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Hereditary hair Thinning and Baldness - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

The ordinary kind of hair loss ( allopecia ), called hereditary hair loss, can affect both men and women, but women are usually affected less than men. The condition is so common that it nearly can be regarded as a part of the normal aging process.



The pattern of hair loss and baldness are different for men and women. On men special areas on the head begin get totally bald. These areas are usually at both sides of the front, and the top back side of the head. The hair loss then progresses with these areas extending, and at last most of the head can be totally without hair.

Other men may experience that the hair begins to disappear around the whole front part of the scalp, and then the hair rim is withdrawing backwards gradually, and at last the whole scalp can be bald.

On women all the hair on the head begins thinning, and then gradually progress over the whole head for many years. Women seldom get totally bald, but the hair often gets so thin that the scalp is clearly visible through the hair. Sometimes areas on the head get bald.

The hairs do not however stop growing completeley before a very long time. What actually happens is each hair get extremely short and thin so that it is difficult to se it, and even when the hair do not grow out any longer, the hair root is still living a very long time. Therefore it is possible to reewake the hair growth.



The skin has there layers: The outer layer, called epidermis, consists of epithelial cells. Under this lies the dermis consisting of connective tissue. At the bottom there is a layer called the hypodermis consisting mostly of fat cells.

The skin has narrow pores, hair follicles, extending from the surface down to the top of the sub-dermis, called hair follicles. A hair extend from a growth zone in the bottom of each hair follicle and out at the skin surface

By the common form of hair loss, a substance in the body, di-hydroxy-testosterone (DHT), influence the cells in the hair follicles and make these cells divide less so that the production of hair slows or stops.

DHT is a metabolic product from testosterone, the male sex hormone. Also women have some amount of testosterone and DHT in their body, and therefore hair loss also affect women.

Only cells that are susceptible to the influence from DHT will slow the growth process. This susceptibility is inherited from the parents by some individuals, and not by other. Follicle cells in the lower parts of the head are usually also resistant against the influence from DHT, and therefore these areas seldom get bald.

The effectiveness of hair growth will not only be affected by DHT, but the amount of stimulating substances like vitamins, minerals and hormones will also affect the follicles, and possible in a positive direction. Therefore all individuals susceptible to the influence of DHT will not lose hair in the same extent.

Lack of iron is a specific cause of hair loss, and will in addition aggravate hereditary hair loss.



There are many conditions that can cause hair loss, and these can blend with hereditary causes. Alleviating these other causes can therefore greatly alleviate the hair loss even though the hereditary component remains.

- Infection in the scalp by fungi, such as "black dot" tinea or tinea capitis
- Overuse of chemical breakage or chemical relaxers
- Heat damage from over-use of hot comb
- Chronic exposure to traction on hair shaft such as "traction" alopecia
- Compulsive hair pulling such as trichotillomania
- Hypothyroidism, a condition where the thyroid gland produces too little hormones, resulting in sluggish activity within many body functions.
- Iron deficiency
- Alopecia areata, an auto-immune disorder giving hair loss in sharp areas on the scalp or body, but can spread to the whole scalp or the whole body.
- Telogen effluvium - This is the dendency af hair to be shed prematurely. It can be caused by any physical or psychological stress
- Genodermatosis, a heriditary disorder resulting in skin inflammation also attcking the hair shaft.
- Secondary syphillitic attacks in the scalp
- Lupus erythematosus with skin affections. Lupus is an autoimmune rheumatic inflammatory disease that can affect any body part.
- Lichenplanopilaris
Pseudopelade of Brocq - This is a name of the end stage of scarring from many causes leading to hair loss.
- Tufted folliculitis, a doll-hair-pattern-like loss of hair caused by scarring after skin damages or skin diorders.
- Dissecting cellulitis
- Alopecia mucinosa - In this disease abnormal slime substances are secreted by the sebaceous glands and are depoisited in these glands and hair follicles. Then the immune system reacts against the deposits and cause destruction of the follicles.
- Keratosis follicularis spinulosa decalvans - In this heriditary disorder skin structures and structires in the eyes are thickend and degenerated. The degeneration process includes loss of function in the hair follicles and baldness.
- Adverse effect from certain drugs such as chemotherapy
- Radiotherapy against the scalp
- Testosterone booster tablets. To boost one's own testosterone level can have many beneficial effects, but sometimes with the prize of loosing hair.

Chemotherapy has a well-known toxic effect on the cell in the hair phollicles causing hair loss. But when the chemotherapy is finnished, the hair can come back stronger that before and also darker than before. This may be because chemotherapy decreases the production of testosterone and may be the loss of follicular cells revoke stem cells to produce new follicular cells that divide more amply that those existing before.



Having a good diet giving the body vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in the right amount may slow down the speed of hair loss.

There exist pharmacological products on the market that can help against hair loss, but usually not 100% effectively. Medicines used to treat prostate hypertrophy have been proven to stop hair loss and to get hair to regain, because these drugs block the substance DHT.

Finasteride: Finasteride is a hair growth promotor drug used by androgen alopecia in men. It is sold as many different products that are prescription bound, for example Propecia. Finasteride is a type II 5-alpha-reductase (5aR) inhibitor that reduces the transformation of testosterone (T) to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The drug was originally  used in the treatment of benign prostate enlargement and it was discovered that men given the drug got better hair growth as a positive side effect.

Men with alopecia androgenetica have elevated levels of DHT in areas of scalp with hair loss. DHT contributes to a shortened growth phase, the miniaturization of hair follicles and fewer number of visible hairs. Finasteride reduces DHT in serum and scalp. The result is an inhibition and reversal of the proces of hair geowth reduction.

Finasteride stimulates the  number of hairs to increase in 66% of users over a period of 2 years, against 7% for placebo. The medicine is registered for in the U.S, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, Mexico and other countries.

Minoxidil: Minoxidil is originally a drug for high blood pressure to take orally that makes blood vessels relaxe. It was discovered that it also stimulated the hair to grow better. There are several drugs on the market that use minoxidil as the main working ingredient. Minoxidil is also marketed under the proper name minoxidil. In some countries these drugs in concentrations used for hair loss are sold prescription free.

The drugs are to be applied topically on the scalp, typically 2-3 times each day. To get some results you have to wait 3 to 5 months.  Minoxidil reduces or stops hair loss, in some cases it also makes hair grow back.

Trade names of drugs containing minoxidil are: Aloxidil, Minovital, Minoximen, Regaine, Tricoxidil, where it is present in a solution of 2% or 5%, along with varying amounts of water, alcohols and glycols.

The 5% solution is more effective than 2%, which can be useful if one want to enhance generally the mass of hair. The greater concentrations also has a chance of reducing blood pressure due to systemic absorption, which can be seen as an unwanted or dezired effect.

At some places minoxidil can be prepared in  pharmacies in the form of galenic preparations, resulting in cost savings over the commercial versions.

Minoxidil is used  strictly topically against hair loss. It is without dangerous or unpleasant side effects when used temporarily up to 5 months. However, the continuous use of the product may cause: hypotension, headache, irregular heartbeat, distorted vision, local pain, scaling and acne.

The drug is not documented for use against seborrheic alopecia, for minors and people above 60 years. In the cure AGA it is used in combination with finasteride taken orally.



Many natural ingredients are reported to  give signal to the cells in the hair follicles to accelerate growth, for example procyanidin B2.

Some people report that a supplement of the vitamine biotin slows down hair loss and stimulates hair growth. Good sources of biotin is cauliflower, egg yolks, peanuts, liver, chicken, yeast and mushrooms.

Other natural compounds block oxidative attacks on the follicle constituents, like L-arginine.

Natural blockers of the  DHT are also used in natural extracts. Saw palmetto extract contains constituents that gives more or less the same effect as Minoxidil.

Still other ingredients can hinder much of the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Grean tea extract contain these kinds of effectors.

There are many natural products on the market to help against hair loss. These products often contain several substances working together by different principles.



Laser therapy against bald areas on the scalp has been tried, and are said to be effective against hair loss. The therapy works partly by warming the tissues and thereby stimulating the blood circulation and partly by stimulating chemical processes at cellular level (photobiostimulation). By the last mechanism special molecules, chromophores, absorb the light and make energy available for other specific chemical reactions. For example will some of them bring oxygen atoms to a higher energy level and these oxygen atoms will then participate in other chemical reactions.

Usually red laser beams of the wvelength 670 nm are used since these penetrate deep into the tissue. Low energy visible light is also especially good at stimulating certain chemical cell functions through photobiostimulation, and this is also a reason for using this wavelength. But also other wavelengths seem to give specific useful stimulating effects on the cell level, and lasers delivering other wavelangths are therefore also used, for example 632,8 nn, 635 nm, 650 nm, 660 nm, 670 nm, 780 nm, 820 nm, 830 nm, 904 nm. The lasers used either give pulsed light of high intensity or less intense continous light.



By surgery hair follicles from parts of the scull or neck immune to DHT are moved to bold areas.

Surgery is a good treatment when the bald areas are of limited extent, but makes poorer results when extended areas are treated, because the available hair to transplant will be thinned out too much in those cases.

There are several surgical methods available. A traditional method is to take out small skin slices with groups of follickles one by one and transplant them to the new place.

A much used method nowadays is to surgically remove an extended skin sheet, and then take out single follickles from that sheet one by one and transplant them. The area where the skinh sheet is taken out must be repaired by loosing the skin around this area from the scalp by snitting under the circumphaerance of the area, then pulling the skin together over the open sore and then sew it together.

It is also possible to implant artificial hair into the scalp. By this method, large bald areas can be covered, but the treatment implies a certain danger for infection, and requires good hair hygiene afterwards.



Allopecia areata - another common hair loss condition

Another common kind of hair loss, allopecia areata, is a sudden hair loss at parties of the scalp or body. Around 1 per cent of men and women get this ailment. This kind of hair loss tend to heal after some time.

In the beginning the patient gets aware of a hairless spot on his head, the beard, or another location on the body. The skin on these spots is in no way changed, it's just not a hair there. At the rim of the area there are often small hairs with a small point at the base. The spots are mostly round or oval. Sometimes there is only one spot, in others more.

The spots tend to grow larger and flow together, sometimes the patient for a time is  completely hairless on the head (alopecia totalis) or entire body (alopecia universalistic ') or without eyebrow or pubic hair. The disease is not dangerous but has above all cosmetic follows, which may represent major psychological stress for the patient.

The hair will often return after some time by itself. For 90% of the patients the symptoms disappeared after two years. When the hairs begins to grow out again, they can be without pigments the first time.

The exact cause of the condition is not known, but there is probably an autoimmune reaction against the hair follickle that the hair grows out from.

A usual regimen with tihs condition is to wait till it resolves by itself. Steroid hormons have sometimes shown to be useful as treatment. Sometimes it is recommended to use a wig to help for cosmetic consequences and following psychological problems.



Some medicines against hair problems

Advecia - Pills to treat hair loss  - for men and women: Advecia is a new all-natural herbal supplement with ingredients proven to provide hair follicles with essential nutrients that aid in strengthen the hair follicle and the production of hair from the follicles. It may slow down or stop hair loss and may rewake dormant follicles.

Working ingredients: Saw Palmetto extract to inhibit the syntesis of DHT, Green Tea Extract to inhibit the syntesis of DHT, L-Arginine to protect the cells that produce hair from from oxidant attacks, Beta Sitosterol and other Phytosterols to inhibit the production of DHT , L-Lysine to stimulate the activity of the hair producing cells, Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vininfera) to stimulate hair growth, Proanthocyanidins and Procyanidins to stimulate the cells in the hair follicle to greater activity.

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Profollica - Hair care set against hair loss - for men and women: - This is a total hair care package with effective substances to treat hair loss - containing a shampoo, a gel and herbal supplement. Loss or thin hair can also be a problem for women, and the product is suited as well for women as for men. The set hinders the metabolite DHT that is responsible for hair loss, it gives a higher blood circulation to the hair follicles and stimulates hair growth.

Som of the effecting ingredients in the products are: Kigelia Afrcana Extract to block enzymes in the DHT reaction chain, Gingko Biloba Extract to stimulate the circulation in the scalp capillaries, Cinnamomumb Zeylanicum Extract to remove bacteria and DHT from the scalp, Salvia Sclarea Extract to help neutralize DHT and also stimulating growth, Panax Ginseng Root Extract to stimulate strengthening of the scalp.

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ONLYhairloss - general hair loss treatment store: - This is a general stor of heair loss treatment drugs, both natural and pharmaceutical based. Here you can find many of the well reputated hair loss treatment products, for example: Hair genesis, viviscal, Shen min, Nuhair, Revivogen, Tricomine, Rogaine, Nanogen, NuGenHP, Folligen, minoxidil, Thymuskin, FNS, Procarin. If you are interested in a product containing special ingredients, you will probably find it here. The product hair genesis and others contain for example the vitamine biotin.


Minoxidil - a scientifically proven pharmacological drug against hair loss: - Minoxidil is a pharmaceutical drug that has been proven to stimulate hair growth. (Only shipped within USA)


VITAMINS/MINERALS - Balance point - for men and women: Some people report that taking an extra supplement of vitamins helps against hair loss and stimulate the air to grow better, especially the vitamine biotin. This supplement contain all needed minerals and vitamins, including biotin.

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