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Products to increase female sexual satisfaction

Welcome to this presentation of some exciting products for women do improve sexual enjoyment and satisfaction. Please click on the links or banners to read more or buy. Further down on this page there is an article about myths regarding female sexuality and about myths about the sexuality of men. There are also some information about real differences between men and women. You can also read about myth propagation and myth debunking.

Sex toys and tools for intimate massage

Equipment for sex fun, condoms, lubricants and erotic massage products - Through these links you can find all kind of equipment for sexual stimulation, for erotic massage and protection during sex. You can find: Condoms, dildos and vibrators, lubricants, massage lotions, perfumes, penis pumps, sexy underwear, toys for sexual roleplay, sex DVDs and magazines and much more.

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Vibrating stimulation tools

Dildos - mostly for the vagina, but some wil also fit the rectal entrance

Anal and rectal toys and lubricants

Eggs to keep in your vagina or other intimate areas

Creams for women to maximize genital pleasure

Vigorelle - female pleasure cream - To increase the pleasure in the clitoris, genital lips and vaginal area, to lube and to boost a women's intimate reactions like: vaginal lubrification, pelvic blood supply and engorgement. The increased intimate reactions will then also increase general excitement and erotic ecstacy.

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Hersolutiongel - to tease up her physical lust - This topical product is to be placed on the most senual zones in her vulva. It makes her blood fill into her intimate areas. It smoothly lubricates the entrance to her inside.  It instantly turns on strong physical feelings and contribute to an intense orgasm.

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Pills for women to increase pleasure and performance

Provestra ( Estravil ) - herbal lust pills for women - These herbal pills stimulate a woman's mental excitement, good physical sensations and endurance. They also optimize intimate blood supply, engorgement in her vulva, lubrification and sexual reflexes. They will then also improve her genital pleasure, orgasmic strength and fertility.

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Hersolution pils - Hersolution Pills - for strong female physiology, good lubrication, strong feelings and less menstrual problems - These pills are made to strengthen and ballancing the female hormonal system and female abilities. This in the next turn leads to less menstrual problems like cramps, hot flashes and mood swings. It also leads to increased sexual excitement and more good feelings in the mind and in the vulvar region

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Products to improve female sexual anatomy

Total Curve - treatment kit to enlarge and shape up the female breasts - This package consists of herbal based pills with substances that safely stimulate breast development and vitalization, it also has a gel to be smeared on the breasts that give the same effect from the outside and there are instructions for breast development exercizes.

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Cometic products to boost sexual attraction

An exhibition of erotic fragrants for women and men - There are a lot of erotic perfumes on the market that will give an sexual attraction on other humans by the content of deepworking pheromones or by the mere sexual scent of the product, or both. This link leads to an exhibition of many of those products.

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Treat thin hair and baldness - for men and women - Advecia is a new all-natural herbal supplement with ingredients proven to provide hair follicles with essential nutrients that aid in strengthen the hair follicle and the production of hair from the follicles. It also contains ingredients to block the DHT, the substance in the male body that hinders hair to grow. It can slow down or stop hair loss and may rewake dormant follicles.

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Myths and facts about female sexuality

A myth is an understanding of something that is propagated as a component of the culture without any proof. A myth can be true, but can also be false. Here are some common myths about female sexuality:

Women like to taken hard: This myth is prevalent in standard macho cultures and macho environments. Generally the myth is not true. Most women like a soft approach with a lot of sensual caresses, and like these caresses to last a long time. But eventually as the arousal increases also women like more intense play. However, some women may conform to the myth.

Women can only get clitorial orgasm: This is a modern time politically correct myth propagated by certain radical feminist groups in the sixties. The fact is that the visible clitiris is only a small part of a greater structure that extend deep and downowrds towards the vagina. The whole of this structure can be involved in the orgasmic process and be stimulated from the visible clitoris and by pressure through the walls of the vagina.

Unmature women get clitorial orgasm, but a properly matured women will get vaginal orgasm: This myth whose originators are Sigmund Freud and his disiples, is nonsense. Women can be stimulated to orgasm both from the clitoris and through the vaginal call. The vaginal wall itself does not however have any strong potency of feeling.

Women do not masturbate: This is nonsens. Most women do masturbate and get orgasm through masturbation. Some women get stronger orgasm this way because the women knows how to best stimulate herself physically. Sex with a partner do however have other qualities that masturbation does not provide.

Women have weaker sexual feelings than men: The fact is that women have as strong feelings as men. However, many women are perhaps socialized to hide their own dezire.

When a women sais no, she really mens yes: According to political correctness a women allways mens no when she sais no. But unfortunately this myth has some truth in it. Sometimes a "no" from a woman can be a sort of a game, or she plays the opposite came, saying yes when she means no. In either case, when a women says no, a man shall never force or lure her into sex. To do so is a crime. But in some situation this no still may be a part of a game, or result from the women feeling insecure, and the man may try to make the women comfortable and then discuss the sake with her. If she still says no, this is the final decision that the man shall respect.

Only if a women gets an orgasm, she is satisfied: This is nonsense. A women can enjoy sex even if it does not result in an orgasm. Also a man can enjoy sex without a finishing climax. Sex without orgasm can last a very long time, and both the women and the man can rather enjoy a strong and enduring ecstacy instead of an orgam that finalizes the game.

A women's sexual feelings is confined to the clitoris: This is not thrue. The clitoris is only a part of a wide area in the intimate zone that can give sexual feelings. Also other body parts, like the breasts and buttock region are strong sensual areas. This myth is the counterpart of the myth about men that they only have sexual feelings in his penis head. Also this myth is nonsense.

Women differ widely regarding feelings and preferences: This is true. No women fullfills neither the standard myths or the standard politically correct wisedom. Every man must learn how his own girlfriend or wife reacts and what she likes, and the women must learn what the man likes, and how he reacts. Then they must find some common platform that best possible satisfy each of them.

Most women are really lesbians: When put this way, the belief is a myth. However, many woman, perhaps most, have sexual interst for their own sex in addition to interest for men, and some woen are predominatly iterested in other women. Ironically it seems to be more politically correct for a woman to be bisexual or lesbian than for a man to be bisexual or gay.

Women never abuse children and never abuse their men: This is nonsens. There are as many abusive women as there are men. But there is a tendensy not to define an action to be abusive when a women does it, when the same action is defines as abuse when a man does it.

Women need a long time of romatic caresses to get fully aroused and warm: Women vary conciderably in this respect as men do, but statistically women need a more gentle approach and longer foreplay to get fully aroused than a man.

There exist nymphomanic women that want sex and full sction (nearly) all the time: This is not a myth. Those women do exist, but they are not very common, and most men will perhaps do better with a less demanding women.

Women are allways passive and allways want to be passive: This is utterly nonsens. Many women are very active, want to be active, and often in the same way as a man.

Women are more emotional than men: Probably nonsense. However women tend to express their emotions more frequently than men.

A women cannot get pregment during period or menstruation: There is a chance that a women can get pregnant by intercourse also during menstruation, but it is less unlikely. Sperm from the intercource can live for some days and make the woman pregnant after the menstruation, and a woman can have an ovolation before the menstruation has really ended, especially if the women has shorter menstrual cycles than the avarage.

Most women can feel when they ovolate: This is partly true. Ca 20% of women may feel the ovolation in progress by some sensation or pain on the side where the ovolation occurs. This may be due to stretching of the ovary becaquse the follicle grows just before the egg is released, or blood from the rupture of the follicle during ovolation may get into the abdominal cavity and irritate the lining of the cavity.

When women meets a person, she will first look at the face and especially in the eyes, but a man will automatically first look at the legs and lower body: - According to new research it is the contrary. Women tend first to watch the lower body, but men will first concentrate on the face and eyes. A deeper assuption in the base of the myth, is the belief that men primarily think about any women as a potential sex object, when women think about other qualities. The research seems to show this is wrong.

The preventional pills will work tree months after you have ceased using them: This is plainly false.

Women conforming to most of the myths do exist: Some of the myths are contradictory, and therefore no woman can conform to quite all of them. Women that conform to most of the myths do really exist, even though they are not many.

Myths and facts about male sexuality

There are also a lot of myths going around about male sexuality. Both women and men themselves tend to believe in these myths, and many men believe themself to be abnormal because they do not adhere to the myths.

A healthy and normal man is allways ready for sex: This myth has something true in it and something utterly false. A man is not allways ready for active intercource where the intent is to reach a climax and bring the women to climax. A man can be tired as a women can, and do not allways wish to be heroicly active. However, sex can also be laying along or towards each other in a cosy way, kissing and caressing each other intimately in a gentle manner, without having the aim of a full heroic action. If a man is tired and exhausted, he still often will like to have this kind of quiet and cosy sex.

A healthy man will allways get an erection when it is demanded: This is utterly false. The erectile power of any man varies from hour to hour and according to if the man being exhausted or not. If a man feels to be in an uncomfortable situation, his ability and lust for erection will also be less. A man has the same need to feel secure and comfortable with the situation as a women.

The bigger the penis, the better for both the man and women: Formulated in this way, this dogma is a myth. But there is an optimal size for every man's penis, optimal for his own pleasure and optimal for the pleasure of his women or gay partner. This optimal size wil vary from couple to couple, and ther is no definite answar. Most men vary in penile size from 12 cm to 19 cm. A penis of 12 cm is fully functional, but may not be optimal. A penis of 25 cm is also fully functional but may be greater that optimal.

A man cannot get multiple orgasms: This is a myth, but the facts need some explanations. A very few men are able to get several orgasms in the same action sequence, that is without taking the penis out of the vagina and without reducing the intensity of the action very much. Many men are able to get many orgasms with a little rest between or with short periods with gentle stimulation between the fuller action to each new orgasm.

A man's physical feelings is only in his penis head: This is nosense. man has erotic zones at all the same places as a women, even though things look different. Those are penis, scotum, between the legs, the tighs, the breasts, the buttocks, the rectal zone and rectum, the bladder zone. And a man's body is as sensational as a women's body.

A man is more direct in his suggestions than a women: This is statistically true to some extend, but both women and men vary conciderably.

A man is less emotional than women: This is probably nonsens, but women tend to express their emotions more than men.

Homosexual and bisexual men are very few: This is a myth when put this way. Most men are probably bisexual to some extend as probably also most women are, but meny of them will not admit it because it is nor politically correct to be bisexual. A few percent of men, perhaps 10% are nearly exclusively interested in other men and can thus be said to be homosexual. For the time being it seems to be more politically correct to be homosexual than bisexual. Therefore moe men admit to be homosexual than bisexual.

A man do not need so long foreplay as a women: A man's arousal is often coming faster than the arousal of a women, but also the sex of a man will benefit from a well performed foreplay, with gentle approach at the onset.

Some men are nymphomanic stallions that want sex and full action (nearly) all the time: This is not a myth, they exist, but are not common, and such a man will perhaps be too demanding for most women. Some politicians known from history have the reputation of having such a demanding sexual appetite, and probably the reputation is true for some of them. Many politicians are generally hyperactive persons and that general hyperactivity also comprizes their sexual life.

Men are allways active and allways want to be active: This is utterly nonsens. A man may often want to be passive and let the women do the action.

Men is the only sex that abuse children and other women or men: This is pure nonsense. There are as many abusive women as there are abusive men. But the many action tend not to be defined as abuse when a woman does them, while they are always defined as abuse when a man is the actor.

Men conforming to the myths do exist: Men that fulfill all the myths do really exist, even though they are not many.

The propagation and debunking of sexual myths

About myth creation and myth propagation

One reason for a myth to originate, is a misunderstanding of observations. People observe thing, and will allways tend to explain the observed fenomenon. Then they create a hypotesis that can be totally wrong, but that explains the observation. Thus myths about male and female sexuality originates.

Other myths are plain lies created with the specific purpose of gaining power and authority or the purpose of gaining economical profit. A good example of such a myths are those regarding masturbation and the injuries and evals caused by masturbation.

The creators and propagators of this myth gained gross revenues by selling objects and services to prevent and cure the masturbation habit of both schildren, teens and adults. The propagators of the myth used it as a excuse for imposing strict restraints on individuals that were in their custody, like children or patients.

Authorities in any society have a strong tendency to approve myths about sexuality, because they find the myth useful for creating social order, regardless of their own belief or disbelief in the myth.

When a myth about sexuality has been created, the myth itself often creates psychological reactions that seem to confirm the myth. Thus some of the bad symptomes contributed to the mastrurbation habit did occur, but the symptoms were caused by the belief in the myth and not by the masturbation as such. When the myth disappeared, the bad symptoms also disappeared.

Beacuse of these mechanisms, new myths aboyt sexuality will steadily occure in the future, and old myth will reappear.

About myth debunking and myth debunkers

It is a popular sport both by authorities of several kind and of ordinary people to debunk myths about sexuality. Myth debunkers are as many as myth propagators. But much of the debunking activity is nothing more than killing a myth and replacing it with a politically correct opposite myth. What is politically correct however, varies from time to time. Perhaps debunking is alltogether an illogical activity, because debunking is nothing but denying some belief with a set of politically approved beliefs as argument without having a critical analyzis of the beliefs one uses as arguments.

A true analysis of the verity of a myth will often give the result that some part of the myths is true and some part is not thrue, and there will be some new knowledge connected too.

This game of creating mysths and debunking myths by replaceing them by new myths are clearly seen in the realm of clitorial orgasm, vaginal orgasm and G-spot.

Sigmund Freud and Freudian psychology created the myths that young girls before puberty and in the early puberty get clitorial orgams. As the girl matures to a fully developed women, according to the myth, this infant tendency to clitorial orgams would disappear and be replaced with the ability to get vaginal orgasms. Why they created this myth is difficult to understand, but has probably somethig to do with their general theories about spychodynamics and psychological maturing.

later on the feminist movement correctly opposed that myth, but replaced it with the opposite myth that clitorial orgasm was the only type of orgasm possible. Their forceful propganda worldwide made this new myth to a politically correct learning thesis in most popular treaties and textbooks.

Then some gynechologists and sex experts discovered the G-spot, a sensual area over the upper vaginal wall and around the urethra that can give rise to orgams of an especially profond type giving an extremely deep satisfaction.<

Many politically correct experts have since tried to depunk this so-called myth, but not quite succeded.

Correct knoledge without any political prejudices seem nowadeys to be like this: All the area from the clitoris to just over the vaginal wall is a continous sensitive area and all structures in this area can give rize to orgasm. The parts of the structure nearest the vaginal weall and around the urethra is the so-called G-spot. When a woman gets orgasm, the main process can arize at the clitoris or at the G-spot, or all the area can be equally involved. The vaginll waal itself do not seem to give any strong sexual feelings, but the G-spot can be stimulated through the vaginal wall.

Some true differences between men and women

The brain of men is a little bigger than the brain of women. On the other hand, women have more elaborate and thicker connections beween the right and left hemisphere of the brain.

Man tend to have slightly greater capability of understanding geometric relations and mathematical logic than women.

Women tend however to have greater capability of understandig things expressed by language, understanding social relations and interpreting people and their behaviuor than men.

These differences tend to make women better to manipulate social relations than men. They furthermore tend to make men better to understand technology and to navigate spatially than men.

However, these differences are small and the variations are great for both men and women.

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