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How do wrinkles appear in the skin?

As the years go by, the cells in both the upper skin layer (epidermis) and the layer under, (dermis) do not divide as fast as before. Then the skin gets thinner, and so also the outermost horny protective sheet. The thinner skin, looses water and protective oils. The dry skin fallen together this way will get a wricled structure.

Sun damage is a reason for this development. Eccessive sun rays will damage the genetic material in the skin celles, both in the epitelial cells in the epidermis, and the fibre producing cells in the dermis.

Also the skin cells tend to loose their ability to divide by an internel cell process. As each cell division occur, the cromosome ends shorten, and after some time the cells loose the ability to divide. The shortening of the chromosome ends can be rapaired by the cells themselves, but this rapair process is often not effective.

Lack of essential nutrient is also a cause for slow regeneration of skin cells, and thus for thin skin and wrincles. Also poisons from the environment and the food can give this effect. The reapir process of the chromosome ends is dependent of a good nutritional status.

The skin also becomes less elastic as the years pass on, because the molcules of the structure protein collagen get cross-linked and gradually form an unelastic mesh. Collagen gets crooss-bound for several reasons.

Sun rays can cause this type of cross binding and loosened elasticity. Excessive blood sugar can also cause collagen cross-bining. The Clucose molecules bind to the collagen and cause so-called certoli-bodies. The certoli-bodies then bind to each other and cause cross-links. A diet with eccessive sugar orother fast absorbable carbohydrates wil therefore contribute to wrincle formation. So wil also the disease diabetes, especially if it is untreated.

Mechanical wear and tear will worsen the problem. Mechanical impacts can cause wrincles or stretch-marks to appear suddenly, in all ages. But, as long as the skin is young and healthy, the injury will soon be healed. This do not as easily occur in aged skin, and the wricles from mechanical impact tend to get permanent.

Principles of preventing skin aging

One basic principle of preventing skin aging is to supply the skin with necessary building material for tissue development, repair and regeneration. This is basicly done by keeping a diet of high quality. However, it may be wise to take an extra supplement of certain nutrients.

-Lecitine is such a nutrient. Lecitine is a sort of fat which contains phosfate. The cell walls of every cell contain lecitine, and the substance is essential for tissue building and regeneration. Lecitine must be supplyed orally.

-Essential fat oils are also a group of nutrients that easily get in shortage. These oils are a component of the substance between skin cells. They make the skin elastic, lubricate the skin and protect the skin against external impacts. They also help to make the skin hostile to dangerous bacteria. The esential oils can be supplyed both orally and topically.

Olive oil is a source of fat substances good for the skin. Olive oil of good quality can be applied directly onto the skin fro protection and healing. The fatty sunbstance squalane is a hydocarbon naturally occuring in the skin to make it elastic and for protection. Squalane can also be used in a thin layer upon the skin to induce healing. You can of cource also buy products where olive oil, squalane and other natural oily substances are used as ingrediets. Squalene is a related natural substance that can be used for healing actions in the body, but squalene is not so good to apply on the skin as squalane since it more easily gets oxidized.

Another principle of keeping the skin young, is to furnish the skin with factors used as tools in tissue growth and regeneration. Also here a basic good diet is essential. But some working substances should be added as an extra supply:

-Lecitine also contain components used as signal substances necessary to coordinate tissue regeneration, like cholin, inositol, ethanolamine and cerine.

-Some vitamins are tools in protein syntesis or other anabolic processes, and therfore essential for skin regeneration, for example folic acid, Pro-Vitamin A (or Carotene), Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B6

-Some minerals are also necessary for building activities, especially zink and magnesium, but also copper and celenium.

A third principle of preventing skin aging, is to furnish the skin with anti-oxydants that prevent attacks by free radicals through the diet. Many substances work as anti-oxydants. Examples are vitamine E, bioflavonides and vitamin C.

A fourth principle is to protect the skin and stimulate it to heal by applying topical creams. The skin secretes natural fats, waxes and oils to protect itslef from impacts from the environment, and to support elasticity and structural integrity. The skin also has a natural content of tissue fluids, between the cells. These natural substances also helps the skin to get read of wastes, and supports a healthy flow of blood and tissue fluid through the skin. However, use of cosmetics, washing regimes to get rid of cosmetics, dry climate, sun exposure, cold weather and a lot of other factors take away or hurt the natural content of these substances. Therefore furnishing the skin with new oils and factors to help the skin hold the water content is useful. Also vitamins, herbal extracts and other substances that stimulate healing can be furnished through topical products.

A fifth principle is to protect the skin against excessive exposure to sun rays. Some sun ray exposure is however, not dangerous, and may even stimulate the skin to grow more robust and to heal from injuries. Some sun exposure can also help alleviate inflammation processes in the skin. Excessive exposure to the sun rays, however, accelerates the aging process.

By long sun exposure, a sun protection crram should threfore be used. However, do not trust the sun protection cream too much. They never work as well as the label tells. Therefore, after some time you should cover your skin with clothes to protect it from damage by sun rays.

A proper diet containing much fish also have a sun protecting capability.

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