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Advices and products to help by overweight or obesity

- and against problems often coupled with excessive weight

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Some basic knowledge about over-weight

Practical ways to get slim

A list of more information about obesity and slimming

Some knowledge about excessive weight

What is an over-weight

It is not allways so easy to define over-weight. There are tables telling how much a man or woman of a certain height shall weight, so called ideal weight tables.

There is also a consept called body mass index (BMI), calculated  by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in metres squared. It ic commonly thought that it should not be over 17% for men and noy over 20% for women. It should neer decrease below 8% for men and 10% for women. The figures vary somewhat between experts.

Many experts will allow and even recomend some higher fat percentage than the figures presented here, but experts are probably biased by a too weighty average population and tend wrongly to take the aevrage as a nornality measure, which not necessarily is right.

These types of conciderations are however faulty because they do not regard the ratio between the mass of muscles and the mass of fat in the body. A normal weighted woman should have 15-25 percent fat in their body.  A normal weighted man should have 10-20 percent fat in their body. All about this can be concidered over-weight.

That means that thin persons can be over-weight if they have little muscles on their body, but still a high fat percent. A thick person does not be over-weight if the thickness is composed of muscles, and not fat.

A simple method to find out if one is over-weight or not, is to take a skin-fold on your stomach between two fingers and measure the thickness of the tissue you grab hold of. If the fold between your fingers is thicker than 2,5 cm, you are probably over-weight.

Some of the fat is inside the stomack between the internal organs. If your stomack is thick and bulging, you may be over-weighted, even though you are slim elsewhere.


The western societies distorted view about weight normality

Certain branches of athletics and certain branches of the health product industry is often accused of having established an unhealthy and exaggerated skinny body type as a normality standard. This may be true to some extend, but more often the opposite is true.

Generally the populations in the western societies have increased the avarage body weight and the average body fat percentage, so that the average man and woman by now is clearly and dangeorusly over-weight. Unfortunately this overweighted average has been established as a standard and people conforming to this standard are generally called "slim". People having a true healthy weight and body fat content, are by now often called skinny or even anorectic. And by now the language used in the western societies lacks any term for people being truely anorectic.

Also doctors and other health personal are by now generally sickly over-weight themselves, and use their own sick weight status as a norm that they oblige other people to adhere to, sometimes because their own thinking about body weight is distorted and sometimes because they envy people having a true healthy body style and weight.

But what is then the wisdome you can learn from this sad status. The wisdome is simply this: You must use your own logic when deciding if you yourself is over-weight or not, and you are deciding what weight you plan to head for. You must not let other over-weight people, not even doctors, discourage you from establishing your own goals and working sytematically to reach your goals.

You should however listen to the things doctors or other persons say, listen but not obay in the first place. Then you should think about their arguments and assess them. If their arguments are logical, then learn from the arguments and make sound adjustments to your plans. If their arguments are nothing but discouraging propaganda then throw their arguments away as the garbage they then truely are.


How do you aquire an over-weight

Here are listed the detailed reasons for gaining an unwanted weight:

1. Consuming too much fat or carbohydrates (sugar) or both. Overconsume will turn into fat deposits.

3. Consuming too much alcohol:  Excessive alcohole consumed will get converted to stored  fat.

4 Eating too much of preprocessed products with added, and often hidden fat or sugar, like sweet beverages, cakes, ice-cream, fast food and snacks.

5. Too high total intake of food: Perhaps your food is not fat- or sugar-laden, but you simply eat too much all together. Also protein will be converted to fat if it is overconsumed.

6. Irregular eating can give an uncontrollable appetite, a swinging blood sugar level, and an abnormal physiology that makes you deposit fat in your body.

7. A still sitting life with little exercise so that you burn little fat and sugar.

8. Boredom in your daily life kan make you seek your main source for entertainment in the act of eating, and thus contribute to over-eating.

9. Having too little vitamins, minerals and anti-oxydants in your diet can depress the ability of your body to breake down and burn fat.

10. Keeping a bad fat profile in your diet, for example only saturated fat ( as in red meat, milk, cheese) and trans-fat (chemically altered fat often found in margarine, cookies, ice cream, etc.): In this case you will lack essential fatty acids ( omega-3, omega-6, omega-9 and mono-unsaturated) and your fat burning will be inefficient.

11. An abnormal appetite that urges you to eat far more than you need: This abnormal appetite may originate from psychological causes, an onsound diet or lack of exercise.

12. Excessive caffeine consume. Consuming caffeine containing beverages in moderate amounts may help to reduce the weight, because caffeine increases the fat burning. but heavy koffee consume gives side effect upon the sleep pattern that in turn causes over-eating an over-weight.

13. A habit of night time eating. Research has discovered that eating at night increases the body's tendency to store consumed fat and sugar as body fat and thereby contribute to obesity. This occurs even if one does not eat more totally during 24 hours because of the night time eating. A habit of night time eating should therefore be avoided.

By some people the night time eating is the main symptom of a disease called Night Time Eating Syndrome. The disease has the following symptoms: Lack of appetite in the day and especially at breakfast time, reduction of the sleep regulating hormone melatonine in the brain and lack of sleep, greatly increased appetite in the wake nighttime, night time eating and especially of fat food, consumption of more that 50% of the energy intake during night.

Depression, anxiety, excessive dieting, boredom or dissatisfaction with one's body or living situation can cause this dyndrome.

14. Too little or bad sleep. A person that does not get enough sleep or bad sleep in the night, often gets an abnormal appetite that causes over-eating and excessive weight. Bad sleep also tend to reduce the activity level during the day. Lack of sleep can have many causes. Sometimes a person just have a habit of going to bed too late, that he has to correct. Sometimes heavy coffee drinking is tha cause of bad sleep. Sometimes the bad sleep is caused by some disease that requires treatment. Drinking coffee in moderate amount may help to reduce the weight, but heavy koffee consume gives side effect upon the sleep pattern that in turn causes over-eating.



Practical ways to get thin and skinny

To be slim and get slim if you are not slim in the first place, is a good thing. To be thin is not necessarily so good. A thin person may have too litle fat on his or her body. To get skinny is even worse. If you are skinny you are way too slim.

But why then this heading for the following advices? The reason is that the average person in most countries nowadays is downright fat, plainly speaking, or even sickly fat, and is steadily growing fatter. As the average populateon is constantly growing fatter, the words thin and skinny are changing meaning. People's concept about what is normal has been disturbed. Today people that plainly speaking are too fat, are often called slim. People that has a sound weight are nowaday called thin, skinny and even anorectic. And for people being really anorectic, the modern language soon lacks any word.

Here are listed the basic principles you must follow to successfully get slim and stay slim thereafter. All effective slimming methods propagated as diet programs are nothing but special ways of using these priciples.


Investigate and plan your slimming project

Before beginning your weight reduction program, go through every possible obesity cause listed above, and ask yourself for each factor, if it contributes to your weight problem.

Having investigated your weight problem, you should make a plan for your slimming. Decide one or more measures for each factor that gives you an over-weight. Write down your plan.


How to achieve a successful weight reduction

To successfully loose weight, you must attack every causing component for your obesity problem. Here are the concrete mesures you can use, and put into your plan:


1. Reduce your fat consume

If you eat much fat, you must reduce the daily intake of fat, to do so:

* Choose fat poor fish, fat poor meat/beef, chicken, turkey, mushrooms and other food sources with law fat content as the main components for dishes.

* Cut away visible fat from meat or other food sources.

* Do not add much margarine, butter or oil to your food.

* When you fry something, try to use as little fatty smear in the pan as possible.


2. Consume less sugar

If you eat much sugar, reduce your daily inntake of free sugar, or bounded sugar as in flour, potatoes and the like:

* Do not add much sugar to your food.

* You may also need to consume less bread, potatoes, peas and beens, if you eat very much of it, but do not stop eating these kinds of food, since they contain valuable nutrients. However, use bread made of full corn.


3. Reduce your intake of alcohol

Alcohol contains energy, and will be transformed to fat, if you consume too much of it.


4. Do not eat ready made food (or fast food ) with added and often hidden fat or sugar

Some food contains a great amount of hidden fat or sugar, espesially fast food, snacks or preprocessed food.

* Therefore avoid eating much of products like: cakes, sweet drinks, snacks, choclate, icecream or fast-food.

* It will be helpfull to loose fat by only eat food in a natural form, and make your dishes yourself. Then you achieve an absolute controle over the amount of fat and suger in your dishes.


5. Eat less of everything, but do not make yourself starve

Having reduced the amount of sugar and fat from your diet, you may fall to the temptation of eating more than before, beacuse the new composition of your food does not satisfy your hunger. You should be aware of, and avoid this trap.

* When trying to loose weight, you should reduce the total amount of the food you eat.

* However, you should not starve yourself. To starve will only make you tired and sick, and then make you interrupt your efforts to get slim.


6. Have regular meals

Regular eating habits will give you a stable blood sugar level, help you control your appetite and normalize your fat burning physiology.

* You should eat three or four meals each day.

* Each meal should contain the same moderate amount of sugar and fat.

* Each meal should contain some protein sources like fish, meat, eggs, mushrooms or proteine-rich seeds, and in every means be as nutritionally complete as possible.


7. Exercise regularly

Physical activity increases fat burning, helps controle appetite, and thus helps to eliminate body fatness.

* Do some daily exercises of a kind that increases energy consumption: Jogging, cycling, swimming, ball play, skiing.

* Do also som exercises to increase your muscular volume, since muscles will burn fat, for example weight lifting.


8. Get into some new sparetime activity

If you find yourself some new hobby or leasure activity, you will avoid boredom and the temptation to over-eat because you are bored. Try also to do interesting activities together with other people. The new activities will also give you less time to only sit eating.


9. Optimize your burning of fat and sugar with right diet

It is not possible to loose weight without sticking to the above mentioned basic fat reduction principles, but you will also benefit from applying some measures that will increase your ability to passivly burn fat:

* Eat as natural and healthy food as possible, avoid food that has been heavily cooked, heavily fried or chemically processed. Natural food has its content of protein, vitamines minerals and anti-oxydants intact, and these are necessary for the fat burning abilities.

* Eat some raw fruit and vegatables to each meal, since these contain vitamins, minerals and anti-oxydants you need.

* You may benefit from supplements of vitamins, minerals, herbs, anti-oxydants, as these will make your body more capable of burning fat.

* The little fat you use in your diet, should come from sources like olive, peanuts, canola, fish, nuts, sun-flower, etc. Then you will get a good balance between mono-unsaturated fat (olive, canola, peanuts), poly-unsaturated fat of the omaga-3-type (fish) and poly-unsaturated fat of the omega-6-type (sunflower).

* Consume whole cereals or bread made from whole unrefined cereals.


10. Mental measures to controle your appetite

Many of the measures allready listed, will also help you to controle your appetite. If this still is difficult, this problem may be attacked by specific means:

* Daily meditation can help to relaxe your mind and gain controle.

* Psychological counseling may be necessary.


11. The sugar-fat ratio in your diet

The total mount of fat and carbohydrates combined, is a key causing factor for obesity, not fat alone or carbohydrates alone. Some weight loosing regimes imply eating nearly no carbohydrates, and fairly much fat. In other slimming concepts one eats fairly much carbohydrates, and very little fat, and still other have a more balanced approach. It is not right to regard one or the other of these approaches for better or worse. People are different, and different programs will fit different persons. However you will allways need some amount both of carbohydrates and essential fatty acids.  Therefore do not opt for the most extreme approches on the market.


12. Drink koffee and tea in moderate amount

Moderate amount of coffee, tea or other caffeine containing beverages can increase your fat burning and help reduce over-weight. Heavy caffeine amounts can lead to bad sleep that then leads to reduced physical acyivity during the day, and to excessive eating.


13. Avoid night time eating

You should stop night time eating. If your night time eating is combined with too little eating during daytime, you should eat more in the day. If your night time eating is more serious, you should seek help for the underlying causes for your night time eating.


14. Have good sleeping habits.

Getting good sleep in the night, will make you able to be more active during the days. Too little or bad sleep can cause excessive appetite and over-eating. Bad sleep can be caused by excessive caffeine consume, bad habits or some disease that should be treated. You should allways go to bed early enough to have a good night's sleep.


15. Medical and herbal products to controle your appetite

* There are pharmacological preparations on the market to reduce the appetite. Such medicines are recommanded only to use as help a short time.  Phentermine is perhaps the commonest of these. Others are: diethylpropion, phenidmetrazine, benzphetamine, sibutramine, rimonabant, oxyntomodulin and fluoxetine hydrochloride (Prozac).

* There are also some herbs or herbal extracts that can help to reduce an abnormal appetite. The common spice cayenne is one. Others are the extract pinnothin from the Korean Pine Nut tree Pinus koreanensis, and the herb Hodia Gordonii. You can find many herbal products on the market with the aim of reducing appetite with these herbal substances as ingredients.


16. Herbs and herbal products to increase fat and sugar burning

* There are many herbs or herbal extracts that can increase the metabolic processes and thereby increase fat and sugar break-down and burning. The common spice cayenne also have this effect. Other herbal substances with this ability are: Citrus Aurantium extract,  Garcinia Cambogia, Guarana Extract and Yerba Mate.

You can find some more information of these and other helping substances further down on this page. There are also many products on the market that have a combination of these substances as ingredients to help accelerate the fat and sugar burning speed.


17. Eat some lean diary products each day

* The calcium in diary products bind the fat and hinder much of the fat from being taken up in the intestines. Therefor you should eat some lean diary products each day.


18. Consume your food in a form containing much water

* Soups and other types of food where the nutrients are mixed with great amount of water will cause your stomach to be filled up and make you feel satisfied a long time. Eating such types of food can be a trick to hinder you from over-eating.



Carry through your weight loss program

Having made your plan for your weight reduction, the time has come to carry it out. After each week, go through the points in your plan, and evaluate how well you did. Also check your weight. Write down for every point in your plan how well you did.

Weight loss products and items to help for related health issues

Help to reduce weight and get a slim body

Monitors to measure the percentage of fat in your body By using a body fat monitor you can follow from day to day your fat percentage and see if your slimming efforts are successful or not. Here is presented such a monitor that uses the electric resistance in your body to measure your fat content, water content and weight. Through this link you can also find many more body measure products.

Omron Fat Loss Monitor with Scale

Omron Fat Loss Monitor with Scale

Omron's Fat Loss Monitor with Scale (Model HBF-400) helps users monitor their overall weight while determining body-fat percentage, a true indicator of healthy weight loss--the loss of fat, not muscle and body mass index (BMI). The HBF-400 is a fast and accurate tool that provides critical health indicators.Product Features:* Easy to read large digital display. * Weight, body fat % and BMI in seconds. * 4 personal profiles with previous measurements results. * One scale for the whole family. * Weight capacity up To 330 lbs.Omron's Weight Management products help you monitor progress in achieving a healthier, more active lifestyle. Whether your goal is to maintain or improve overall health, lose weight or get more energy in your daily life, physical activity is essential to staying healthy.

Omron Athlete Body Fat Analyzer

Omron Athlete Body Fat Analyzer

Features of the Omron Athlete Body Fat Analyzer: Measurement of body fat composition is the key to long-term exercise success. The Omron hand held body fat analyzer is an affordable and easy way to measure body fat in the privacy of your own home. After inputting the data, a measurement can be started by simply holding the grip electrodes and pressing the START button. Athlete mode for accurate results with athletes. Additional body mass index reading provides added tracking ability. Save time with 9 personal profile memory. Provides accurate and quick results in 7 seconds.

Teas to help you clean out toxins and get slimmer - Excessive weight is partly due to toxins deposited in your body. The toxins not only make it difficult to get rid of fat, but also makes you heavier and engorged by retension of water and by an overfilled digestive system. These herbal teas adress this problem.

Triple Leaf Super Slimming Tea 20Bags

Triple Leaf Super Slimming Tea 20Bags

Traditional Herbal Support While Dieting Description: Helps Promote Cleansing & Detoxification The Super Slimming Herbal Tea Tradition This potent blend was used traditionally in China to help promote cleansing, detoxification, and digestion. Senna and malva verticillata were used to promote cleansing herbology. It was used to tonify the stomach and spleen, and to augment and harmonize the action of the other herbs. Persimmon and papaya were used to support healthy stomach function and digestion. Orange and tangerine peels were used to help relieve occasional indigestion and bloating, and were said to move stagnant "chi".

Hobe Labs Original Slim Tea - 24 Bags: HF

Hobe Labs Original Slim Tea - 24 Bags: HF

100% Natural Special Blend, Slims and Calms Balanced Diet Plan Included 99.9% Caffeine Free Slim Tea is made only from rare hand-picked Chinese tea leaves. Slim Tea is the original weight loss tea and has a unique, delicious flavor and rich golden color. Slim Tea, when enjoyed after meals, counteracts the effect of fats by emulsifying them in the digestive tract and hastens digestion. Slim Tea offers a light, satisfying taste in hot or iced tea and provides slimming and calming benefits that may be enjoyed every day and evening... and in times of stress. Slim Tea contains no sugar, laxatives, chemicals or artificial ingredients and is 99.9% caffeine free. The Original Slim Tea blend of 100% natural rare species of Chinese Oolong tea has been renowned for its slimming and calming benefits for over 1,500 years.

Hobe Labs Slim Tea Original - 60 Bags: HF

Hobe Labs Slim Tea Original - 60 Bags: HF

With Balanced Diet Plan Econo Pack 100% Oolong Tea 100% Natural Special Blend, Slims and Calms 99.9% Caffeine Free Slim Tea is made only from rare hand-picked Chinese tea leaves.

Hobe Labs Ultra Slim Tea Cinnamon Apple - 24 Tea Bags: HF

Hobe Labs Ultra Slim Tea Cinnamon Apple - 24 Tea Bags: HF

Hobe Labs Ultra Slim Tea Cinnamon Apple Description: Delicious Herbal Formula 100% Natural Caffeine Free Balanced Diet Plan Included Drink Delicious, Slimming Cinnamon Apple Ultra Slim Tea Hot or Cold ... and See The Results! The Cinnamon Apple Ultra Slim Tea blend of 100% natural herbs provides a light, delicious caffeine free beverage that helps achieve results in aiding digestion and contributing to weight loss. Cinnamon Apple Ultra Slim Tea gently assists the digestive system by stimulating peristaltic action of the intestinal tract. Mild lubricating herbs encourage elimination of excess waste and toxins?without the discomfort of cramps or diarrhea. Each box of Cinnamon Apple Ultra Slim Tea includes a Balanced Diet Plan with delicious meal suggestions.

Help to increase metaabolim and burn fat, baced on L-carnitine - This product stimulates your body to break down and remove fat, and the energy yielded helps you to keep you warm and excert vital actions during work and sport activities

L-Carnitine Fat Burner 500 mg 30 capsules: K

L-Carnitine Fat Burner 500 mg 30 capsules: K

L-Carnitine Fat Burner 500 mg 30 capsules: K

Help to increase your metabolism and thereby eliminate fat on your body - This product helps to increase your metabolism so that fat gets taken away and the energy in that fat will be able for you to increase your activity level, which will make you eliminate even more fat. It also regulates appetite to a lower level.

Burn Fat with Corti-Thin

ACAI BERRY PRODUCT - Acai berries may help you to gain energy, burn fat and thereby loose weight. They may also help with the health for the circulatory system. The berries are also rich in anti-oxidants.

Acai Heat Fat Burner

ProShapeRx - helps slimming by lowering a too high appetite, by partly blocking uptake of calories, by increasing fat burning and by enhancing bodily activity - The slimming effect of this natural drug originates from four main principles: Decreasing of a too strong appetite, lowering uptake of starch from the intestines and storage of fat, stimulating fat metabolism so that you burn and eliminate more fat and making you feel more vital so that you increase your physical actiities.

APPETITE CONTROLE formulas - For some people the main obstacle to succeed in slimming is a too big appetite. These herbal products may then help.

Hoodia Weight Loss Support Extract 2 fl oz: HH

Hoodia Weight Loss Support Extract 2 fl oz: HH

Hoodia Weight Loss Support Extract 2 fl oz: HH

Products to help for problems often occuring together with excessive weight

HELP FOR HYPOTHYROIDISM / sluggish thyroid - a condition that often leads to excessive weight - Unwanted weight gain is an important symptom of sluggish thryroid function. Some or more of these symptoms can occur: Fatigue, obesity, coldness in hands/feet/ears, low blood pressure, yellow hand color, dry skin and hair, poor memory, depressive feelings, unnormal appetite for sugar, decreased blood circulation, itching or rashes, constipation, low metabolic rate. This natural drug stimulates the function of the thoroid gland and furnishes materials that the gland uses to make the thyroid hormons.

Get Thyroid Relief!

EDEMA treatment pills - Edema is an acumulation of fluid in the whole body and parts of the body and this causes swelling of body areas and excessive weight. This over-weight do not consist of fat, but of water. Capisette facilitates the normal blood and lymph flow and reduces inflammation and thereby works against edema.

Please click here to learn more or buy - Capicette

EDEMA - Pycnogenol - Pycnogenol is a anti-oxydative extract from the French marine pine tree bark that has shown good effect against edema, inflammatory processes and degenerative changes.

Solgar Pycnogenol 30mg 60Caps

Solgar Pycnogenol 30mg 60Caps

Product Information:Supplement FactsServing Size 1Servings Per Container 60 Veggie Caps Amount PerServing % DailyValue PYCNOGENOL EXTRACT 30 Mg N/A** Daily value not establishedDirections: As a dietary supplement for adults, one (1) to two (2) Vegetable capsules daily, preferably at mealtimes, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable cellulose, vegetable stearic acid, vegetable magnesium stearate, water.Does Not Contain: Sugar, salt, starch, corn, yeast, wheat, soy, dairy products, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.Warnings: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have a medical condition, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any dietary supplement. Do not use if outer bottle seal is missing, torn or damaged in any way. To assure freshness and potency, store at room temperature 15-30 C (59-86 F). Store away from heat, light and moisture. Keep out of reach of children. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Bitter melon to normalize blood sugar levels: - Many persons haing a weight problem also have the problem of too high blood sugar levels or diabetes. Bitter melon extract may help to normalize the blood sugar levels. This effect may also help against the weight problem.

Charantea Ampalaya Tea - Bitter Melon - 30 Tea Bags: HF

Charantea Ampalaya Tea - Bitter Melon - 30 Tea Bags: HF

Helps Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Level All-Natural Pleasant-Tasting Caffeine-Free Dietary Supplement Charantea Ampalaya Tea is an all-natural, caffeine-free and pleasant-tasting tea made from 100% dried fruits of the Ampalaya (sc. name: Momordica charantia Linn).

Charantea Bitter Melon - 500 mg - 90 Vegetarian Capsules: HF

Charantea Bitter Melon - 500 mg - 90 Vegetarian Capsules: HF

Charantea Bitter Melon Description: Helps Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Levels Charantea Bitter Melon Ampalaya Charantea Bitter Melon Ampalaya Vegetarian Capsules contains the same 100% bitter melon ingredient as the tea in a more convenient vegetable capsule form, ideal for people on the go, in the office or on the road. Charantea Vegetable Capsules are vegetarian-friendly with no animal by-products used. Charantea is made from 100% dried whole Ampalaya (Bitter Melon) fruits, trusted for its nutritional value and health benefits. Natural, safe and effective, Charantea helps fortify a low-fat, high-fiber diet recommended for maintaining normal blood sugar levels. What is Charantea? Charantea is a dietary supplement made from 100% dried fruits of the Ampalaya or Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia Linn.).

Diabetes mellitus type 2 - or problems with high blood sugar levels - This product is not curative for diabetes type 2, but it enhances the ability to adjust the blood sugar levels towards a normal valuie.

Help for high cholesterole levels - This product is formulated to give help against excessive cholesterole levels and problems associated with this basic origine

Remedy to help you keep the right blood pressure level - These tablets are formulated to benefit the cardiovascular endothelial, to strengthen the heart function, to ease blood flow, to defense the cirulatory system against antioxidants and thereby help to maintain a normal blood pressure.

Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally

COLON CLEANSE and total digestive system rehabilitation - This is a 10 day cure to cleaning out all deposited waste, toxins and parasites from your colon and the rest of your digestive system.

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Some other health products

General medical store - Sometimes weight problems creates needs for special nursing equipment and daily life support. In this shop you will all kinds of equipment for nursing and to make the daily life easier for people suffering from physical impairments.

Brand Name Medical Supplies

Verseo - products for bodily comfort, relaxation, slimming cellulite reduction and more - In this store you find many smart products for rejuvenation, regeneration, detoxification of the skin, digestive system, muscles, joints and hair. You also find spa and massage products for pleasurtable and relaxing body treatment.

Verseo Default Logo 2

Vitamins, minerals bodybuilding and sport supplements - also products to make you slim and to help by a variety of manifest ailments - All kind of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants. Here you will also find a huge inventory of supplements to stimulate muscle growth, to nourish the growth of muscles, to give you energy for training, to make you slim and firm, to prevent health problems and to solve manifest health issues. If you are searching for a prticular product within these areas, you are likely to find it here.

PRODUCTS AGAINST SEXUAL PROBLEMS and items to make a good sex life even better - for women and men - Here you will find products to help you get better lubrification,  help for anatomical problems with your genital organs, items to help you get better erections, products to enhance your sexual drive, products to increase the good feelings in your sexual body parts, medicines to enhance your fertility, your semen production or semen quality.

Products for men and women to improve sexual potency, abilities and satisfaction - please click here

To find more innovative medicines

More cosmetic products

Natural products to prevent disease

Products to improve sexual life

About some of the natural ingredients used in the presented anti-obesity drugs

Citrus Aurantium Extract- An ephedra alternative - This supplement increases the metabolic rate to promotes fat burning, particularly in combination with caffeine.

Chromium - This required mineral is lacking in many diets and is vital to glucose metabolism as it is a cofactor for glucose tolerance factor. Chromium supplementation has been associated with an increase in lean body mass (muscle mass), a decrease in percentage of body fat, and an increase in the basal metabolic rate.

Caffeine Anhydrous - Caffein increases metabolic energy burning and makes the energy in the body ready for increased activity.

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid ) - CLA helps to reduce the fat amount in the body and increase the muscular mass. CLA can also regulate the appetite in a normal direction.

Dandelion - Can function as a diuretic without stripping the body of valuable nutrients.

DMAE - Can enhance brain activity which may be helpful for depression. Also helpful for wrinkles.

Garcinia Cambogia - May increase energy and metabolism by modulating blood fat levels.

Ginger - May be helpful for lowering cholesterol.

Gotu Kola - Promotes healing activity in the skin, connective tissues, and mucous membranes. ( According to these benefits, Gotu Kola may be beneficial for Cellulitis.

Guarana Extract - Contains a form of caffeine that is 2.5 times stronger than the caffeine found in coffee. It makes the energy in the body available for increased physical activity, and promotes sugar and fat burning. Another effect of guarana is to slow down emptying of food from the stomach to the intestines, and thus decreasing food craving.

Green Tea Extract - Due to the caffeine and catechin polyphenols in Green Tea, it may enhance the thermogenic activity, that is burning of fat and carbohydrates, and thus reducing the bodie's fat mass.

Gum Guggul Ext - May be helpful for lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and raising good cholesterol (HDL).

Hoodia Gordonii - This herb effectivly reduces appetite by substances signalling to the mid-brain to reduce feeling of hunger.

Licorice Root Extract - Help to reduce abdominal fat accumulation. The herb has a long tradition for use to lessen the consequences of diabetes and to increase glucose tollerence. This herb has long been used to ammeliorate diabetes and heighten glicose tollerance. Working substances: glycyrrhizin. flavonids.

Magnesium - Lack of magnezium is a causal factor for insuline resistency. By supplying magnesium, the body reacts better to the hormone insulin, thus reducing the blood sugar content. High blood sugar content is a causing factor for cardiovascular disease and obesity.

N-Acetyl & L-Tyrosine - Converted into melanin by the skin cells, this may be helpful for thyroid hormones.

Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) - Pantothenic acid deriviatives can lower abnormal appetite, and decrease mean body weight, blood insulin and glucose levels, the content of triglycerides in the blood, total cholesterol, cholesterol esters in serum and cholesterol esters in fatty tissue.

Pinnothin - This is a chemical complex from the Korean Pine Nut tree Pinus koreanensis. The complex (which just became widely available in 2005) contains pinolenic acid which helps reduce appetite by effecting a higher secretion of the appetite controlling hormone cholecystokinin.

Theobroma Cocoa Complex - May be helpful for reducing cellulites and wrinkles.

Vitamin B6. ( pyridoxine ) - This essential vitamine reduces dangerous levels of homocysteine in the blood. Homocystein tend to incease by slimming. It also helps to break down fat.

Yerba mate - This extract contains a coffein-like substance that effectivly increases fat burning.