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Please see further down for information about phimosis and about the herbs Cnidium monnieri.

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Products to develop the penis and male sexual functions.

Here are exhibited some high quality pills and mechanical devices to develop the penis and improve male sexual functions. Further down there is some information about narrow foreskin or phimosis and its treatment. Products made of the herb Cnidium monieri are also exhibited and there is also some detailled information about the herb Cnidium monieri.

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Vita VXL male potency pills containing cnidium among other poptent ingredients

Vita VXL 60 TABS

Vita VXL 60 TABS

Vita V-XL is proprietary blend of organically grown herbs: Saw Palmetto Extract, Guarana Extract, Taurine, Siberian Ginseng Extract, Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Muira Puama Extract, Nettle Root Extract and Horny Goat Weed with Zinc & Niacin. Cnidium Monnier- allows performance to be sustained longer by increasing nitric oxide release and inhibiting PDE-5. Yohimbe Extract will stimulate sensory nerves and increase sexual desire. Xanthoparmelia Scarbrosa increases blood flow and maximum dilation.

ExtenZe extended release - potency and male lust pills with Cnidium monnieri and other effective ingredients - These pills will help you to get an erection much more easily and your sexual responce will rejuvinate and get reliable. Your penis will rize longer and engorge broder during te erections and it will erect firmer. The physical processes and the feelings during the orgams will intensify. You will be capable of controlling better when you take out the full climax and ejaculate. You will be capable of acting during a long erotic session.

Among the working ingredienst of this blend are prehormones for DHEA and proganolone, GABA. These are some of the herbal components used in the product: black peper seeeds, piper longum seeds, ginger, yohimbe, tribulus, Cnidium monnieri seeds, Eleutherococcus,Xanthroparamelia scarbosa, Astragalus root, Ho shou wu, hops, damiana, pumpkin seeds, horny goat weed, stinging nettle, muira puama.

Extenze Extended Release

Extenze Extended Release

Extenze Extended Release - 30 Liquid Gel Capsules

VigRxPlus pills to get your penis to erect longer and thicker - Pills to make the erected male sexual organ longer, thicker, more robust and more stable. Ginseng, Tribulus, Damiana and other vigorizing components of the pills also give benefits to the whole body.

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Proenhance - Patches to make your penis more effective - To be fixed onto the skin near the penis. They give you greater ability to achieve erections and the erections will be larger and more durable. The patches have the same effect at the penis and genital area as the enhancement pills, but do not influence other body regions directly. They are the solution for men that only want a genitally focused effect or that allready take other supplements to stimulate the body as a whole.

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TestRX - Natural medicine to increase your testosterone production and thereby also increase general virility physical energy and bodily constitution - Testosterone helps to mainatain the ability of erections, general virility, muscular constitution and a vital energy. Men with a low testosterone level due to age and other causes will especially benefit from the effect of these pills.

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Penis pumps and rings to make and maintain erections and for penis development and adjustment - Penis pumps togeather with a penis ring can be used to make and maintain an erection. By cautious use of a penis pump over some time, you can adjust the shape of your penis and reduce bendings and twists and, you may also make your penis larger.

Penis pumps to make erections and to improve penile anatomy

Penis rings to maintain erections

ProExtender - a device to make the penis bigger and more regularly shaped. - The Prextender device is a mechanic instrument to make the penis gradually longer and also somewhat thicker. Furthermore the device can correct certain kind of anatomical problems of the penis like bendings and twistings. It exerts its effect by gently pulling along the penis.

The gradual pulling stimulates new cells to form in the penis, so the effect of the device is not just a strething out of what already is there.

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About narrow foreskin or phimosis

What is phimosis

The tip of the foreskin of a boy or a man can be more or less wide. When it is so narrow that it creates difficulties or is uncomfortable, it is called phimosis.

A very narrow opening can make it difficult for the urine to pass. I these cases the foreskin will be filled with urine during voiding, a phemomenon called ballooning.

When a boy reaches puberty the narrowness can make it difficult or impossible for the foreskin to be pulled back. This will make erections unpleasant and cause problems by sexual activities.

The narrow foreskin will make smegma, the white stuff produced by the inside of the foreskin and te penis head to gather and give opportunity for much bacterial growth. The excess of bacteria can cause infection in the foreskine and penis head.

Sometimes a tight foreskin is pulled back, but cannot be pulled forewards again. This is called paraphimosis. The condition can lead to restricted blood flow in the penile head and injury due to lack of blood supply.

The narrow opening can be elastic like normal penile foreskin, or it can be stiff and unelastic due to excessive fibrous structures.

A young boy will normally have narrow foreskin, but gradually it will widen in most instances so that it can be withdrawn.

Normally, gentle pulling backwards of the foreskin will make the urinary opening visible, even in a young boy. If this is not possible, the boy may have phimosis, and the condition should be checked regularly as the boy gets older.

Early in infancy the foreskin is also glued to the penis head, and will therefore also for this reason be difficult to pull back.

Just before puberty the foreskin will often still be fixed to the rim of the penis head, but it will usually be totally loose by puberty.

Causes of phimosis

In those cases where the foreskin is narrow without being abnormal in other ways, the reason for the narrowness is not known.

If there is some infection in the foreskin, and especially at the tip, the tissue in the foreskin can react by getting scars and develop more fibrous and rigid structure. The same may happen due to inflammations caused by irritants or allergies. These cases are called aquired phimosis.

Treatment of phimosis

Therea are many types of treastment for phimosis. A traditional treatment is circumcission, either total or partial, where only the tip is removed. When the phimosis is caused by a rigid ring at the tip, removal of that ring may be enough to cure the condition.

Circumcission usually takes away the problem, but can cause several new problems. The skin on the penis can get too short and hinder a proper erection. It can cause uncomfortable and unesthetical scars around the penis. The penis head will not any longer be protected and hence subjected to irritating friction. The feelings in the foreskin will be lost, and the mechanical friction from clothes can make the skin on the glans grow thicker and loose sensitivity.

Other types of surgery is preputoplasty where one makes a dorsal slit with branches in the freskin from the tip and some way down and then stich it together again in a new way so that the opening is widened and the foreskin is shortened somewhat.

A tight foreskin can be gradually opened by daily stretching over a period of some weeks or months. This can be done by the person himself. The method is often very efficient when the tip of the penis is elastic. It is perhaps the best of all methods for an elastic phimosis. One must have a good penile hygiene when doing this and one must not stretch so hard that visible tears are formed. By this method microscopic tears in te skin are formed, and these are filled with new cells. The method thus widens the foreskin and the result will be a totally normal foreskin with a wider opening.

Application of steroid cream to the tip of the foreskin is often very efficient. Additional stretching may improve the result further. This is the method prefered nowadays by doctors in many countries.

Paraphimosis where the foreskin is trapped behind the penile head, must be treated rapidly. The treatment can conist of cooling the penis so that it shrinks and reposition is again allowed, or the trapped foreskin must be loosened surgically by means of a slit.

About the aphrodisiac herb Cnidium Monnieri

Bitannical facts

Cnidium Monnieri is botanically classified as such: Species. Cnidium monnieri , Family- Umbelliferae (carrot) - Apiaceae (parsley) It is also called Monnier's Snowparsley, She Chuang Zi, Conidium Fruit

The herb is native in China, Korea, Mongolia and parts of Russia, but has now also spread to Europe and USA. It commonly grows as a weed in edges of open fields of soil or acres. The plant can live annualy or several years, perhaps depending on climate.

Te plant is small, it has a round dark yellow root bulb that scents pleasantly. The seeds are bitterly tasting and gives a warming effect.

The plant flowers in the summer months with bi-sexual flowers that often self-fertilize.

Possible active substances un the plant

Cnidium Monnier contains coumarins like osthole, imperatorin, bergapten, isopimpinellin and xanthotoxin). It contains glucides and sesquiterpenes.

Two newly found biscoumarins in the fruits are cnidimonal and cnidimarin.

The fruit also contains the two newly found coumarin derivatives 5-formylxanthotoxol and 2-deoxymeranzin hydrate.

The main medical uses of the plant

The plant is used to improve sexual functions and the health of the urogenital system

Seeds of Cnidum Monnier have been used in Chinese herbal medicine in over a thousand years. Mostly the seeds are used.

It is used to treat erectile dysfunction. The effect probably originates from an relaxing effects on the blood vessels in the erectile bodies in the penis. It may also release the tissue hormone nitric oxide in the groin area that promote the responces needed for erection. The herb also seems to ingibit the enzyme PDE-5 that is instrumental in stoppping erections.

The herb also enhance the blood filling in the vulva and zones under the visible vulva of woman. It therefore enhances engorgement and riising of the clitoris and engorgment of the genital lips.

One also uses it to enhance the sexual libido of both women abd women.

The herb can further help to prevent ejaculation occuring before due time.

The herb i said to give a general size enhancing effect on the tissues of the ovaries, uterus, prostate and testicles.

In animals it is used to prolong and revive the copulation period.

The herb can be used as a general strengthener of the health in the urinary and genital regions.

Other medical uses

- Cnidium Monneri seems to counteract brittling of the bones as one ages, so-called osteoporosis due to the ingredients osthol, bergapten and imperatorin

- The herb may help protect against liver damages due to the content of sesquiterpenes.

- Cnidium Monerii strengthens generally the functions of inner organs and thereby increases vitality, especially it counteracts symptoms of laziness in the digestive system like ineffective processing of the food, constipation and flatulence.

- Some of the ingredients are possibley cytotoxic to cncer cells, especially by leuchemia and colorectal cancers an are being investigated for such use. The ingredients are: imperatorin, osthol, bergapten and isopimpine.

- The herb counteract the growth of all kinds of microbes and parasites when used locally. It is therefore used locally or in body cavities to treat many kinds of infections, including scabies and ringworm.

- Cnidium Monneri helps against allergy and inflammations, especially these conditions in the skin. This effect is probably due to the compound osthol.

- The herb is used locally to treat skin conditions that are icthing and oozing like certain kinds of eczema, scabies and achne. One uses it to treat itching conditions in the genitals, including the inside of the vagina.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is nutritional in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.