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How to do body massage - about massage techiques for different purposes

Learn how to massage your friend for relaxation, muscular flexibility, health improvement and erotic stimulation.

When friends or lovers give each other sensual body massage, both the resceiving part and the giving part benefit emotionally and gain sensual bodily pleasure.

The resceiver of the massage will relaxe tense muscles, get an improved blood circulation and get a better lymphe drainage. He will also get softer and more flexible muscles, and hard or rigid areas will loose up. In this way he will get an improved physical agility.

You can also stimulate the sexual pleasure zones in your body and get different shades of erotic stimulation by adapting massage techiques at the right body areas.

How much you get of each of these benefits will however depend on the techique you use. Therefore you should consider what penefits you primarily want to achieve, and adapt your massage techique for your exact purpose.

Massaging across the muscle fibres

This type of massage is very good to relaxe tense muscles and a stressed mind. The method is also good to loosen up tense and hard areas in the muscles.

By this technique you perform the massage by rubbing or gripping across the direction of the muscle fibres. This is the same as massaging across the direction along which the muscle contracts. For long muscles this will be the same as massaging in the direction from one side to the other.

You take one area after the other. You begin by massaging each area lightly, superficially and slowly to warm up, and then proceed by massaging deeper, harder and more swiftly.

According to the size and conditions of the area you treat, you can use different types of manipulation. You can use a couple of fingers at a small area you work on, or to reach deeply into a tense point  You can rub with all your finger tips or with the palm of your hand at greater areas. To get a harder effect, you can use your finger knockles.

Massaging in the direction of the muscle fibres

By this method you massage the muscle in the direction from the fastening points in the tendons at one end of the muscle to the fastening point in the tendons at the other end. In this way you will massage along the muscle fibres, or in the direction in which the muscle contracts.  For long muscles, for example the muscles in the legs and the arms, or in the middle of the back,  this will be the same as massaging along the length of the muscle.

You shall allways stroke in the direction of the blood stream towards the central veins and the heart.

By this method the muscles will loose up and get more flexible and  mobile. The blood circulation through the muscles will improve. The muscles will get a better drainage of tissue fluid into the lymph system, and the further lymphe drainage towards the central blood veins will also improve,  and thereby swollen muscles will normalize. These effects will in turn make tired muscles faster regain good condition.

Also now you take one area ofter the other, but try to reach the whole length of a muscle or muscle group at each stroke. Also by this massage, you begin massaging at each area lightly, superficially and slowly to warm up, and then proceed by massaging deeper, firmer and somewhat faster.

Also by this longitudinal massage, you can press down and stroke with your finger tips, with all your fingers, or grip around a muscle or muscle group with your fingers.

Percussion massage

Percussion is also a techique you can use. By this techique you are knocking swiftly at the body parts you massage. You can nock with your finger tips or the edge of your hand to get an effect deep into the muscular tissue or with flat fingers to get a superficial effect. To get an effect that have both a deep and wide effect, you can bend your fingers and knock with the outer side of your fingers. A variant of the techique is to have contact with your fingers at the area you treat all the time, but moove swiftly up and down.

It is important to find the right speed and use the right degree of forse so you are not hurting the area.  You can however begin with a very light forse and gradually nock somewhat harder.

The technique is good to increase the blood circulation in an area. If you use the techique at the stomack you can get an effect upon the intestines also, and stimulate the organs in your stomach to work more effectively.

Massaging with an electric massage device

Most elctric massage devices are vibrating up and down. This vibration mostly give the same effect as the massage across the muscle fibers. If you also stroke with the device head along the muscle in the direction of the blood stream towards the heart, you will simultaneously also achieve the effects of longitudinal massage.

Use of oils and ointments during massage

applying a massage oil or ointment at the area you work at, you ease the massage work and increase the effects of the massage. Your fingers glide more easily upon the skin covering the area. The blood supply of the skin and muscles will be stimulated. You get a sensual and exciting scent on the area and in the air. Ingredients in the oil will ameliorate muscular ache and pain.

Some of these oils have a neutral smell and remain on the top of the skin surface. These oils will mainly ease the movements and gliding during the massage. Others will penetrate deep into the skin and give a theraputic effect of it s own. Some have a aromatic and pleasant scent and will give a pleasant and theraputic effect throug the sensual stimulation of the olfactory organ senses.

According to the composition of the massage oil, there will be variable therapeutic effects.

For example can some oils increase the blood flow in the muscles, effect an elimination of vastes stuck in the msucle tissue and effect faster regeneration of tired or hurt muscle tissues. Some oils can alleviate pain from rheumatic conditions. Many oils can also give a relaxation effects for the muscles and the mind and help to get a better sleep afterwords.

Generally the deeper penetrating oils will also give a theraputic effect upon the skin, give moisture to the skin so that it gets more elastic, and help the skin heal from injury and inflammatory processes. The aromatic variants will also increase the blood circulation in the skin  and make it possible for the skin to get rid of vastes.

Combining the massage with muscular stretching

The effects of the massage can be increased by also stretching the limbs and body parts of the person you work on. Stretch in the natural movement directions of the limb or body parts until you reach some resistance. Do not stretch hard to go beyond the resistance point. However, by holding the limb some time at the resistance point will often cause the limb to relax, and then you can go some way further.

Sometimes you can increase the effect by rapidly stretching and relaxing the limb several times. Then you can hold the stretch some longer time. This way the limb and the joint that is flexed during stretching get wormed up, itching in the limb due to tension and tiredness more easily alleviates, and the limb relaxes more easily.

You can also increase the effect by rotating the limb in a circle, keeping it slightly stretched during rotation, and then hold the limb stretched  in a specific direction some time.

A variant of stretching is to rotate the limb around its own axis clockwise util the joint is stretched, holding the stretch and then rotate the limb counterclockwise and holding the stretch. To get a good hold of the limb when rotating, you can keep the limb flexed at a joint further out than that joint in which the limb is rotated.

Colonic massage

During the massage you can also vitalize the function of inner organs, especially the colon, and thereby help hinder or cure constipation, bloating, stomach cramps and other unlpeasant symptoms.

Stroke with a deep touch form the lower right side of the stomach up to the upper right side, then stroke over the stomach from right to left in a slight bow just under the navel and far high up at the left side. The stroke further down to the lower left side of the stomach, and at last from there over to the lower rign side agsin, thus fulfilling a full circle. Make more such circles in a relaxed pace. By stroking this way you follow the colon all the way in the direction where the content is pushed naturally.

In stead of stroking along the colon in such a circle you can also follow the colon and cknock down on the area you follow with gentle but sppedy pushes by your fist, or shake up and down at the points. You cam also stimulate the function of the colon by pressing down on certain points for some time, espcially at the high right side, the high left side and the lower left side. The pressure is especially effective if you do not press right down but instead some queerely in the direction of the natural content flow.

How hard should you perform the massage?

Tired and stiff muscles are often tender and aching. Working at a tender point will always cause some temporal pain. However, if you use the right degree of firmness, the effect of the massage should cause an immediate release of pain and tenderness when you have finished working at a point. You should never work so hard that the pain is felt nearly unbearable, or so hard that pain remains after the massage is finished. If you do so, you can hurt or aggravate already existing tissue damage.

To perform the right firmness you should monitor the reactions of the person you work at and listen to his comments. You should also never perform a massage on an area with a distinct inflammation or a distinct injury.

Massaging for bodily joy and to tease up you partner sexually
To give your friend sensual body pleasure you can use each of the two main techniques, but you let the pleasure of the person you massage decide the technique, the area you massage and the firmness of the massage. Usually gently touching and caressing will be the right manner.

To arouse you partner sexually, begin by massaging body areas at some distance from the intimate zones, and gradually approach the intimte anatomical regions of your partner. Eventually you reach the genitals, the buttock area and the area between the legs.

You can caress and the genital lips of a women with your finger tips with movements from the cleft and querely outwards and somewhat upwards towards the side of the stomach. In this way the area around the openings in the vulvar cleft are gently stretched.

You can gently take the scrotum of a man in your hand, and massage with your fingers from the underside upwards towards the penis. You can proceed massaging the penis gently from the base to the tip with your finger tips held around the penis. You can also use your finger tips between the man's legs and caress and stroke this area from the back towards the scrotum.

Caress the buttocks by taking a whole hand around each buttock and stroking upwards towards the back region. You can also use your finger tips and stroke outwards and somewhat upwards from the rectal region so that the structures around the rectal opening are gently stretched.

Also your own pleasure shall decide. Do not wear out yourself by too much straining when administering the masage, and the person resceiving the massage should be willing to repay you by doing the same favour to you.

by Knut Holt

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