically it occurs during orgasm, that is the stage where these feelings culminate. Before the ejaculation, the seminal vecicles are typically full of seminal fluid having been produced in the prostate.

Both the orgasm and ejaculation occur as a result of sensorial stimuli from the genital region to the spinal cord and brain, and signals sent back via the sympathetic nervous system to the genital organs in responce to these stimuli. The sigals sent back results in steadily stronger erection, inflation and galndular action. These physical responces result in even stronger sensorial stimuli sent to the central bervous system and even stronger signals sent back in responce. Both the feelings and the physical reactions thus increase through several stages until the muscles in the genital area get enoug stimuly to contract and effect an ejaculation.

The mechanism of ejaculation involves 2 reflexes: the "glans-vasal", which brings the semen from the seminal vescicals to the posterior urethra (emission phase of ejaculation), and the "urethromuscular" which ejects it to the exterior (ejection phase).

In the first reflex, the smooth muscles in the seminal vecicals and muscles around them contract to expel the semen into the urethra in response to signals from nerve fibres belonging to the sympathetic nervous system. Upon these signals, the vas deferens, the tube from each testicle also contract so that fluid with sperm cells are blended into the substance from the seminal vescicles before entering the urethra. The tube from the seminal vecicles join with the vas deferens on each side to a common tube and this opens then into the urethra. All these tube connections occur inside the prostate gland.

Also secretions from the bulbourethral glands laying at both sides under the prostata is injected into the urethra.

In the second reflex muscles around the base of the penis and especially around the lower side of the structures of perineum, the bulbuspongious muscles, squeeze rhythmically, pushing the semen through the urethra and out of the penis. Also inner muscles in the pelvic floor, for example the pubococygeus muscles participate in these contractions.

In a man with full seminal vecicles, the ejaculation typically contain 10-15 contractions.

A man experiences usually the first ejculation in the beginning of puberty in the age 12 - 15, and usually during masturbation or during wet sexual dreams. A boy often have had orgasms during masturbations from a much earlier age, but then without any ejaculation.

About deer velvet antler, including waipiti elk velvet antler

Antlers are the usually large and complex horn-like and often branched outsprings on the head of most deer species, especially male individuals. Each antler grows from an attachment point on the skull called a pedicle. While an antler is growing the inside constists of cartilage and it is covered with skin called velvet having a rich blood supply which supplies oxygen and nutrients to the growing structure. When the antler is in the last growing stages, the inside is calcified to real bone. Then the velvet is lost and the antler's bone dies. This dead bone structure is the mature antler.

The elk drops its antler each year, and in the spring of the next year a new antler grows out to its full size. This can only happen if the antler in its growth face contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients and hormons used as tools and building material for this rapid growth.

The antlers are used by the males in fighting games for the opportunity to copulate with the prefered females, and probably also to attract the females. Antlers are shed after each mating season.

Velvet antler is the antler with the velvet still in place.

Velvet antler in the stage before the cartilage in the inside has been calcified to real bone is a mainstay of traditional Chinese medicine, probably second only to ginseng in importance. Typically the antler is cut off near the base after it is about two-thirds of its potential full size, and before any significant calcification occurs.

The antler is dried and is used powdered or in tea form for a wide variety of health remedy and health maintenance purposes.

Substances in the antlers have a generally tonic or strengtening effects on body functions like nerve functions, muscle efficiency, glandular functions, blood generation, respiration, digestion and immune defenses. It also strengthens development, growth and regeneration of body tissues. It also exert anti-inflammatory effects. The more specific functions mostly derive from these gereral effects.

One specific effect directly attributable to these general effects and perhaps also to specific effects on the genitals is a strenghening effect upon libido and sexual performance. Antler will for example stimulate the production of testosterone.

Velvet antler has been hused as a medical remedy by all cultures in the parts of world where animals of the deer familiy is found, including North American Indians, in Tibet, in Korea and in Chine. In the East Acian culture velvet antler is a standardized remedy of the traditional medicine. In Russia velvet antler is systematically used as a general strengthening remedy for athletes. In Korea antler is used by most families as a general health strenghtener and the monthly use of an Korean family is around 30 grams.

Western scientific studies have supported some of the claims, particularly the anti-inflammatory effects and athletic performance enhancement. One Canadian study on young males (football players and police recruits) found higher testosterone levels after taking velvet antler supplements for several weeks.

Since velvet antler is a structure with high tissue growth activity, it wil naturally contain high concentration of tissue hormons stimulating growth and maturation, and a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. Since calcium and other minerals are being rapidly deposited into the growing antler, but much of them have not yet been incorporated in a rigid crystallic structure, velvet antler probably contains these minerals in a form that it is easy to take up from the digestive tract.

Moose, as all members of the deer family, will produce new antlers yearly (primarily males, except in caribou/reindeer). The bulls are not harmed by antler removal, which is generally done around June in the northern hemisphere. After the antlers are cut off the bull may grow a small antler pair to replace them or perhaps no regrowth, but the antler base is left, and that "button" will be shed early the following year, at the same time the whole antler would have been shed, when the new antlers start to grow.

Exceptionally large elk antlers can weigh 50 lb (20 kg) for a pair. These grow rapidly from about March or April till July (again, Northern hemisphere). The velvet of the antlers are said to be the fastest growing membrane known, and it is this rapidly growing tissue that contains the micronutrients needed to improve some human health deficiencies.

Most of the world's supply of velvet antler comes from red deer and elk or wapiti, including a large deer farming industry in New Zealand. A smaller percent is produced in America, mostly from elk. Due to the size and quality of Canadian and American elk antlers, they have been a preferred source of velvet. It is most often available in capsule form, containing 250 mg or 500 mg of dried velvet antler powder. The velvet antler is processed under USDA supervision, with routine bacteria testing. It is bottled for commercial use and is available in some health food stores.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is nutritional in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.