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How to protect your child from getting over-weight or cure him or her from an excessive weight

Nowadays it is difficult to prevent a child from getting over-weight or cure him or here from an allready manifest excessive weight, but still fully possible. One reason for this is the number of lifestyle factors to be controlled in order to succeed, Another reason is the amount of unhealthy food products pushed onto children at every place he happens to be. Also an important factor is the steadily more sedantry lifestyle of both children and adults nowaday.

Here are the requirements for hindering overweight and for a successful slimming process listed as 12 paragraphs easy to remember. The paragraphs address common practical aspects of your childs lifestyle that you must get control over for a successful weight loss or oer-weight prevention.

You can use these basic principles both to prevent over-weight and to cure over-weight. If the aim is to prevent over-weight, you just allow your child to consume a somewhat greater total food amount, fat amount and carbohydrates amount than if an over-weight is to be cured. Make however sure that the fat and carbohydrates consumed by your child is of the healthy kind, as depicted in the principles below.

1- Provide that your child eats 4-5 small or moderately sized meals each day. Do not over-eat at any meal. Eating regularly gives you a stable blood sugar content and that decreases your food craving.

2 - Try to hinder your child from eating between the meals or during the nights.

3 - Your child should eat some lean protein rich food at each meal, like lean fish, lean meat, lean diary products, mushrooms or seafood. Avoid fat meat and fat diary products.

4 - Your child should at each meal eat some food with carbohydrates that are taken up slowly, like full corn bread or cereals, peas or beans. You can also eat some potatoes, but not too much since the carbohydrates in potatoes is taken up somewhat faster.

5 - Serve to your child some fruit or vegetables at each meal. Those shall be raw or gently cooked. Do not spoil the water from the cooking, but use it in your dishes to save all the nutrients from these food sources.

6 - Your child should should eat somel amounts of fat fish, nuts, sunflower seeds or almonds. These food types give him nutrients that he need. But hinder your child from over-consuming them since they contain great amounts of fat.

7 - Do not add extra sugar or extra fat into the dishes of your child, except small amounts of natural oils like olive oil, rape oil, sunflower oil or canola oil. This means also to avoid pouring fat loaded or sugar loaded sauces over your food.

8 - Provide that yopur child does drink sweet drinks with added sugar and does not eat cookies, candies chocolate or snacks. Make him or her instead drink pure water or some wholly natural juice and eat instead some natural sweet fruit as desert at the end of the meals.

9 - Do not sere to your child readymade food like fast-food or factory-made dishes. Make all the dishes you sere yourself. Then you get full control of the amount of fat and sugar your child consumes.

10 - Make sure your child does some exercises that make the muscles work and consume energy at least every second day. Exercises increases burning more fat and sugar and results in a bigger muscle mass that also burn more fat and sugar.

11 - Make sure your child gets a good sleep every night. Lack of sleep makes you more easily gain weight.

12 - Be a good example for your child. Follow the principles also yourself. Also do regular physical activities together with your child.

It is necessary to follow these principles every day each week. You can however allow your child one meal each week where you break the rules.

If you follow the principles strictly, you can easily regulate the speed of weight loss by adjusting the amount of food that your child consumes at each meal. Hinder however your child from skipping meals and do not starve him. Starving can destroy the health of your child and make him unfit for schoolwork and other daily activities.

Also remember that a child is generally more active than an adult. That implies that a child needs some more carbohydrates and fat daily than an adult.

The ability of the body to burn fat depends upon getting all minerals and vitamins needed for bodily processes every day. A supplement of vitamins, minerals and natural stimulants for the metabolism may help in the efforts to loose weight.

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