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Penis Traction Devices - and other penis improvement tools

Welcome to this presentation of tools to extend and enlarge the penis, and to improve the penile shape, by gently pulling at the penis for some time each day.

ProExtender - a device to enlarge the penis and make the penis straighter and more regular

The traction device Proextender can be used to gradually increae the length of your penis and to stimulate it to grow more robust. You can also correct twistings, bendings and other geometrical problems in your penis with this device.

The proextender comes in two models you can choose between after clicking at the banner. The basic Proextender can be used if your flaccid penis is somewhere between 2 inches and 7 inches, or 18 cm, in the first place and you aim at making it up to 7 inches long in the flaccid state.

Proextender De Luxe advanced model can be used on a penis with flaccid state somewhere between 2 inches and 9 inches and your goal is to reach up to 9 inches.

The Proextender was designed and developed in Denmark by the company Danamedic. The instrument gently pulls upon the penile tissue. This induces the tissue cells to  multiply and the penile anatomical structures gradually expand. The same principle has long been utilized by various indigenous tribes for bodily modifications and by orthopaedic specialists. The ProExtender™ has been tested on patients who have all obtained longer penis by applying the device according to instructions. The lengthening is permanent and without reducing the penile thickness.

The test subjects lengthened on average the erected penis 2.8 cm (24 per cent) after a treatment period of 3-4 months. The treatment does not affect urination, sexual abilities or the power of reproduction. Lengthening can only be achieved by daily usage of the device, and the effect correlates with the number of hours of usage. The above referenced results were obtained by 12 hours’ daily use over a period of 3 months.

Penis pumps to induce erections, make the penis bigger and correct penile shape

Several men report that a gentle use of a penis pump some time each day can make the penis bigger. It has been shown that a penis pump is effective to correct misconfigurations in the penile shape by daily use over some time. You can use a penis pump together with a penis ring to make and keep erections. Through this link you can see exhibition of sveral good penis pumps and penis rings

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ProExtender alone or enhancement pills alone will give results. Pills can also be used in combination with ProExtender for maximum effect.  Both pills and Proextender make the penis longer and thicker. However, proextender is usually best in making the penis longer, and pills the best to make the penis thicker. When clicking at the banner above, you will get into a shop where you also can find the pills.

If your penis has irregularities like peyronie's or is curved, ProExtender would probably be your choise.

If you mainly is interested in greatly lengthening your penis and only want it to be just a little thicker, proextender will also be the most actual choise. Proextender actually also stimulates the penis to grow a litttle thicker, but not so much as do the pills.

When lengthening and making the penis thicker  is equally important, or making the penis thicker is most important, pills are probably the right choise.

If you want maximal penis lengthening and also want your penis to be a lot broader and a lot more robust, combining proextender with a penis pill or using ProExtender system is suggested.


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Information resources: Here is some information about penis traction devices. We also have other information resourses about sex and health for use by our visitors. A complete list of the resourses is given here. 



The purposes of penile traction

The main purpose of penile traction is to make the penis longer and to stimulate it to grow somewhat thicker and more robust. To achieve this purpose traction is appiied along the penis from under the head to the root.

The traction can also help against irregularities in the penile shape, like benings and twisting of the penis caused by Peyronie's disease.

By excerting traction only on the penile skin, the penile skin can gradually be widened when this is desirable. This is sometimes done to correct a too narrow foreskin or phimosis.

Traction on the skin is sometimes also done to restore foreskin on men that have undergone circumcission and want to get a new foreskin. Achieving this is however a very long process.


The physiological principles of penis traction.

Penis traction will increase the amount of tissue in the penis and will also make the penile tissues more elastic so that it can engorge more when blood fills in during erections. Penis traction work according to these principles.

On the cellular level these things will happen:

- The penis is held gently stretched for some period each day to a somewhat longer shape than it has without stretching.

- The stretching opens up small cavities in the penile tissues.

- The cavities opened up are recongized by the cells in the tissues. Upon recognition of the cavities existing cells divide to produce new cells that fill the cavities.

- There will also be some production of new cells where there is no cavities. This is a rection that all body tissue show upon repeated mechanical impacts and has the purpose of making tissues stronger to cope with the demands of daily life.

- Fibroblasts in the connective tissues of the penis will also produce elastic fibres to fill around the new cells.

Stretching of the penis will also have the same effect as stretching exercises on other parts of the body on the tissue level:

- Entanglements and hardening of the fibre structures around the cells in the tissues will mechanically be broken up.

- Cells in the maintainance system will eat up and dissolve  knotted and hardened fibrous garbage that is broken loose by the stretching.

- Fibroblasts will repair the fibrous structure by producing new elastic fibres.

The traction exerted by modern penis traction methods is effected in such a way that only the penis get pulled on, so that there will be no unwanted effect upon the scrotum or other areas nearby. The traction used ny these methods is so gentle that it does not cause tears in the tissue.

The strength of the traction and the time length of the traction each day are also so adjusted that the penile tissues have the time to respond to all the changes caused during each traction session with appropriate tissue growth and reajustment.


Ways of achieving traction on the penis

Penis traction has been a technique in several thousand years.

One way of achieving penis tratcion is by a penis traction device that is mounted on the penis some hours each day and that excert a gentle pull along the penis when mounted. Penis traction devices are described more detailled further down on this page.

Another way of excerting traction is by use of several exercises where one is pulling on the penis by hand. To get an effective and correct traction by this method one must take a gentle grip under the penile head and gently pull a very long time many times a day. One must also take a simultaneous firm grip with the other hand at the groin around the penis so that the force of traction is not transfered to the groin tissue and the scrotum, but only effects the penis. There are several variants and exercice programs using this basic method. Instead of a static pulling some of the programs also conain variants where the penis is massaged or milked outwards and the penile skin is manipulated in several ways. This method can be efficient but have the disadvantage that it is time consuming, exhausting and boring.

When the purpose is only to widen the penil skin, for example  to correct phimosis, gripping and pulling by the fingers some times each day is the strandard method. The method must be done very cautiously and combined with good penile hygiene to hinder tears, to hinder scarring and to hinder infection in the skin.

A traditional way of achieving traction is to mount weights on the penis and carry the weigts several hours a day. The method has the disadvantage that the tissue in the groin also resceives the traction and is altered.

Vacuum pumps combined with cylinders around the penis that are vacuated will exert traction at all directions on the penis. The method is efficient. It can however hurt the penis if the right degree of vacuation is not used and it consumes time.


Examples of traction or similar techiques used for other objectives

The traction principle is used for many medical purposes, and in several traditional cultures for body changes. Even in many medical methods that one does not immediately think of as traction, the traction principles is used. A continuous traction stretches the tissues mechanically and at the same time stimulate tissue growth and reorganizantion of the fibrous structures so it gets healthier and more elastic.

In medical applications the opposite kind of traction, namly traction or pushing that compresses tissue is also used. That kind of traction have of cource the mechanical effect of shortening sizes but will also destroy cells and thereby reduce the total size of the tissue.

The common gymnastical and athletic practice of stretching to improve the flexibility of the body and increase the range of movements in the limbs is actually an application of traction to produce some of the same results as by penis traction. What happens by these exercises is that entangled and hardened  fibrous structures are broken up and the body reacts dissolving the briken structures and  by producing ney more elstic fibrous structures. This happens both in the msuclular stryctures and in the skin.

One medical application where traction is used is orthodontics, where a gentle traction on the teeth stimulate to new growth of tissues in those cases where the orthodontics are used to widen the jaws or to correct crowding of teeth. In the cases where orthodontics is used to reduce the distance between teeth or to reduce the extention of the jaws, a traction is applied in such a way that tissues are compressed. This kind of traction has the opposite effetc. It destroys tissue and cells in the tissue so that sizes get smaller.

Another application is the use of braces by scoliosis. By scoliosis the spine grows more on one side or than the other. The braces bend the spin the other way and thereby make a traction on that side that has grown too little. This stimulates to an increased tissue growth on that side. The braces will compress tissue at the sides that have grown to much. At that side tissues and cells will be destroyed so that sizes dimmish. These two combined actions have the effect of correcting the scoliosis.

By plastic surgery, great amounts of skin sometimes must be transplanted from one area of the body to another or extended over an area that lacks skin. In order to get enough skin, a baloon is placed under the skin that is to be used. The baloon is inflated. This makes a traction on all parts of that skin so that it grows wider. Then the widened skin can be shifted to its new place.

Blocking is a techique where instruments are inserted into body cavities to widen the cavity by force excerted at the walls of the cavity. The force will spread in the structure around the cavity so that the linings and tissues around it get a traction tha widens the cavity. For examples are rods with conical ends, called sounds, or foley catheters inserted in the urethra to widen the passage of urine and to correct constrictions. Elastic tubes that can be pumped up are also used to widen the urethra.

Conical objects or inflatable balloons are also used to widen the rectal opening or are inserted higher up in the rectum or colon to widen the passage.

Thin inflatable tubes or baloons are also used in cardiac and vascular surgery. They are inserted into a big artery, for example in the groin and gradually pushed further up in the body to the heart or other places where the tube or balloon is inflated to widen the vessel. This techique is called cardiac catheterization.

In the Pa Dong Karen tribe of the north of Thailand, traction is used to elongate the neck of women. The traction is excerted by means of a stable of rings applied around their neck. As the neck elongates, the number of rings are added.

In some trades around the word it is customary to hang heavy object on the lower lobes of the ears, and these objects make a traction downwards, making the lower parts of the ears steadily longer, and actually very long in some instances.

To some extend the nature itself uses traction to develop the penis. From early infanthood, throughout the teen years and continuing during the mature years, every man have nightly erections. These occur even without any sexual arousal, but the awareness of a strong erection during night can in turn make a man aroused. These erections that can be very strong and last fairly long make a traction that helps to develop the size of the penis in all directions.


What is a penis traction device?

A penis traction device is a light-weighted mechanical instrument constructed to be placed on the penis and recide there for some hours each day.  The tool will gently stretch the penis by pushing against the underside of the penis head.  This will gradually lenghten the penis. As a reaction upon the stretching, the penis will also grow somewhat thicker and become more robust. Irregularities in the penis will also be streched out.Therefore the device can help aginst problematic curving or twistings of the penis. A pupular model on the market, the Proextender, has been constructed by an Denish urologist.

Such devices typically consist of these parts: A firm base that will be placed around the root of the penis, two bars extending from the base to the penis head, and a band of surgical quality that slings around the penis just beneath the penis head. In the bars, there are springs that excert the pushing towards the penile head underside.

The device can be worn confortably under the clothes or during sleep, because the device is constructed in such a way that it can be bent towards the stomack or downward between your legs. Marketed under the name ProExtender™, the device can be obtained online at

How does a penis traction device effects its results?

When the penis is continously stretched in a gentle manner, small spaces will open between the cells in the penile tissue. These spaces will then be filled with new cells. Thus the amount of penile tissue will grow, the penis wil elongate, and to some extend get thicker. The traction device thus gradually extends the  organ with a rate that allows the organ to build new tissue at the same speed as the tractive force changes the organ's size and shape. To read more about how a penis extention device works, please check out the ProExtender™ website.

Is permanent penis extention by traction medically proven?

Yes! Traction is a well-known and documented metod for increasing extention of tissue. It is widely used to help with healing in combination with surgical procedures. Generally, skin or other tissue is placed under traction for some times, and the greater amount of tissue thus produced is used in a following surgical procedure to reconstruct or build up organ structures. 

Examples are: Mastectomy patients, who require expansion of the skin and muscle in the chest prior to breats reconstruction surgery. Penis enlargement surgery patients, who employ traction to help heal, strengthen and straighten the penis. Burn patients, who can create their own skin grafts by means of traction which "stretches"; and orthodontics where the traction  even changes the shape and size of bone tissue.

Frankly, using some sort of contraption on my penis scares me. But I am very interested in the results shown in the studies and on the web sites. How can I be sure this is safe before I get into it?

First, do a little homework. Unfortunately, there are ripoffs, knockoffs and just plain fakes out there that have given a bad name to the penis enlargement medical category, and to the legitimate companies who have developed safe, effective products for penis extention. Discover which companies have been around for a while, what their source of equipment is, where it's manufactured, and whether it's backed by studies and medical practitioners. Ask if there is a guarantee. View photo testimonials, and talk with or read comments from other users of the product you're considering.

Next, use the device only as directed. Some men cause themselves distress or harm by over-using the device, figuring that "more is better" and employing a "no pain, no gain" strategy. The device should produce no more than mild discomfort, if any; the parts should fit comfortably and appropriately with no sharp edges, tight grips or excessive vacuum pressure. Traction does work, but follow instructions carefully.

Finally, use common sense. Examine your reasons for desiring a larger penis: do you want to make the necessary committed, continuous effort to increase your penis length and girth, or can you be satisfied with what you actually have? If you decide to proceed with the use of a traction device, by all means, listen to your body and consult a medical practitioner if you have any questions.

How often and how long each time do I have to use the device

Your results are proportional to the amount of time you apply the penis extention device, amount of total traction force, and length of treatment. Clinical studies on the device examined men who were using the device for 8 - 10 hours a day over a course of 3 to 6 months, and every individual showed measurable penis growth. Results can be obtained with a different schedule, however, and each man's specific results will vary. Most men can blend the use of their device into their existing schedule, either by using the device during work hours (for non-physical types of jobs) or during evening hours of relaxation or even sleep. You will be able to determine the practice that works best for you, however, you should stay within the guidelines established by the medical designer of the device as much as possible.

If I wish to, is it possible to create a monster penis with this device?

Traction has been used by indigenous peoples and by modern medical practitioners to lengthen penises up to 22 inches -- however, the typical man using a device at home wants an impressive, but not "freakish," gain in length and girth. Though extreme gains are possible, the likelihood of injury increases if the product is not used according to guidelines and common sense.

Why is the device so expensive?

A quality device, like ProExtender™ for instance, is a genuine, medical apparatus. In addition to costly research and development, these devices are manufactured to exacting surgical-grade specifications to ensure safety and effectiveness. A device with this degree of quality control and calibration tolerance is expensive but worth it. After all, when you consider how you will use the device, would you really wish to cut corners?

Do all penis enlargement device companies guarantee their products?

No, many do not. In fact, some manufacturers are substandard and others providers aren't around long enough for dissatisfied customers to ask for a refund -- so even though they may "offer" a guarantee, by the time duped customers return with a complaint, the company has vanished. Unfortunately, these unscrupulous companies have given the public a negative perception of male enhancement products. To be sure of getting a good product, select a company that has been around for a while, and one that guarantees your satisfaction with a money-back promise. Only companies with excellent products and happy customers who order again and again can stay in this business for very long. One such company is Leading Edge Marketing and their product, ProExtender™.

Am I a good candidate for this kind of treatment?

All men who would like to strengthen and lengthen their penises are good candidates. Men who have an embarrassing or disruptive curve to the penis (medically known as Peyronie's Disease) benefit from the use of this device too -- in fact, this Danish-made doctor-designed device is used in hundreds of clinics and hospitals worldwide specifically for the treatment of Peyronie's.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is nutritional in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.