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About conjugated linoleic acid

Conjugated linoleic acid is a combined sis and trans trans version of linoleic acid. The fatty acid found naturally in milk and red meat. It is made in the digestive system of cows by bacteria, and is transfered to the milk. Therefore milk, butter and cheese contain some amount of this fatty acid.

A small amount of conjugated linoleic acid helps a person to get rid of excessive body fat. It helps muscle building, and it helps achieve a better muscle/fat ratio. More specifically, the effects of CLA are:

- It speeds up the metabolic rate, this will cause more rapid burning of fat and sugar

- It causes the abdominal fat amount to decrease. This is an effect of the increased metabolism, but may also be due to an improvement of hormonal balance that effects a redistribution of body fat.

- It enhances growth of muscles. This also causes food consumed to be used as building material for muscles instead of beeing deposited as fat.

- CLA improves the bodie's responce to the hormone insuline, thus also lowering the sugar level in the blood.

- CLA lowers the blood cholesterol and fat levels.

- The substance promotes a healthy function in the immune system

- The substance ammeliorates allergic reactions against food constituents.

To get the effects 3,4 gran CLA each day is usually recommanded.

The molecules of fatty acids consist of a long chain of carbon atoms, and at the end of this chain, there is a carboxyl acid group. Bound to the carbon atoms are hydrogen atoms. The carbon atoms are chained together by single or bouble bounds. When there is one or more double bonds present, the acid is called an unsaturated fatty acid.

In most unsaturated natural fatty acids, the double bounds are orientated such that the part of the carbon chain before and after the double bound are at the same side, making the carbon chain curved.

Some processes create fatty acids where the chain part before and after the double bounds are at different sides. These fatty acid molecules have straighter chains and are called trans faty acids. In CLA half of the molecule is of the sis-shape and half of the trans-shape.

Even though conjugated linoleic acid is natural and healthy in a certain amount, most trans fats are not healthy. By chemical food processing and margarine production, great amounts of unnatural trans fatty acids are produced.

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