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Information about car and other vehicle technology and about vehicle driving and maintainance

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Information about original parts and third vendor parts

Through the links on this page, you can buy both original parts and third party parts, but what is the difference between these , and what should you consider before choosing between original and third party equipment?

About original parts

Original parts have the car manufacturer's name and brand mark on the package, and the car manufacturer garantees for the quality of the part. However, there are different types of original parts.

Some original parts are made, controlled and packed by the car manufacturer itself, and are therefore wholly a product of the car manufacturer.

Other original parts, and actually the most of them, are manufactured by a third party company after specification of the car manufacturer, then sold in bulk to the car manufacturer. The car manufacturer then controles the quality and packs the part into its own package.

Still other original parts are standard parts of a third part manufacturer. The symbol of the car brand are then inprinted on the part. They are then sold in bulk to the car manufacturer that then controles the quality and seals the part in their own branded package.

In still other cases, the third party does all the work for the car manufacturer, even the packing and branding, and the part is not even inside the stores or localities of the car manufacturer. The car manufacturer, however, inspects the quality before production and perfomes sample inspection from the production process. The car manufacturer still garantees for the quality.

About third party parts

Third party parts are both made, quality controlled and packed by a third party vender, and the third party garantees for the quality of the parts.

Some third party parts are made to fit explicitly for a special car brand, and will thus fit in stead of the original part without any ajustments.

Other third party equipment is generally made for all cars or for a greater group of cars. Such equipment do not allways fit directly into every car, mad may require som adapting brackets, cables, hoses, etc, or have to be worked on to fit. If you buy some general third party parts, you must allways find out what type of adapting equipment or work that is necessary.

The standards and prizes of third party parts are of different cathegories.

Some third party equipment are high standard products, that are specifically made to have a higher quality, comfort or performance than the original parts, and are prized accordingly.

Others are made specifically to match the standard of the car manufacturers, but to a lower prize.

Still other parts are made from cheaper materials, less materials or in a simpler way than the parts you can get from the original manufacturer, but are sold to a lower prize. Such parts may not have the same durability, may not give the same comfort or not sow the same performance as the parts from the original maufacturer. But it is all right to use such parts if the prize is right, and if the lesser standard does not decrease the security and do not constituta a hazard for other parts of the car.

Many car manufacturers may also decrease or take away the warranty if third party parts not approved by the manufacturer is installed into the car. This must also be considered, but for an old car where the warranty has run out, this is not any great concern.