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A list of more information about obesity and slimming


Here are presented some good products to help youto loose weight.

Further down there is a survey of weight loss diets and other cures for over-weight found on the market. Each diet or obesity cure is shortly explained.

You will also find some advices about good dieting at the bottom of this page This page If you consider going into a dieting program, or diet on your own, please read these advices first and choose the best program according to these advices.


Hoodia - Decreasean excessive appetite by the action of hoodia - Helps for over-weight or obesity by reduction of abnormal appetite. The working ingredient is the African appetite suppresant herb hoodia gordonii. The product is made with 100% Certified Authentic South African Hoodia Gordonii.



Hoodia 250 MG 60 Veggie Caps

Help to turn down a too eager appetite - This natural product contains a high amount of extract of the herb Garcinia cambogia. The effect of this herb is to make you feel satisfied after having eaten just a normal amount of food.

APPETITE CONTROLE formulas - For some people the main obstacle to succeed in slimming is a too big appetite. These herbal products may then help.


Exitor - Natural drug to help dissolve and burn stored body fat and by this action also gives you more energy to be active
- Slimming help by increasing fat burning and elevating your vitality to make you more active than before. This product has a comprehensive compositionb so that it supports every step in your fat metabolism, and so that the fat is not only eliminated, but also so that the elimination of fat gives you extra energy to be active. Ingredients: Guarana, Citrus aurantium, caffeine, green tea, Theobroma cocoa compl, DMAE, N-Acetyl and L-Tyrosine, dandelion, gum guggul, Garcinia cambogia, ginger, gotu kola, horse chestnut

Please go here to read more or buy - Exitor

Natural drug to increase metabolism and your activity level - The main working ingredient in this herbal medicine is green coffee bean extract which has shown to increase the metabolism and thereby help loose weight. The energy released through the increased metabolism will also give you higher physical performance.

Natural drug to make you burn away fat - This products work by increasing fat burning and increasing your energy levels to render you more active than before. This product does not affect uptake of fat and sugar from the intestines. Green tea extract, vitamine B6, citrus aurentium and guarana are some of the ingredients. These substances increase the fat burning.

HydroxyCut Hardcore Weight Loss Dietary Rapid Release Capsules

HydroxyCut Hardcore Weight Loss Dietary Rapid Release Capsules

Delivers significant weight loss results, Extreme energy, Maximum intensity

A good aid for hypothyroidism or sluggish thyroid and excessive weight caused by sluggish thyroid - Thyax - Helps for depressed thyroid function and problems caused by low levels of thyroid hormones: Fatigue, obesity, coldness in hands/feet/ears, low blood pressure, yellow hand color, dry skin and hair, poor memory, depressive feelings, unnormal appetite for sugar, decreased blood circulation, itching or rashes, constipation. The hormones of the thyroid gland are necessary for a normally high metabolic rate. The symptoms of hypothyroidism are partly a consequence of reduced metabolism because of lack of thyroid hormones.

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Topical and oral drugs to slim and firm up body areas, to rejuvenate and to reduce cellulites

Pills to increase your growth hormone production and thereby induce rejuvenation and help take away excessive fat - human growth hormone has proved to help regain skin thickness, muscle intactness, a jouvenile muscle/fat-ratio and other properties of youth. It will also help in a muscle building and body sculpting program. Please look at the detailed descriptions of these two good product and choose that which fits you the best.

Effective creams to reduce cellulites

Coryse Salome Competence Anti-Age Active Cream 250ml/8.4oz

Coryse Salome Competence Anti-Age Active Cream 250ml/8.4oz

An efficacious re-sculpting body treatment With a non-greasy quick-penetrating texture Formulated with seaweed extracts vitamin C & caffeine Helps combat the appearance of cellulites associated with fatty deposits on hips belly buttocks & thighs Unveils svelter & younger looking body contours To use: Apply liberally to affected areas on body. Use day & night for 15 days as intensive treatment. Then only once a day preferably in the morning for 15 days more

Biotherm Body Resculpting Slimming Gel 200ml/6.76oz

Biotherm Body Resculpting Slimming Gel 200ml/6.76oz

A high-performance body slimming treatment Features a fresh gel texture Formulated with a pioneering defragmentation active & 5% pure caffeine Noticeably reduces the look of cellulite on waist thighs & hips Reveals a firmer & re-sculpted body contours

Natural drugs for other health problems

VigRXPluss - pills for men to enhance erection potency, increase erection size and boost good feelings - please click here to read a full documentation or buy

Provestra - pills for women to stimulate lubrication, sexual functions, dezire and feelings, fine to regain the taste for sex by stressful periods - please go here for documentation or to buy

COMPLEX BOWEL PROBLEMS - Colon Cleansing system - thorough colon rejuvenation - By this product you can give your colon and stomach a totally new start with a more healthy function.

Verseo - products for bodily comfort, relaxation, slimming cellulite reduction and more - In this store you find many smart products for rejuvenation, regeneration, detoxification of the skin, digestive system, muscles, joints and hair. You also find spa and massage products for pleasurtable and relaxing body treatment.

Kalyx - A great shop of herbs, herbal medicines, vitamins, minerals, training supplements, spices, coffes and quitchen equipment - Here you will find a huge inventory of supplements for slimming, to stimulate muscle growth, to nourish the growth of muscles, to give you energy for training, to prevent health problems and to solve manifest health issues. The shop also sells all kind of herbs, spices, coffees and teas in bulk. If you are searching for a particular product within these areas, you are likely to find it here. Even though the mentioned areas are the main product of the shop, you can also find a lot of equipment for daily life, for the car, for camping, for cooking and for fun and recreation here. The shop has a very easy search function you will see as soon as you click at the banner. Herbs, Foods, Supplements, Bath & Body

Poducts to help for several common diseases - Here you find exhibited natural medicines to help for diseases in the digestive system, nervous system, skin, nose, throut, lungs, muscles, heart, blood vessels, joints and genito-urinary system. There are also products to help for systemic diseases and hormonal problems like diabetes, fibromyalgia, and edema.

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All cosmetic, skin care and anti-aging products

All products to prevent diseases

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Products to keep your health good and develop your body

Sites with information about over-weight, obesity and diet programs

Comprehensive knoledge about over-weight and weight loss methods

How to get slim - some simple slimming instructions

Principles of natural weight loss products

Health risks form obesity and metabolic syndrome

About herbs that can help reduce excessive appetite

About physical and social causes of over-weight

About over-weight in children

What is good and bad fat

Diet programs and obesity cures on the market part 1 - a survey, please scroll down

A survay of weight loss methods - part 2

Weight loss diets, weight loss programs and obesity cures explained

You can find a plethorea of weight loss diets on the market or solicitated from weight loss experts or gurus.  

There are also a lot of more comprehensive health programs to be found that both aims at helping people to loose weight and to produce a good health condition. These programs have both diet components, exercise components and psychlogical components.

 There are also a lot of obesity cures fo be found on the market that do not contain any real dieting or exercise program that claim you can loose weight without considering your eating habits and lifestyle, or by only making some easy adjustments to your lifestyle.

There is also a huge industri out there selling diet programs, consulting services or products with the aim to help people loose weight and having the aim to help them stay on a ideal weight once having accomplished their goal.

These diets, programs or cures can be grouped in four cathegories: Those simply not working, at least not in the long run;  those not working and dangerous to your health; those that are effective but will hurt your health at the same time; those that really cure over-weight in many cases and are good for your health.

All diets that effectively cure over-weight or obesity, and also are good for your health, allow a restricted consume of both carbohydrates and fat, and support the need for proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibres and essential fatty acids. They also prescribe sound food types like whole grain cereals, carbohydrates with low glycemic index and the good fat types.

It is also simply not possible to cure over-weight without first gaining a good controle of your lifestyle habits. Some supplements and tricks can help and may even be neccessary to succeed in the weight lost goal, but you must also consider your lifestyle and chenge it the right way.

Diets that do not contain either fat or carbohydrates are not good for the health. Diet with low proteine content are also bad. The same is true about diets that require consume of great amounts of saturated fat, like the fat in bacon and fat milk products.

Here is a list of many of those diets or other cures for over-weight you can find on the market. Both good and bad diets and obesity cures are listed.  Nearly all of these diets have calory restriction as a key component, but apart from this, the food intake is manipulated in several ways. Some of the diets are nearly the same, but marketed under different names or with different degree of individual support.

Please click here to find advices about good dieting that you can use to choose the right diet or health plan for yourself.




Anne Collins Program - This program emphasizes that a strong motivation is necessary to carry through a completed and successful cure for over-weight.  It has therefore a strong component of individul psychologial support. The diet is a calory restriction diet made of healthy food, and it is combined with exercise. It contains a lot of specific food resceipts usable to achieve the goal.

Atkins Diet - In this diet, one increases the amount of protein consumed, radically decreases the amount of carbohydrates and maintain a fairly high fat consume. Most of the energy intake comes from fat. Meat, pultry, eggs, cream, butter and cheese are important ingredients of the diet. The food reccomended in the diet causes a high intake of saturated fat. The philosophy  behind the cure is that carbohydrates is the cause of aquiring an over-weight, and that one can cure over-weight, by changing carbohydrates for fat.

Beverly Hills Diet - Originally this diet had an initial 19 days period of eating only fruit, and then introducig other kinds of food. Nowadays the diet have a plan with animal proteins allready from the first week. The diet is baced on a guide to be followed day for day. In that guide there are descriptions of meals one can use each day in a 35 days period.

Blood Test Diet - In this diet, the blood is first tested for the content of various substances, like minerals, lipids and cholesterole. Then the diet is constructed to lower the concentration of those substances being too abundant and to heighten the concentration of substances being deficit in the blood. Thus some people will be adviced to have a diet that lowers the cholesterole, and others a diet that increases the cholesterole level. to normalize the blood composition this way is assumed to help weight loss and cure obesity.

Blood Type Diet - A hypothesis behind this obesity cure is that persons can have antigens against certain food types. The next assumption is that the composition of the digestive juices vary much from person to person. These to asumptions do not seem too wrong. The third assumption is that the antigens and digestive juices are determined by the blood type, an asumption that seems doubtful. By eating food fitted for one's own blood type, one then more easily keeps oneself slim and healthy. A further hypotesis behind the diet, is that the several blood types evolved at different times in prehistory and history, and that the right diet is that one consumed by people at the time and locations where a blood type first occured.

Body For Life - This is a 12-week diet and exercise program, and also an annual physique transformation competition. It was created by Bill Phillips, a former competitive bodybuilder. It has been popularised by a bestselling book of the same name. Body for Life makes use of principles that have been widely known in bodybuilding, but composed to suit a general public. The Body for Life nutrition plan consists of six meals a day, consisting of a portion of a lean protein-rich food, and a portion of an unrefined carbohydrate-rich food. Some of the six meals include a vegetable portion as well. The vegetable is included for its dietary fiber and vitamin content, and to help bulk out the meal. A portion should be approximately the same size as the person's hand, either open or clenched into a fist. The meals should be spaced about every three hours. Also supplements of essential fatty acids and other essential nutrients are added to the diet. Bodybuilders have long used these principles for take away body fat before competitions, and the same principles are presumed also to work for an averidge person as a cure for over-weight.

Brenda watsons fiber 35 diet plan - This diet plan is based on consuming food and supplements  that gives 35 grams of fiber each day, much omega-3 type fat, much enzymes and much of compounds called probiotics.  The theory says that the high content of these constituents regulate the digestion, and thereby also  regulates blood sugar values, gives better general health and helps loose weight. There is a set of food and supplemental products people can buy to fulfill the requirements of this diet. Brenda watson also is running a chain of clinics using her philosophy.

Cabbage Soup Diet - This is a 7 days crash cure for obesity where one predominantly consumes cabbage soup in the amount one whishes, but with very restricted allowance for other food types. The diet is a very low calory diet, containing low amounts of major nutrients, like carbohydrates, fat and proteins.

Camebridge Diet ( Camebridge cure ) - This is a meal replacement diet. The basic tool of the diet are powders, called Camebridge meals, that are blended with water to make a shake.   The powder contain proteins, vitamins and minerals, but very little fat and  carbohydrates and therefore contain very little calories. The powders are said to have a complete nutrient content. The cure is composed of 6 faces. In the first face that can last up to one months, all ordinary meals are replaced with these camebridge meals. In addition it is adviced to drink black unsweeted coffee or tea, and a lot water. In the next 5 faces the meal replacement powder is gradually replaced with a balanced diet, in such a way that the daily calory intake in each step are as follows: Step 2 - 790, step 3 - 1000, step4 - 1200, step 5 - 1500 and step 6 - 1500 or more according to individual need. The originators of the cure advice that a doctor is consulted before beginning the cure, and the cure is supported with a certain degree of medical consultance. They also inform that the cure is not suited by certain health problems. For persons having less serious over-weight they recommend a less radical plan where only some meals are replaced with the Cambridge meal powder.

Carb Addicts Diet - This diet consist of a initial two week period where two of the meals are totally free from carbohydrate rich food. They consist of such things as lean meat, fish, poultry and cheese together with vegetables. A third meal can be composed more freely, but with healthy ingredients. After the two weeks, a more flexible plan is followed, but still mainly using food with little carbohydrates. The hypothesis behind the diet is that many obese persons are addicted to charbohydrates and has a generally high insuline level. This insuline level stimulates storing of fat. By restricting the carbohydrate intake drastically, the insuline level drops, and fat is eliminated.

Carb Diets - In this diet the consume of fat is drastically reduced, but not the consume of carbohydrates. However the carbohydrates consumed are natural unrefined carbohydrats from such things as for example whole cereals and fruit. The diet also mostly uses those carbohydrates having a low glycemic index.

Caveman paleolithic - This diet is based on the food that one supposes the human beings in their original natural state were consuming. The diet consists of such things that can be gathered or hunted in the nature with simple means and consumed with just simple preparations. Diery products, legumes and cereals are excluded from the diet, since these food types were not used in the paleolithic period.

Celebrity Diets - This is not any specific diet program. Diets or cures for obesity that celebrities have followed successfully, or claim to have followed successfully, and are marketed for this achievnent are generally called celebrity diets.

Chocolate Diet - This diet is based on generally healthy meals. In addtition one takes a pouder consisting of chocklate and nutrients to be blednded in milk or water and drubk. This powder has the purpose of replaceing all snacks one used to consume, and to furnish the body with substances that promote fat elimination, and are healthy in other ways. Chocklate contains anti-oxydants and therefore helps the health ib various ways. Other nutrients may also be given as capsules.

Cider Vinegar Diet - In this diet, one consumes two - three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar by each meal. In addition one shall eat generally healthy food, moderate the amount of food and exercise.

Dash Diet - This is a low fat, but carbohydrate rich diet. It consists of much whole corn cereals, musch fruit, much vegatables, somewhat less amount of lean meat, fish an poultry and even smaller amounts of seeds and nuts. The diet has not only the aim of loosing weight, but also of lowering blood pressure.

Detox Diet - The theory of these diets is that people are continually subjected to toxins such as pesticides, food additives, high fat foods and alcohol, and that these substances make the body unable to handle fat and carbohydrates properly, so that fat accumulates in the body.  Detoxification by means of a strictly vegetable diet is supposed to take these toxins out of the body. Main food included are organic fruit, vegetables, juices, herbal teas, rice and drinking much water. Some of these diets are also initated by some days of fasting. These diets tend to be low in protein and low in fat and have a very restricted calory intake.

Diabetic Diet - This is the diet recommanded for diabetics, but it can also be used by other persons to help loose weight. The diet recommended for people who suffer from diabetes mellitus is one that is high in dietary fibre, especially soluble fibre, but low in fat (especially saturated fat). One also reduces the intake of carbohydrates that have a high glycemic index. Furthermore the diet is based on a strict controle of the carbohydrate portions consumed during the day, not too much and not too little.

Diet Cycling - This is not any specific diet, but a habitual way of repeated dieting that results in a weight gain in the long run. A person start to diet with an approach with the aim of loosing a lot of fat in a short time. Weight is lost, but the loss is as much muscle mass as fat. During the process the body also benin to economize with the energy resources and burn less fat than before. Then the person gets tired of dieting and goes back to their original eating habits. Because the body by now has been accustomed to using less energy, the person rapidly gain back the original weight and somewhat more. Then he once again start dieting, loosing some weight and some muscle mass and stop the diet once again. By repeating this cycle many times over some time, the person gets steadily more over-weight and looses stedily more muscle mass.

Diet Divas Diet - This diet has a high protein cntent and a low carbohydrate content. It starts with a jump plan of 3 - 7 days where one eats protein rich food, but no food with carbohydrtes, except for some fruit. in this way the body goes into a ketosis state that start a fast fat burning activity. The proponents of the diet sell protein pouder to be mixed with water and drunk, and they also sell vitamins, salads, dressings, galtin, soups, cold drinks and herbs they recommend. They also recommend using diuretics.

Diet Workshop - This is a diet program with a balanced composition of all nutrients with the food pyramid as the theoretical base. It is also possible to buy ready meals based on these principles.

Dr. Phil's Diet - The diet is based on low fat and low sugar content. The food shall also be fibre rich and of a kind that it takes time to digest. Furthermore the food shall contain enough of all needed nutrients, like proteins, vitamins and minerals. Cognitive councelling and motivation is an integral part of the program. People with pear shaped or apple shaped body types are said to need special nutrients that also are sold by the program.

eDiets Weight Loss Plan - This is individually guided diet plans. The individual diets are composed according to healthy principles, and have the aim of reducing calory intake, but are also composed according to the individuals specific needs and preferances. Therefore two individual diets can be very different.

Fad Diets - Diets that are promising easy and speedy weight loss without being effective in the long run are called fad diets.

Fat flush diet - This diet both has the aim of detoxifying the body and weight loss. It is a low carbohydrate diet running over three faces with very restricted rules for what to eat and wht not to eat, and for calory consume. In face one of 1-2 weeks the calory intake shall not go over 1200 per day.  The aim of this face is to detoxyfy, loose excessive water from the body and loose some fat. In this phase one is not allowed to consume margarine, alcohol, sugar, oils or fats (except flaxseed oil), grains, bread, cereal, starchy vegetables, dairy products.

In face 2, the calory shall not exceed 1500 a day. face 2 continues until the goal for weight loss is achieved. In face 3 some gluten free cereals and other carbohydate rich food is reintroduced. This is a maintainance face whith the aim of preserving the results achieved. The program also contain a dayly exercise program.

Fibre Rich Diet Plan or High fibre diets  - This diet contains a lot of fibre rich food like whole corn cereals, and little fat. It is further baced on restricting the calory content of the food and on eating healthy types of food. The fibre will swell in the stomach and hinder too much consume of high calory nutrients. The fibres also help for the digestion.

Food Combining Herbal Life - This diet is based on a set of strict rules for how to combine nutrients in one and the same meal. In each meal one has to choose one of the allowed combination. If the meals are not combined according to the rools, the food will not be digested properly and fat fill deposit in the body. For example is it not allowed to combine proteins and carbohydrates in the sam meal. Antother rule is that fruit should only be consumed during the first part of the day.

GI Diet - Glycemic index is a measure of how fast energy is taken up into the blood stream and converted to a usable form, which is glucose. The theory of this diet is that food whose energy is taken up slowly and thus give a stable blood sugar eases weight loss, besides from preventeng and helping for diabetes. Each food type is given a GI index figure, and the aim is to hold the GI index of the dayly food intake as low as possible.

Grape fruit Diet- In this diet grape fruit and coffeine are used as stimulants to enhnce fat burning. The diet also has a very low calory intake. The diet is to be held in only 12 days, but may be repeated after a break, according to the proponents. Except from the carbohydrates from the grapefruit, nearly no other carbohydrates are allowed. All meals contain grapefruit and some source of proteine and fat lik bacon, meat, fish or eggs, and one drinks coffee or tea to the meals.  Vegetables are allowed in any amount.




These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is nutritional in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and cosmetic act.