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An exhibion with all products for women and men, including pills and creams for women to make the sexual functions strong, increase pleasure and help during stressful periods. and products for enlargement and reshape of the breasts and genitals of women.

Products to strengthen a man's potency - also pelvic massage techiques and exercises for that purpose

Wellcome to this presentation of products and pelvic masage techiques and exercises to let a man get a stronger potency and ability to have stronger feelings during sex. The techniques may also help against problems regarding urination and problems with a sluggish pelvic floor. Please click at the banners or links to read more about the products or buy. Please scroll down to read about the massage and exercises.

Oils for men to maximize sexual pleasure and stimulate the erections

VigRX oil - for strong erections that comes quickly an last long - Oils to make erections larger, harder, longer lasting, and more sensual, and to lubricate the penis. 2-3 drops are enough for full effect.

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Maxoderm - to amplify your erections and intensify your orgasms - By treating your penis with this fluid, it will erect itself largely, make you able to hold that erection a long time, and give you vivid orgasms with intense feelings.

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ProSolutionGel - to let the erection come fast and last until you want to climax - This topical intimate stimulant for men gives you solid erections very quickly, and gives you controle so that you can anjoy a long time with intense feelings, and get an ample orgasm when you decide it to happen.

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VigRX Delay Spray - to hinder a too early orgasm and give you ample time to tease up intense feelings - This spray will delay the orgasms. You will therefore be able to have active sex as long as you want. During this time your feelings will grow to an intense level, and then you decide when an ample orgasm shall occur.

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Devices and kits to enlarge and improve the penis and potency

Penis pumps and rings to make and maintain erections and for penis development and adjustment - Penis pumps togeather with a penis ring can be used to make and maintain an erection. By cautious use of a penis pump over some time, you can adjust the shape of your penis and reduce bendings and twists and, you may also make your penis larger.

Penis pumps to make erections and to improve penile anatomy

Penis rings to maintain erections

ProExtender - instrument to make the penis bigger and straighter by a gentle mechanical action - The proextender is a mechanic instrument to make the penis gradually longer and also somewhat thicker. Furthermore the device can correct certain kind of anatomical problems of the penis like bendings and twistings. It exerts its effect by gently pulling along the penis.

The proextender comes in two models you can choose between after clicking at the banner. The basic Proextender can be used if your flaccid penis is somewhere between 2 inches and 7 inches, or 18 cm, in the first place and you aim at making it up to 7 inches long in the flaccid state.

Proextender De Luxe advanced model can be used on a penis with flaccid state somewhere between 2 inches and 9 inches and your goal is to reach up to 9 inches.

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Pills and patches to make the penis capable of erecting itself larger

VigRXplus pills for development of your power of erection - VigRXplus pills make your erected penis longer and thicker, the penis will engorge itself to a more robust state and the penis will stand  more firmly. The pills optimize the functions of the penis so that it also gets erect more quickly and holds itself erect a longer time. The effect is not only seen in the visible penis, but also all the way from the penis tip to the area between a man's legs.

The pills also have a general positive effect on the man's excitement and virility that goes beyond the effects on the penis. The effects of the pills last all the day so that the penis allways have a potetial for a full and firm erection. Contain extract of Ginseng, Bioperine, Tribulus, Damiana and other virility enghancing herbs.

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ExtenZe - potency and male lust pills - Makes the erections bigger, harder, more durable and generally intensify the sexual feelings in your mind and body.

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Proenhance - Patches to make your penis more effective - To be fixed onto the skin near the penis. They give you greater ability to achieve erections and the erections will be larger and more durable. The patches have the same effect at the penis and genital area as the enhancement pills, but do not influence other body regions directly. They are the solution for men that only want a genitally focused effect or that allready take other supplements to stimulate the body as a whole.

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Pills to increase libido, genital feelings, semen production and orgasms

Good natural drugs to make you produce more testosterone - please click buy buttons to read more or buy

High Test - Testosterone Support

High Test - Testosterone Support

High Test - Testosterone Support - 45 Capsules

Masculini-T  Testosterone Support

Masculini-T Testosterone Support

Masculini-T Testosterone Support - 90 Vegicap

TestRX - Pills to make you produce more testosterone - These pills are especially ueful for men with a sluggish production of testosterone. A higher testosterone production will then make you more vigorous both physically, mentally and in sexual ways. You get better sexual appetite and better overall sexual performance. It will also make it easier for you to increase msucle mass.

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VpRx - Pills to improve virility - Increase male sexual desire and arousal. They strengthen the power and endurance. They prevent premature ejaculations.

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Semenax and volume pills - for better orgasms, better semen production and improved male physiology - Give you stronger and longer orgasms. Optimize semen production and quality, genital functions, sexual reflexes, intimate feelings and fertility. Please look at these two good products for these purposes and chose that which fits best your needs.

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Erotic fragrants for men and women

Nexus Pheromones - fragrant for men to attract women - Perfume for men that arouses and attracts women,  using natural reactions mediated by pheromones. Get a fragrance that instantly awakens a woman's positive attention and improves your attraction power.

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An exhibition of erotic fragrants for women and men - There are a lot of erotic perfumes on the market that will give an sexual attraction on other humans by the content of deepworking pheromones or by the mere sexual scent of the product, or both. This link leads to an exhibition of many of those products.

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Body hair growth reduction or head hair growth increase for men and women

Stopgrowthnow - topical hair remover for women and men - Removes unwanted hair by interrupting the initial phace of the growth of a new hair, thins out existing hair, reduces hair size. It decreases need for vaxing and shaving.

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Increase your hair growth regain hair - for both sexes - Advecia is a new all-natural herbal supplement with ingredients proven to provide hair follicles with essential nutrients that aid in strengthen the hair follicle and the production of hair from the follicles. It may slow down or stop hair loss and may rewake dormant follicles.

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Toys and tools for sexual fun and sensual massage of the intimate zones

Equipment for sex fun, condoms, lubricants and erotic massage products - Through these links you can find all kind of equipment for sexual stimulation, for erotic massage and protection during sex. You can find: Condoms, dildos and vibrators, lubricants, massage lotions, perfumes, penis pumps, sexy underwear, toys for sexual roleplay, sex DVDs and magazines and much more.

The Erotica Store - to see all the equipment of sex toys, please go here

Penis pumps to make erections and to improve penile anatomy

Penis rings to maintain erections

Condoms of all shapes and sizes

Lubricators for a smooth, soft and senual action

Oils, lotions and tools for sensual massage

Anal and rectal toys and lubricants

More products to optimize sex life and health

Products to give you younger shape, skin and physiology - A better growth hormone production will help regain skin thickness, muscle intactness, a jouvenile muscle/fat-ratio and other properties of youth. These products makes your body produce more growth hormone to the right time.

A generally working growth hormone production increaser for men and women:

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Go here for Hyperggh14z - a drug formulated to restore and add more than ever muscle volume, strength and integrity

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A great pharmacy of products to improve sexual life and to combat aging changes - By clicking at the banner below, you will also find more products to enhance sexual life than those presented here. There are traction instruments, pills and patches for penis improvement, penis enlargement and to get bigger and more effective erections. You find tablets for better sexual performance, increased sexual pleasure, higher fertility and boosted ecstacy. There are perfumes to arouse and attract sex partners. There are systems for permanent hair removal and natural remedies to stimulate stronger heir growth.

The site has several great products to combat chronic problems and aging changes in the skin, blood circulation, joints, digestion and generally working anti-aging drugs. There are also effective products to help slimming and to develop or revitalize your muscles.

Products for men and women to increase potency and sexual satisfaction. Anti-aging medicines. - please click here

More products to optimize sexual life of women and men

More products to help for specific health problems - digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, rheumatic, nervous, hemorrhoids, thyroid, poor memory, fatigue, edema and more

Pelvic massage techiques to strengthen the sexual abilities and physiology of men

The penis is the visible part of a much greater structure that continues backwords until under the prostate, the perineum. The urethra also goes through this structure. The whole of this structure and also the prostate itself with its coupled tubes and vescicles must be in good shape for the man to have a fine potency. The same is true about the testicles and conjunct anatomical structures. By daily massaging these areas, the potency can be increased and problems in this area can be alleviated.

When doing the massage, you should lay down in you bed, have a couple of big pads to support your head and upper body and spread your legs in a frog-like fashion. You can also support your legs at each sides or under your knees with some big pads or the like.

Masssage upon the urethra

You begin far back, just at the rim of the rectal opening under the prostate. Use two figers at press down at the middle sveral times, first very gently, and then somewhat harder and deeper so that you can feel the effect deep inside. Then move the ingers somewhat foreward and do the same. Keep replacing your fingers foreward and repeat the pressing until you have reach the underside of the penis. If your penis has got erect by now, you can continue the massage to the tip of your fingers.

Instead of just pressing downward you can also move your fingers slightly foreward each time you press down with your fingers, or move them sligghtly from one side to the other. This will get your skin stretch somewhat more and also let the innesr structures get a gliding massage.

Massage at the sides of the urethra

The area between your legs bulges somewhat out making a grove at each side. Also now you begin far back. Place one finger in the growe at the one side and press it partly downwards and partly sidewards towards the mid area so that it presses at the side of the structure between your legs. Let your finger glide a little forewards during the press. Repeat this movement several times, first very gently and then somewhat harder. Then do the same ting at tthe other side. Also now move your finger stepwise towards your penis, and if practical all the way to the tip of your penis. This massage works best if your penis and the area between your legs is rect or engorged.

Bladder massage You can do this massage with a half-full bladder or an empty bladder. The effect will be somewhat diferent. Press repeatedly with two fingers at the mid just where your belly begins just a short distance from the rim of your pubic bone. Press gently at fist, but then fiimer and deeper.

The set your finger tips at the sides of your bladder area. Press repeatedly downwards and somewhat pointing towards your genital organs. Also no begin gently and then do it deeper and more firmly. You can also press in, hold your fingers pressed in and then move them quickly from side to side each time you press.

Massaging your testicles

Hold your scrotum in tour hollow hand or between your two hands and warm up your testicles and your scrotum some time. Then roll both your testicles gently between your fingers. Keep on doing so for some time until you feel good things inside your testicles. Then press your fingers under and behind each testicle and massage gently the structures that you can feel there.

Anal and prostate massage

Lubricate your fingers and your rectal area. Gently insert a finger into your rectal opening. Then massage the area around the opening by mooving your finger repeatedly to one and the other side, forewarda and backwards and in the quere directions.

Then let your finger go as far inside as you can. You can now find your prostate over the upper wall or four rectal cavity. Press down at your prostate repeatedly, first upon the mid, and then at each side. The repeat the pressing, but now let your fingertip glide foreard along your whole prostate at each press.

Perineal massage with a vibrator

Instead of using your fingers, you can use a dildo-shaped vibrator for the massage. The device can be used with or without vibration. Basically you use it the same way as you would use your fingers.

You can also press the vibrator down at each point and keep it pressed down some time an let the virabtions from the device treat the area and proagate deep inside in all directions.

Bladder massage with a vibrator

You can use the vibrator as you use your fingers. Do not use the tip perpendiculat at the area, but use the sides of the end of the vibrator. By pressing the vibrator down and let it work, you get a treatment that reches far inside, for example to all the structures in your prostate area.

Anal massage with a vibrator

You can insert a thin vibrator into your rectal opening and massage the rims of your and with circular movements or movenebts from side to side, forewards and baxkwards or in quere directions. You can also just lay still and let the vibrations treat the anal area and propagate far in all direction so that your whole pelvic area is treated.

By using a vibrator which is bent in the end, the type that women use for stimulating the G-spot you can massage your prostate and also treat it with vibrations.

Making your anus more elastic

Many men have problems with a too narrow, tight and rigid anal opening, This is a problem if you practice anal intercource, but it can also make it difficult during bowel movements and create uncomfortable feelings that interfere with your sex life.

The anus can gradually be made more flexible with daily treatment using dildos or dildo-shaped vibrators. Use a well lubricated dildo. Relax an press the dildo against your anal opening. Gradually increase the pressure until the dildo glides in. Lay calm and let the dildo stay inside some time. You can also use the vibrations when it is inside to increase the effect. The first days you use a thin dildo, only about two-three centimeters at its thickest place. The next day you use a thicker dildo. At last you go up to an evnen thicker size. You can also get dildos that can be pumped up. If you use one of these, pump it up to a size so that you can feel it stretches, but still feels comfortable.

Pelvic exercises to strengthen the sexual abilities ond physiology of men

Gymnastic exercises involving the pelvic muscles have a lot of positive health effects, both for women and men. For a man they will increase the orgasmic ability so that the orgasms get longer, contain more physical feelings and give a deeper and higher erotic ecstacy.

Many men suffer from a sluggish and weak pelvic floor, just as many women. This problem causes the anal area to sagg down and the anus to protrude, and makes it difficult during passage of stool and urination. These exercises can help against problems caused by sluggish muscles in the pelvic floor. Such exercises also improve the prostatic health and may even save life by contributing to prevent prostatic cancer.

A. PC exercises

Some of these exercises are called PC exercises, because they are performed using the pubucoccygeus muscles situated around the lower sides of the continuation of the penis going from the visible penile root to under the prostate of the man, a structure that also the urehra goes through, and also using the urethral spincter placed just under the bladder. These are the muscles that are in action during ejaculation. The urethral spincter hinders the urine from comming out during ejaculation and hinders the semen to go up into the bladder. The pubococcygeus muscle participates in driving the semen out.

PC exercises, also called Kegels exercises (after Arnold Kegel, M.D., the gynecologist who developed them over 40 years ago), are the means of improving this muscle.Strengthening and learning to control this muscles is THE sex secret. Maybe it sounds too good to be true, but there's now a simple, foolproof way for men to boost their partners' and their own pleasure during lovemaking.

It involves doing a set of easy to learn pelvic-muscle exercises called Kegels . Women have been practicing these moves for years to intensify their orgasms and increase their partners' stimulation. Now, sex therapists and researchers have discovered that both partners can benefit sexually when men do Kegels too.

B. Here are some variations of PC exercises:

1. Urination exercises: This combination is practical for a man who wants to learn how locate the PC muscles. Some time when you have the urge to urinate, sit on the toilet with your legs spread, start to urinate, then try to stop the flow. (The PC muscle is the one you squeeze to do this.) After restarting the flow, you can can squeese to stop the flow once again. It is important that you relax completely after squeesing so that the urin start to flow fully again before squeesing once again. You should first try holding the contraction for several seconds three or four times. Over the next few weeks, you can gradually increase the time of the contraction until you hold it for 10 to 15 seconds. It may take several attempts to actually isolate the PC muscle--the buttocks muscles have a tendency to kick in if the legs aren't kept wide. When a man has familiarized himself with the sensation of contracting the PC muscle, he's ready to practice holding the contractions.

2. PC squeezes: Squeeze and release your PC muscle 10-20 times. Be sure you relax the PC muscle completely between each squeese. Then pauce for 15 seconds, then squeese again 10-20 times. Then pauce and repeat squeesing a third time. Do this every day. This will greatly anhance your erection power. Continual practice will ensure you a rock hard erection, any time you desire, as well as giving you the ability to actually hold back your orgasm as long as you desire simply by flexing your PC muscle.

3. Long squeeze: Hold PC muscle clamped tight for a count of twenty... or as long as you can. Then pauce to rest, and then repeat.

4. PC flutter: Tighten the PC muscle as slowly as you possibly can. At some point it will "flutter," and you'll feel energy sparkling up your spine. Concentrate on deep, slow breathing while you do this - great for restoring energy when you're running down!

5. Combined breathing and PC exercise: Breath in completely, and relax your PC muscles completely while breathing in. Then breath out completely squeesing your PC muscles. Repeat this 10-15 times.

6. Kegel hold during intercourse: After a few months of diligent practice, a man should be ready to try using the Kegel hold during intercourse to delay ejaculation. But first he must familiarize himself with the sensation known as ejaculatory inevitability--the point at which he can no longer hold back an ejaculation. He will feel an uncontrollable urge to ejaculate as his prostate gland and seminal vesicles contract. Once a man has developed an awareness of this sensation, he can then learn to produce a PC contraction before he reaches that point of no return. (Another option is for a man to try practicing this technique on his own while masturbating.)

C. Exercise for the levator ani muscles

Also the muscles further back in the man's pelvic area should be regularly exercised. These muscles are called the levator ani (rectal lifter) because they lift and hold the anal opening and rectum in place. This exercise can be combined with a special kind of breathing. Thereby the exercise will also be beneficial for the internal organs higher up in the body. Do the exercise this way.

Sit upright in a chair, or lay straight on the bed.

Breath completely out using both your stomach muscles, your solar plexus and your breast muscles , and then breath in again. Hold the breath, while holding the breath do as follows 3-5 times:

- Use the muscles around your rectal opening and pull your rectal opening inwards as long as you can without straining too much.

- Relax your pelvic muscles again so that your rectal opening falls back in its original place.

Breath out.

D. Some more about the PC exercises

Most men can do Kegels anywhere, since they're seldom aroused by the exercises; women may want to practice Kegels in private since for them, the increased blood flow to the pelvic region is more likely to spark arousal. Continued over a lifetime, the exercises can help men (and women) head off urinary incontinence later in life. That plus greater arousal, enhanced orgasms and longer-lasting sex make these some of the simplest, most beneficial exercises a man or woman can do. I do at least 5 sets of a hundred every day, and some days I even go for 10 sets.. This exercise, without a doubt, can increase your sexual performance 10 fold.

In his recent book, "The New Male Sexuality (Bantam Books, 1992), psychologist Bernie Zilbergeld, Ph.D., claims that many of his male patients who practiced pelvic-muscle contractions over time reported increased sexual sensation and more intense orgasms. That's not all. Over the past 20 years, William Hartman, Ph.D., and Marilyn Fithian, Ph.D., co-directors of the Center for Marital and Sexual Studies in Long Beach, California, have prescribed Kegel exercises to more than 1,300 male patients who were troubled by erection problems. Most of the men who did the exercises as prescribed reported firmer erections than before.

Kegel exercises both strengthen and tone the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle-which runs from front to back in men's and women's pelvises--as well as the surrounding pelvic muscles. The PC muscle is what helps bring a man or woman to climax, and, along with other pelvic muscles, it also controls urination.

What's more, nearly 200 of Dr. Hartman and Dr. Fithian's male patients who practiced Kegels learned to delay ejaculation, enabling them to prolong sex to their own and their partner's satisfaction. And most surprising, 10 percent of these men were eventually able to have multiple orgasms--that is, two or more climaxes during a single act of intercourse before ejaculating. (Orgasm and ejaculation don't always occur simultaneously in men.)

With so many sexual benefits, Kegels are the perfect "exercises" for men as well as women to master. Besides helping to create the physical conditions that enhance lovemaking, the exercises can spice up sex in another way as well. "Partners can take turns tightening their pelvic muscles during intercourse," explains Dr. Hartman. "Each will feel the other's muscle contractions, which adds to the excitement."

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