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Total fat reduction in the diet of people aged 50 or more does not reduce the chance of heart disease significantly

A long term epidemic study concludes that the reduction of the total fat content in the diet does not reduce the chance of getting heart disease and cancer. The study has only been  concerned with the total fat reduction, not the reduction of distinct fat types.

Other studies have indicated that omega-3-fat, and mono-unsaturated fat reduce the chance of getting heart disease.

Still other studies have indicated that saturated fat, chemically alterd fat / trans-fat and omega-6-fat in greater amounts increases the risk of getting heart disease.

Therefore the experts behind the study focuse opon the benefit of eating the right type of fat, and stress that this is perhaps more important than redusing the total fat consume.

Also the study does not comprehend people of younger age classes. There might be a benefit for these in reducing the total fat content of the diet.



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