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About body-building and body sculpturing - how to get a good looking body

Body-building has two main effects: You get bigger muscles. You get stronger, and your body changes shape. If you have not set any goal for the development of your bodily proportions, and planned your training according to these goals, your body-building activities can give results you do not like.


First of all you must define goals for the proportions between your body parts. Many people will for this goal choose a classical standard like this: Slim around the mid, flat stomach, round buttocks, muscular thies and calves, strong muscles around the shoulders and on the breast, and fairly strong arms. This classical ideal gives a balance between the lower body and upper body.

Others, however, will prefere a more v-shaped body shape with nore muscle mass at the upper body than the lower.

You must also decide how much fat you want to have on your body. Some persons prefere to hae so little fat that the muscles are clearly visible, others prefere to have an even layer of fat that makes the body look smooth. Neither too little nor too much fat is hoever  healthy.

A feature that many find attractie is a 6-pack. A six-pack is strong belly muscles covered only by a very thin layer of fat

Then you must compare your goal with your actual body shape, and note all points that need special attention in order to achieve these goals.

- You must define which body parts have to develop greater muscle mass

- You must define which body parts need to loose fat, or perhaps gain more fat.

- You must also decide if you want changes in you posture, or correct unwanted curvatures or bendings, and you must define these changes. By consistent training you can greatly improve your posture.

Then you should consider wheather your goals are realistic, and adjust your goals if they are not so.

Then you must make a plan for your training, your diet and otherwise for your lifestyle.




There are three main things defining your body shape: The amount and distribution of muscle mass, the amount and distribution of fat and the flexibility of your spinal culumn and your joints. In addition your digestive condition and general health condition can be of importance. A bad digestion can make your stomach engorged and this can have a very string impact upon your body shape. Many chronic conditions can cause edema, and also this can disturbe the body shape.

Therefore you must use several different methods to achieve the wanted shape: Muscle training, condition training, right diet, possibly slimming and streching exercises.  Improvement of posture will result from the combination of stronger muscles and flexibility training.

If there are special condition causing engorgement of your stomach or edema, also these must be adressed. The exercises will to some extent also help against these problems, but in addition it may be necessary to address them directly.



Then you must make a plan for your training, your slimming, your diet and otherwise for your lifestyle. A repetitive three day's plan with training 45 minutes to one hour each day will give you great results, if the plan is consistently adhered to:

In day one you perform exercises to gain muscular mass and muscular strength. You should train all your muscles, but those body parts where you have planned to get must muscles, should be exercised the most.

In day two you perform condition training. In day three you stretch out and get rest from hard exercises.



Weight lifting or analogous training where you work against reistance will develop your muscle strength and muscle mass.

To achieve the right shape, you must train the most the muscles in those body parts where you want to gain muscle mass.

The muscles in body parts where your allready have the prefered muscle volume shall get enough training to maintain your muscles and strength, but not more.

If you have posture problems, curvatures or bendings in body parts caused by weak muscles or bad habits, these can often be helped for by strengthening the muscles that flex the body parts in the opposite direction. If however, the bending is due to scoliosis or some other disease under progression, the problem need professional treatment.



You must also do exercises that enhance your general condition, like jogging, swimming, playing ball, and cycling. Condition training will improve your general health and make it easier for you to loose fat.

Choose something that you find funny, and you can also vary between different activities. It is also good to invite some friends to exercise together with you on this day.



If parts of your body are unelastic and little mobile, this wil cause parts of your body to curve in wrong directions. The most common is a foreward curvature of your upper spine and neck. To get a right body shape, you must correct this immobility and curvature by stretching exercises.

It is especially important to stretch out in the opposite directions of those where you have unwanted curvatures. Such exercises must be combined with exercises to strengthen the muscles that counteract the unwanted curvatures.

Yoga exercises are very good to enhance your flexibility and improve your general health. It is also advisable to set out some time for meditation the same day that you perform stretching exercises.



Slimming away unwanted fat is an important component of body sculpting. This does not necessarily mean that your weight goes down, since the increase of muscle size often will outweight the reduction of fat mass.

When you slim away unwanted fat, the fat in all your body parts will lessen. However, it is difficult to decide where the trimming effect will be greatest. The best advice is to slim down until no body parts has more fat then you want. Body parts that seem too slender after this process, can then be built out by muscle training.

To take away fat, you simply reduce your intake of carbohydrates and fat, but you must still get enough of carbohydrates and fat so that you have energy for your daily life and your muscular training.



To get a 6-pack you simply reduce your intake of carbohydrates and fat so that the layer of fat at your belly gets very thin, and at the same time you perform intensive training of your abdominal muscles. But take care that you do not reduce the fat and carbohydrate intake too much, however. Without an energy supply the muscular training does not work.



The diet is important for achieving and maintaining a good body shape. You must eat 3-5 good meals each day, but do not over-eat.

You need enough proteins. Every meal must have some protein-rich food sources, like: Fish, seafood, lean meat, lean cheese, foul or mushrooms. Also nuts, almonds and sunflower seeds contain protein. These are good food sources, but because of the content of fat, you should not consume too much of them. Eggs are a good protein source, but eat it in moderate amounts to avoid getting too much cholesterol.

In each meal you need some fat from natural sources and you need some carbohydrates. You should however control your consume of fat and sugar. You must not add very much fat or sugar to your food, and you must not eat too much of food with a high content of fat and sugar.

Also vary between different natural fat sources to get all the essential fatty acids you need: Fat fish, nuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, olive oil, rape oil, canola oil, flaxseed oil, marine oils, nut oils and sunflower oil. Do not use only soy oil or corn oil as many people do. Neither use much butter. Do not consume chemically altered fat.

As sources of carbohydrates use mostly full corn bread or cereals, peas, lenses or beans, but also add some sweet fruit.

In order to get enough fiber, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, every meal must have some fruit or vegetables in a natural condition. Supplements of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants and special nutrients can be of help.



Problems of body shape and apearance do not only result from excessive fat deposits and weak muscles. If your stomach is not working properly, your belly will get engorged and this engorgement gives a bad effect upon the lymph flow in your whole body. These these problems can greatly alter the body shape. In addition both bad lifestyle and several medical conditions can cause general or localized edema that gives you a fat appearance.

Right diet will and exercises will greatly help against engorged stomach and edema. Herbal medicines to make the stomach more effective can help. These will often contain fibres and other ingredients that stimulate the digestion to work more effectively, ingredients to give the stool a right consistancy and ingredients that stimulate healing of injured intestinal tissues. A program of colon cleansing and detox will often be useful in addition to the allready mentioned measures.

Natural medicines to against edema can also be necessary. These contain ingredients that improves the ballance of water and salts and ingredients that help the vein and lymph vessels to work more dynamically. Reducing salt intake and  special massage techiqes are also useful against edema.

Tho read more about measures against edema, please click here.

By Knut Holt



Products useful for body sculpting and development

Smart muscle training equipment: - Here are a couple of smart muscle and condition training products. By clicking at these links you get into online stores where you can see a much bigger collection of muscle training equipment and other body development and rehabilitation products.

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Verseo Freedom Cycle

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AquaBells Dumbbells and Ankle Weights Combo Travel Set - Aqua Bells Combo (Ankle Weights & Dumbbells)

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Growth hormone production increaser: As one ages the release of growth hormone tends to decrease. This remedy helps to increase the body's growth hormone production. Thereby it helps to restore general vitality and muscle mass. It also helps to get rid of fat at the wrong places.



Nutrient supplements for body-building and performance sport - products for men and women - All kind of supplements of proteins, carbohydrates, essential fattty acids, vitamins, minerals, performance stimulants, growth stimulants and weight-gainers for body-builders and athletes of performance sports. Please click on this banner to see the products.


Supplements of nutrients useful for developing mucle mass - These are examples of the many products you can find in the above featured store. When building muscles it is useful to have an itake both of proteins that are absobed swiftly as in whey and those aborbed more slowly as in casein.

If you have a high intake of cheese, mushrooms and meat, you allready get much of that proteins being absorbed fast, and only a supplement of swiftly absorbable protein will be useful.

If you have a high intake of easily digestible protein sources, like fish, only a supplement of slowly aborbable proteins may be useful.

In other cases a combination of these two protein categories may be appropriate as a supplement.

The first of the product shown below contains mainly whey protein that go swiftly into the bloodstream. The second one is based on casein and is absobed slowly. The third product has a blending of protein substances that are delivered both swiftly and slowly into the bloodstream from the digestive system.

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Higher Power 100% Whey Power, 5 Lbs., Cookies & Cream

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Optimum 100% Casein Protein, 4 Lbs., Chocolate Supreme

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Contouring wraps for the waist, arms and legs - Through this product link you can buy the exhibited product and find many other products for body contouring, bodily well-being and detox, for example contouring wraps for the arms and legs.

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Contouring Waist Wrap

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Help to get slim

Exitor:  Helps you get slimmer by increasing fat burning and by elevating your vitality to make you more active than before. This product does not affect uptake of fat and sugar from the intestines.

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Products useful against commons health problem that also can affect body shape

Cleansing remedy for complex bowel problems - Complex functional bowel problems that manifest themselves in a steadily varying manner from day to day and during the day can often be alleviated with a thorrough cleaning procedure.

Verseo 48-Hour Cleanse

Verseo 48-Hour Cleanse

Verseo 48 Hour Cleanse is a comprehensive natural detoxification formula. This purifying and revitalizing program fuses the proven benefits of soluble fiber with a natural antioxidant blend.


CONSTIPATION - Ectopal - Gives the bowel content a right volume and right physical properties, smears the inside of the bowel and stimulates bowel movements to pass the content along.

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BOWEL, STOMACK AND INTESTINAL IRREGULARITIES - Metabolic diet regulate. This product regulate intestinal and bowel functions to normal levels, and thereby it will also have a good effect on other body organs. The product contains soluble and insoluble fibers and ingredients helping maintain a healthy bowel bacterial flora. The product have the following effects

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CONSTIPATION and irregular bowel - Super Colon Cleanse Powder. This product helps against constipation, against irregular colon and have a detoxyfying effect. The product contain fiber-ritch herbs and seeds for the beneficial bacterium Acidophilus.

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HELP FOR EDEMA - Capisette oral pills: By edema there is an accumulation of fluid between the cells in the tissues of the body, and body parts or the wole body swells.

Capicette helps against edema by directly reducing the fluid leak through the vessel walls, by an inti-inflammatory action, by increasing the lokal blood circulation and by helping the excretion of urine.

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