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When thinking about masturbation, one usually thinks about men and boys playing with their penis, and women and girls having fun with their clitoris, intimate lips and vagina. However, the anal area and rectum have potetial for very strong feelings of pleasure, and this potetial can be used as base for very exciting masturbation.

The rectal area is somewhat different from the genital organs. In the rectal area and inside the buttock cleft, you often will get the strongest feelings if you relax, and perform a very gentle play, and stimulate yourself or your partner with soft massage techiques and caresses. A hard and hasty play will often make the strong feelings go away. However, different degrees of stretching of the butt area and rectal opening, do not produce feelings of different strength, but the feelings will attain very different flavour. Here are presented some tips about ways of playing with your anus, rectum and anal area.

Just relax and feel the play in your rectal zone and your buttock area

In the beginning, just lay down naked under a light carpet, for example at your side and in a stable position. Then close your eyes and just relax. Take special care to relax your rectal zone. Do not think about anything. Just breath relaxed, regularly and without any tension. Very few people take their time for such a relaxation, but if you do, you will experience some real estounishing things.

A lot of pleasureable feelings will creep up in all parts of your body, and the strongest of these feelings emanate from the rectal area and spread through your pelvic zone, down in your thighs and up inside your belly.

You may also feel some gentle rhythmic contractions in your rectal opening and your pelvic area, often in synchronization with your breath, and these causes waves of pleasure spreading out from the rectal zone. These contractions are gentle natural movements that have the purpose of supporting the flow of body fluids within your body, and they occur in all parts of your body, but are most clearly felt in your rectal area. People are however mostly not aware of these contractions, and they may also be disturbed because of a stressful life and an unhealthy bodily tensions.

Stimulate yourself by squeesing with your rear muscles

Then you can try to voluntraily contract your anal muscles in a rhythmical fashion. First very gently, but gradually a little harder and deeper, and eventuelly you pull your anal opening as deep inside your butt cleft as possible, but without really straining. Try to contract your muscles in synchronisation with these original authomatic movements. As you gradually increase your contractions, you will feel waves of intense pleasure build up in your rear region, and often you get a sort of orgasmic reaction in your rear zones. But these orgasmic peaks do not make you exhausted or tired as a genital orgasm can do.

Not only the muscles near your rectal hole can be used to stimulate yourself, but also your buttock muscles. Lay down on your back with straight legs. Then squeese your buttock muscles together. Hold them tightly sqeesed together some time, and thern relax. You will feel some exciting and strange feelings in your buttock cheeks. Then squeese your buttocks tightly together and relax many times. Each time you squeese, hold them tight until that feeling appears, before you relax. The feelings will increase by each squeese until you get to a sort of orgasmic peak. After you have relaxed, this funny feeling will continue for a long time, even if you do not squeese any more.

The joy of fingering with your rear zones

Then relax again. Now you can begin using your fingers to play with your anus and butt area. Spread your butt checks apart so that the area around your intimate rear opening is gently stretched. The stretching gives a funny sharp pleasure that remain also after you have slipped the stretch.

Now move your fingers more closely to your rear opening, caress the inside of your cheeks, with different degree for force, first extremely gently, but then somewhat firmer, and you will feel a whol scale of sensations as you changes the degree of pressure.

Now get even closer to your hole with your fingers. Your rectal opening is not entirely round. It is actually a short slit, and the sides of your opening has the form of two intimate lips. Spread your rear lips gently open with your fingers, so that the skin in your hole is a little stretched, or pull one of the lips aside. Do this sevral times. Again you will build up a strong funny pleasure.

Then very gently point your finger tip at your rear hole. Then make gentle circular movements to stimulate the area in the outer part of your anus. First do it so gently that only the skin is caressed with your finger tip, but gradually press harder so that also the underlaying spincter muscle is massaged. Also move your finger tips forewards and backwards, and from side to side. You will feel a joyous cripple that gradually intensivates, and attains different characters as you variate the forse and type of movement.

Using your finger deeper in your most intimate opening

Then it is time to go deeper. Having caressed your rear area in a lot of ways, your opening is relaxed and longing for an even deeper experience. You can now lubricate your finger and gently insert it into tour rectal opening. Do not use any great force, just press against your opening with some firmness. Your opening will now often reflexively relax, and your finger glides in.

In the begining, just let your finger stay still, and lay realxed and enjoy the feelings of having your finger stretch your rear hole open. But then move your finger slightly inwards and outwards, just enough to stretch the inner skin of your anus. Then proceed by making rotating movements with your finger.

Press your finger inn as deep as you can, then caress the inner wall of your rectum just inside your anus with your finger tip. By pressing and caressing upwards and forewards with your finger tips, you can now feel your prostate gland. Press many times rhytmically towards the prostate, first gently, but then gradually firmer. You will feel an intense sensation build up that spread forewards into your genital zone.

A women doing the same wil in this way stimulate the area between her rectum an her vagina, and the pressure will proceed uwards and forewards into her G-spot, and make her feel the same intense sensations spreading into her genitals.

Masturbaring your anus and rectum with a dildo

The deep areas of the rectum has some sensual areas that give feelings of a very deep and intimate nature when they are stimulated. By stimulating these areas, you will feel in a strange way that you actually are masturbating your whole pelvic area and all your internal zones far up inside your body.

To reach these zones you can gently insert a dildo through your rear hole deep into your rectum. When reaching the deeper parts, just lay still for some time and feel the stimulation from the tip of the dildo and from the dildo stretching out your anal spincter muscles. You will feel a deep ecstacy emerge from your innermost intimate body zones and spreading outwards and upwords in your body, and in a way touch your mind in a total manner.

Then move the dildo gently a little in and out, and try to touch different spots in your innermost zones with the dildo tip. These innernmost points give a wounderful ticle when stimulated, and there will be a remaining pleasure in these zones also after the direct stimulation, and from these ticling spots ecstatic waves of pleasure spread out into your body.

Butt-plug masturbation

A butt-plug is a smooth object with a shape that nakes it easy to incert most of it into the rectum, while the base of the object will stay outside between the buttocks. It will not be possible to push it further inside and one must use some force to pull it out. Depending on the shape and size of the plugg, it will fill up inside the rectum, widen the anus, and fill up between the buttocks, and thereby produce a lot of feelings of various kind.

Just laying still with the plug inside can make you feel a lot of funny things that vary from minutes to minutes. Having the plug inside while relaxing stimulate automatic muscle movements inside the rectum, in the anus and in the muscles in the anal region. These automatic movements gives you an automatic masturbation that produce much of the feelings.

By squeesing your anal spincter or your butt muscles, you can add a lot of exciting feelings. Squeese gently several times then relax and enjoy the feelings it gives. Reapeat the squeesing and relaxation periods several times. The first times you squeeze only very gently, but eventually you squeeze harder. The feelings you get by squeezing with different force, do not differ in intensity, but they will be different.

Stimulating yourself in the anus and inside with a tube or flexible wibe

Another object that can be used to stimulate your anus and rectal inside, is a flexibe tube with a rounded end or a thin, long wibe made for that purpose. Make sure that the tube you use is made of non-toxic material. You press the tube gently against the anal spincter until it slides in. Insert it gently up to the high part of the rectum, while pushing it a little in and out along the way, and also turning it gently one way and back. When inside you can masturbate youself by gently pushing it in and out, directing it in various ways and turning it around back and forth.

Doing this while you are relaxed otherwise will tease up a myriad of intense feelings. Also squeese your anus or your muscles in the but areas around the tube with various intensity and then relax again completely. While relaxing you will feel a lot of funny things inside your rear regions. You can also just lay totally relaxed and let the tube stimulate automatic responses in your inner zones and your intimate muscles that make you feel a lot of funny things.

Going really deep and reach secret spots high up in your rear zones

By using anal beads or other flexible toys, you can reach past the rectal area and stimulate areas in the deep rectum and even the end part of your colon. The deep rectum and colon have a lot of secret sensual points after another of a great sexual valour, one further up then the other.

These sensual spots actually play a role in your daily life. All the daily functions of your pelvic region makes you feel joy and pleasure if they are not disturbed in some ways. Much of this stedy pleasure in your pelvic region originate in these deep zones in the rectum and colon, or the immediate surroundings of the rectum abd colon.

If you stimulate these secret zones in a gentle way, they can give you an extreme feeling of pleasure and ecstacy.

To stimulate these areas, you insert the bead very gently and without any force. If you meet resistance, do not push hard, but pull the bead a little back, and then insert it further again.

When gently and slowly incerting the bead, you will tckle one point after another. but the diff ernt points give a very different flavour of feeling that mix with each other to give a funny and wonderful total play.

This tickling also gives a deeply touching excitement of a very special psychological flavour.

By moving the bead a little inwards and outwards both when inserting, when it is toltally inside, and when you pull the bead out again, the stimulation of the points will be extra powerful.

By letting the bead stay inside some time, but moving it a little back and forth all the time, you build up an extreme excitement.

The most intimate rectal stimulations are best performed when the rectum is empty. One may take a little enama before one begins the rectal masturbation, if one wants to do the deepest stimulations.

Let your intestins take part in your play

Stimulation of the rectal area often make the whole digestive system work more effectively. The caressing of your anal and rectal zones stimulate the intestines to work more actively. This activity will teese up exciting sensations inside your tummy. The wole of your tummy gets sexually aroused.

You may also experience the need to empty the bowel when you play with your rear zones. Then just go to the toilet and empty yourself in a relaxed manner. Let the toilet visit be a natural part for your rectal masturbation, so do not haste. Sit on to you bowel is well emptied, and then go back and proceed playing with your most intimate and sensitive body areas. After the toilet visit in a relaxed mood, you will also probably feel a warm pleasurable sensation inside your rear zone that adds to the total pleasure.

How to keep your legs

By laying in different positions and keeping your legs in different positions, you can stimulate your anal zone just by the way you bend your legs and get acsess to your rear hole from different angles.

You can try to lie on your side, having the lowermost leg straight out, and the other bent up. This will stretch the upper leying side of your anal opening in a special way.

Then you can try to laying on your side and flex up both your legs. This will stretch the area around your opening forewards, giving some other shades of feelings.

Lay on your back, bend up both your legs, but take your feet soles together against each other. Have your legs parted away from each other. Let the sides of your knees rest at a pillow on each side of you. This will stretch the region just before your rectal opening, and stretch your anal area foreward.

Having a dildo in your most intimate opening when you sleep

Try to insert a thin flexible dildo into your rectal opening before sleep. The type of dildo to use must reach some way into your rectum, but not quite to the bottom It must be smooth and well lubricated. It must have a shape so that it holds itself in place. The dildo shall not stretch your opening hard or give you any sarp feelings, but be felt as a very gentle object inside your rear zone.

During the night this thing will stimulate you constantly and gradually build up a lot of strong pleasurable sensations in your rectum and your whole pelvic area. After some time you will feel ample streams of pleasurable feelings through your whole pelvic region that also streams upwards into your stomack.

The thing will not disturb your sleep, but you will have these sensations in the background all the time. From time to time the sensations get so great that you will wake up of extreme joyous feelings from the depth of your most intimate body parts.

This stimulation occur as a result of the movements of your lower colon and rectum during the relaxation and sleep. The moements result in gentle caressing from the tip of the object towards the inside of your rectal walls. The rectum and anus is extremely sensitive to very gentle caresses, and the feeling from each gentle touch do not go away immediately. Therefore each touch adds new stimulation so that a solid excitement bilds itself up.

Stimulation of your prostate

The prostate lies around the urinary tube or urethra just above the anus a short distance inside. By feeling with a finger up against the upper anal wall you can feel your prostate as a wallnut-shaped globe.

You can caress your prostate gland by letting your finger glide back and forth at the mid of the gland, by letting your figer glide over its sides and around the circumference of the gland.

The midline of the prostate forms a grove and by caressing inside this grove, you stimulate your urethra very intensely. You can also push gently and rhytmically at the gland, both at the midline grove and at the sides.

It is not alleays necessary to have your finger inside to stimulate your prostate and the deep part of your urethra. Many men have a little gove just in fromt of the anus. You can finger-fuck yourself against the bottom of this grove, and by pressing your fingert deep against the bottom you will also stimulate your prostate. This grove is in itself also very sensitive and can give strong sexual feelings when you finger yourself here.

There are special dildos and vibrators on the market that you can use to stimulate your prostate. Some of these are especially made for men, but many G-point massagers can also be used by men for prostate stimulation. These dildos generally are bent to some extend at the tip so that the tip can easily be pushed up against the prostate.


The area between you buttock cheeks, the immediate surroundings of your anus, the anus itself and your rectum is highly sensual to erotic stimulation. It some way this area is even more sensual than the genitals, because even slight caresses at this area can give strong feelings.

The skin and muscles at both sides of the rectal opening is highly sensitive. The point just in front of the anus gives a strong emotional response when you poke at it. A man will often have a little grove at that point that you can poke into. The anus itself has the most sensitive skin in your whole body, and the sphincter muscle gives a lot of good feeling when stretched out.

Before the front wall some way inside the anus, a man will also have the prostate. The deepest point of the anus is sensitive in a very special way. Stimulation here gives very strong feelings that reach the whole pelvic region coupled with profound mental emotions.

You seldom get any orgasm from this area, even though it does sometimes happens, but you are very likely feel a strong and persistent physical and mental excitement upon proper stimulation, and such stimulation will also intensify a genital orgasm. Anal sex with a partner can be mutual masturbation, anal play with toys or rectal intercource. Here are some general principles you should follow when you have anal sex with a lover.

- You both must firstly be in a position where the rectal area is easy to get to. Then you must relax as much as possible. Then open the area even more by pulling the buttock cheeks apart so that you feel a slight stretch. Begin caressing gently the inner sides of the cheeks and gradually caress steadily nearer to the rear opening.

- It is not necessary to enter through the anus to make a lot of pleasure. If you do it, you proceed in a gentle manner through the opening and towards the deep parts of the rectum. For a joyful rectal intrusion, the rectal spinster must relax well. By pressing cautiously with a finger or a rounded object towards the anal orifice, the spinster will usually relax and the object goes easily through.

- You will discover that the rectum has several strongly sensible points along the way to the deepest area. By caressing inside the anus towards the prostate area or the vagina, you will also stimulate feelings in the genital region. While you steadily proceed towards the most intimate and deepest areas, you also move a little in and out, use circulating movements and poke at special sensible points.

- After having teased up your feeling with gentle stimulation and caresses, you can gradually stimulate harder to influence points deeper inside the tissues. You can also tense your muscles in the anal area, first gently and then more intensely. Such an intensified action will typically give you a peak feeling that can resemble an orgasm, but the feeling has another flavor with stronger mental impacts than genital orgasms.

- After such an intensified action you can begin anew with a relaxed and gentle approach. You can do this many times, and each time your feelings will get stronger and spread to wider areas in your body from your rear region. There are many ways to caress and stimulate your anorectal region. You can caress yourself or your partner with a finger, or you can use a sex toy or another smooth long object with a rounded tip. You can have intercourse using the penis between the cheeks of your partner or insert the penis into the anus.

If you use an object inside the rectum, it must not have a shape and size so that it cannot easily get trapped inside and difficult to get out again. Some special anal sex toys have barres that hinder a too deep insertion or a long handle that always will be outside.

It is not necessary to use a very thick object in the anus to get strong feelings. This region is so sensible that even a very thin object gives great responses. A thicker objects will however stretch the muscles more and give a deeper stimulation inside the tissues so that you can experience other feelings than when you use a thin object.

The object you use or the rectal opening must be well lubricated, preferably with a water based lubricator. You can also lubricate sex toys with natural oily substances that do not irritate, like vazeline.

When you have sex in the anorectal region, you should be clean. If you want to insert something through the rectum, the anus should be empty. It is not strictly necessary to flush the anus with water before you have anal sex, but some people prefer to do so by a enema syringe. You must use a condom if you or your partner use to have sex with more than only one person or you are not sure you can trust your partner one hundred percent.


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