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How to prevent and cure wrinkles

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The aging process of the skin is caused by known factors. Skin aging can in great extend be avoided by simple means and aging symptoms in the skin can also often be cured by the same measures. The same measures are also helpful against skin injury from chemical and physical  impacts.


1 -The anatomy and growth physiology of the skin

To understand better how to keep your skin in good condition, some basic knowledge of skin anatomy is helpful:

The skin has there layers: The outer layer called epidermis consists of epithelial cells. The outermost cells cells of this layer are dead, and consist moustly of the protein keratine. However this layer is protecting your skin from damage. Under the epidermis lies the dermis consisting of connective tissue cells, blood vessels and fibers. At the bottom there is a layer called the hypodermis consisting mostly of fat cells.

The skin has narrow pores extending from the surface down to the top of the sub-dermis, called hair follicles. A hair extend from a growth zone in the bottom of each hair follicle and out at the skin surface. Around the hair in the dermis, there are small glands called sebaceous glands. These glands produce a fatty substance, sebum, which empty through the follicle opening and lubricates the hair and the skin.

If the epidermis of the skin for some reason is destroyed, epidermis cells deep in the pores can begin to proliferate, spread to the surface and replace the destroyed epidermis.

In the skin there is also a lot of stem cells. These are mostly situated in the tissue around and under the pores. Stem cells are cells that has not yet developed into mature organ cells. When the skin is badly hurt, these cells also proliferate and mature to replace dead or injured cells. Probably these stem cells also divide and mature all the time to replace cells that have been injured by the aging process.


2 - Why people get wrinkles and other age signs in the skin

Wrinkles occur because the skin gradually gets less elastic, because it gets thinner and because one looses the fat right under the skin in the face and some other places in the body. Then the skin is more easily permanently folded or permanently stretched out of shape when daily mechanical impacts occur.

One mechanism that makes the skin ealstic and therefore causes wrinkles ere chemical reactions that make protein fibres, especially collagen fibres, in the skin bind together to an unelastic grid. The grid is formed by sugar molecules that bind to two fibre molecules and thereby ties them together.

Damage by exposure to excessive sun-rays is one primary cause of reduced skin elsticity because it accelerates the cross-binding of the collagen molecules.

Excessive sun exposur also causes skin cancer. The most common from of skin cancer is little malignant and it is so common that nearly everyone get some of it eventually as one ages. There are however other types of skin cancer that can be very malignant, like malignant melanoma.

Excessive intake of sugar and carbohydrates, especially from sources that make the blood fill with carbohydrates swiftly, may also cause this process to occure more. Also diabetes and other diseases that increase the sugar content in the blood may promote more cross-binding of collagen fibres.

The skin has however mechanism to tidy away irregulartities and repair damage that result in wrinkles. A general unhealthy lifestyle with exposure to toxins and too little of necessary vitamins, minerals, essensial fats and proteins will make these machanisms less effective and let wrinkles emerge more easily.


3 - Measures to protect your skin from damage and make it heal from injury and aging changes

General strategy of keeping your skin young and health

The general strategy for keeping your skin young and healthy is:

- Protecting your skin against damage.

- Stimulating the cells in your immune system to clean away damaged elements, pre-cancerous elements and damaged cells in your skin.

- Giving your skin nourishment so that it can heal itself from damage.

- Stimulating the cells in your skin to proliferate and replace damaged cells.

The measures described in the following, each help to achieve these goals in this strategy. One and the same measure usually helps to achieve two and more of these objectives simultanously. Therefore it is difficult to sort the measures according to the objectives.


Protect your skin against excessive sun exposure

The sun rays have a stimulating effect upon the skin. They make the skin grow thicker, get better color and more robust. As long as this effect is not too great, it is a positive effect.

But the sun rays also effect damage both at the cellular level and on the connective protein fibres in the skin.

In order to get the good effects from the sun, but avoid most of the harmful effects, you must enjoy the sun with reason. Some daily exposure from sun-rays on the skin will not hurt. On the contrary, it will in fact do your skin good. 

You must however avoid massive daily exposure. Massive sun exposure has a very disturbing influence on the skin, and will cause all types of skin problems: Wrinkles, brown spots, miscoloring, very thin or very thick skin, dry skin and cancer. To keep your skin young and healthy in the long run, you must protect your skin when you are outside for longer times.

This can be done by covering your skin with clothes when your bare skin has got enough exposure, or you can use a sun balm with a high enough protection factor. Be aware that the practical protection factor often is lower than that you can read on the bottle.


Take lecithin supplement

Take some supplement of lecithine or a product containing lecithine: Lecithin is a fatty substance. It is an important constituent of all  body tissues.

It consists of glycerole, fatty acids, cholin, ethanolamine, inositol and cerine. The four latter substances are working tools used in nerve signal transmission, in the immune system and in tissue regeneration. Therefor they stimulate the immune system to act againts damaged elements and stimulate the cells to regenerate. Lecithin is especially important for the growth and regeneration of nerve tissue and the skin.

Lecitin also has a cleansing effect upon the skin. It helps the sebaceous gland to produce cleansing secretions. Taking a daily dose of lecitin alone or a product containing lecithine will greatly help to keep the skin young and regenerate the skin from damage.


Eat fish and sea-food

A dish of fish or seafood at least every second day has proven to keep the skin in good condition and help the skin to avoid sun damage. You should include fat fish, since fat fish has an especially high content of vitamin A and D, important for the skin health.


Eat tomatos

Tomatos seem to help the skin resist damages from the sun rays and other impacts, and help the skin repair allready manifest damages. This effect is probably produced by the red pigment in the tomato skin, lycopene.


Use plant-oils or products with plant oils or other natural oils upon your skin

Using a topical product containing certain types of plant oils or even using some of the pure oils upon the skin daily, will make the skin smooth and ease regeneration from damage. Oils that have these effect are: Blue chamomile Oil, tea tree oil, borage Oil and olive oil. Pure olive oil of good quality can be used alone upon the skin after the daily wash. The amount needed is very little. Use exactly as much that is needed to saturate the skin and make it smooth.

The oils give the skin a protective cover, and they dissolve harmful substances that have deposited in the skin. The oils also make the skin tissue softer, so that the cleaning processes in the skin easier can take away damaged elements or harmful deposits. Essensial fatty acids and vitamins in the oils are also used as working tools in the regeneretion of new tissue.

Squalane is a natural oil (a hydocarbone, C30 H62) produced by the body itself, by many plants and by many animals that protects the skin against damage and helps the skin to regenerate from damage. Using a cream or oil blending containing squalane can be very beneficial for the skin. Olive oil contain some squalane. Do not mistake squalene for squalane. Squalene is a realated natural oil, but it is not so well suited to use upon the skin, because it is oxidized more easily than squalane.  Instead it is suited to be used as an oral supplement in some amount.


Consume olive oil and other natural plant oils

Using olive oil in your dishes will help to keep your skin young, and help the skin to regenerate from damage and aging symptoms. Olive oil contains much mono-unsaturated acids and much of vitamin E. However, your skin will also need essential poly-unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore you should also consume some amount of other types of oils or supplements containing poly-unsaturated oils especially valuable for your skin. Other plant oils with fatty acids beneficial for your skin are:  Evening primrose oil, flax seed oil, borage oil, soy oil and wheat germ oil.

The vitamins in olive oil and the other oils work as anti-oxydants and prevent oxidation processes that can damage elements in the skin. The fatty acids in the oils are also used as ingredients for the production of sebum, and enhances the quality and fluidity of the produced sebum. Therefore the sebum do not so easily harden and clog the pores.


Taking conjugated linolaeic acid (CLA)

CLA is a fatty acid produced in the stomach of cows by bacteria, taken up into the cow’s blood-stream and secreted into the milk. This acid has shown to help the skin regenerate from damage and keep the skin in a juvenile state.

Taking CLA as a supplement may help you get finer skin, and also help you to keep your weight at a wanted level. Fat milk and diary products also contain CLA and can improve your skin health. However, great amounts of fat diary products are not good for your heart and circulation.


The daily care of your skin

The skin should be washed at least every second day with a mild soap or cleansing product. Men should shave during the wash or after the wash, depending upon the shaving method used. Then you should use some oil or cream to protect yous skin and and to make it smooth and elastic. Use a product containing natural oils with anti-aging properties. If you suffer from acne or other skin problems, the cleansing product and the protecting cream should contain ingredients to treat this problem.

Before exposing your skin to heavy sunshine for a longer time, you should also use some additional product with sun-shield. If you have used a product with sun-shield or make-up during the day, this should be washed away in the evening, and a new layer of protecting cream layed on.

More basic washing and care that outlined here, is not neccessary, and may in fact damage your skin. The same is thrue for heavy use of make-up.


Don't smoke

Smoking has a very negative effect upon the skin in the long run, and will cause a lot of wrinkles.


Avoid substances or impacts that can injure your skin

Some substances often encountered in daily life can harm your skin either by a directly toxic effect or by inducing allergy. The skin can also be attacked by cronic infections of various kind.

If areas on your skin is exposed to enclosed humidity over longer periods, for example humidity from sweat, it can easily be subjected to fungal infections. This happens especially on the feet and all places of your body where there are skin folds or two skin areas in contact with each other and covered by clothes. Washing and drying all such areas and using clothes that give ventilation can protect you from this type of problem.

All kind of common chemicaql products used in daily life can irritate the skin or cause allergy. Avoid contact by such chemicals on your skin.

Some cosmetics and skin-care product can cause allergic reactions. Also soaps used on the body can do so. Do not over-use cosmetics. After washing you should flush away all rests of soaps.

If you have unpleasant symptoms from yous skin like itching, sores or rashes, you should change soap and cosmetic products used on those skin areas, and concider if your skin is in daily contact with some chemical product that can be avoided.




Here you can read why wrincles in the skin occur and what you can do to prevent and alleviate this cosmetic problem.

All people get wrinkles as one is aging, but everyone do not get them at an equal speed, and some people have a young looking skin even at a high age. This fact suggest that wricles can be prevented and cured to a great extend.


1 - Natural measures and products to prevent and cure wrinkles

A general healthy lifsestyle with furnishment of all necessary nutrients and with regular exercise will help to hold away wrinkles. In addition these specific lifestyle measures are useful.

- Avoid prolonged exposure of unprotectds skin to sun-rays. Especially avoid exposure that causes sun-burns. Use some protection on the skin when you are out in the sunshine a long time.

- Eat much fish and seafood. THe nutrients in these food sources seem to greatly boost the reapair capacity of the skin and also make the skin more robust against impactas from the sun.

- Pure olive oil applied onto the sin or topical creams containing olive oil help to protect the skin and increase its repair capacity.

- The natural oily substance squalan applied on the skin or products with that substance also help to keep the skin elastic and bosts its capacity to overcome impacts and damages.

- Glycosaminoglycans, for example hyaluronic acid, are natural substances that help the building blocks of the skin to stick together in the right way and to maintain the right water ballance in the skin. They also promote syntesis of the structure protein collagen. Used in topical product they may help against wrincles.

- An extra supply of vitamins A, D and the fatty substance lecithine is often useful for the skin health and its ability to repair damage. Lecithin is an important building substance in all body cells and also contain components that are used as signal substances during growth and regeneration processes in the body.

- There are many natural creams in the market to make the skin more robust against impacts that can cause wrinkles and to increase the repair capcity of the skin. Thes products will often contain olive oil, glycosaminoglycans, natural poly-unsaturated fats, squalan and vitamine A and D.

- Natural drugs formulated to increase the production of growth hormone in the body may help against wrinkles. The increased hormone production may make the skin grow thicker, stimulate repair processes of protein structures and help to restore a more juvenile fat distribution in the body. These effects will then help to take away erincles.

- Do not smoke. Smoking decreases the repair capacity of the skin to a great extend.


2 - Farmacological drugs and physical therapies to take away wrinkles

THere are several pharmacological drugs or surgical therapies that are effective against wrinkles when these are not too deep. However, these treatment modalities can give dangerous side effects and also destroy the skin if they are not exerted skillfully and with extreme caution.

- Several chemical derivatives of vitamijn A, for example tretionoi (Retin-A) can stimulate the skin to reapair itself form wirncles, but these can also irritate the skin.

- Epidermal groth factor (EGF) is a protein-like natural hormon that stimulates skin cells to proliferate, stimulate production of the structure protein collagen and stimulate over-all skin healing. It is used in topical products for treatment of wrinkles and to help the skin heal fom destruction caused by various factors, for example burns.

- Botox or botulinum toxin is a nerve laming substance produced by the bacterium Clostridum botulinum. It is used as a means against wrincles in certain parts of the face. It makes the msucles just under the skin relaxe and the skin will then appear less wrikled.

- By radical eching, the outer skin layer, epidermis, and some of the underlaying connective tissue layer, dermis, are taken away. The skin then regrows from beneath without much of the wrinkles and other irregularities. The skin will however loose color by this therapy and if not done extremely skillfully, bad scarring can be the result.

- Laser and other types of light treatment treatment can help against wrinkles. There are two kind of light treatment. By one type one uses a fairly weak laser or light sourcethat emit  rays of specific wavelengths that penetrate deep into the skin. The light rays stimulate the repair processes in the skin. Devices for home treatment by such light rays can be found on the market.

- By the other treatment strong laser rays that do not penetrate so deeply are used to burn away the outer layers of the skin. New fresh outer skin layers then grow back from beneath. If not controlled extremely well also this kind of treatment can destroy the skin.




Here are presented several natural drugs to prevent and treat aging changes in the skin and in the whole body and related conditions. The products has somewhat different spectrum of effects. Please read the discription of the products and chose that or those that fit four need the most.

Creams, gels and patches for skin rejuvenation and to heal skin injuries

Kollagen intensive - for help against wrinkles, miscolored spots, distended pores and other signs of aged skin - This powerful anti-aging cream has been tested clinically to have a strong effect against wrinkles. A main working mechanism of the cream is to stimulate the skin to produce more collagen, the structure protein in the skin that largly defines its look, its sturdy integrity and  its elastic mechanical properties.


Help to remove stretchmarks - Skinception intensive stretchmark therapy -  This topical drug can greratly reduce stretchmarks within just 2 months of use (Up to 72,5), but will give even more results in 90 days. Basically the drug stimulate production of more skin structure fibers like collagen and elastin and then stretchmarks will go away, the skin will be more elastic, the skin tone will be more even, and miscolorations will fade.


Anti-aging and injury-healing creams and topicals for the skin

Robanda Oxygen Boost Night Therapy

Robanda Oxygen Boost Night Therapy

Enjoy younger and healthier looking skin, with the help of our Night Therapy Cream. Suitable for all skin types, this night therapy increases the utilization of oxygen into the skin.

Frownies Facial Treatment

Frownies Facial Treatment

This 3 pack combines the rejuvenating power of Frownies hyrdrator facial spray with pads for the forehead, corners of the eyes, and mouth.

Sens Pluriels Firming Face Cream

Sens Pluriels Firming Face Cream

Use this firming face cream daily to moisturize, protect, and help prevent your skin from aging. The cream improves cellular cohesion and makes your skin firm and younger looking. The natural plumping effect gives your skin better tone.The active ingredie


Physical tools for anti-aging treatment of the skin

Dermatron Skin Care System

Dermatron Skin Care System

Using unique "micro-current" technology, the Dermatron Skincare System provides a safe and painless solution for pimples, blackheads and unsightly skin blemishes.

Dermasonic Skin Care System

Dermasonic Skin Care System

Verseo Dermasonic Cleansing Brush uses revolutionary patented ultrasonic technology to gently cleanse your face. Ultrasonic technology has led us into the next step in skin care. It stimulates the cells of your skin, reaching down to the bottom of your po

Products to treat specific ailments often associated with aged skin

Gel to combat cellulites  

Cellulite Reducing Gel

Cellulite Reducing Gel

90% of women have cellulite, regardless of shape, size, or age. Even some of the world's most well known models have cellulite on their thighs. But they use gels to make their cellulite unnoticeable.

ROSACEA TREATMENT - Rubactum:  Rosacea is delated blood vessels in the skin. This is seen as a distinct redness and distinkt great vessels. It developes gradually and can eventually be complicated by inflammation and infection. These pills stimulate the vessels to constrict more dynamically and to repair damage due to the condition.

Please click here to read more or buy - Rubactum


TOPICAL ROSACEA TREATMENTS:  Through this product link you can buy this topical product to treat rosacea and others, like moisturizers and treatment cleansers.

Spider Vein and Rosacea Day Cream 1.5 oz: HF

Spider Vein and Rosacea Day Cream 1.5 oz: HF

The Skin Care Authority • Vitamin P to decrease the look of spider veins & redness • And for future added protection UV-A & UV-B Sunscreen • Rutin & Citrus Bioflavanoids • For all skin types With Rutin & Citrus Bioflavanoids (Vitamin P), Vitamin C, Soy & Sunscreen (UVA& UVB) “Spider veins” … the tiny spidery red threads seen on the faces of many individuals are often called “broken capillaries.” Actually, they are capillaries that are dilated, stretched out of shape; not broken. Capillaries that have lost elasticity and become inflamed. Various bioflavanoids, primarily rutin and citrus bioflavanoids, known as vitamin P, have been proven to help strengthen capillary walls (both internally and externally) and reduce the appearance of spider veins or redness. Since these facial area are also sensitive, particularly to sun, weather extremes and free radicals, it’s important for strong daytime protection. The formula also includes UVA & UVB sunscreen for these sensitive areas, along with vitamin C for anti-free radical action, plus soy and wild yam as co-factors for strengthening capillaries and elasticity to avoid future damage.

Anti-aging products for the whole body

Here are presented some good anti-aging product for the whole body. The products has somewhat different peak effects. Pleas read about the effects of the products and choose that which fits you best.

Phototherpy to revitalize you mentally and physically and help for skin ailments - Light therapy can help for acne and other inflammatory skin conditions It can also help againt depressive moods, to enhance your mental energy and vitalize all your body functions. here are presented some ligh therapy devices for various purposes.

Clear Rayz Red and Blue Light Therapy for Mild to Moderate Inflammatory Acne

Clear Rayz Red and Blue Light Therapy for Mild to Moderate Inflammatory Acne

The Smart Approach To Treating Acne Simple To Use Benefits Such As No Side Effects &Amp; No Down Time Pure, Natural Red &Amp; Blue Light Effective, Safe &Amp; Painless No Topical Products Minimum Cost Per Treatment Use Your Clear Rayz Daily Or As Needed For The Best Results.&Nbsp; The Red Light Promotes Healing &Amp; Helps Prevent Breakouts.&Nbsp; The Blue Light Kills Acne Bacteria.&Nbsp; Clear, Blemish Free Skin Without Messy Topical Products. Package Contains: Clear Rayz Device 12V Power Supply Instructional Manual 800-944-0523 Made In The Usa Please Note:&Nbsp; This Item Has Been Built To U.S. Electronics Specifications And May Need Additional Modifications Or Converters To Be Used In Countries Other Than The U.S. And Canada.

Philips Light Therapy Wake-Up Light

Philips Light Therapy Wake-Up Light

Wake Up Naturally With A Wake-Up Light&Reg; Controlled By Your Iphone&Reg; Inspired By Nature&Rsquo;S Sunrise A Unique Combination Of Light And Sound Wakes You In A More Natural Way.&Nbsp; Use The App To Set Your Alarms And Play Music.&Nbsp; The Dock Also Charges Your Iphone. Controlled By Iphone App Control Your Wake-Up Light By Using The Free Wake-Up App Wake Up With Songs From Your Iphone Or 8 Natural Sounds Charge Your Iphone In Docking Station Track Your Sleep Routines With The Wake-Up App Natural Light Wakes You Gradually Coloured Sunrise Simulation Wakes You Naturally Dimming Light &Amp; Sound Gently Send You Off To Sleep Naturally Designed Around You Display Automatically Dims Itself When The Bedroom Gets Dark.

LED Technologies DPL Light Therapy System Improves Skin and Muscles

LED Technologies DPL Light Therapy System Improves Skin and Muscles

Dpl Therapy Is Proven To Reduce Wrinkle And Fines Lines By Stimulating Fibroblasts Which Produce Collagen And Elastin. Features: It's Safe, Fast & Affordable As You Age, Collagen And Elastins Decline Causing The Appearance Of Wrinkles, Creases, Folds And Fine Lines This Natural Breakdown Of Collagens Is Accelerated By Sun Exposure, Pollution, Smoke And Nutrition Causing Even More Dramatic Skin Damage The Latest Technological Breakthrough In Cosmetic Science: Led Light Therapy Clinical Studies Have Shown That Skin Cells Grow 150-200 Percent Faster When Exposed To Certain Led Light Wavelengths, Delivering Powerful Therapeutic Benefits To Living Tissue The Energy Delivered By Dpl Therapy Treatments Enhances Cellular Metabolism, Accelerating The Repair And Replenishment Of Damaged Skin Cells, As Well As Stimulating The Production Of Collagen And Elastins.

Nature Bright F40 Sun Touch Plus Light and Ion Therapy

Nature Bright F40 Sun Touch Plus Light and Ion Therapy

Lift your spirits! It's safe, soothing, and measurably effective. The Sun Touch Plus Lamp and Ionizer bathes you in Sky Effect™ light while simultaneously releasing healthy negative ions into the atmosphere. This combination supports your entire system, a

Feel and look younger, reverce aging - This is an anti-aging drug that works primarily by increasing the ability of the body to make growth hormone. Also this drug has a general anti-aging effect. Especially willl the product help to regain a youthful skin thickness and structure,  a youthful muscle intactness and a jouvenile muscle/fat-ratio.


HGA - anti-aging spray - This is a natural drug to spray on your skin to stimulate the growth hormone release and thereby stimulate the whole body to regain youthful properties. Also this drug has a general anti-aging effect. Especially willl the product help to regain a youthful skin thickness and structure,  a youthful muscle intactness and a jouvenile muscle/fat-ratio.

Please click here to learn more or buy  - HGA


CLA - Conjugatede linoleic acid  - This substance is good for many things. It helps you to loose fat on the right places and make it easier to build muscles. It also helps to maintain your skin young and healthy.

Met-Rx CLA Myoleptin 1500, Softgels

Met-Rx CLA Myoleptin 1500, Softgels

Dietary Supplements Pre &Amp; Post Workout Toning &Amp; Conditioning* Revolutionary Toning Formula* Supports Body-Shaping Goals* Rapid Release Softgels Met-Rx&Reg; Cla Myoleptin&Trade; 1500 Is An Advanced Supplement Designed For Elite Athletes, Bodybuilders And Anyone Striving To Get Into Peak Condition.&Nbsp; Use Met-Rx Cla Myoleptin 1500 With Your Intensive Training Program To Support Your Body-Shaping Goals.*&Nbsp; Cla Is Believed To Work By Modulating Oxidative Enzyme Activity As Well As Energy Metabolism. Derived From All Natural Safflower Oil And Contains No Natural Or Artificial Stimulants Of Any Kind.&Nbsp; Perfect For People Sensitive To The Effects Of Caffeine And Other Thermogenic. Met-Rx Shaping Every Body.&Trade; 1-800-55-Met-Rx Made In Usa *&Nbsp; This Product Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure Or Prevent Any Disease.

LECITHINE SUPPLEMENT - Lecithin granules: Lecithin contains important building blocks and working substances needed for the whole body. An extra supplement of lecithine may help fight aging of the skin an of the nervous system. Lecitine is important for muscle building, so if you are doing muscle building activities, a supplement of lecithine may be useful.

Finest Nutrition Lecithin 1200 mg Dietary Supplement Softgels

Finest Nutrition Lecithin 1200 mg Dietary Supplement Softgels

Dietary Supplements Value Size Healthy Nutrition One Per Day No Trans Fat No Gluten No Preservatives Added No Artificial Color Lecithin Is A Natural Source Of Choline. 1-866-927-5470 100% Satisfaction Guarantee With All Walgreens Products Or Your Money Back.

PYCNOGENOL - an anti-oxidant helpful by aging signs and many diseases - Pycnogenol is a pine bark extract that may be useful in the treatment of: Degenarative aging changes, ADHD, muscular cramps, diabetes, diabetic microangiopathy, menstrual problems, erectile dysfunction, gingival bleeding, hypertension, blood clots, retinopathy, high cholesterole, male infertility, skin hyperpigmentation, sunburn, systemic lupus erytematosus, edema and leg sores. Pycnogenol is especially good at aging changes that is caused by inflammatory reactions. You can get pycnogenol in several concentrations and with several sizes of the package, of which two are shown here.

Healthy Origins Pycnogenol 30 mg, Veeggie Capsules

Healthy Origins Pycnogenol 30 mg, Veeggie Capsules

Dietary Supplements Nature's Super Antioxidant Look, Feel &Amp; Live Better Supports Normal Circulatory Health* French Maritime Pine Bark Extract Clinically Studied** Suitable For Vegetarians Non-Gmo &Amp; Soy Free Pycnogenol&Reg; Is Naturally Derived From French Maritime Pine Bark.&Nbsp; Pycnogenol Is Rich In Procyanidins, Which May Help To Provide Protection From Cell-Damaging Free Radicals.* Free Of Sugar, Salt, Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Soy, Barley, Fish, Shellfish, Nuts, Tree Nuts, Egg &Amp; Dairy Products.&Nbsp; No Artificial Flavors, Artificial Colors Or Preservatives. 1-888-228-6650 *These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated By The Food &Amp; Drug Administration.&Nbsp; This Product Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure Or Prevent Any Disease. **Pycnogenol Has Been The Subject Of Over 100 Published Clinical Studies.

Healthy Origins Pycnogenol 100mg, Veggie Capsules

Healthy Origins Pycnogenol 100mg, Veggie Capsules

Dietary Supplements Economy Size Look, Feel &Amp; Live Better Supports Normal Circulatory Health*

Products to strengthen hair growth and regain hair

Advecia - Increase your hair growth regain hair - for both sexes: - Advecia is a new all-natural herbal supplement with ingredients proven to provide hair follicles with essential nutrients that aid in strengthen the hair follicle and the production of hair from the follicles. It may slow down or stop hair loss and may rewake dormant follicles.

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ONLYhairloss - boldness treatment store - - Here you find many of the best reputed drugs to counteract boldness: Hair genesis, viviscal, Shen min, Nuhair, Revivogen, Tricomine, Rogaine, Nanogen, NuGenHP, Folligen, minoxidil, Thymuskin, FNS, Procarin


Other skin health products

Acne - Actimine - Acne is caused by many complex processes that involve different hormones, enzymes, and the immune system of the whole body.  To treat acne effectively, the chemical processes of the whole body must be properly balanced.  The ingredients of Actimine will help balance these processes, and this way clear up your skin, and  cure or reduce the symptoms of acne, such as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and scarring. Further it prevents new outbreaks of acne and new occurance of scarring.

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Acne - acne treatment kit - For severe acne, it may be necessary to both apply treatments directly upon the skin and use oral supplements to stop and reverse the processes going on in your skin during acne outbursts, and to heal damage from these processes. In this kit there are nourishing pills, acne cleansers and treatment creams.

Products to help solve skin problems - Especially products to clean your skin for all types of unclean deposits, all types of irregularities and to stimulate healing from damage.

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Valana Minerals - High quality cosmetics and skin care for dark skinned women - This collection of luxury skin care products are made of wholly natural herbal ingredients and mineral powders for color tuning. The products are made to suite colored skin or light skin that needd to be tuned to a deper color.

Other products to treat health problems

PRODUCTS FOR PREVENTION, CURE OR SUPPORT BY A LOT OF DISEASES - Medicines to be taken by mouth: - Acne, aging symptoms, AIDS, allergies, Alzheimers disease/dementia, angina, arthritis (osteoarthritis), arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis), asthma, attention deficit disorder (ADD), breast cancer, burns, carpal tunnel syndrome, cholesterol, cronic bronchitis, chronic cough, chronic fatigue sydrom, cognitive problems, colds and flue, congestive heart failure (CHF), Crohn`s disease, depression, diabetes mellitus type 1, diabetes mellitus type 2, eczema, edema, endometriosis, fatigue, fibromyalgia, hair loss, herpes simplex, hyperlipidemia, hypertention, obesity, otitis media

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PRODUCTS AGAINST SEXUAL PROBLEMS and items to make a good sex life even better - for women and men - Better sex mall - Here you will find products to help you get better lubrification,  help for anatomical problems with your genital organs, items to help you get better erections, products to enhance your sexual drive, products to increase the good feelings in your sexual body parts,  medicines to enhance your fertility, your semen production or semen quality. Buy clicking at this banner, you will enter a page that can guide you to the products most fit for your own needs,  based on characteristics of your own sexual life and your  whishes for sexual life changes.

To find more innovative medicines

More cosmetic products

Natural products to prevent disease

Products to improve sexual life