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There are also supplements to help for excessive body weight ,or to take away unwanted body fat.

Vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, CLA, essetial fatty acids and other supplements for general health improvement



Some advices about diet for body-building and body sculpting  

If you have the aim of building a larger and more muscular body you must have a daily diet adapted for this purpose. The same is through if you do not want to be very much bigger, but will use body building techiques to get a better body shape, and therefore only want to be larger and rounder at strategic places.

In order to be successful in body-building, the body must get enough building materials, enough energy for the training and daily life and all vitamins and minerals it needs as working tools for the building process.

Here are some advices of how to get the right amount and form of all the necessary nutrients.



Protein is a main building component of muscles. The daily protein requirement to get rapid muscle development is 1.2 - 1.5 grams per kilogram body weight.

Proteins are complex chains of smaller units, called amino acids. There are around 25 amino acids used in proteins. These chains are folded together or combined to structures with a complex shape and chemical properties. There are many types of proteins in the body with different amino acid compositions, shapes and purposes. Some are pure structure proteins that define the shape and material strength of the body. Others are working units, like the contractile proteins in the muscles.

Good sources of proteine are lean meat, chicken and poultry, lean fish, lean cheese and other low fat diery products. Sunflower seeds, nuts and almonds also contain much protein, but also contain equal amount of fat. The protein in vegatabile sources does however not have the amiono acid proportions that match well that in human muscles. Therefore such protein sources are not the best to build up muscles from, unless you combine several vegetabile sources in a clever way.

Tunafish is an example of a good protein source. There is 25 g protein in 100 g tunafish. A person of 75 kg weight needs at least 90 g protein a day if he performs serious body-building. To satisfy this need only by tunafish, he will need at least 360 g tunafish each day.

You can use tuna, cottage cheese or lean meat to get a protein surplus, but you can also buy body building protein supplements that are specially composed to match the proteine profile of human muscles.

Of course, if you do not want to build really big muscles, but only get a beautifull body shape, and be pretty strong, you can do with less protein that that indicated here. How much you must consume, depends on your goals. And those goals can only you decide about yourself.

When doing muscle building work, it is sueful to eat some proteins that are utilized fast just before or after the work, and proteins that are absorbed and utilized more slowly during the other meals.

Whey protein that can be bought as a supplement is utilized swiftly. Casein (cheese stuff) protein is utilized over a longer time. This can also be bought as a supplement. Cottage sheese and other lean cheese also contain slowly utilizeable proteins. Tuna is utilized pretty fast.


Lecitine is a mix of several fospholipides. Fospholipides are fat types that also contain nitrogene bases or alcohols in their molecules - cholin, cerine, inositol and etanolamine. Lecithine is an important building component of cell membranes, and thus important for building muscles. Both fish, fouls, meat and seeds contain lecithine.  However, it is useful to take an extra supplement of lechitine. Lechitine is found as pure substance, or is a component in many body building supplement blendings. 2 tablespoons of pure lecithin a day is an adviceable amount.

Lecithine is also a vey important building block in the nervous system. It is used to isolate the nerve fibres from each other and to support fast and secure  signalling between nerve cells. Lecithine is also used to produce transmittor substances than brungs the signals over the gap from one nerve cell to another. The signalling over these gaps, or synapses, is a major function in the logic inside the central nervous system. Without enough lecithine, the nerve cells simply do not work effectively and logically.

The signalling within the nervous system is also important for the stimulation of muscle building, and thus lecithine not only is used as a building component within the muscles, but also help stimulate muscle building.



You need enough energy supply to perform your daily activities and for the training. If you do not have enough carbohydrates and fat in your diet, the body will burn protein to get energy. A recommanded  amount of carbohydrates for a body-builder is 4 - 6 g per kg body weight.

A full corn cereal contain ca 60 g carbohydrate per 100 g. A person of 75 kg weight needs at least 300 g carbohydrates a day if he performs serious body-building. To satisfy this need only by full corn cereals, he will need at least 500 g cereals a day.

It is however not wise to cover all your energy need from carbohydrates. Ca 20-30% should be covered by fat. Because you should also consume some fat, the real carbohydrate need well be less that that indicated above for a person doing advanced body-building, ca 200 g carbohydrates, or ca 320 g cereals.

Carbohydrats are of types that is fast absorbed in the intestines, and types that are slowly absorbed. Right after training, it is useful to eat some fast absorbable carbohydrates, like the carbohydrates in sweet fruit, rise and potatoes. However, most of the carbohydrates you eat should be slowly absorbable, for example carbohydrates in full corn cereals, peas and beans.



Fat contain energy like carbohydrates.  It is recommanded to let some of your energy need be supplied by fat, but not too much. Ca 20-30% should be covered by fat.   Then you will need some smaler amount of carbohydrates. The body also need some essential fatty acids to work and develope properly. Good sources of the right fat are fat fish, olive, sunflower seeds, almonds and nuts.

It is recommanded to take a surplus of 2-4 taleble spoon olive oil each day, because this type of fat gives you mono-unsaturated fatty acids and vitanmins  that helps to keep your blood  circulation system healthy, and also gives you better muscle development.

A supplement of the fatty acid called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) may help you to get rid of excessive fat. The recommanded dose is around 2-8 grams a day.

To consume only fat for your energy need, is not a good idea. It is bad for your health, and the energy in fat is not mobilized rapidly enough by heavy muscle work.


Vitamins, minerals and stimulating substances

Fish, meat, poultry, vegetables and fruits in a natural form will contain much of your vtamine and mineral need. It is recomanded to eat at least 5 fruits or vegetables each day.

A daily supplement of vitamins and minerals  in addition to those you get through good food sources is recomanded, because a person training hard will need more than an average person.

There is no vitamin or mineral more important than the others, therefore a supplement containing all vitamins and minerals is recomanded.

Supplements of natural substances that stimulate the muscles to take up the nutrients and utilize them for active work can also be useful.  Many vitamins have these stimulating properties. Kratine and variants of coffeine also stimulate this way. Such supplements may also help you loose body fat.

Many types of natural substances stimulate the muscles to utilize proteins, lechitine and other nutrients for tissue building activities that result in muscle growth. For example testosterone enrichers stimulate your body to produce more testosterone in the first place, and the increased testosterone level will stimulate muscle building activities and also stimulate you to work harder.

Another example are growth hormone enrichers that help the body to produce more growth hormone and the increased growth hormone level may then stimulate increase of msucle mass.

Products on the marked often combine stimulation of energy utilization and stimulation of muscle mass building, and the products will also often contain vitamins and minerals.

It is important not to use doses of stimulating substances exceeding recomanded values and not all stimulating substances should be taken continuously. An unvise use of anabolic substances, especially staroids,  can give side effects like prostate enlargement, liver injury, reduced testicles, mental imballances and hair loss.  There is also a varying legislation for using stimulating substances from place to place in the world. A substance that is lagal one place may not be legal another place. This is especially true about steroids, such as anavar.


Use of supplements for proteins and carbohydrates

If  can be useful to complete the diet with a supplement of proteins with an amino acid content that are especially important for the building of muscles and that is easily digested and taken up. Whey is a protein sorce with a very good amino acid profile. 

When you are going to especially intensive training sessions, it can also be useful to use a supplement of carbohydrates that are easily taken up and utilized for work.


Body building in combination with weight reduction

Often a person have to reduce the content of the fat in his body, and build up muscles simultaneously. In this case you must reduce the amount of fat and carbohydrates you consume. But you must not reduce the amount of proteine, vitamins and minerals.

The best way to achieve this, is by eating food with less fat, but not reduce the total amount of food very much. Low fat meat, fish and poultry are also more proteine rich, so you will not get less proteine if you reduce the amount of food only little. You can also use stimulants of fat burning to help you reduce body fat.

Condition training is good to increase fat burning. In addition to pure muscle exercises you should perform regular concition training like running, swimming, skiing or cycling.

The substance conjugated linoleic acid may help to loose excessive fat and to build msucle mass. It is reccomanded to take between 2-8 g of the substance as a supplement each day.

Body building nutrients and supplements

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Supplements to reduce body weight and reduce body fat content

Having a normal weight is neccessary to be optimally fit, and to have a low chance of getting serious disease. To reduce the fat content of the body can also be a necessary requicite for getting the body shape you want. Here are some supplements that can help you to reduce weight. For more specific advices of getting slimmer, please go to this site:

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