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Kunadlini, the Essence of Life and Sexual Magic

Kundalini is the same as the total life in your body, mind and feelings, both in your body and soul. An awaken Kundalini is the free living of all the mind and body, when not curbed by the society. Such a free an unhindered state in a person is felt like one has wonderful sexual feelings in teh whole body or as if all of the bodu is in a constant orgasmic state.

Every child lives free this way from birth, but the mind, body and feelings are more or less curbed and shut down at an early age by actions from the society. The society is especially eager to curb sexual processes and feelings. It is also eager to curb all kind of thinking and ideas that lead to recognition of the loss. The leaders impose this crippling in order to get people thay are easy to lead and exploit and that they can use to gain proffit and power.

The tools that the leaders use to impose this general cubing upopn children's physical and mental processes are the parents and the educational apparatus in the society. The may be more or less aware of what they do and do it out of a more or less cynical mind. Often the leaders themselves are in a totally curbed state, and beeing afraid of total total free and unhindered life, take actions to shut it down when they see it in another individual, and especially children. Other times they are aware that free and unhindered living individuals are not so easy to exploit and curbe the life of others from a conscious selfish stand.

When the society has curbed a person from early childhood like that, the person will feel an urge to get back the full satisfaction from life that has been robbed from him. He will be on a constant search and struggle to regain what he has lost, but will often not remeber or understand exactly what he has lost and the full extent of his loss.

Every person should try to free itself physically and mentally from the chains of the society, which is the same as reawakening kundalini. This is best done gradually by gentle exercizes, but one sholuld not dependi on a master, because the masters are themselves a part of the society and will only free a little bit of you while bringing you under their own controle. You can however learn things from the masters, but you must yourself ultimately choose the appropriate path.

When a person begins to gain back what he has lost, it will be felts so wonderful that it appears like magic, and therefore one has got the concept of sexual magic. the steps to gain back the lost parts of life should however proceed gradually and in a ballanced way. If not a person might tip out of mental and physiological controle in some way or another during the process.

What is Sexual Magic? The History of Sexual Magic

Magic is nor any well-defined concpt. One definition of magic is to achieve whatsoever type of result with activities that do not use any physical laws or at least do not use the physical laws known at the time.

Magic is also often used about activities that result in strong feelings of a kind you do not normally feel during the everyday life, especially certain extatic feelings that spread to the whole body and mind.

Magic is furter regarded as belonging to two types. In the first type the result is fully achieved throug own powers and skills. In the other type the result is achieved by comming in contact with beings or entities in realms that are commonly hided and these beings are the direct effectors of the rsult. The last type of magic borders very near to religious practices, especially if these beings are depicted of being of a higher hierarchical level than the magicians himslef.

Magic is by definition neither eval nor good, but can be used both for eval or good purposes. Magic used to cure diseases is very often called healing.

Sex magic or sexual magic is any type of practise where sexual activities are used as a magical ritual or to achieve magical results. It is especially often used whwn sexual activities result in strong ecstacies.

Also sexual activities used to achieve spiritual results or used as religious woreship or religious rituals are often called sexual magic even though this is not magic in the strict sense-

Some techiques of sexual magic have the aim of first producing special mental or spiritual states by means of sexual activities-

These mental states can be a goal in themselves, because of the pleasure one feel in these states.

But  these mental states can then be used as tools to perform magical influences on the outside world or to gain own dovelopment or own health benefits.

The fundamental notion of sexual magic, is that during certain sexual bodily and mental states, the libido or sexual energy can be directed to achieve results outside the sexual domain and also outside one's own body and mind.

Sometimes the altered mental states are first used to get in contact with spiritual beings that then make the result for the magician.

There are however three different views regarding how the sexual energy can be released to achieve results outside the sexual realm or for own spiritual development.

- One stance is that this is achieved through orgasm .

- The other view is that the results are made  through exstacies where the mind and body is in a stable and prolonged state that resamble the orgasmic peak, but without ejaculation.

An example of this stance regarding use of sexual energy is the sex magic of the Great Rite of Wicca, a ritual including either symbolic or real sexual intercourse. The sexual unification between the High Priestess and the High Priest represents the union between the Maiden Goddess and the Lover God.

- The third view is that one must set oneself in special mental states so that the sexual energy is directed away from the orgasmic path alltogether and canalized through other mental processes. Then the energy can be used to do spiritual work or to excert magic influence on the outside world. These other states and processes are called sublimation of the sexual energy.

Samael Aun Weor, a proponent of this point of view, regards the orgasm as spilled sexual energy, and holds it necessary to canalize the enery through processes under other kinds of high mental states in order to use it in a creative way.


Some historical performers of sexual magic

Sexual magic was a philosophical trend during the last decades of the 1800eths and first part of the 1900eths, and was practizised in many secret freemasonry-like orders. Some of these philosofers and societies had a fairly strong infuemce in these decades.

The influence of these people and orders is a great part of the foundation for the new-age-movements later on, even though the sexual aspects are somewhat hided in most new-age movements or these movements hold the stance that the sexual energy has to be sublimated and chanalized into other types of mental processes.

Paschal Beverly Randolph
Paschal Beverly Randolph's magico-sexual theories and techniques formed the basis of much of the teachings of The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor although it is not clear whether or not Randolph himself was ever a member or partner of the Order.

Famous occultists and performers of sexual magic Carl Kellner, Theodor Reuss, and Aleister Crowley got many ideas from Randolph that they used  in their magic practices and for the formation of  the order Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.).

Carl Kellner and Theodor Reuss
It was Carl Kellner, the founder of the O.T.O, who claimed to have learned the techniques of sex magic from three adepts in this art.  In 1904  Kellner began to appear in a masonic periodical called "Orilflamme" where he wrote about these secrets and about a magical society called O.T.O - Ordo Templi Orientis - the order of the orient's temples.

Kellner told that their order possessed the basic secret knowledege of all masonic and hermetic orders. This secret was according to him the existance of special sexual states and  processes, that this kind of sexuality posesses magical power, that there are  special techiques to create these states and processes. Then that kind of sexuality can be used for self development and to do magical work. According to him this knoeledge explains, without exception, all the secrets of Freemasonry and all systems of religion.

Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley was one of the first people in modern times to publicly advocate the practice of sexual magic. He rejected the prudish attitude of the Victorian era towards sex and took delight in shocking British society by explicitly including masturbation and homosexuality among his magical techniques.

According to Hugh Urban, Crowley is "of profound importance for the understanding of modern Western spirituality and culture as a whole." He goes on to note the threefold importance of Crowley's work, namely.

- His emphasis on sex as the supreme magical power
- The integration of his in-depth studies of Hinduism and Buddhism into his teachings
- His position as one of the most influential figures in the 20th century revival of magic

 Crawley regarded the sexual instincts and all the varieties of this as something good. He regarded it to be necessary for the full development of each human being that they could satisfy all their sexual instincts. But at the same time he held that the sexual instincts must be fullfilled with reason and modesty, in the same way that eating and drinking must be performed in a reasonable way.

Crowley believed that the suppression of the sexual instincts was the root of the violence and other evils of the modern world. He especially regarded the feeling of shame regarding sex and notion of sex as sin and the suppression of the secual life caused by these feelings as especially malignant. He believed that the degree of sexual oppression in the victorian societies of Europe could lead to catastrophic events.

Crowly held that a battle for sexual freedom was necessary and that battle was to come inevitably.


Crowley and Ordo Templi Orientis
Crowley became involved with Theodor Reuss and his Ordo Templi Orientis following the publication of The Book of Lies between 1912-1913. According to Crowley's account, Reuss approached him and accused him of having revealed the innermost (sexual) secret of O.T.O.

When it became clear to Reuss that Crowley had done so unintentionally, he initiated Crowley into the IX° of O.T.O. and appointed him "Sovereign Grand Master General of Ireland, Ioana and all the Britain's."

Originally only members of the highest degrees in O.T.O were initiated in sexual magic. Drawley expanded however initiation of sex magic techiques also to other membership degrees.

VIII°: masturbatory or autosexual magical techniques were taught, referred as the Lesser Work of Sol
IX°: heterosexual magical techniques were taught
XI°: anal intercourse techniques as sexual and magical were taught

One of the most well-known O.T.O. rituals, the Gnostic Mass, denoted by Crowley as the central ritual of the Order, is a complete exposition on sexual magic in symbolic form. The central formula of this ritual, repeated numerous times throughout the text, is the Gnostic formula IAO.

Crowley wrote extensively on the topic of sex magic. Some of these works were published and made available to the general public, others were secret and could only be obtained by initiates of Ordo Templi Orientis.

Liber IAO
IAO. Sexual Magick. Gives three methods of attainment through a willed series of thoughts. The active form of Liber CCCXLV.
De Nuptis Secretis Deorum Cum Hominibus
Sexual magick
Liber Stellae Rubeae
A secret ritual of Apep, the heart of IAO-OAI, delivered unto V.V.V.V.V. for his use in a certain matter of Liber Legis. Sexual Magick veiled in symbolism.
Liber Agape vel C vel Azoth
The Book of the Unveiling of the Sangraal wherein it is spoken of the Wine of the Sabbath of the Adepts. Secrets instructions of the IX° O.T.O. (Sex Magick.)
Liber Cheth vel Vallum Abiegni
A perfect account of the task of the Exempt Adept considered under the Symbols of a particular plane, not the intellectual. Sexual magick veiled in symbolism.
Liber A'ash vel Capricorni Pneumatici
Analyzes the nature of the creative magickal force in man, explains how to awaken it, how to use it and indicates the general as well as the particular objects to be gained thereby. Sexual magick heavily veiled in symbolism.
The Paris Working
A record of homosexual magick operations.
Energized Enthusiasm
An essay developing the idea of creativity - and genius - as a sexual phenomenon. Specially adapted to the task of Attainment of Control of the Body of light, development of Intuition and Hatha yoga.

Arnold Krumm-Heller
In his works, Arnold Krumm-Heller teaches sexual magic without ejaculation.

Samael Aun Weor
The main theory of this philosoph is that sexual acts that create an ecsacy without letting it culminate in an orgasm are the most powerful to Give spiritual development and magic work. Especially did he see the cohitus betwwen a man and a woman without an orgasmic outlet as especially valuable in that respect.

He held that  by crossing the active and passive creative organs - namely the phallus and uterus,  then lunar, solar and akashic currents will flow through the Brahmanic cord (the ida, pingala and sushumna channels respectively) of the couple. The current will flow upwards from the solar and lunar structures located low in the body within the seminal system at the muladhara chakra  to  the magnetic center at the root of the nose (pineal gland, Ajna chakra).

The brahmatic cord, the chakras and the solar and lunar structures are thought to be spiritual anatomical structures of an especially fine substance that cannot be seen in an ordinary way.

The transmuted energy, through willpower, is populated by "billions christic atoms" that when rising meet the pure akasa of the triune Brahmanic cord, igniting it and through many years of work causing the ascent of the kundalini through the thirty-three chambers or degrees (33°) of the spinal medulla.

Along with the asent of the kundalini, the crystallization of the "Solar Bodies" are formed due to the transmutation occurred through white sexual magic. The solar bodies are the four aspects of the sacred Merkabah of Arcanum Seven. In sum the solar bodies are the christic vehicles of emotion, mind and will. Furthermore, because sexuality is both a creator and destroyer, ą la Shiva-Shakti, through sexual magic Samael Aun Weor indicates that one can eliminate any previously comprehended psychological defect. In other words, through sexual magic the radical removal of the egocentric vehicles can be achieved - which are the animalistic or inferior vehicles of emotion, mind, and will related to one's evolutive animal transmigrations prior to reaching the humanoid state. Thus, through the death of the ego and the birth of the solar bodies Samael Aun Weor states that one can be elevated to the angelic state and beyond.

Samael Aun Weor asserts that when the orgasm is reached the christic atoms are expelled and replaced, via genital orgasmic contraction, with impure "atoms" of fornication. When, through willpower the akasic current meets the atoms of fornication, instead of rising, the energy is rejected by the divine triad (atman-buddhi-manas) and is forced downwardly into the atomic infernos of the human being, forming the tail of satan (the kundabuffer, or negatively polarized kundalini). The repetion of this act in time divorces the divine triad from the inferior quaternary (physical, vital, astral and mental bodies) through the severing of the antakarana. Samael Aun Weor refers to any type of sexual magic that containing the orgasm for spiritual or magical purposes as black sexual magic, and those who perform it are black magicians that acquire negative powers.[

(This information is mostly fetched from, and is therefore free to reuse)


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